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Necropolis Session 13



Zhaji's notes

Brianna used her Goggles of Two-Minute Seeing to search for traps on the secret door. She found no traps, but did find a small depression. The depression appeared to be amulet sized. Kress tried a few amulets on the depression, but nothing happened. Trying the Cleaver of Set ultimately opened the door.

The secret door led to a small empty room. Kress was able to find a secret door on the far wall. Brianna searched for traps on the new door. The opening mechanism seemed to have finger and hand-sized holes. Instead of risking the appendages, Brianna cast Find the Path to find the appropriate way to pass through the door.

A narrow corridor led to the east. The party entered. Zhaji's statuette of Isis warned her that there was great danger ahead. Kress and Brianna advanced cautiously. Kress entered a small room at the end of the corridor. A spiked door slammed shut, narrowly missing Brianna, and the ceiling fell in on Kress. Kress managed to survive, but was pinned under a large block. Brianna reported the problem. She and Zhaji swapped places, and Zhaji cast Disintegrate on the stone block, freeing Kress. Zhaji cast Disintegrate on the spiked door as well, and Brianna cured Kress' wounds.

There were niches in the walls with lots of stuff. Each niche also contained a figurine "guardian". Zhaji used her Artificer's Monocle to determine that the figurines had some sort of summoning associated with them. Zhaji wanted to see if Unseen Servant could move a figurine without triggering the summoning. Zhaji and Brianna both cast Unseen Servant. Everyone left the small room, squeezing into the narrow corridor. Zhaji used her Unseen Servant to lift a figurine out of its niche and suspend it in the middle of the room; no creatures appeared as a result. Vandis entered the room and spread out his Portable Hole. Zhaji entered the room and used her Unseen Servant to empty the contents of the niches into the Portable Hole. Vandis closed up the Hole and packed it away.

On the way out, Brianna found another secret door at the other end of the narrow corridor. The new door had a similar hole-pattern as the last secret door. Ultimately, Zhaji cast Disintegrate on it. Lesser treasures were stored in the room beyond. The party gathered those up as well. Zhaji turned into a Phase Spider and turned ethereal to check if additional secret passages led out from there; there were none.

The party headed back into the main room. Mambo investigated a silver orbs. As she reached out, she was struck by lightning and teleported to a jail cell; her stuff was teleported elsewhere. Zhaji was able to communicate with Mambo via her Message spell, so she was close. The party did a quick check of the last two treasure rooms and found Mambo's stuff in the room with the niches. Zhaji then turned into a small blue dragon, being immune to lightning, and reached out to the orbs that trapped Mambo. The Zhaji dragon appeared inside the cell with Mambo, warning her that she was there to rescue her. She turned into a phase spider to go ethereal and explore the outside of the cell. The corridor led to another secret in the narrow corridor. Zhaji cast Disintegrate on the cell wall to free Mambo.

The party explored the rest of the temple over the next few hours, finding little. They returned to town victoriously.

