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Elvira Munçid

Elvira Munçid
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What can you say about a demigod like Elvira Munçid?

Elvira Munçid of Lei Kung, Cleric 9/Sorceress 9

Here's what Arturo has to say about Elvira:


Short and slender for a Drow (4′7″ & 78 lbs, about the height of an 8-9 yr old human and a little stockier). When younger she was on the pretty side of average by human standards but rather plain by Drow standards. But as she's matured over the last 10 years she's become very attractive by human standards and cute by Drow standards. It's hard to say whether it's changes in her bearing that's increased her attractiveness or the little lines, battle scars, etc that one acquires during an adventuring life that that's given her appearance a more striking character. Or perhaps it was that she was too scrawny younger but has filled out with age. Her hair is not the pure snow white favored by the Drow - it has occasional streaks of an indeterminate color; sometimes appearing auburn sometimes more coppery. She has an unusual slight Asiatic cast to her features along the lines of an Asian Drow.

She moves with an extraordinary amount of dignity and grace. Feline but with the control of a trained fencer rather than a natural, unconscious grace. When she enters a room one can tell that she's a predator that's been on many a successful hunt.

She's unusually perceptive with an almost mind-reading ability. You can see what you're thinking in her eyes. A penetrating gaze would be an understatement.


She's haughty, self-confident, cautious. She's the equivalent of a bishop in the Lei Kung hierarchy. She's a missionary cleric and therefore a bit more zealous than average. She also has a bit more stature in the Lei Kung hierarchy as she's built, out of pocket, a rather nice monastery on the outskirts of Mansfield; for this reason she's also an abbot of the church. She believes herself to be a High Inquisitor of Lei Kung and therefore judge, jury and executioner. Her faith guides her every waking moment. Tactically she's brilliant but the strategy she leaves to Lei Kung. She is clearly a soldier of faith. She believes in justice, but in a twisted sense. Right and wrong do not matter - only adherence to the letter of the law. She is very strict in this sense and any transgression will be punished with the most extreme measures. Punishing law-breakers is her raison d'être and gives her the ultimate satisfaction.

She has no problem following the lead of others. Being a cleric has made her sensitive to the desires of others. It's also given her an almost supernatural understanding of those around her. Lei Kung has clearly blessed her with insight far far above normal. This insight shows clearly in her appearance; i.e. she does not disguise the fact that she's invariably the wisest person in the room.

Nor does she tolerate muddled thinking. While not brilliant she can more than hold her own in debates.

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