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Necropolis Session 5



Vandis goes and shops for magic items for everyone. He uses the Zhaji express to commute between Aartuat and Thebes. It takes 10 days before he finds everything.

Brianna: goggles of minute seeing (1,250)
Brianna: greater crystal of adaptation (3,000) (armor crystal)
Brianna: greater crystal of aquatic action (3,000) (armor crystal)
Brianna: least crystal of return (300) (weapon crystal)
Brianna: least crystal of return (300) (weapon crystal)
Brianna: talisman of the disk (500)
Brianna: whip of webs (6,301)
Kress: greater crystal of energy assault (cold) (6,000) (weapon crystal)
Kress: greater iron ward diamond (8,000) (armor crystal)
Kress: lesser clasp of energy protection (fire) (1,500) (shield crystal)
Kress: restful crystal (500) (armor crystal)
Mambo: least crystal of return (300) (weapon crystal)
Mambo: least crystal of return (300) (weapon crystal)
Vandis: greater iron ward diamond (8,000) (armor crystal)
Vandis: pearl of power 3rd (9,000)

Meanwhile, Zhaji works on her Robe of Creepy Eyes and Brianna studies Ancient Khemitian hieroglyphs with Atmu-thoth-rahat during the day and performs with Khepifar and Mastuti during the night.

Net result of the down time:

Shiny new gear for all
Brianna gains +2 circumstance bonus to Decipher Script (Ancient Khemitian)
Zhaji is 14 days closer to completing her Robe of Creepy Eyes

Zhaji's notes

Zhaji and Vandis took trips to Thebes so that Vandis could purchase items for everyone else per their "wish lists". While the party waited for the items to be located, Vandis helped Zhaji work on her Robe of Eyes (99/120).


The party headed north toward the Gorge of Osiris. After traveling two miles, they spotted an angry mob on the path ahead.

Arrows flew at the party.
An Insect Plague was cast upon Kress and Vandis.
Brianna cast Ice Storm on part of the mob.
A maximized Fireball was cast upon the party, except for Kress. All the horses in the area were slain; Zhaji and Brianna fell to the ground prone. Only Zhaji and BB took fire damage.

Kress galloped forward.
Arrows flew at Kress.
Angel cast Haste on Mambo.
Vandis cast Chain Lightning on the mob, killing several.
A Flame Strike was cast upon Kress, killing his horse; Kress fell to the ground prone.
Brianna stood and cast Dimension Door, arriving 100' behind the mob.
Zhaji cast a maximized, widened Fireball on the mob, killing many. She then cast a quickened Fireball on a different group, killing a couple more.
Mambo raced toward the tattered mob.

Kress and Vandis flew toward the group, Kress with a huge lead.
Brianna cast Flame Strike their cleric.
The cleric cast CCW on himself.
Their captain quaffed a potion and fled.
Zhaji cast Fireball on a small group, killing them all.
Mambo continued forward, passing Kress.

The few remaining began to flee.
Kress and Vandis advanced.
Brianna turned invisible and began to follow the captain.
The cleric fired his crossbow at Kress.
Zhaji cast Dimension Door, appearing near Brianna's last visible location.
Mambo advanced.

The party advanced; the enemy fled, except for the cleric.
Vandis turned invisible.
Brianna cast Dimension Door, appearing ahead of those fleeing, though she remained invisible.
The cleric stood his ground, holding a scroll.
Zhaji cast Fireball on the cleric.
Mambo advanced close enough to the cleric for him to start reading his scroll, but he botched the complicated spell.

Zhaji turned invisible with her ring and started to follow the others.
The cleric cast Harm and touched Mambo, doing lots of damage and really irritating her.
Mambo attacked the cleric with her great axe, killing him on the second swing.

