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Necropolis Session 6



Zhaji's notes

Brianna cast phantom steed and continued to follow at a height of 200', lagging behind at an equal amount as the steed was not invisible. Zhaji cast an extended fly and continued to follow, staying above them as best she could. The fleeing opponents entered a cave, though Zhaji and Brianna did not. Shortly after, the sand rose and blocked off the opening. Zhaji attempted to detect magic, but there was none. Brianna said the sand was an elemental called a sand devil.

Zhaji and Brianna talked about how to defeat the elemental. Brianna suggested using opposing elements, especially water. Zhaji said she could only cast fire and cold directly, but could send a barrage of elementals at it. Brianna didn't recognize that spell, so Zhaji clarified that she would cast continuous summoning spells. Assuming that the elemental had high resistance to damage, Zhaji cast charm monster on it several times, but it remained unaffected. At Brianna's urging, she cast a fireball on it. Brianna said that it was damaged, but Zhaji remained skeptical.

In the end, Zhaji teleported back to the battlefield, filled in the rest of the party, and returned them to an area a couple hundred yards away from the elemental. Zhaji did not want anyone attacking it with weapons, fearing that it would easily engulf anyone. Vandis cast know vulnerability on the elemental and determined that it was susceptible to being blow or washed away, and to stone to flesh. Zhaji attempted the latter, casting polymorph any object to produce the desired effect. As expected, by Zhaji anyway, the elemental was unaffected. Vandis cast control winds to create a tornado that, in time, destroyed the sand devil.

Brianna rode her ,i>phantom steed into the cave. She talked to the cowering people while the others advanced. They claimed that Shenau made them attack us. Brianna judged that they were lying. Highly intimidated, they turned in their items and agreed to be teleported to Thebes to be sent to prison.

The party spent another night in Aartuat, heading to the Gorge of Osiris the next day, arriving before noon. A huge pylon blocked the entrance to the gorge. Brianna translated the Hieroglyphics, which read that this was the entry pylon of the Duat. There were also warnings that only the dead, those who mourned the dead, and those with offerings for the dead could pass. Brianna asked for volunteers for each of the possibilities. Mambo offered food to the dead. Zhaji asked for suggestions. Getting none, she cast Shapechange and turned into a Lich, claiming that she covered the dead category. The rest went as mourners.

