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Necropolis Session 4



Zhaji's notes

The party defeated the evil family, capturing the daughter and slaying the rest. The boy disowned his family, and was rewarded with the family business (the honest part). The party found an idol of Sebk, the evil crocodile-headed god, in a secret room. The party took the idol as evidence.

The next day, Zhaji teleported to the temple of Thoth with Vandis and the daughter. The daughter and idol were turned over to the temple. The temple paid Vandis 9300 gp for the idol and other expenses. Zhaji and Vandis returned to the inn, via teleport, that afternoon.

The party spent the evening in the inn. Brianna, again, played [along] with the dancers.

Zhaji and Vandis returned to get the remaining items identified. Mambo upgraded her armor, and the rest of the items were put into the Portable Hole.

Mambo's notes

Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [9 + 9] = 18
MAMBO: Vandis jumps up and says "this is poison!"
MAMBO rolls Initiative Mambo (d20 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6
Brianna rolls Brianna Initiative (d20 + 6): [5 + 6] = 11
MAMBO rolls Initiative Angel (d20 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7
MAMBO rolls d20: [13] = 13
MAMBO: Nehsi attacks Kress. Help and Fa deny poison and back away.
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 32): [4 + 32] = 36
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [8 + 20] = 28
MAMBO: Maq takes 5ft step and hits Mambo, at AC 31
MAMBO: for 10 points
MAMBO: Mambo is annoyed
MAMBO: Kress does 28 points damage to Nehsi
MAMBO: Angel delays
MAMBO: Mambo draws her greataxe
MAMBO: others in bad family draw crossbows
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 32): [11 + 32] = 43
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [6 + 20] = 26
Kress rolls Axe 2 (d20 + 27): [18 + 27] = 45
Kress rolls Axe 2 (d20 + 27): [12 + 27] = 39
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [8 + 20] = 28
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [9 + 20] = 29
Kress rolls Axe 2 (d20 + 27): [4 + 27] = 31
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [5 + 20] = 25
MAMBO: Vandis and Krass are creaming the enemy
Kress rolls Axe 3 (d20 + 22): [16 + 22] = 38
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [8 + 20] = 28
MAMBO: Hept keeps stupidly claiming that there's no problem and acts as though we are trying to rob them
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #1 (d20 + 21): [10 + 21] = 31
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Damage (d6 + 2 + d6): [3 + 2 + 6] = 11
MAMBO: Mambo missed by crossbow
MAMBO: by bitchy woman, who then drops her crossbow and raises her hands
MAMBO rolls M - Greataxe 1 (d20 + 30): [16 + 30] = 46
MAMBO rolls M - Greataxe dmg without rage (3d6 + 21): [(3 + 1 + 3) + 21] = 28
DM: Sha-bennu
MAMBO: Mambo runs over to protect Brianna and hits Sha-bennu, the sneaky thief who tried to back stab friend. Mambo knocks out Sha
MAMBO: Fa-t-tep throws her hands in the air and runs around like chicken with her head cut off
MAMBO: Me protect you, Yoyo (knickers)
MAMBO: Vandis hits Hept, after saying, "you know, you asked for it."
MAMBO: Vandis does max power attack
MAMBO: +15
MAMBO: max damage
MAMBO: 34 damage to Hept
MAMBO: Hept is down
MAMBO: Vandis laughs
MAMBO: Little boy pokes his head into the room and says, "oh!" in a "not unhappy" tone.
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 32): [15 + 32] = 47
MAMBO: The lad clearly wants to become an orphan. Perhaps Vandis will adopt him.
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [9 + 20] = 29
MAMBO: Kress hits Maq-t for 29.
Kress: (power attack 10 = 10x2 + 2 from singing)
Kress: Kress hits him for 51 not 29
MAMBO: Maq-t is disabled not dead.
MAMBO: Maq-t withdrawls at half speed, out the door
MAMBO: Brianna Yoyo Knickers follows perhaps
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #1 (d20 + 21): [9 + 21] = 30
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Damage (d6 + 2 + d6): [3 + 2 + 6] = 11
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #2 (d20 + 16): [19 + 16] = 35
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #2 (d20 + 16): [11 + 16] = 27