Mambo's notes

Mambo: Vandis requests a blow by blow account of Igor's night with Veracity. Mambo is free for Vandis to seduce if he so desires.
Mambo: Vandis is not biting.
Mambo: Igor is being bitten.
Mambo: We are all waiting for Vandis and Zhaji to go on a shopping trip.
Brianna: A long shopping trip
Mambo: Veracity is Kinky, but she's not a nymphomaniac
Mambo: Vandis provides True Seeing spell to help Zhaji manufacture her Robe of Creepy Eyes.
Mambo: Igor and Kress share some sort of hopeless dreams.
Mambo: where Veracity is concerned??
Brianna: and/or Brianna
Mambo: Don't know if Igor's dreams or nightmares will come true
Mambo: One way or the other he will be a "hot date." >:-}
Mambo: Vandis is looking at our shopping lists.
Mambo: 2267.
Mambo: Whatever that means
Mambo: 99 days after that date, Zhaji worked on the Robe of Eyes
Mambo: Zhaji would like to overpay
Mambo: She wants special more fancy eyes.
Mambo: mambo owes Tigerkitty, not Zhaji
Mambo: Zhaji does have 1500gp listed as IOU... don't know why
Mambo: for the reliquary
Mambo: Mambo will pay back Zhaji now, if she can.
Mambo: 21408 Zhaji, plus 1500
Mambo: Mambo - 250 Stalwart pact, 1500 pay back Zhaji, pay 30, earn 21,408, spent 25, spent 600 (2 crystals) = 19,560
Mambo: 1500 really for statuette reliquary in little cases
Mambo: Mambo has croc head one? god of reptiles
Mambo: other one we destroyed. this one does not attract crocs
Mambo: Kress has borehead (Boarhead)
Mambo: Brianna was born the daughter of a slave of a priest of Set and was raised as a slave in the household of priest of Set and so has a personal grudge against clergy of Set, very personally! So there!
Mambo: Does it make sense for Raven to use magic items.
Mambo: Mambo thinks that is weird.
Mambo: Would be very unusual.
Mambo: How big and how heavy is a wand
Mambo: Birds are good at gripping sticks
Mambo: Nevermore can speak Common
Mambo: DM says it is reasonable.
Mambo: Nevermore being unusually intelligent
Mambo: Does Nevermore carry it all the time?
Mambo: Could Zhaji carry it sometimes?
Mambo: Zhaji has it in Haversack, sticking out a bit, and Nevermore can grab it.
Mambo: 750 for the Wand
Mambo: 34795
Mambo: You should roll to see if Nevermore "acquires" new "shiny things" of value on her own!!
Mambo: Kress is working out his purchases and gp.
Mambo: Vandis is glamoring his armor for 2700, and will be without armor for 10 days while this is taken care of in town
Mambo: 2373 is some meaningful number for Vandis, gp left over
Mambo: Kress will be selling his old armor, for half
Mambo: Kress doesn't think being cuddly is important. Though he is thinking of having his new full armor look like striped pajammas
Mambo: Igor is perhaps being chained up the dungeons of Tebryn's Keep even as we speak.
Mambo: Brianna is +2 circumstance bonus on Decipher Script
Brianna: (for reading Khemitian hieroglyphs)
Mambo: We head out of town to the gorge of Osiris, shopping trip took 10 days, that's over now, Vandis has armor
Mambo: We are riding horses.
Mambo: On horse = Brianna, Kress, Zhaji
Mambo: Vandis and Mambo can fly continuously
Mambo: Kress has a ride 19
Mambo: Zhaji wants to race Brianna on her Phantom Steed
Mambo: They banter a while
Mambo: Pegasus vs Phantom Steed
Mambo: 120 Pegasus vs 240 Phantom Steed
Mambo rolls M - Angel - Spot (d20 + 4): [20 + 4] = 24
Kress rolls Spot (d20 + 15): [1 + 15] = 16
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 12): [19 + 12] = 31
Mambo rolls M - Spot (d20 + 9): [5 + 9] = 14
DM rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 9): [17 + 9] = 26
Zhaji rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 - 1 + 2): [8 - 1 + 2] = 9
Mambo: There are 20 or more, armed, horsed men with lances, swords, bows readied, 600 ft distance
Mambo: is today
Mambo: Mambo readies her greataxe
DM rolls d20 + 13: [(10) + 13] = 23
Zhaji rolls d20: [3] = 3
Mambo rolls M - BB - Initiative (d20): [7] = 7
Brianna rolls Brianna Initiative (d20 + 6): [9 + 6] = 15
Zhaji rolls Initiative (d20 + 4): [5 + 4] = 9
Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [18 + 9] = 27
Zhaji rolls d20: [3] = 3
Mambo rolls M - BB - Spot (d20 + : [14 + 8] = 22
Mambo rolls M - Initiative (d20 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8
Mambo rolls M - Angel - Initiative (d20 + 4): [19 + 4] = 23
Mambo: they fire their long bows, range 100
Mambo: We are 400 ft or more away
Mambo: they have a penalty to hit us
Mambo: First one aims for Brianna, who is flatfooted, as hasn't gone yet
Mambo: Misses
Mambo: Tribal Warrior #3 aims for Vandis and misses
Mambo: Kress is still moving forward
Mambo: Tribal Warrior #4 misses Kress
Mambo: Riffraff #3 aims with light crossbow (range of 80) against Zhaji - rolls AC 12 - misses
Mambo: Vandis travels forward.
Mambo: More bad guys miss and miss and miss
Mambo: Someone named "who-bent-too" fires at ??? with ???
Brianna: Hu-Benti
Mambo: Brianna sings, "If you can't flame strike the one you love, flame strike the one you're with."
Brianna: power word: orgasm
Mambo: It's possible that igor is receiving such love right now
Mambo: Flame Strike - Orgasm
Mambo: Insect plague by Hu-Benti
Mambo: Casting time = 1 round, so actually Vandis and Kress are not swarmed yet
Mambo: Tribal Warrior 8 misses. Warrior 1 misses
Mambo: Fidelis moves forward
Mambo: Brianna casts Ice Storm centered on Tribal Warrior #5, with 20 ft radius
Mambo: Saving throw none.
Brianna rolls 3d6: [6 + 4 + 1] = 11
Mambo: Great hail stones do 11pnts bludgeoning damage
Brianna rolls 2d6: [1 + 1] = 2
Mambo: 2 for extra cold damage
Mambo: Pick a corner, not a square to center spells in the future to make it easier to calculate
Mambo: Brianna interrupts the summon swarm spell of Hubenti
Mambo: No swarm actually forms, some insects blink in and out.
Mambo: Soldier 7 misses
Mambo: Captain T - has a mighty composite shortbow.
Mambo: 70 ft, but extra damage if it hits
Mambo: vs Brianna
Mambo: AC 34, including range penalty...?
Mambo: 4 pnts damage to Brianna
Mambo: Heroes feast extra points? -14 hit points
Mambo: Tribal 5 misses
Mambo: Shenau (or whatever, who summons fish) is next
Mambo: He decides on fireballs.
Mambo: 20ft radius and he wants to extend
Mambo: Maximized for 60 points.
Mambo: Mambo is immune to fire.
Zhaji rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + 7): [6 + 7] = 13
Zhaji rolls d20: [12] = 12
Brianna rolls Brianna Reflex (d20 + 20): [3 + 20] = 23
Mambo rolls M - BB - Reflex (d20 + 7): [4 + 7] = 11
DM rolls Sv:Reflex (d20 + 13): [1 + 13] = 14
Mambo: BB takes 30 points
Mambo: 132 + 14 - 30 pnts dmg
Mambo: for BB
Brianna rolls Brianna Reflex (d20 + 20): [4 + 20] = 24
Zhaji rolls Save (Reflex) (d20 + 7): [10 + 7] = 17
Mambo: Whoever was on a horse is now prone and might be pinned
Mambo: the horses died of fire ball
Mambo: Except for Kress's horse, which was not in fireball area
Mambo: Mambo's not on a horse
Mambo: Roasted horse flesh for dinner - yum-yum
Mambo: Mambo is flying and was not on horse
Mambo: fireball 20ft high
Mambo: Soldier 10, AC 11, misses Brianna
Mambo: Nevermore moves as if nothing happened
Mambo: Soldiers miss, miss, miss
Mambo: Riffraff misses too
Mambo: Enemies keep missing, etc, etc
Mambo: Other fisherman goes next. Keeps his clubs and daggers to himself.
Mambo: Soldiers, miss, miss, miss
Mambo: It is top of next round
Mambo: Kress is no longer flatfooted and is up next
Mambo: Kress has a light horse and gallops ahead
Mambo: galup, galup, galup... galup
Mambo: Kress travels 240 ft on the horse, full gallop
Mambo: Kress is 140 ft from warriors
Mambo: Tribal guy misses Kress
Mambo: Same with next Tribal guy.
Mambo: Angel Hastes Mambo
Mambo: Warriors continue to miss Kress
Mambo: Vandis is no longer flatfooted. Vandis sees charred bodies of horses
Mambo: He decides not to reincarnate the horses
Mambo: Vandis likes the idea of Chain Lightning
Mambo: He targets Shenau
Mambo: is saving against Chain Lightning, Reflex 22
Mambo: He fails his save
Brianna: Shenau and Gerhit were the "fishermen"
Mambo: Riffraff One is disabled
Mambo: More enemies are disabled.
Mambo: at least one is dying
