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Necropolis Session 14



Zhaji's notes

Mambo's notes

Mambo: We go back to Artuaat. Some of us pop. We divide treasure. We may go to Thebes or back to Sigil to buy equipment (and settle debtts? Then the messenger comes and warns us, too late, that the temple of Osiris was filled with followers of Set.
Mambo: Part of the issue and concern is that as we have been cleaning out the temple, the message has gotten around politically that we are doing bad things.
Mambo: Our enemies are trying to frame us.
Mambo: Our patrons are happy with us.
Mambo: But their political opponents are not and are makig up stories about us.
Mambo: uas scepter works like mace
Mambo: We got to Sigil on shopping trip. Zhaji keeps working on her robe of many, many eyes.
Mambo: She be done in maybe 4 or 5 weeks or more or more
Mambo: Or two weeks or not or so
Mambo: Vandis shops until he drops
Mambo: Kress is paying off his IOUs.
Mambo: He no owe Mambo, though.
Mambo: Kress, you small man, but cute.
Mambo: Me make you nice dinner tonight, just you and me.
Mambo: Veracity is paid back.
Mambo: Me talk to Brianna. Me sell scepter now.
Mambo: DM - take notice - me sell with rest of party treasure. Part of party purse.
Mambo: Me take value if that same as division of party loot
Mambo: Zhaji is wanting it for glyphs on doors and magical traps on doors.
Mambo: Mambo - Zhaji does doors, so Zhaji take it.
Mambo: Disarm traps not fighter thing
Mambo: Mambo - weapons crystals of quick draw good for Brianna dagger or speed.
Mambo: Okay, me keep Mace if too heavy for Zhaji. Me help you Zhaji.
Mambo: You want me carry you, Zhaji?
Mambo: Me can carry you and fly.
Mambo: Me knock on door of Tiger Kitty with Mace/Scepter. If door is magic, then no more.
Mambo: Tebryn needs garderobe servant
Mambo: whoever is least popular
Mambo: Mambo hugs Tiger Kitties wife. She makes excuses.
Mambo: Mambo ask about goodness of Kress. Ask how make him taller.
Mambo: He like him fierce mask and eye.
Mambo: So, we go fight bad buys.
Mambo: guys
Brianna: 2994.
Brianna: N568
Mambo: We eat from horn of plenty this morning.
Mambo: Everyone gains 9 temp hit points and are at full +9 now
Mambo: It took us five days to sell and buy.
Mambo: Me invite Kress - me make dinner for Kress
Mambo: Just us two
Mambo: Me catch 12 dessert sqirrels and stuff with nuts and rice
Mambo: Make good feast for Kress.
Mambo: Kress brags about Death Strike Bracers
Mambo: He shows them off to Mambo
Mambo: them let me share kitchen at Inn. Me make feast for you, Kress. They let us have private room
Mambo: and various local fruits
Mambo: and strong wine
Mambo: She wants to compare equipment.
Mambo: Kress shows off new bracers.
Mambo: Vandis, next day, cast Convicton on us.
Mambo: Everyone gains +5 to all saves
Mambo: morale bonus
Mambo: Kress is innocent to Mambo's true intentions.
Mambo: Kress have nice meal and be good fighting buddy
Mambo: Zhaji has been clear that she is not interested in Vandis, per Vandis. But Mambo remembers otherwise.
Mambo: Brianna flirted with Zhaji, but Zhaji did not respond.
Mambo: Vandis does not persue Zhaji cause of unhappy circumstaces in which Zhaji was found - tortured by underdark fiend.
Mambo: Vandis considers increasing his charisma.
Mambo: kress pounds fruit into relish and thanks Mambo for nice meal. Mambo beams, but does not get kissed on first date.
Mambo: Kress goes back to his room for the night.
Mambo: Mambo has her own room. She has good dreams
Mambo: Kress burps up squirrel nuts.
Mambo: Mambo - me have private room if you ever need to visit, Kress. Kress it okay, he sleep with Vandis.
Mambo: Mambo say, "oooooh"
Mambo: Brianna suggest we go to gorge of Osiris.
Mambo: We are in Artuat.
Mambo: This is before feast. At long last we hear from temple of Thoth
Mambo: They tell us we are doing right, but must hurry on. They warn there are whisperings of defilers and desecrators
Mambo: They worry about an investigation. Perhaps we have only a week.
Mambo: We see temple of Orisis and stream bed along gorge and small plants.
Mambo: as we trek out again.
Mambo: We see mosaic of tombs in ravine. This is the metropolis
Mambo: the metropolis of Necropolis
Mambo: City of the Dead
Mambo: First tomb to the left is called Funerary Chapel of the Duat
Mambo: Brianna wants to look at each chapel tomb in turn
Mambo: Entryway 20 by 80 with room for mourners, then other rooms
Mambo: Now long abandoned and neglected
Mambo: On far side on left is opening - exit for processions
Mambo: Arched pathway leading further into Necropolis
Mambo: Brianna has studied this and relates the cultural significance
Mambo: mambo - so you think we should do offering here Brianna
Mambo: Me bow and say nice prayer.
