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Vandis of Shina-Tsu-Hiko, Fighter 4/Cleric 16/Contemplative 9

Vandis is a 5'9" human who weighs 181 lbs. He has well-kept brown hair and steel gray eyes and, despite his merely average height, has always carried himself with an air of confidence making him appear several inches taller.

Vandis is the only child of Alkis and Eleni (Helen). For many years, Alkis and Eleni wanted a child but discovered they were unable to, due to some sort of powerful curse. Upon researching their condition, they discovered that a wish would allow them to conceive a child. Unfortunately, they did not realize that the side-effect of this wish was the permanent death of Eleni.

Raising him for his first few years, Alkis noticed Vandis' aptitude in almost any endeavor in which he partook. Being well off, Alkis arranged to have Vandis tutored by the best instructors for physical, spiritual, acrobatic, and, especially, scholarly training.

In addition to this direct tutoring and training, Vandis often spent months at a time on his (now lost at sea and presumed dead) Uncle's merchant ship. His Uncle trained him in the art of Navigation.

Although Vandis followed and generally enjoyed the tutors' instruction, he had his own very clear ideas, especially about right and wrong. Later, much to the consternation of his father, he rebelled by not choosing to become a Wizard. He did this not because he has anything against Wizards, but because being a Wizard had no more interest to him than any of the other courses he could follow. But his father is an accepting sort and this was not an issue for long.

Alkis always taught Vandis that it is important he make his own way in the world. Although easily within his power to do so, Alkis has never made special provisions for protecting Vandis; Vandis must learn to do so himself. Without Alkis realizing it, this is partly what motivated Vandis to choose to be a Fighter initially, to "toughen up" before moving on to other careers.

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