Mambo: Kress shouts at them, "Bring out your dead."
Mambo: Kress laughs.
Mambo: Vandis feels sated
Mambo: Brianna feels gratified
Mambo: Soldiers miss Kress
Mambo: Riffraff also miss Kress
Mambo: Tribal Warriors miss Kress
Mambo: Kress is feeling pretty cocky
Mambo: Flame strike on Kress. He is not immune from fire damage except for 1st 10 points
Mambo: These guys really hate horses
Mambo: Flame Strike - from 17th level scroll
Mambo: Hu-Benti can cast fine. He centers Flame Strike on Kress.
Mambo: 15 d6 damage, reflex save is for half?
Kress rolls Save Reflex (d20 + 12): [10 + 12] = 22
Mambo: 44, save for 22, kills the horse under Kress, 11 fire, 11 divine, heroes feast still there, Kress is still above full.
Kress rolls Save Reflex (d20 + 12): [3 + 12] = 15
Mambo: Kress is prone. Barely not pinned.
Mambo: These guys are mean to animals.
Mambo: Warrior 8 against Kress; Kress is 4 better against missiles when prone to ground.
Mambo: Fidelis delays
Mambo: Brianna is prone, she stands up as a move action.
Mambo: Brianna dimension doors a hundred feet behind the bad guys.
Mambo: 400 + 40 per level, only 960 feet
Mambo: Caster level 14 for D-door
Mambo: Brianna seems to just disappear
Mambo: Bad guys miss Kress with longbows and arrows
Mambo: Captain goes now.
Mambo: He spots Brianna behind him.
Mambo: He quaffs a potion
Mambo: He seems to speed up a little
Mambo: Tribal W 5 also spots Brianna
Mambo: Fires a long bow arrow at Brianna, AC 21, misses
Mambo: Zhaji casts a Widened Fireball
Mambo: 40 ft radius
Mambo: She gets a bunch of bad guys on the right side
Mambo: More red lines are drawn in the sand
Mambo: Widened AND Maximized Fireball
Mambo: Zhaji has not done any greater teleports yet today, she notes
Mambo: Some are dead or dying
Mambo: they are falling like dominos
Mambo: The other fishyman, Gerhit, fails his save and is disabled.
Mambo: Only 11 opponents are left.
Mambo: Zhaji does a Quicken spell.
Mambo: She does Quicken fireball, only a 20 ft radius
Zhaji rolls 10d6: [2 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 2] = 31
Mambo: She cast it into the center of the group of bad, pooping, guys
Mambo: ex-Soldier 6 is already dead or dying, he's a bit of charcol now
Mambo: His horse is charcoal too
Mambo: Tribal Warrior 3 is dead. Warrior 5 fails save too and goes to dying.
Mambo: Captain Turpur makes his save for 15 pnts damage and is still up.
Mambo: Hu Benti, a stranger, saves for half, he is still up.
Mambo: 8 Dominos are left standing
Mambo: Gerhit quaffs a potions
Mambo: cure potion
Mambo: 3d8 + 5
Mambo: BB moves out the way.
Mambo: Mambo moves 160 ft ahead, at hasted speed
Mambo: Riffraff fails to spot Brianna, so targets Mambo instead and misses
Mambo: Soldier misses Mambo
Mambo: Other Soldier shoots himself in the foot and dies.
Mambo: round 3
Mambo: Kress flies as a free action, does a double move to 60
Mambo: Angel delays
Mambo: Vandis. Who is a long way away.
Mambo: Vandis might do a Word of Chaos
Mambo: Vandis is thinking, "If only I had a Spiritual Weapon."
Mambo: Vandis flies fast-forward at 30 -?
Mambo: he is wearing full plate Mithral, so he does fly at 20
Mambo: He can walk faster with boots of springing and striding than he can fly.
Mambo: page fault, he can fly at 40, actually
Mambo: Fly spell is 60 feet, medium armor is 40 feet.
Mambo: Perfect Fly gives fly speed equal to walk speed, therefore 20 with medium armor
Mambo: Okay. go back to version 2 and fly at 40, so goes 80 ft forward
Mambo: Glad we got that sorted! Phew!
Mambo: Tribal Warrior 2 misses Kress and Mambo, shoots into middle empty space
Mambo: Brianna does Flame Strike on Hu Benti, 10 ft radius
Mambo: Hu Benti saves for half
Mambo: damage is d6 per level
Mambo: 10d6
Brianna rolls 10d6: [4 + 5 + 2 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 4] = 32
Mambo: he saves for 16 and is on his last legs (of how many?)
Mambo: his last of how many legs to start with?
Mambo: He does a cure critical on himself
Mambo: for 39 points
Mambo: Captain Turpur looks around and quaffs a potion of cure light wounds for 3pnts and starts running ----> where?