Mambo: Brianna and Vandis say we no need leave offering.
Mambo: Next building, on right is shrine of Bast
Mambo: Brianna tells us - Bast is goddess of cats.
Mambo: Not sure if some in Khemit
Mambo: same
Mambo: See picture of shrine of Bast?
Mambo: 4 rooms and corners which are despoiled. Rooms not despoiled, but alcoves are. Goddess statue sstill there.
Mambo: After this gorge procede to SW or SE
Mambo: Main gorge is SW. Off shoot is SE.
Mambo: Brie say we take SW main gorge passage.
Mambo: After another 300 ft, ravine branches again.
Mambo: Mambo - which way we go, Brie?
Mambo: Zhaji want main gorge, but doesn't care really.
Mambo: South west path is main path, path to north is side path
Mambo: Mambo - they say we not have much time, so we take main path?
Mambo: Brianna wants to keep going left.
Mambo: Mambo say that go in circle.
Mambo: 450 to 500 ft and we buildings up ahead.
Mambo: To right is building behind gate.
Mambo: Building is large. 100 x 200
Mambo: Is to right. Or continue SW to parallel main gorge - other building
Mambo: We go through gate and under portico
Mambo: We see 10 ft tall statue of shaggy dwarf
Mambo: bandy legged, shaggy bearded dwarf with feathered crown, goggle eyed with tongue sticking out and capers with tail dangling.
Mambo: Shrine of Bes
Mambo: Games, music and happy fortune
Mambo: Zhaji detects magic on each building we meet and wants Mambo to bang on door with scepter
Mambo: 60 x 120 building we see next. 4 shrine areas.
Mambo: One is Brianna's special goddess.
Mambo: Brianna has statuette so statue shines happily on her and us.
Mambo: kress compliments Mambo on how Svelt she is looking today
Mambo: Mambo beams
Mambo: Kress compliments on squirrel which perhaps he is still burping up and tasting.
Mambo: We enter Chapel of Sun
Mambo: Zhaji detect no magic on door or outside building itself
Mambo: Sun -associated dieties are here - except Kress's.
Mambo: We follow Brianna deeper into the temple
Mambo: Brianna leads and looks around. Vandis gets very close to Mambo. Mambo slaps him playfully and calls him a bruite. He apologizes
Mambo: brute
Mambo: Brianna gravitates to her goddess Hawthor (spelling?
Mambo: Brianna prostates herself before her goddess statue
Mambo: Brie - you are my guide and inspiration even before I came to this world
Mambo: There is no immediate reaction
Mambo: Kress looks for treasure.
Mambo: Zhaji looks for magic
Mambo: Mambo looks for squirrels
Mambo: Kress and Brianna go to end of rooms
Mambo: Vandis wants to leave
Mambo: looks at murals
Mambo: Vandis suggests performing some kind of special, exact right ceremony
Mambo: DM said that.
Mambo: Brianna said that but doesn't know which one is right
Mambo: Brianna considers this is temple that used to have priests of these dieties.
Mambo: Kress asks if murals show proper way to show respect in ceremony
Mambo: Brianna says there should be robes
Mambo: Mambo says maybe there be secret doors
Mambo: That make sense to Vandis too
Mambo: Kress does True Seeing and looks around
Mambo: and sees some secret doors
Mambo: Brianna fawns over Kress and calls him her hero
Mambo: Kress say him take what he can get - behind door number one
Mambo: Mambo - oh, if only I were behind door number one
Mambo: Small rooms with priest supplies, robes, incense, etc.
Mambo: Vandis does religion skill check
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 14): [12 + 14] = 26
Mambo: Proper ceremony is inscribed in wall
Mambo: Angel can read it.
Mambo: Angel relates it to Mambo. Mambo relates it to Vandis. Vandis tries to perform it properly.
Mambo: Vandis may not be religious enough to do it.
Mambo: Zhaji sings.
Mambo: Vandis says he needs more intelligence
Mambo: Same stuff behind other secret door.
Mambo: Vandis uses comprehend languages himself if he wishes so as not to get information third hand, but first hand
Mambo: Vandis wants to come back later with Fox's cunning spell.
Mambo: Brianna wants Zhaji to use Lim Wish.
Mambo: Vandis thinks that too expensive for use now.
Mambo: Brianna is power hungry and does not mind Zhaji making the expense.
Mambo: Brianna say Vandis have great capability but limited imagination.
Mambo: Vandis want to cermony to Alf (?)
Mambo: Alv?
Mambo: Aulf?
Mambo: Mambo - let's go. Let's move on.
Mambo: Vandis - is it worth it?
Mambo: Mambo - No. let's go.
Mambo: Vandis - so noted
Mambo: Vandis and Brianna debate some more.
Mambo: Brianna not learn enough about religion at Pantheon Palace to help us here.
Mambo: Brianna - I have been working hard to learn ancient Kamidian
Mambo: mambo - me work to learn Modern Kress
Mambo: Brianna - you maybe never decipher that.
Mambo: Zhaji - why not we bring priest from Thebes?
Mambo: Brianna - we no kidnap priests.
Mambo: Zhaji - I say bring back, not kidnap.