Mambo's notes

Mambo: Me ready to kick more butt. How bout you Zhaji?
Mambo: How bout you Vadeez?
Mambo: How bout you, Kress?
Mambo: How bout you Brie?
Kress: Yes kickkick
Zhaji: I'm better at freezing or burning butt
Kress: Z u need Mortikainian's butt-kicking kicker
Mambo: Me look at bodies and admire fire opal. Me like fire.
Mambo: Me suggest we destroy statue of friend of Foe/Set.
Mambo: Brianna disagrees.
Mambo: Brianna says she will take statue and make sure Mambo never has to see it again.
Mambo: Kress says that is too heavy a burden for Brianna to bear.
Mambo: Zhaji suggests we have it recarved into something nicer.
Mambo: Mambo like that idea!
Mambo: Brianna suggests we sell to someone who accept burden and recarves.
Mambo: Mambo - me agree, but only IF buyer agree to recarve.
Mambo: Brianna says she will make the deal as Mambo requires.
Mambo: Mambo ask why we not collect ruby fragments for garment for Zhaji, for instance.
Mambo: Brianna is more interested in the Secret Door that Cheaten Ways of Kress did find.
Mambo: So the secret door has a depression.
Mambo: Brianna talks to it to cheer it up
Mambo: Zhaji talks to it too, but it does not respond.
Mambo: Shape of depression is like small amulet.
Mambo: Zhaji speaks of emerald amulet in shape of crocodile.
Mambo: Zhaji wants to try all amulets.
Mambo: Brianna say amulet in shape of crocodile would be same shape as amulet in shape of half-dragon, but me not agree.
Mambo: A discussion of the battle of Hastings ensues.
Mambo: We time warp accordingly
Mambo: Mambo and Biranna step bakc and let Kress experiment with amulets on the depressed door.
Mambo: Kress steps up.
Mambo: Kress - who has an Osiris amulet?
Mambo: No one.
Mambo: Zhaji - let's try the amulet we took off the leader first.
Mambo: Kress - which one is that?
Mambo: Zhaji - the crocodile one, I think.
Mambo: Cofusion ensues.
Mambo: Not Confucious. Confusion.
Mambo: Amulet like figure of Ibex doesn't work.
Mambo: Mambo - why not crocodile then?
Mambo: Kress gathers all our amulets together.
Mambo: Him take a long time figuring out what figures are.
Mambo: Brianna - if you break any of these, I will blame you. I will be angry.
Mambo: Vandis - you break it, you bought it.
Mambo: Briana - yes, yes!
Mambo: Kress presses the croc amulet into the depression and nothing happens anyway.
Mambo: Vandis speaks of "cleaver-like objects."
Mambo: Kress spaces and seems to be talking to himself.
Mambo: Kress used the Cleaver of Set to open the secret door.
Mambo: Kress looks in the room and it looks empty.
Mambo: Kress enters the room.
Mambo: Kress sees another secret door.
Mambo: There is another depression too.
Mambo: Brianna hands Kress the Cleaver of Set again.
Mambo: Brianna asks if Zhaji could summon a beaver.
Mambo: Mambo says, Don't be crude.
Mambo: Brianna starts to sing odes to herself to inspire herself.
Mambo: Kress complains he has something stuck in his eye.
Mambo: Brianna reminds him it is a metal spike and he chose to have it stuck there.
Mambo: It is part of his face mask of true seeing and other things.
Mambo: Brianna says she is glad Kress is not "vanilla."
Mambo: the rest of us don't know what she means.
Mambo: She says "conventional."
Mambo: Mambo - Kress not conventional, that be true.
Mambo: Though Brianna sings her best, she is unable to inspire greater ability in herself.
Mambo: Brianna does not find anything new. The same cleaver works again.
Mambo: Second door opens.
Mambo: Kress sees a corridor thingy, I quote. Brianna rushes in to be near Kress.
Mambo: Brianna follows Kress like a devoted puppy dog.
Mambo: Mambo and Vandis follows, then Zhaji.
Mambo: Mambo is big for a puppy dog.
Mambo: We all follow Kress around a corner and to diagonal part of corridor.
Mambo: Kress stops at another door. He opens it.
Mambo: He finds another diagonal corridor, or does he?
Mambo: He might be hallucinating.
Mambo: There are also stairs going down or are there?
Mambo: Kress steps on the supposed stairs down.
Mambo: Smooth, 2 ft wide, dark and damp and dangerous looking stairs.
Mambo: Mambo is not sure she can fit through.
