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What can you say about a demigod like Hazen?

Hazen, Rogue 17

Here's what Mark has to say about him:


Hazen son of Hazor son of Hazard started life in a militaristic gray dwarf (duergar) community. His parents and elders had high hopes for him because of his abilities. He was strong, tough and fast. Mentally he learned facts quickly and had a great intuitive sense. Perhaps, they thought, he could become a warrior/priest or a warrior/scout in the great underdark battles that they fought. Hazen did well at combat and scout (thief) training. Hazen, however, lacked the discipline of the other little duergar children. He was easy-going and didn't show the proper respect due his superiors. Hazen started to catch snippets of whispered conversations about how he might be 'another one like his uncle, Hestor [son of Hazard son of Haz "The Great"], or even worse, like his grandfather, Hazard [son of Haz "The Great"]', two of his relatives that apparently left the clan and were not talked about. The idea that there might be a life outside this military camp excited him. After a parting practical joke involving a number of officials and a large quantity of bat guano, Hazen ran away.

Hazen, being the social sort, went to the big city, Mansfield. There he fell in with some outlaws. By day, he would setup a stand to draw pictures of people (both caricatures and more serious ones - he's quite the artist) and generally make a spectacle of himself, while his friends would "work" the crowd picking pockets. By night, they would either carouse the bars or would attempt break-ins, including safe-breaking, with Hazen opening locks, climbing walls, etc. One night his gang was caught; fortunately, Hazen escaped detection, but most of the group was arrested and the remainder dispersed. Back on his own, Hazen went looking for further adventures.


Hazen took up adventuring (first adventure: MA3 2967. - Oct 26, 1988) and later won a cohort, the human fighter Kress, while playing cards.. They now live in Sigil.

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