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Necropolis Session 15



Zhaji's notes

There were two small openings on the side, and a ledge above. Mambo flew up to the ledge, but there was nothing but rock. Kress flew up to the ledge, carrying Brianna, and activated the True Seeing on his headpiece, but also found nothing. When Zhaji arrived on the ledge, the rock wall transformed into an entrance. Hieroglyphics lined both sides of the entrance. When Brianna read the hieroglyphics, an evil-looking, noncorporeal, figure appeared and started telling the party they should fear him and so on. Zhaji cast Disintegrate at the figure, but it passed right through. The ray hit the wall back wall, which glowed and appeared to be damaged, but remained intact. The figure ignored the ray, continued its monologue, and stood nonplussed.

Brianna continued to read the hieroglyphics. She said it read "Let each who would enter freely identify his pursuit to the heart of the one within" Brianna said that should be easy for Zhaji, as there was a sorceress picture, but it would be much harder for Mambo and herself. Brianna helped everyone pick hieroglyphs of their pursuits. Just as the entrance appeared when all reached the ledge, the door opened when all selected their pursuits.

The door opened into the middle of a corridor. Brianna and Mambo stepped in. When they did, writing appeared on the far wall. It was more doom and gloom. Zhaji cast bear's endurance and shapechange; then she stepped in. Vandis and Kress followed.

The passages north and south each ended in small rooms with two doors. The north passages had black and white doors, and the south had red and green doors. More riddles about doom were carved into the doors. There was also a fresco on the wall; Mambo broke it to reveal another alcove. Mambo smacked the back wall and broke through to a room.

The room had several sarcophagi. There was also a door in the back, and Kress noted two secret doors. Kress and Brianna broke open a sarcophagus to reveal a mummy. The mummy felt extremely solid. Brianna cut through the bandages to reveal a dark form that appeared to be metallic. All twelve sarcophagi were dropped off the ledge, so that the metal golems could not attack us if something caused them to animate.

The party moved through the southern secret door. Coffers contained rotted things, but also gems and jewels worth 50k gp. There were also some magic weapons, a heavy mace +2, and a battle axe +2 .

The party moved through the northern secret door. Though most of the clothes were rotted, sacks contained old coins worth 40,000.

The last door had a chain with locks on it. Brianna picked the locks and removed the chain. Mambo cracked the plaster wall, and a human-headed vulture freed itself and started flying away.

Brianna cast flame strike on the creature, but it seemed to be unaffected.
Vandis cast a cure on himself.
Kress struck it with his great axe, but it appeared to take no damage.
Zhaji cast quickened magic missiles at it, with no effect, and sealed the room off with a wall of force.
The creature flew through the wall of force and out through the front door. As it left, it vowed to "get us" when "we least expected it".