Mambo: 20 ft tall.
Mambo: Me walk sideways
Mambo: Brianna's boobs too big to walk sideways.
Mambo: Zhaji lags behind.
Mambo: Brianna brags about being more clued in and aware of Isis.
Mambo: We each mentally consult our figurines of local gods. Good gods.
Mambo: Zhaji senses great danger ahead.
Mambo: She say so - Brianna say - Kress, lead on.
Mambo: Mambo draws her weapon. Her holy one.
Mambo: Brianna eggs on Kress to scout ahead. Kress draws his weapon and flies ahead.
Mambo: Zhaji offfers to send a summoned creature ahead, but Brianna says she has already sent "her minion" Kress.
Mambo: Kress gets to high ceiling room with lots of tempting objects.
Mambo: Lots of niches in each wall.
Mambo: Brianna warns Kress not to step in. Kress flying in a low altitude.
Mambo: Barely big enough for an ordinary man to stand up.
Mambo: Kress tosses a coin into room. It clanks on floor.
Mambo: Kress toss more and then say there copper treasure in there and a silver piece too.
Mambo: Kress hunches over and flies in an inch off the ground. He is considerd "squeezed."
Mambo: Kress move into room an inch at a time and looks into niches.
Mambo: There is a north, south, east, west recess.
Mambo: As Kress enters room fully and Brianna starts to come in behind him, Brianna needs to make reflex save. She is unprepared macro-wise for this event. She needs all the bonuses she can get. She sense this is a trap.
Brianna rolls Reflex Save (traps) (d20 + 23): [14 + 23] = 37
Mambo: Brianna is trapped in sense between the hulking bulks of Kress and Mambo.
Mambo: Spiked steel door swings at a tremendous rate of speed, swings closed on Kress with Brianna on the outside and Kress on the inside. Brianna leaps away in nick of time. Ceiling in room drops on top of Kress.
DM rolls 20d6: [4 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 3] = 83
Mambo: Kress survives.
Mambo: He takes 83 damage unless Fort save of 43? He takes 83 damage.
Mambo: 30 minutes has passed since we started the session in game time.
Mambo: Kress shorter now?
Mambo: Shorter and wider?
Mambo: Him big dwarf now. Or him parchment.
Mambo: +2 per 10 points for +16 ??
Kress rolls Save Fort (d20 + 16): [6 + 16] = 22
Brianna: DC = 15 + (2 per 10 points beyond 50)
Mambo: He makes his save.
Mambo: He had to make 21 or 22.
Mambo: He gets 23.
Mambo: We hear "help me, help me in a high squeaky voice coming from low in the room."
Mambo: Was not really a door, was an iron grate with spikes so we CAN see squashed Kress.
Mambo: Vandis ask what happen.
Mambo: Zhaji push past me and Brianna and disintegrate big stone that rush Kress.
Mambo: She disintegrate stone.
Mambo: We need to get Kress on the wrack and strech him back out.
Mambo: Brianna say she have a wrack at home, but are beyond DDoor.
Mambo: After Zhaji disintegrate stone, 6 seconds only, Brianna and Zhaji swap places and Brianna move to heal Kress.
Mambo: Iron grate door is still closed.
Brianna rolls 3d8 + 15: [7 + 4 + 3 + 15] = 29
Mambo: Brianna reaches her hand through to heal Kress.
Brianna rolls 3d8 + 15: [2 + 4 + 7 + 15] = 28
Mambo: She heals him a little at time.
Mambo: Vandis pushes past me and Zhaji to help heal Kress.
Mambo: Brianna makes room for Vandis.
Mambo: But Vandis say Brianna should heal again instead.
Brianna rolls 3d8 + 15: [8 + 3 + 8 + 15] = 34
Mambo: Brianna agree Kress is HER minion so she heals him again.
Mambo: Kress say him feel "fine and dandy."
Mambo: Zhaji sees if she can turn into a rust monster.
Mambo: Me glad me not near Zhaji.
Mambo: Zhaji not able be rust monster after all.
Mambo: She need INT check of 22.
Mambo: Or INT check of 25 or plus 15 or we don't really know.
Mambo: She can't do rust monster?
Mambo: or DC 20 then can?
Mambo: DC 15 plus hit dice
Mambo: Mambo ask if Zhaji could summon rust monster?
Mambo: Brianna offers to do a Baleful Polymorph. But won't work either - cause not a vermin.
Mambo: Zhaji could just disintegrate door.
Mambo: Mambo - go, go, go!
Mambo: Zhaji disintegrates the door, no problem.
Mambo: Kress asks if anyone else wants to go into room with him. We all decline.
