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Vandis - Stats

Here is where I will have a paragraph describing Vandis' appearance, personality, and, perhaps, his usual tactics. A DM should be able to take everything below the horizontal line and have a fully usable NPC.

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Vandis CR 27
Male human Fighter 4/Cleric (Shina-Tsu-Hiko) 16/Contemplative 7
CG Medium humanoid
Init +12; Senses darkvison 60' (from goggles of night); Listen +13, Spot +23 (from third eye aware)
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elvish
Height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 181 lb., age 47, XP 378,530 (530/27,470).

AC 45, touch 20, flat-footed 41; 75% chance for normal damage on critical hit
hp 312 (27 HD); DR 5/- (50 hp/day); 15/adamantine
Immune disease (including magical), poison
Resist SR 22; evasion, slippery mind, acid 30, cold 30, electricity 30, fire 30, sonic 30
Fort +27, Ref +21, Will +29
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 20 ft. (4 squares) (perfect)
Melee +4 holy prismatic transmuting longsword of collision +32/+27/+22/+17 (1d8+18 (+2d6 vs. evil)/17-20)
Ranged ranged touch +26
Base Atk +20; Grp +27
Attack Options spells, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Reach Spell, Silent Spell
Special Attack turn/destroy undead or earth creatures and rebuke/command/bolster air creatures 10/day at CL 20: check +9, damage +27, spells
Special Actions 3/day extra actions from belt of battle
Combat Gear bolt shirt, talisman of recall, ring of invisibility, pearl of power (2nd level spell), pearl of power (4th level spell) (2), pearl of power (6th level spell), pearl of power (7th level spell) (2), pearl of power (8th level spell), pearl of power (9th level spell)