Mambo's notes

Mambo: Zhaji recommends going on another shopping spree to buy more knowledge.
Mambo: Mambo reminds Zhaji that we are under time pressure, per Temple of Thoth.
Mambo: Zhaji spaced during the last meeting with our sponsors from the Temple of Thoth.
Mambo: Zhaji is really only interested in snakes.
Mambo: Brianna wants to do the "left hand rule" go down lots of side paths.
Mambo: Zhaji insists we stay on the straight and narrow.
Mambo: Zhaji has led us unerringly to stay off side paths.
Mambo: Also we have Kress to thank for observing the secret doors.
Mambo: And Mambo to thank for observing Kress.
Mambo: We have found ourselves now at:
Mambo: We are at narrow ravene which peters out at wall.
Mambo: Near veritcal gully
Mambo: Brianna has a Blemished Tribesmens map somewhere in her belongings.
Mambo: The map is not helpful.
Mambo: there were two small openings a ways back. There is a ledge here. 40 ft up
Mambo: could Zhaji take over notes?
Mambo: Mambo flies up to ledge.
Brianna: As soon as we all arrive on the ledge, the solid face of the rock disappears and we see an entryway
Mambo: coovered with writing
Brianna: flanked by painted columns.
Brianna: The center is covered with hieroglyphs and a cartouche
Brianna: A red fiend, terrible of roar, Set godlike Rahotep
DM: A red fiend terrible of Roarer (a name of Set) [that is the] Set Godlife Rahotep.
Brianna: As Brianna reads the hieroglyphs in the cartouche, a mist pushes her back and a larger than human figure materializes and speaks at us.
Mambo: Zhaji do disentegrate while monster guy talk and it go right through.
Mambo: Zhaji has 3 eyes.
Zhaji rolls d20: [15] = 15
Mambo: Wall behind creature vanishes, after glows
Mambo: Mambo - that like vandalizing library
Mambo: But maybe there were no writing that wall
Mambo: Him finished speach and pay no heade
Zhaji rolls 38d6: [5 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 5 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 1] = 139
Mambo: Vandis and Brie look more careful at strange writing
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 11): [9 + 11] = 20
Brianna: "Let each who would enter freely identify his pursuit to the heart of the one within."
Brianna: There are figures of all professions - Brarbarian, Druid, etc. - and "none of the above" - as well as ghoulds, fiends, etc.
Mambo: Do we touch markings on wall? Me see no half-dragon sorc bard dragon disciple
Mambo: barb
Mambo: barb babe
Mambo: then him know how prepare defeat us
Mambo: me worry
Mambo: Kress want do Augury - want Vandis do
Mambo: Enter freely to be eaten?
Mambo: If we no identify, weal or woa?
Mambo: put in 8 hour tape and just let it go
Mambo: Mambo - what if we pretend we are all demons?
Mambo: Mambo - we could pretend we are all ghosts, then it will prepare wrong for us.
Mambo: Brie want Zhaji to disintegrate us through
Mambo: Mambo tired of debating. She press Barbarian and step forward.
Mambo: Nothing happens.
Mambo: Zhaji presses Sorceress and steps up.
Mambo: Nothing happens
Mambo: Mambo press None of the Above
Mambo: Door Detect Magic. Me can dispell the magic with Uas Septer
Mambo: Vandis touch Cleric and Fighter. Nothing happens
Mambo: Brianna touches Rogue, Druid, Bard and none of the above
Mambo: Kress touches fighter
Mambo: Mamo touches Sorcerss, Barb and None of the Above
Mambo: Door rises.
Mambo: DM say very good.
Mambo: We see long hallway
Mambo: distant giggling
Mambo: writing glow on wall across from entrance, magic and can be read by anyone, read or not
DM: The Set Rahotep's Prediction:
DM: Right and left you will turn to seek me.
DM: Turn as you might, there is no escaping my Curse.
DM: Foul is the Death that shall hunt you down; swift its strike, burning its measture of punishment.
DM: The Set Rahotep's Pledge:
DM: Hunt the way as lowly ones. My iron teeth will devour you.
DM: Delve deep, and the tears you shed will burn and wash you away.
DM: Turn and twist back and forth, and the end is the same as afore.
DM: Beat down the portal to no avail, for the rock is unyielding.
DM: Fair gholleor kindly demon you are not; no gate passes you through.
DM: So you must accept the dark curse and thus find your dark fate!
Mambo: Only Brianna and Angel can still read and understand it after it fades
Mambo: Bad scenes of demons on walls