Mambo: Kress looks at objects in niches. Copper ingets. Figurine of black serpent.
Mambo: In south recess = 6 flasks, 3 jars, amulets.
Mambo: 4 amulets, and figurine of white monster, diamond studded and other stuff in that and other recesses.
Mambo: figurine in each recess, all are studded with jewels of some sort. There are weapons too.
Mambo: Kress say someone please look for traps before he take anything off a nich
Mambo: Brianna squeeze past Zhaji.
Mambo: Vandis is jealous.
Mambo: Brianna inspects figurines and does not find them remarkable. Zhaji goes in detects magic and the niches light up all over.
Mambo: Zhaji looks at a figurine with her artificer's monicle.
Mambo: Black serpent, white monster, blue demon, red fiend?
Mambo: brown fiend, actually
Mambo: Zhaji looks closely with monicle at one and it seems to have summoning of some kind.
Mambo: She checks them all. They each have a summoning effect of some kind.
Mambo: they are not magic items per se.
Mambo: Identify does not give a name only about properties.
Mambo: Zhaji relates that there are summoning effects on these objects. Brianna suggests Kress grab and Zhaji grab two and see what happen.
Mambo: Zhaji casts Unseen Servant to move the figurines.
Mambo: Kress say, wait, me want get out of room.
Mambo: Brianna say, no, Minion, you stay there.
Mambo: Zhaji summons her Unseen Servang first.
Mambo: Everyone backs out of room leaving Kress behind.
Mambo: Mambo is encouraged to back away, by Vandis who feels squished by her.
Mambo: Kress steps out of room but waits by doorway.
Mambo: Zhaji and Brianna stand on top of each other.
Mambo: Zhaji and Brianna are cuddling in the same square.
Mambo: They are now arranged more individually. Zhaji flies up to see past Kress and directs her Unseen Servant
Mambo: Vandis asks if he get out his portable hole?
Mambo: Vandis offers to go into the special room
Mambo: He needs 5ft to open his portable hole.
Mambo: Vandis is happy to squeeze past both the buxom ladies.
Mambo: Kress then squeezes past the ladies in the other direction.
Mambo: Zhaji now at opening of room. Vandis in center of room with his portable hole
Mambo: Zhaji is floating/flying so she will not fall into portable hole.
Mambo: Zhaji and Vandis are in room together. Unseen servant floats figurines into the portable hole.
Mambo: No special events occur.
Mambo: Kress suggest Zhaji leave her unseen servant in the portable hole to take the figurines out later.
Mambo: Zhaji examines other treasure as Unseen Servant float it out and lower it into hole.
Mambo: Or maybe that take too long and so she just lower all into hole via Unseen Servant.
Mambo: Brianna wants to give 4 Summoning statues to Mambo, as kindness so she can be higher level sooner.
Mambo: Brianna say Zhaji bump her head on ceiling, but Mambo say Zhaji not that tall.
Mambo: Kress looks for secret doors.
Mambo: We backtrack , with Kress seeking other secret doors.
Mambo: Mambo stands at the end of the corridor and knocks on the wall.
Mambo: Don't knock it until you've tried it.
Mambo: Nothing happens.
Mambo: Mambo can't tell if there's a door or not.
Mambo: Mambo - me no can tell. Kress? Kress?
Mambo: Kress goads Brianna into searching for a secret door.
Mambo: Brianna, is there any point, cheating guy?
Mambo: Brianna squeezes past Kress and Kress ooos and aahs with pleasure.
Mambo: Brianna squeezes past Zhaji. Kress likes to watch their boobs clash.
Mambo: Brianna then has to squeeze past Mambo.
Mambo: Mambo moves aside.
Mambo: Brianna searches and finds a secret door.
Mambo: Mambo asks if Brie detects traps.
Mambo: Brianna does not notice any traps.
Mambo: Mambo can see it now. And is requested to open it by Brianna.
Mambo: Mambo steps up and opens the door. Brianna cowers at a distance, behind Mambo.
Mambo: Zhaji moves into the larger room and far away.
Mambo: Vandis remains at the other end of the corridor.
Mambo: Kress remains by the room of niches.
Mambo: Me see long corridor. No trap get me.
Mambo: It is actually Vandis who is far away, playing with his portable hole.