Mambo: Brie - I spend too much time in company of Hazen.
Mambo: Mambo - Hazen kidnap people?
Mambo: Brie - oh, yes, all the time.
Mambo: Brianna is trying to determine our resources or time to move on.
Mambo: Mambo - yes, we come back later
Mambo: Vandis - this very complicated ceremony and we no find high enough level priest, it too big risk
Mambo: Brianna finally concedes to move on.
Mambo: then she wants to kidnap priest after all, but me no want that
Mambo: Brianna takes vestments and inscriptions and such and decides might do ceremony another time.
Mambo: We go back to slip in path that start head SW
Mambo: We all move on. Follow main gorge path or go left if there no main-ness
Mambo: Another branch to right, but we stay on main gorge path.
Mambo: branch to left, but we stay on main path
Mambo: Finally we get to area 7
Mambo: not area 51
Mambo: okay, um
Mambo: Brianna does not play poker, but has read about it.
Mambo: We see and island in a pool and there are snakes around there.
Mambo: And there is a walled courtyard.
Mambo: Snakes are sunning themselves. They are normal sized poisonous snakes.
Mambo: Brianna wants us to go through the snakes.
Mambo: Brie ask me and I say - snakes not bad.
Mambo: We can fly over say Zhaji. Me agree
Mambo: Zhaji offer to cast fly.
Mambo: She cast on herself. She offer to Brianna
Mambo: Me can carry Brianna
Mambo: Brianna willing to be carried.
Mambo: Brianna prefer carried to fly
Mambo: Mambo swoops up Brianna and starts flying
Mambo: We see Vulture headed goddess statue
Mambo: Me keep flying and carrying Brianna
Mambo: Opposite is statue of Cobra-headed
Mambo: Them no look good to me.
Mambo: Brianna - they might not be bad.
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 14): [4 + 14] = 18
Mambo: Vandis check know religion and have no clue
Mambo: Vandis think it suspicious, but that not proof.
Mambo: Zhaji detects magic and gets it, undefined, as a force, generally
Mambo: Brianna tries to wriggle out of Mambo's arms and Mambo lands puts Brie down nicely and Brianna toddles off like toddler.
DM: Nekhbet
DM: Buto
Mambo: is cobra
Mambo: buto is cobra
Mambo: Nekhbet is vulture
Mambo: Brie examines statue of Buto
Mambo: Nothing happens.
Mambo: mambo tell Kress look for secret door
Mambo: kress does True Seeing.
Mambo: Kress find secret door in Cobra head room.
Mambo: It does not detect magic
Mambo: Brianna looks for traps and finds none
Mambo: Briannia bats her eyes and convinces Kress to go through door first. Sill had True Seeing up.
Mambo: As soon as we find secret door, we realise shrine is of good nature. We are asked to leave and offer good thoughts to whom shrine is dedicated.
Mambo: Brianna says we should leave more than a good thought.
Mambo: Kress never went through door into secret room
Mambo: We all think good thoughts. Brianna wants to leave an actual offering.
Mambo: She want to leave gem or such
Mambo: Me leave some nuts
Mambo: Actually it IS after we enter secret room and Kress finds more secret doors
Mambo: Me offer potiion of Heroism
Mambo: Brianna offer scroll
Mambo: Vandis offer pearl of power
Mambo: (Me had two, now have one)
Mambo: Zhaji leaves scroll of chain lightening
Mambo: Kress leaves +1 throwing axe
Mambo: We feel somehow blessed in an intangible way. We feel we have gained some favor. Buto might look kindly on us later in the future
Mambo: Brianna says we should leave temple now.
Mambo: Vandis say perhaps one of these doors leaves - is exit
Mambo: Kress opens other door in this secret room
Mambo: Kress sees, with True Seeing, a little room with another secret door
Mambo: lasts a minute per level (Kress True Seeing)
Mambo: Kress go and opens other door.
Mambo: that turns into tunnel leading way off into the distance
Mambo: Tunnel through gorge wall
Mambo: Brianna think it back where we came from.
Mambo: Mambo open other secret door, away from gorge wall.
Mambo: Kress goes in and sees another secret door and opens it.
Mambo: We see gorge path again.
Mambo: Brianna say let's go that way.
Mambo: So we do.
Mambo: This is continuation of our path.
Mambo: We travel along secret path.
Mambo: Dry water course ends and gorge turns East, South, North, East
Mambo: then branches to S and E
Mambo: No longer distinguishable as main road vs side road.
Mambo: Brianna takes left and goes East.
Mambo: Go about 100 ft, SE, then S, then SE, then branches East and South.
Mambo: We go East again.
Mambo: East, NE, NW, deadend.
Mambo: We go back to branch.
Mambo: S, SE, E, E, NE, E, SE, S, SW and see area to East that is large and path continues to SW
Mambo: Drawing not to scale
Mambo: Brianna scouts out 200 ft pocket
Mambo: There are a few looted tombs
Mambo: Bas relief on these tombs are all of evil dieties
Mambo: Don't detect magic
Mambo: Kress joins us.
Mambo: Procede to narrow ravine. 20ft to 15ft wide, then ends and no obvious tomb

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