Mambo: Another big important mural
DM: To lie most cleverly is to tell the truth when one least expects it, so that unbelieving the fool will venture forth to his certain doom.
Mambo: Zhaji detect magic?
Mambo: everywhere, no source found
Mambo: Smell dead things
Mambo: Kress say surprising in old tomb
Mambo: Heroes Feast, Convicton are up.
Mambo: Mambo draws and readies her Great Hammer
Mambo: Mambo walks next to Brianna to protect her.
Mambo: Zhaji does Bear's Endurance on herself for 30 mins or something
Mambo: 6 hours and 2 mins, actually
Mambo: All +9 HP from Heroe's feast
Mambo: Passage is dimly lit
Mambo: Door stayed open behind us when we all were in hallway. Still open, we think.
Mambo: Room with doors
Mambo: ahead as we travel north
Mambo: In room:
DM: You must stoop low to violate my Eternal House. I will avenge myself upon you for daring this, Curse you!
Mambo: that's on grey granite
Mambo: on black granite is writing too
DM: You are cursed sufficiently, so do not proceed farther, else you must go down into death.
Mambo: We go to south end and alcove and little room with granite walls
Mambo: Alcover with picture detect evil
Mambo: Red granite:
DM: Warns that the intruder must not pass beyond for fear of incurring the dreaded curse of the wizard-priest.
Mambo: Block of dark green granite
DM: Break not this sealed way, for only hard work and my Curse will be the reward.
Mambo: Brianna has Find the Path
Mambo: Vandis suggests stepping out for the day to get more divination magic
Mambo: Mambo asks Zhaji is she can just disentegrate the slabs
Mambo: Mambo goes over and hits one of the alcoves with her septer
Mambo: Mambo feels dizzy. Stone hazzy and transparent and Mambo sees dark place filled with creature of type touched.
Mambo: Ghouls
Mambo: Mambo backs up. Was any magic drained.
Mambo: don't know
Mambo: Mambo touches red door. Nothing happens.
Mambo: slab motif
Mambo: mambo steps back
Mambo: Mambo roars Open in Draconic
Mambo: nothing happens
Mambo: Mambo unable to trigger green door.
Mambo rolls Search (d20): [14] = 14
Mambo rolls Spot (d20 + 10): [16 + 10] = 26
Mambo: Kress not seen any secret door all this time
Mambo: Brianna taps on fresco, mural and it sounds thin
Mambo: Mambo pushes fresco
Mambo rolls Greathammer DMG (d20): [12] = 12
Mambo: Mambo bangs on it with her greathammer
Mambo: Fresco dracks
Mambo: cracks
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(6 + 2 + 3) + 20] = 31
Mambo: Poison gas released
DM: Right and left you came, but even so you have only assured your deaths. Curse you!
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(5 + 4 + 5) + 20] = 34
Mambo rolls Greathammer DMG (3d6 + 16): [(4 + 6 + 4) + 16] = 30
Mambo: Mambo breaks through next wall
Mambo: We see inside a room
Mambo: dark things glow, light things do not
Mambo: pillar in each corner, like bones
Mambo: Sarcophogi and 6 jars, 1 next to each. Crowned, seated skeleton, vulture with human head
Mambo: two secret doors and one nonsecret door, brown door
Mambo: Mambo steps in. So does Vandis and Kress and Brie. and eventualy Zhaji
Mambo: Handsome figure of smiling man in white linen garment painted on lid of each coffin things
Mambo: Mambo lifts top of one closest to her.
Mambo: Pry it open
Mambo: worry about desecrate coffin
Mambo: Mambo wants to see what is throgh door first
Mambo: nonsecret door
Mambo: Brie determined to open coffin like things. She bats eyes at Kress and gets him to pry it open
Mambo: crowbar from her luggage
Kress rolls Ability - STR (d20 + 7): [12 + 7] = 19
Mambo: Inside is bandaged figure, perhaps normal mummy
Mambo: no daddy
Mambo: Brianna pokes it
Mambo: Bandages are unyeilding. Solid under bandage
Mambo: Brianna cuts away bandage. Sees black mummified form. She knocks on it and bruises knuckles
Mambo: knocks with knife. rings like metal
Mambo: hold lotus like object
Mambo: in hands
Mambo: Mambo attempts to open door.
Mambo: seems are sealed with pitch
Mambo: Notices decorations are really part of gate, chain, lock, buckle
Mambo: Mambo sees illusion that seems to move and speak
Mambo: skeleton
Mambo: says he incurs power and domains with his crook
Mambo: Mambo steps away.
Mambo: Mambo looks with Angel with deathwatch and knows it is a construct and thinks it is an iron golem
Mambo: Brie suggests we drop it off ledge