Brianna rolls d20 + 13: [15 + 13] = 28
Mambo: Brianna searches previous secret door in middle of corridor, which actually did not open with the thingamujig cleaver of Set. and Actually was trapped. And Brianna realizes it is an insidious trap.
Mambo: It operates from the combination of action in proper order.
Mambo: Door pivots and has finger and hand sized holes.
Mambo: If operation done incorrectly then fingers are severed.
Mambo: We go back in time to see if we really opened it correctly. Zhaji casts Find the Path.
Mambo: It would enable her to sense correct direction, which might not help here or might.
Mambo: path or physical action to take
Mambo: Spell works. So zhaji did the spell before, actually, and that's how we got through. Or, we could have tried disable device.
Mambo: One Mambo is at is the same situation. So Mambo has not opened it.
Mambo: Zhaji can't cast Find the Path today, she just pointed out that it can be cast by "someone" meaning Brianna, who can cast it once today.
Mambo: Brianna gets us past that first door, actually, in the past, by casting Find the Path.
Mambo: Left hand in and pull is way for first door.
Mambo: What is way for this door at left side of corridor.
Mambo: We don't know. Me trade places back in time with Brianna and see what she see.
Mambo: Brianna tells Kress him have excess digits.
Mambo: Mambo not understand.
Mambo: Brianna explain Kress is man and has extra digit/member.
Mambo: Kress not willing to risk his man member, though, so far.
Mambo: Me and Brie move and Zhaji looks.
Mambo: Zhaji considers disintegrating door where holes are not.
Mambo: The door vanishes.
Mambo: Zhaji - okay, who is leading?
Mambo: Mambo say - you are, Zhaji.
Mambo: One door has no way in without losing digits, except using disintegrate - but DM won't tell us which door that is.
Mambo: Brianna says one day Kress can offer his ALL to the party.
Mambo: Kress say him not "Stumped this time."
Mambo: Brie say Kress go first.
Mambo: Mambo say me no go anywhere until Vandis join us.
Mambo: Vandis squeezes past each of us in turn, lingering on the ladeis, so he can lead.
Mambo: Him excited by squeezing by, him's mace is showing.
Mambo: Treasure here is up to DM. Wine skins and rations here, though, plus weapons, and coins and outdoor gear.
Mambo: Clerical spell components.
Mambo: Special pass from Pharoh, allow anyone to travel freely.
Mambo: Vandis think it forgery.
Mambo: Brianna want it.
Mambo: Me think it look okay.
Mambo: Vandis concerned out benefactors might not like us using it. Me don't understand why.
Mambo: Brianna want to keep for herself as souvenir.
Mambo: Mambo no understand why Vandis think pass bad. It detect evil?
Mambo: Vandis says forgery.
Mambo: Mambo say why you think forgery?
Mambo: Vandis says it must be here for grand conspiracy.
Mambo: Mambo - why not we talk dead to Pharoh.
Mambo: Zhaji says let's move on. We no need pass after all.
Mambo: We gather up stuff.
Mambo: Brie takes charge of universal pass and will not abuse. Mambo say that fine.
Mambo: Mambo invited to eat up all food and drink all wine. Me want Zhaji drink wine with me.
Mambo: Brianna claim Zhaji not a party girl. Zhaji say she is party girl.
Mambo: We find no more secret doors at this place.
Mambo: Zhaji think this is outside wall.
Mambo: Zhaji tells it deadend.
Mambo: Mambo - where we go next Brianna?
Mambo: Mambo - should we put Osiris statue here?
Mambo: Vadis say no need.
Mambo: Brianna ask if we need search around altar?
Mambo: Zhaji makes sure turtle demons are destroyed.
Mambo: We move into main temple and discuss.
Mambo: DM tell us now about Hush Effect.
Mambo: Shouts are muted. We all have been whispering.
Mambo: We just didn't know it.
Mambo: Zhaji say good thing we have Message Spell up.
Mambo: Silver globes on stands are placed midway on panels, left and right in this temple room.
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 13): [19 + 13] = 32
Mambo: Who has knowledge religion, Vandis?
Mambo: Vandis says there is something wrong with these silver globes.
Mambo: Mambo - what wrong?
Mambo: Vadis looks and scratches his head.