Mambo's notes

Mambo: Zhaji and Brianna follow the miscreants to the hidden mouth of the secret cave
Mambo: Brianna DDoored in front of them and then, invisible, let them run by. Or might stab him for fun.
Mambo: Or might cast Phantom Steed and follow
Mambo: from the air
Mambo: Brianna lets her bloodthristness subside and let's them all pass and then casts her Phanton Steed and follows from 100 feet up
Mambo: Zhaji is invisible, from a ring, and will fly after them.
Mambo: Zhaji extends herself.
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 12): [19 + 12] = 31
Zhaji rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [11 - 1 + 2] = 12
Mambo: Brianna is able to distinguish the cave from any old depression
Mambo: Zhaji can't really tell
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 12): [7 + 12] = 19
Zhaji rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [12 - 1 + 2] = 13
Brianna rolls Brianna Survival (d20 + 16): [13 + 16] = 29
Mambo: Sand rises and covers the entrance of the hole into the cave into the rock into the mountain.
Mambo: Brianna and Zhaji can not see each other.
Mambo: The rest of us are back with the downed bodies, collecting gear.
Mambo: Zhaji detects that the sand is not magical
Brianna rolls Brianna Knowledge (Nature) (d20 + 12): [8 + 12] = 20
Mambo: Brianna notices that "something has happened here."
Brianna rolls Brianna Knowledge (The Planes) (d20 + 8): [17 + 8] = 25
Mambo: perhaps you and Zhaji should compare breasts then
Mambo: They figure out that it is a Sand Devil, a type of Sand Elemental. At least Brianna figures that out.
Brianna rolls Brianna Listen (d20 + 9): [15 + 9] = 24
Mambo: Brianna decides to wait for the rest of us, but the rest of us don't know where they are.
Mambo: Brianna brags and called Zhaji a "grasshopper."
Mambo: Brianna leaves Zhaji alone with the Sand Devil.
Mambo: Zhaji complains that it will take a few hours to get the rest of us to join in.
Mambo: Brianna asks if Zhaji has any water spells?
Mambo: Zhaji - no.
Mambo: Brianna and Zhaji discuss Fire, Wind and Water. The Soul group from the 1970s
Mambo: Then they talk about lightening.
Mambo: Then they talk about heat and cold.
Mambo: Zhaji wants to cast Horde of Elementals
Mambo: from her Garage
Mambo: Brianna advocates Fire Balls
Zhaji: Cast Charm Monster
Zhaji: DC 22
Brianna rolls Brianna Will Save (d20 + 18): [12 + 18] = 30
Mambo: The monster, Sand Devil, spurns Zhaji's tongues.
Brianna: DC 19
Mambo: Brianna tried to Charm the Monster herself
Mambo: Her tongue, too, is spurned
Mambo: Zhaji has used up 4 charm monsters
Mambo: Brianna wants to try opposing Elements
Mambo: Zhaji wants immediate gratification
Mambo: They are 6 miles away from us - out of range of Message spell
Mambo: Brianna flies up and down
Mambo: Enlarged Message is needed here
Mambo: I bet if Brianna winked, Kress would notice from ten miles away!!! :-) ;-)
Mambo: Brianna urges Zhaji to cast a fireball on the Sand Devil, from 100 feet up.
Mambo: Brave Zhaji. Brave, brave Zhaji.
Zhaji rolls 10d6: [3 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 5] = 28
Mambo: This yields about 14 points of actual damage
Mambo: Brianna guages that the Sand Devil is still between 95 and 100 percent vitality
Mambo: Brianna, "Zhaji, fire does, in fact, affect it. You have fused it a bit at the edges."
Brianna rolls Brianna Bluff (d20 + 19): [20 + 19] = 39
Mambo: Brianna bluff to Zhaji
Mambo: Brianna explains that mountains of glass do not as good fortitute saves as Sand Devils do.
Mambo: Brianna then goads Zhaji into teleporting back to get their companions
Mambo: Vandis and Kress are excited about the loot.
Mambo: Mambo is concerned that Zhaji disappeared and offers to protect her.
Mambo: they no life horse, them bad men
Mambo: no like
Mambo: Zhaji goes on and on about an animated pile of sand... that is not effected by Charms and not much by fireball
Mambo: Zhaji is concerned that people who attack it with weapons will get engulfed
Mambo: Zhaji brings us back to Brianna and the cave and the Sand Devil.
Mambo: Vandis is looking forward to using his unused Control Winds Domaine spells
Mambo: Vandis details all the many wind patterns of which he is capable
Mambo: Vandis is excited about making a tornado
Mambo: Vandis casts Know Vulnerablilies first
Mambo: Vandis knows it is immune to piercing weapons.
Mambo: He learns it can be made into Stone, Glass, Flesh or wiped away with Wind or Water.
Mambo: Vandis speculates that Flesh to Stone will work on it since its sand particles are like flesh paricles in a living kinda way
Mambo: But it makes its save anyway
Mambo: Has good Fortitude saves.
Mambo: Vandis casts Control Winds and it lasts for 10 mins per level. He does 400 points of damge, he hopes.
