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Dargas History

On October 12, 1988, Anthony hosted Dargas adventure MA1.

The campaign started with the AD&D V1 rules, but all active characters were repeatedly converted as newer versions of rules have come out. Almost immediately, AD&D V2 was published and adopted. In 1994, the Skills and Powers Rules Option was published and adopted. Wizards of the Coast published the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons several years ago but the group only adopted it in late 2002. And now, V3.5 is out and has been adopted.

The original players were:

  • Anthony Yeracaris, as DM, with Vandis
  • Arturo Pérez, with Brother Yierrus and Darg Munçid
  • Peter Colby with Twill and Marina
  • Buzz Bloom with Zeppo and Loki
  • Mark Kaminsky with Sherman and Tigerblade
  • Seth Towle with Symon and Alphonso

Tigerblade and Vandis still live and adventure. The other characters have all either died or retired.

I joined the campaign on January 18, 1990, for Dargas adventure MA100. Eventually, I adopted the role of Campaign Chronicler.

Four of the original six players have left the campaign. Many other players have come and gone, leaving, for the most part, nothing but memories. The current members of the campaign are:

Tom lives in Pittsburgh. Nadine lives in Seattle. The rest of us all live in Boston. Through the miracle of Internet telephony and uploading photos to a website, all the players meet and continue playing weekly.

We also remember the following players and their characters fondly:

  • Arturo Pérez with Elvira Munçid and her familiar, Freddie
  • Peter Lemay, with Zeight, Roethan, Eris, and Nute
  • Tom Rupprecht with Knack
  • Michael Daitzman with Box and Granny
  • Marc Guyott, with Xeno
  • Chris Hall, with El Kabong
  • Andy Kobayashi, with Snorri
  • Rich Palacios with Tumulo

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