Mambo: Vandis say they just "feel" wrong and evil somehow.
Mambo: Should we Detect Magic. Mambo does it. The gloves have moderate aura of magic, Mambo say.
Mambo: Mambo go and touch a globe. Mambo hears soft gong and all nonliving material worn or carried by me vanishes.
Mambo: Mambo also vanishes.
DM rolls 12d6: [2 + 4 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 3] = 44
Mambo rolls Save Fortitude (d20 + 24): [2 + 24] = 26
Mambo: Mambo takes 22 points lightening damage. And has disappeared.
Mambo: Mambo is naked then, all her nonliving stuff is gone.
Mambo: Message works for others. They ask where I am.
Mambo: I am in a 10 x 15 room, pitch black, Angel not with me. Chamber is granite mortared with a steel door.
Mambo: interior is 8ft wide and 13 feet long actually
Mambo: I relate my nakedness to the others and describe room.
Mambo: There is a jar of water in the room and other food stuffs.
Mambo: Jar is not a chamber pot.
Mambo: Me see if door locked. It does not open.
Mambo: Friends did see lightening strike.
Mambo: What is range of message spell - 280 ft.
Mambo: What should me do?
Mambo: Kress - we need to do triangulation.
Mambo: Brianna sorry she used up Find the Path.
Mambo: Zhaji ask about Locate Object.
Mambo: Brie speak of finding Mambo's stuff.
Mambo: Mambo say - you find me first, please.
Mambo: Mambo say - me think if want to lock up fighter then not have weapon near.
Mambo: Brianna has heard of portals that send people one place and stuff another. Brie wants to go back and look in treasure chambers
Mambo: Zhaji say we look in chambers first to find stuff, but want to find both stuff for Mambo and Mambo herself.
Mambo: Brie suggest stone chamber and they find Mambo stuff there, including Angel. Brie joke they take stuff and put in portable hole. Vandis is more honorable than that. Mambo hear this and become suspicious of Brie.
Mambo: Zhaji turn into a magical beast -
Mambo: BEhir - a lightening dragon and slithers over to the globe.
Mambo: She appears naked in the room with Mambo.
Mambo rolls Spot (d20 + 10): [12 + 10] = 22
Mambo rolls Initiative (d20 + 3): [13 + 3] = 16
Mambo rolls Intelligence (d20 + 3): [7 + 3] = 10
Mambo: Me bare my teeth and claws and growl loudly.
Mambo: Behir is very large and crushing Mambo.
Mambo: So perhaps we back up and Zhaji do something else.
Mambo: Zhaji might to Blue Dragon instead and say "coming" only.
Mambo: It says, "Okay, Mambo, you ready to go?"
Mambo: We can both speak draconic. Mambo kiss Zhaji/Blue Dragon. Zhaji teleport Mambo and her out.
Mambo: Zhaji ask if Mambo want see other side of door.
Mambo: She turns into Phase Spider and goes to other side of door.
Mambo: She phases to other side of steel door and sees +
Mambo: another corrdor.
Mambo: She finds it hooks up with other corridor we know.
Mambo: Zhaji comes out and tells others Mambo is behind door that can't pass without magic.
Mambo: Zhaji can teleport out or disintegrate wall or door. Mambo gets out. Vandis gives Mambo her stuff back.
Mambo: Mambo did not touch food or drink in bad room.
Mambo: Zhaji asks if we leave now and go on away from this complex?
Mambo: Should we search rest of complex?
Mambo: Mambo willing to look.
Mambo: Brianna not want to camp over night here, though.
Mambo: Vandis say we not bother and leave now. Perhaps we teleport back to nice beds in town.
Mambo: We explore another couple hours then return to soft beds in town.
Mambo: Other was meta from DM.
Mambo: We are done wth Temple.
Mambo: Zhaji advances and so does Vandis.
Mambo: We teleport back to soft beds and sexy bards.
Mambo: Brianna has a hard day of work and needs to unwind and relax with her favorite local squeeze.
Mambo: We hear that night from Temple of Thoth and are told we have done well but need to hurry on to root out evil that might whisper to the King himself.
Mambo: He says we might only have a week left to defeat a mighty one of evil.
Mambo: Brianna rolls in the hay with wreckless abandon.
Mambo: Make hay today, for tomorrow ye may die.

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