Magic Rating 27
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 28 or CL 29 for Chaos spells):
9th— energy drain, greater whirlwindD, implosion, mass heal, miracle, undeath's eternal foe, (recall 1/day via pearl of power)
8th— brilliant aura, fire storm (DC 28), heat drain, holy aura, mass death ward, phase doorCD, (recall 1/day via pearl of power)
7th— banishment, blood to water, fortunate fate, radiant assault, mass restoration, greater teleport chaosCD, (recall 2/day via pearl of power (2))
6th— bolt of glory, energy immunity, chain lightningD (DC 26), find the path, greater dispel magic, heal (2), (recall 1/day via pearl of power)
5th— binding windsD, life's grace, plane shift, righteous might, righteous might, true seeing, true seeing, zone of revelation,
4th— assay spell resistance, assay spell resistance, delay death, dimension doorD, divination, divine power, panacea, sheltered vitality, (recall 2/day via pearl of power (2))
3rd— awaken sin (DC 23), call lightningD dispel magic, invisibility purge, knight's move, knight's move, mass conviction, speak with dead
2nd— augury (2), close wounds, close wounds, divine insight, lesser restoration, locate objectCD, remove paralysis, silence (DC 22), (recall 1/day via pearl of power)
1st— command (DC 21), comprehend languages, delay disease, divine favor, longstriderD, moon lust, moon lust, resurgence shield of faith,
0— detect magic, detect poison, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic
C Chaos spell at CL 23. D Domain spell.
Air (Turn or destroy earth creatures as a good cleric turns undead. Rebuke, command, or bolster air creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. Use these abilities a total number of times equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This granted power is a supernatural ability).
1st—obscuring mist, 2nd—wind wall, 3rd—gaseous form, 4th—air walk, 5th—control winds, 6th—chain lighning, 7th—control weather, 8th—whirlwind, 9th—elemental swarm.
Chaos (Cast chaos spells at +1 caster level).
1st—protection from law, 2nd—shatter, 3rd—magic circle against law, 4th—chaos hammer, 5th—dispel law, 6th—animate objects, 7th—word of chaos, 8th—cloak of chaos, 9th—summon monster IX,
Travel (1 r/Cleric or Contemplative level /day freedom of movement as needed).
1st—longstrider, 2nd—locate object, 3rd—fly, 4th—dimension door, 5th—teleport, 6th—find the path, 7th—greater teleport, 8th—phase door, 9th—astral projection,
Weather (Rain and snow don't penalize Spot and Search. Normal movement through snow-covered and icy terrain. Wind effects affect as if one size larger).
1st—obscuring mist, 2nd—gust of wind, 3rd—call lightning, 4th—ice storm, 5th—binding winds, 6th—cloudwalkers, 7th—control weather, 8th—whirlwind, 9th—greater whirlwind.
Abilities Str 24, Dex 23, Con 25, Int 19, Wis 30, Cha 25
Inherent Bonuses Strength +4, Dexterity +5, Constitution +4, Charisma +4, Intelligence +5, Wisdom +5
SQ divine body, divine health, friend and ally of the wind dukes, Knight of Veluna, Shina-Tsu-Hiko's boon, youthful vigor
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy), Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Energy Substitution (Electricity), Great Charisma, Great Cleave, Great Wisdom, Improved Critical (Heavy Blades), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Practiced Spellcaster (+3), Quicken Spell, Reach Spell, Shield Proficiency, Shina Tsu Hiko's Boon (fly at 30 ft. (perfect)), Silent Spell, Tower Shield Proficiency, Weapon Focus (Heavy Blades), Weapon Group (Basic, Axes, Bows, Crossbows, Heavy Blades, Light Blades), Weapon Specialization (Heavy Blades). -1/2 General Feat Points available.
Skills Appraise +4, Balance +5, Bluff +7, Climb +6, Concentration +26, Diplomacy +7, Disguise +7, Escape Artist +5, Heal +17, Hide +5, Jump +11, Knowledge (Arcana) +18, Knowledge (Religion) +34, Knowledge (The Planes) +17, Listen +13, Move Silently +5, Profession (Navigator) +13, Ride +11, Search +9, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +36, Spot +13, Swim +5, Use Rope +9
Possessions: +5 blue shine mithril full plate of moderate fortification and nimbleness equipped with greater iron ward diamond, +5 heavy mithril shield equipped with crystal of bent sight, +4 holy prismatic burst transmuting longsword of collision equipped with greater crystal of life drinking, phylactery of undead turning, armband of maximized healing and dexterity +4, goggles of night, third eye aware and penetrate, boots of striding and springing, speed, and translocation, ring of ironskin and evasion and freedom of movement and protection +5, ring of superior invisibility and major universal energy protection, cloak of charisma +6, amulet of recall, natural armor +5, health +6, and wisdom +6, bolt shirt of resistance +5, belt of battle and giant strength +6, pearl of power (2nd level spell), pearl of power (4th level spell) (2), pearl of power (6th level spell), pearl of power (7th level spell) (2), pearl of power (8th level spell), pearl of power (9th level spell), ioun stone (dusty rose prism), ioun stone (orange prism), portable hole, horn of plenty, rod of greater extend spell, rod of greater maximize spell, rod of greater quicken spell, tome of worldly memory hole, silver holy symbol of Shina-Tsu-Hiko marked with verses of anathema, augury bones, reliquary for cloak of chaos, reliquary for holy aura, healers's kit (10), silk rope, backpack, figurine of Sekhmet (120 gp), Book of Eternity, Netherladder, 256,135 gp.
Other possessions: greater demolition crystal (weapon crystal), greater truedeath crystal (weapon crystal), lesser crystal of adaptation (armor crystal), restful crystal (armor crystal), manual of bodily health +4 (used), manual of gainful exercise +4 (used), manual of quickness of action +5 (used), tome of clear thought +5 (used), tome of leadership and influence +4 (used), tome of understanding +5 (used).

Divine body (Ex): As a Contemplative, Vandis is immune to all poisons, including magical diseases such as mummy rot or lycanthropy.

Divine health (Ex): As a Contemplative, Vandis is immune to all diseases, including magical diseases such as mummy rot or lycanthropy.

Friend and ally of the wind dukes: As one of the characters who recovered the Rod of Seven Parts, Vandis will be forever remembered as a friend and ally of the wind dukes: the vaati. As such, no creature of air nor any being of the Elemental Plane of Air will attack him without being attacked first, and all such creatures will demonstrate respect for him and will assist him if able.

Knight of Veluna: As one of the characters who freed (whom?) from the Temple of Elemental Evil, Vandis may wear the silver star badge of Veluna and the gold crown badge of Furyondy.

Shina-Tsu-Hiko's Boon (Su): Vandis can fly at will at a speed of 30 ft. with perfect maneuverability.

Youthful vigor: As a gift from Shina-Tsu-Hiko, Vandis will retain his adult vigor until 1 year before his natural death.

belt of battle and giant strength +6 (48,000)

This belt offers the following continuous benefits:
+2 competence bonus on initiative checks
+6 enhancement bonus to Strength (36,000)

This belt provides the powers of a belt of battle (MIC 73) (12,000). It has three charges, which are renewed each day at dawn. Spending one or more charges via a swift (mental) command grants an extra action, which must be taken immediately (before taking any other action).

1 charge: 1 move action
2 charges: 1 standard action
3 charges: 1 full-round action

Book of Eternity

Radiates evil and faint magic. When touched, a chill of negative energy strikes the character.

Found inside statue of Set.

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