Mambo: Mambo suggests we shove the coffins one by one into the alcoves after selecting the right monsters
Mambo: Skeleton then says he will answer question if we kiss his foot
Mambo: We reject that offer too
Mambo: Let's open another one
Mambo: Similar process and same iron construct
Mambo: Mambo, okey, then let's throw them off ledge
Mambo: Mambo picks up one and takes it out and throws it off ledge and it falls and crumples
Mambo: Mambo continues.
Mambo: Check each first to make sure all the same and are.
Mambo: Mambo throws them ALL off the ledge.
Mambo: Mambo sits and has a snack and something to drink.
Mambo: Mambo looks at jars
Mambo: Heads on jars?
Mambo: Demon, Fiend, Serpent, Monster
Mambo: and ancient grain inside
Mambo: Mambo tries to open a secret door. Only Kress can do it.
Mambo: Kress does it.
Mambo: door allows 1 person at a time
Mambo: curses on the walls
Mambo: hall, another room
Mambo: 2 life sized figures. Set and Rhahatet
Mambo: old religious scrolls and papayrus
DM rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 7): [4 + 7] = 11
Brianna rolls Brianna Search (d20 + : [2 + 8] = 10
Mambo: Others seek and follow after Brie
Mambo: Weapons are in good shape - those held by Statues only
Mambo: Zhaji does detect magic and they do
Mambo: Brie looks everywhere
Mambo: One coffer is filled with gems and jewels
Mambo: worth 50,000gp
Mambo: heavey mace +2, battle axe +2
Mambo: Statues were just statues
Mambo: We check out other secret passage
Mambo: Chairs, stools, chests, bed, wigs, food offerings
Mambo: Brie explores the bedroom
Mambo: Mambo stands near to protect Brie
Mambo: Zhaji comes over
Mambo: In sacks are bronze and copper disks worth 2,000, or 20 times value in antiquarian value
Mambo: Vandis puts loot into portable hole
Mambo: mambo opens big door/skeleton
Mambo: Skel tells me to accept benificiance
Mambo: Mambo sees if someone can do locks
Mambo: Brie checks for traps and opens locks
Brianna rolls Brianna Open Lock (d20 + 21): [5 + 21] = 26
Mambo: Brianna removes lock and chain
Mambo: tades places. Mambo and Kress to open door
Mambo: mambo smashes pitch seals on door
Mambo: whole of plaster collaspes into shower of blinding dust, flapping noise, dim figure, hooting, escapes to east
Mambo: man-headed vulture of painting
Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [4 + 9] = 13
Brianna rolls Brianna Initiative (d20 + : [12 + 8] = 20
Mambo: breaking plaster freed it
Zhaji rolls Initiative (d20 + 5): [6 + 5] = 11
Mambo rolls Initiative (d20 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8
Zhaji rolls d20: [14] = 14
DM rolls Initiative (d20 + 6): [9 + 6] = 15
Mambo rolls BB - Initiative (d20 + 2): [19 + 2] = 21
Mambo: Vulture thing flapping towards the door
Mambo: Brie can react
Mambo: Brie wants to flame strike
Mambo: Vandis there below
Brianna rolls 9d6: [5 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 6 + 5] = 34
Mambo: Vandis saves for 17
Mambo: Vandis
Mambo rolls Angel - Initiative (d20 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
DM rolls 2d8 + 10: [4 + 7 + 10] = 21
DM rolls d8 + 5: [5 + 5] = 10
Mambo: Vandis cures himself
Mambo: No more 9 from heroes feast
Kress rolls Axe PA 1 (-10+HF+Anu) (d20 + 33 - 10 + 1 + 1): [7 + 33 - 10 + 1 + 1] = 32
Kress rolls Axe PA Dmg (10x2) (d12 + 20 + 20): [1 + 20 + 20] = 41
Zhaji rolls Spell - Magic Missile (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Zhaji rolls Spell - Magic Missile (d4 + 1): [2 + 1] = 3
Zhaji rolls Spell - Magic Missile (d4 + 1): [4 + 1] = 5
Zhaji rolls Spell - Magic Missile (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Zhaji rolls Spell - Magic Missile (d4 + 1): [1 + 1] = 2
Mambo: Zhaji does MMissiles after Kress power attacked
Mambo: hits happen, no effect observed
Mambo: Zhaji wall of force
Mambo: Angel determines it is undeadish
Mambo rolls Greathammer 1st to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 27): [10 + 27] = 37
Mambo: Mambo doesn't get a chance to hit it. It flaps though wall of force and out building
Mambo: Croaking voice
Mambo: My thing is loose and will return to get you later
Brianna: His "khu" is loose
Mambo: 9 part soul
Mambo: Lotus blossoms would have deanimated golems
Mambo: Iron Mummies
Mambo: Describe next room, then stop
Mambo: Chamber of black granite
Mambo: 5 ft alcoves
Mambo: shrine in center
Mambo: great tomb within