Mambo: His speed is 60, hasted.
Mambo: He runs toward Riff-raff 4, up right, north by north-east
Mambo: Zhaji does a fireball on the remaining fellows to the left.
Zhaji rolls 10d6: [5 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 2] = 36
Mambo: Just an ordinary fireball
Mambo: Riff-Raff 1 is dead or dying
Mambo: Khemitian ex-Soldier is dead or dying.
Mambo: Tribal Warrior 2 is dead or dying
Mambo: Four bad guys left and one is fleeing (Captain Turpur)
Mambo: Gerhit quaffs a potion and appears to be moving faster.
Mambo: Mambo runs and overtakes Kress.
Mambo: Riff-raff 4 breaks and runs
Mambo: Round 4 begins
Mambo: Angel delays
Mambo: Kress moves up.
Mambo: Kress overtakes Mambo. They are racing.
Mambo: Vandis moves 80.
Mambo: Brianna pulls out her wand of invisibility, casts on herself and takes a 5 ft step.
Mambo: Hu Benti shoots his crossbow at Kress for --?
Mambo: miss, miss
Mambo: Captain Turpur flees, 120 per round
Mambo: He runs North by North east, almost catches up with Riff-raff-4
Mambo: Zhaji does a D-Door.
Mambo: Zhaji moves over next to Brianna.
Mambo: Gerhit flees, north by north-east following Captain Turpur and Riff-raff-4
Mambo: Mambo moves as far as she can.
Mambo: Vandis is preparing for a Greater Command.
Mambo: Mambo overtakes Kress again.
Mambo: Kress runs toward Mambo
Mambo: He's a woman-chaser
Mambo: Angel delays
Mambo: Vandis goes invisible
Mambo: All them cheaten guys!
Mambo: Brianna does another D-Door - up in direction bad guys are running, north by north-east
Mambo: Hu Benti just stands and waits, readies "something"
Mambo: Zhaji will just do a fireball again - on Hu Benti.
Zhaji rolls 10d6: [6 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 5] = 42
Mambo: Hu Benti saves for half.
Mambo: Zhaji moves - 30 ft away, north
Mambo: Gerhit.
Mambo: flees, hasted
Mambo: north by north-east
Mambo: Mambo moves up as far as she can
Mambo: Hu Bent casts implosion, does a caster check and fails
Mambo: He barely makes his WIS check and does not implode
Mambo: Hu Benti's initiative is just before Mambo in future
Mambo: Nevermore flies up to scout there bad guys are running.
Mambo: Riff-raff-4 continues to flee.
Mambo: mambo is right on top of Hu Benti and ready to strike.
Mambo: Kress moves up as much as possible
Mambo: Vandis goes NE 80 with Fidelis
Mambo: Brianna 160 to NE
Mambo: Brianna lurks. Invisible and lying in wait
Mambo: Brianna is taunting her enemies in her mind.
Mambo: Gerhit continues to flee.
Mambo: Hu Benti steps back 5ft and casts Blasphemy on Mambo.
Mambo: But Mambo is too high level to be effected.
Mambo: Therefore he doesn't back up after all - but casts Harm and tries to touch Mambo - for AC 32.
Mambo: So succeeds witih Harm so does - ?? (has to get through spell resistance 1
Mambo: gets through for ??
Mambo: Instant Rage pumps will save up to +19
Mambo rolls M - Save - Will - Rage (d20 + 19): [4 + 19] = 23
Mambo: Mambo Will save for 23
Mambo: saves for half so 65 points of damage. 14 temp points
Mambo: 65 points massive damage
Mambo: Need to make fort save
Mambo rolls M - Save - Fortitude (d20 + 24): [8 + 24] = 32
Mambo: mambo makes her save
Mambo: Raging pumps up my hit points to ??
Mambo rolls M - Great Axe 1 w/HRage (d20 + 33): [6 + 33] = 39
Mambo rolls M - Great Axe Dmg w/Rage (3d6 + 23): [(3 + 5 + 5) + 23] = 36
Mambo rolls M - Greataxe 2 (d20 + 24): [18 + 24] = 42
Mambo rolls M - Great Axe Dmg w/Rage (3d6 + 23): [(4 + 3 + 4) + 23] = 34
Mambo rolls M - Greataxe 3 Rage&Haste (d20 + 22): [13 + 22] = 35
Mambo rolls M - Great Axe Dmg w/Rage (3d6 + 23): [(5 + 6 + 2) + 23] = 36
Mambo rolls M - Greataxe 1 (d20 + 30): [17 + 30] = 47
Mambo rolls M - Great Axe Dmg w/Rage (3d6 + 23): [(5 + 4 + 5) + 23] = 37
Mambo: mambo instant rages, gains hit points, then makes mincemeat of Hu Benti
Mambo: We stop here.
Mambo: Next time, we will follow them to their lair. At least Zhaji and Brianna will. Perhaps those two ladies will take them out on their own.
Mambo: nighty-night

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