Mambo: yes, he blows it away!
Mambo: It was 48 hd.
Mambo: Sweet!
Mambo: Brianna is glad she and Zhaji didn't poke it with their little daggers
Mambo: They talk about things they like to stab.
Mambo: They bond together
Mambo: Now that it is blown away.... we see.... the cave entrance
Mambo: Brianna makes a Xena like war cry and then charges in with her weapon drawn and on her Phantom Steed
Mambo: Our foes are standing there cowering
Mambo: Brianna leaps off her horse and walks over to them, "We found you and we are just and merciful people. We are hear to fry all bad eggs"
Mambo: Them - please, Shenau made us do it
Mambo: Brianna, well, if you are not bad eggs, you do not need to be fried
Brianna rolls Brianna Bluff (d20 + 19): [6 + 19] = 25
Mambo: I could easily mow you down. Come out with your hands up
Mambo: Vandis wanders over and helps Brianna.
Mambo: They come out with their hands up.
Mambo: Brianna taunts the Fisherman Gerhit
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 10): [18 + 10] = 28
Mambo: He claims he is an innocent bystander.
Mambo: Brianna does not believe him
Mambo: He claims he did it all for his son.
Mambo: Brianna says he is lucky his son was not in the battle - would have made short work of him
Mambo: He lies that he cares for the welfare of his son
Mambo: Mambo - what you do with them?
Mambo: Me kill them for you?
Mambo: Gerhit and Terpin claim to be poor tools of wicked Shenau, but finally says someone in the temple is linked to Shenau, but can't say who for fear of death later.
Mambo: Brianna would find it fun to slice them up with her rapier, but wants to have moral high ground.
Mambo: Zhaji - "what high ground is that?"
Mambo: Mambo - we kill bad men
Mambo: Vandis suggests we give them our weapons and fight to the death
Mambo: Brianna wants to strip them and let them go
Mambo: Me think she just want to see them naked
Mambo: Mambo comes into cave with her greatclub drawn
Mambo: Vandis, we have to be careful to keep ourselves clean
Mambo: mambo weighs her greatclub in her hands and her eyes gleam
Mambo: She waits for word of what to do
Mambo: Kress says if we are known to be merciful, then other captives might surrender in self interest
Mambo: mambo suggests Zhaji teleport them to temple then
Mambo: put them in prison
Mambo: We agree, but first we make them show us all that is hidden in cave
Mambo rolls M - Intimidate (d20 + 17): [5 + 17] = 22
Brianna rolls Brianna Intimidate (d20 + 13): [19 + 13] = 32
Mambo: Vandis offers to be alone again with Zhaji ;-}
Mambo: Zhaji - this is the second time the fisherman guy tried to kill us
Mambo: mambo - them guys is evidence of evil pooping intent
Mambo: A long discussion of scimitar pronounciation ensues
Mambo: Then they talk about bucklers
DM: Sand Devil
DM: Bandit Camp
DM: Treasure
DM: Treasure Summary
Mambo: 12 ancient funerary objects are sacred and should not have been possessed
Mambo: They have elaborate graves and funerary services and it is not good to dig up "grave goods" that is not good luck
Mambo: These objects have probably been looted and that is bad
Mambo: mambo - how you know what tomb to put back in?
Mambo: Zhaji - we turn them in to the proper temple and let them deal with it
Mambo: Brianna does not want to keep and sell these funerary objects
Mambo: Mambo - me no want spooky stuff
Mambo: Kress likes scroll of Fear and Teleport
Mambo: Kress finally agrees with Brianna that we should not loot good guys' tombs.
Mambo: Mambo suggests Zhaji and Vandis return funerary objects with bad guys to good temple, via teleport
Mambo: We talk about a permanent scroll found and a scimitar with eyes
Mambo: There is a Bloodied Moon and Serpent Ankh of much interest and we need to ask the man of Pantheon Palace about them. Brianna says she will suffer to stay at the Inn again ;-) ;-)
Mambo: Brianna gets all hot and wet thinking about the dancing girls
Mambo: He recognizes these as Devine Power and says we should keep them secret as they some higher purpose fated to be linked to us
Mambo: Linked to us by Divine Will, keep safe and secret
Mambo: He suggests we hand in funerary objects to the garrison at the village
Brianna: Serpent Ankh and Bloodied Moon
Mambo: Me takes anything no one else wants of these Divine Objects, but me no eager, me suspiciious
Mambo: Kress and Brianna take one each. Me no want one yet
Mambo: Brianna take serpent and Kress take Bloodied Moon
Mambo: Dancing girls are happy to see Brianna back at the Inn that night
Mambo: Pearls for Identify?
Mambo: Vandis takes Slay Living scroll
Mambo: Zhaji Lightening bolt wand
Mambo: Vandis takes permanent magic circle against evil
Mambo: Scroll of Fear and Teleport?
Mambo: Zhaji rejects