Brianna's notes

With a rumble, the stone slab grinds up into the ceiling.

"Me still not like it," says Mambo. "It say 'freely identify pursuit to heart of one within.' Now whoever in there know who we are."

"Not who we are, Mambo," says Brianna. "Just what we do. And only some of that. It has no reason to expect that the sorceress/barbarian/other is an 8 foot tall flying fire breathing half-dragon."

"Right," says Kress. "I don't think knowing our professions is going to help anybody be more effective in confronting us." He frowns. "Although, I do wonder what sort of creature lives in a tomb."

"Probably just a lich," says Zhaji. She yawns and examines her nails. "Piece of cake."

"Yeah, right," says Brianna. She peers into open door and then back to her companions. "Shall we go in?" Without waiting for an answer, she steps into the corridor, followed immediately by Mambo.

To the sound of distant giggling, glowing hieroglyphic writing appears on the wall across from the door.

The Set Rahotep's Prediction:

Right and left you will turn to seek me. Turn as you might, there is no escaping my Curse. Foul is the Death that shall hunt you down; swift its strike, burning its measure of punishment.

The Set Rahotep's Pledge:

Hunt the way as lowly ones. My iron teeth will devour you. Delve deep, and the tears you shed will burn and wash you away. Turn and twist back and forth, and the end is the same as afore. Beat down the portal to no avail, for the rock is unyielding. Fair gholle or kindly demon you are not; no gate passes you through. So you must accept the dark curse and thus find your dark fate!

All can read and understand the glowing symbols. Then, they fade and only Brianna and Angel can still decipher the Ancient Khemitian inscription.

"Huh," says Zhaji. "Doom and gloom."

"That looked like a riddle," says Vandis. He frowns. "Can you remember it? Something about iron teeth and ... "

"No problem," interrupts Brianna. "It's still there. Let me copy it down." She pulls out a piece of parchment and transcribes the symbols and a translation. She nods with satisfaction. "Got it!" she says, grinning.

"Well, it says we need to go right and left", says Kress. He points down the hall to the right, and then turns and points the opposite direction. "Lets go check it out." He marches up the hall to the right.

"Whoah," says Brianna. She follows Kress about 8 feet, stops, and turns left to face the wall. "Look at this painting."

The wall is painted with a large mural of a man doing all manner of evil acts. It is bordered with a row of hieroglyphs.

Brianna follows them with her finger and translates. "To lie most cleverly is to tell the truth when one least expects it, so that unbelieving the fool will venture forth to his certain doom."

"Just more doom and gloom," comments Zhaji.

The party proceeds down the hall. On the left they find a shallow alcove. Chiseled into the back were images of demons, devils, and fiends of all sorts.

Mambo steps up and leans forward into the alcove. She touches one of the figures and slab grows hazy and translucent. It appears to show a room packed with fiends. "I dizzy," says Mambo. She steps back. After a few seconds, the slab reverts to its previous solidity.

"Looks like a portal," says Brianna. She frowns and consulted her parchment. "Talk of 'kindly demons' and 'gates' here - and it says that it's not for us. I should say not!"

At the end of the hall, the passage opens up to the left, but directly in front of the party is a grey granite slab.

Brianna points. "Look. The cartouche of the Set Rahotep and it says ... 'You must stoop low to violate my Eternal House. I will avenge myself upon you for daring this, Curse you!'"

"This guy sure is welcoming," says Zhaji. "Should we go through here?"

"Is it a door?" asks Brianna. She consults her parchment. "Look - the slab says we must 'stoop low' and the other writing says that if we 'Hunt the way as lowly ones' we'll be devoured by iron teeth." She looks up. "Let's finish exploring this hall before we decide what to do."

The party turns left and steps into the dead end, where they see a black granite slab. This, too, is inscribed with hieroglyphs.

"You are cursed sufficiently, so do not proceed farther, else you must go down into death," translates Brianna.

"It say go down," said Mambo. "What you say about that?"

Brianna examines her parchment. "Well, it says that if we 'delve deep' we will be washed away by burning tears."

"Sound like acid," comments Mambo.

"I don't know," said Zhaji. "It said go right and left - and we just did that." She gestured back down the passage. "See? We went right and came to the end here, turned left, and here we are. I think we should try opening this slab."

"Zhaji," said Brianna. "Let's look at the whole passage before we go through anything."

Zhaji shrugs.

"Fine," says Kress. He marches back up the passage, past the alcove, the mural, and the entrance. He stops in front of an alcove on his right. Everybody clusters around and peers in. It is similar to the other alcove, except the images chiseled on the back are various undead and monsters.

"If the other alcove was a portal for 'kindly demons'," said Brianna, "this one must be for the 'fair gholles', whatever those are. Like ghouls, I imagine. Not for us."

Mambo steps up. "I hit with scepter. Drain magic!"

"Umm," says Brianna. "That's a little rash, don't you think?"

But, Mambo hears nothing, and, quick as thought, she whacks the back wall of the alcove. Just as before, the back wall becomes hazy and translucent. "I dizzy again," says Mambo. "Drain magic?"

Zhaji looks at the wall and shakes her head. "It's still magical, Mambo."

"Mambo, don't whack things until we agree it's time," says Brianna. "OK?"

Mambo shrugs and nods.

Kress leads the way to the end of the passage. In mirror image to the passage opposite, directly ahead is a granite slab and another is set in the dead end to the right.

The slab in front is red and is chiseled with a cartouche and a line of hieroglyphs.

"The Set Rahotep," says Brianna, pointing to the cartouche. "And the message ... 'The intruder must not pass beyond for fear of incurring the dreaded curse of the wizard-priest.'" She pulls out her parchment, studies it, and frowns. "I don't see anything that obviously matches this."

Kress points to the slab in the dead-end. "What about that?"

The party steps up and examines the dark green granite slab.

Brianna translates. "Break not this sealed way, for only hard work and my Curse will be the reward." She studies her parchment. "OK, it says something about 'unyielding rock,' which could refer to this. If so, then that other one must be the line about turning and twisting back and forth."

"So now what do we do?" asks Kress. He kicks at the dust in irritation. "We've gone right and left and found six things we can investigate. Why not start with this one?" He points at the nearest granite slab.

"Vandis suggested that the big message was a riddle - and I agree with him," says Brianna. "Seems to me, we've matched up those six ways with lines of the riddle and were told that they ALL led to curses. So, there must be something else."

"There is nothing else, Brianna," says Zhaji. She points to the far end of the passage. "Seems clear enough. Go right - to the end - and left - into the dead end - and go through that granite slab."

"Into tears of acid," says Mambo. "Me no like."

Brianna ponders, her brow furrowed, and then laughs. "Well, look at this." She walks to the entrance and stops. She turns, facing inward with her back towards the entrance. "We came in here. Go right ...." She turns right and steps forward a couple of steps. "And left ..." She turns left and steps forward. "And what do you see?" She points straight ahead - at the large mural.

Mambo comes up and stands next to her, but Zhaji is having none of it. "That's the one about lies, right? How is that helpful? No. I think we need to go to the far end and go through the slab at the left."

Brianna sighs. She steps forward and knocks on the mural - and a hollow thud resounds. Brianna quickly pulls back her hand. "This is thin!" she exclaims.

"Me bash," says Mambo. She draws her greatclub as Brianna scurries back.

Mambo smashes the fresco - and the wall dents. She smashes it again and the plaster cracks and falls away. A rush of green gas comes through, swirls around Mambo, and dissipates quickly through the tomb entrance.

Mambo pokes at the plaster. "Look! Little room back there! Me proud: Me break wall, big wind come out and pass by. Gas all gone now."

Brianna laughs and comes up to stand next to Mambo. "Well done, Mambo!" She pulls out a parchment and writes a few lines. "Let me see if I have this right. Mambo says 'Me proud. Me break ... wind ... and pass ... gas ...'" She looks up and grins slyly at Mambo. "Is that right, Mambo?"

Mambo looks at her friend in consternation. "I ... I ... " She sees Brianna laughing and grins herself. "Ha ha, Bri. Good joke." She turns lack to the wall and knocks away the rest of the plaster. As everybody else straggles up, Mambo points into the small room. "Shall we proceed?"

All agree.

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