Mambo: We sell rest?
Mambo: Kress pops
Mambo: Mambo and Zhaji gain 1912
Mambo: Kress is L18 Fighter guy
Mambo: Mambo is 14698 total gp
Mambo: 13574 is Brianna's total xp (not gp)
Mambo: mambo has learned more from Brianna this adventure than Brianna has learned from herself
Kress rolls d10: [6] = 6
Mambo: +4596 total xp for Zhaji
Mambo: All Kress saves improve by 1
Mambo: Kress is happy
Mambo: Zhaji is more experienced than she realizes.
Mambo: The DM has assigned a new adventure number and game date at this point in our tale
Mambo: 40,773 for each of us for stuff we sell?
Mambo: But we also have "temp assigned stuff"
Mambo: Me confused
Mambo: Vandis and Zhaji make sales in town when take bandits to prison, in Thebes
Mambo: mambo - per Vandis and Zhaji - "them two go off alone together a lot." Brianna goes off too. mambo and Kress spend time alone together as they are always left out at night
DM: General Area of the Gorge of Osiris
DM: Pylon of the Duat - Apprach
Mambo: We see steep and rocky cliffs on the way to the gorge
Mambo: heights of 80 feet or more than double that as we move on towards gorge
Mambo: Routes through these stony badlands are rare indeed.
Mambo: Roasted horses are not rare. They are well cooked and yummy, according to Druid, Brianna. ;-)
Mambo: 5 miles on, a shoulder juts from a rock, the southern arm of Osiris
Mambo: Half a mile distance is the northern arm
Mambo: path narrows
Mambo: Canyon is gloomy
Mambo: At mouth of place is a square fortress guarding temple of Osiris
Mambo: Impossible to take mules or mounts into gorge anyway - cause of thorns etc
Mambo: The tower seems to be only safe entry point
Mambo: Mambo says we can fly over - why not?
Mambo: Brianna, you have no sense of adventure, Mambo
Mambo: mambo, me thought you want to go fast
Mambo: Brianna - but we must check out the contents of this fortress
DM: Pylon of the Duat
Mambo: Pylon looms over us in a vertically oriented rocky sort of way
Mambo: We stand and gape at the Pylon. Brianna believes there are beautiful women inside. Mambo sees no reason this would be the case
Mambo: The sturcture is painted in large pictures and glyphs and dieties associated with the after life
Mambo: Angel translates perfectly for Mambo, but Mambo keeps silent as Brianna reads for herself
Brianna rolls Brianna Decipher Script (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Mambo: Brianna learns this is the entry pylon of Duat
Mambo: Du-ought
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 13): [15 + 13] = 28
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 13): [6 + 13] = 19
Mambo: Vandis, with Knowledge of Religion says to notice that path procedes as light does, from East to West
Mambo: He talks about how the pylon is built to handle weight
Mambo: There are also warnings about only people who want to honor dead or mourn dead or are dead should pass this way
Mambo: Mambo - me offer food to dead.
Mambo: mambo goes into cloak and gets out food and shows to Brianna to offer
Mambo: mambo offers food to the dead
Mambo: mambo can mourn for friend who died long ago.
Mambo: And offer food too
Mambo: Mambo - me can offer little staue of god me buy at Pantheon Palace
Mambo: Zhaji considers posing as a Lich
Mambo: She shape changes
Mambo: Vandis immediately loses his sexual desire for her
Mambo: Mambo - Me hate undead!
Mambo: Brianna explains to mambo and Vandis that it is okay, it is just Zhaji
Mambo: Me offer offer food to dead and me cry as me enter Pylon
Mambo: Me enter first
Mambo: kress siddles up to Zhaji the Lich. Vandis and the rest move away.
Mambo: Zhaji is wanting to enter the Pylon as an undead Lich
Mambo: Zhaji's rotting flesh CHA score goes up as Lich
Mambo: "winning ways" = CHA, not just "prettiness"
Mambo: There are tons of creatures ahead of us
Mambo: mambo and Brianna lead
Mambo: A shadowy form appears with Jackel's head and demands we identiy ourselves and refers to us as "dead ones" who want to enter realm of Osiris
DM: Anubis
Mambo: Mambo - Me Mambo, me cry for dead friends, me bring food for dead.
Mambo: Brianna bows down and introduces herself.
Brianna: I am Brianna of Mulhorand, great one.
Mambo: Others introduce themselves.
Mambo: Zhaji - says - I am Zhaji. I come in form of dead.
Mambo: he says - yes, you are prepared (to Zhaji) and the rest need to be prepared - and he starts mumbling
Mambo: Mambo - but me bring food for dead and cry for dead, me prepared
Mambo: Creature say - yes, it good to bring food when come to die
Mambo: Dead need food too.

Brianna: +1,912 (+13,574)
Kress: +2,480 -> pop to CL17 (+1,636)
Mambo: +1,912 (+14,698)
Vandis: +1,483 (10,448)
Zhaji: +1,912 (+4,596)



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