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Critical Damage (2d6 + 4 + d6): [(5 + 3) + 4 + 2] = 14
MAMBO: Brianna hits Fa instead.
MAMBO: Brianna can sing and fight
MAMBO: She hits Fa again
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #3 (d20 + 11): [6 + 11] = 17
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Damage (d6 + 2 + d6): [5 + 2 + 2] = 9
MAMBO: Fa still up
MAMBO: Brie Yo activates her boots of speed and finishes off Fa
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Attack #1 (d20 + 21): [6 + 21] = 27
Brianna rolls Brianna Rapier Damage (d6 + 2 + d6): [5 + 4 + 3] = 12
MAMBO: Brianna hits again. Fa is down.
MAMBO: Do ray me fa so la tee
MAMBO: Mambo not down, just lost Heroes Feast temp points
MAMBO: Zhaji magic missiles Maq through the open doorway. He is dead or dying.
MAMBO: Nektin says to Vandis, "You beautiful man, you, I could be happy to be your concubine."
MAMBO: She sidles up to him.
MAMBO: Vandis laughs hysterically
MAMBO: He is one of those laugher type men
MAMBO: Fidelis fades back into the room
MAMBO: Vandis says, drop all your weapons and I'll tie you up.
MAMBO: She says, "Ohhhh!" eagerly
MAMBO: Nek drops her weapon and "accidentally" rips open her bodice
MAMBO: Brianna comes over to kill her
MAMBO: Nek "accidentally" brushes against Vandis groin.
MAMBO: Vandis convinces Brianna not to kill Nek
MAMBO: Vandis ties up Nek and searches her.
MAMBO: Zhaji comes over to detect her thoughts as Vandis questions her
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 10): [8 + 10] = 18
MAMBO: Vandis asks - why did you try to poison us?
MAMBO: She says - what are you talking about?
MAMBO: She thinks - how can I get out of this
MAMBO: Asks - did someone send you to kill us?
MAMBO: She says "oph, no"
MAMBO: She thinks, "now I won't get my reward for killing them."
MAMBO: She thinks "now the temple will have to get them"
MAMBO: Z asks "What about the temple?"
MAMBO: She thinks - don't think about the temple of Osiris
MAMBO: Z asks - how did they know we were here?
MAMBO: She thinks don't think about Gerhit
MAMBO: Vandis, are we done? Let's make her leave town.
MAMBO: Brie - we can get rid of her
MAMBO: Vandis - we are too good for that
MAMBO: Mambo - maybe we bring her back as proof of pooping
MAMBO: Vandis, we can't even trust the garrison here
MAMBO: Mambo suggest they bring her to temple of Thoth when V and Z teleport there later
MAMBO: Brianna is looking disapointed. She pokes at Nek, then wants to search place.
MAMBO: Necklace --
MAMBO: Everyone we fought is wearing the same kind of necklace
MAMBO: Zhaji says maybe the honest lad can help us search the place
MAMBO: Necklace is strange, made of bones, worn beneath the clothing.
MAMBO: We eventually learn it conceals the wearer's alignment and blocks attempts to detect thoughts
MAMBO: Zhaji says, that explains why we could not detect the thoughts of the thief lad in town.
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 10): [3 + 10] = 13
MAMBO: Afu-aptem comes out and says - thank you for saving me (Detect Thoughts know he is telling the truth) they were very evil
MAMBO: He says - although they are my parents, I no longer think of them as my family, my family is with the two slaves, they are my family
MAMBO: Kress - know ye of were yorn parents might keep secret papers
MAMBO: Boy speaks of room with a shrine, but thinks it is "fake"
MAMBO: In that small room we find a statue of a deity in mummy form - Osiris
MAMBO: Lamp not burning and empty wooden bowl
MAMBO: Kress does a true seeing and sees a secret door.
MAMBO: Push down on ledge and pull and 4ft section of wall open to reveal REAL shrine to - Croc head god - statue set wtih two brilliant rubies MAMBO: Brianna finds this incriminating.
MAMBO: Copper pieces on altar
MAMBO: Top of altar can be slid sideways and lifted off. Coins and two live scorpians inside.
MAMBO: Kress squashes the scorpions.
MAMBO: The idol of Sebk is also trapped, with a poison needle, while we are immune to poison.
MAMBO: Mambo says we leave coins to boy and servants
MAMBO: Boy thanks us profusely and we can have all other incidental stuff found, though we don't need that. He says we can keep any wealth gained from statue - but please take it away.
MAMBO: Vandis suggests we take statue to temple of Thoth - as proof.
MAMBO: Servants say they will clean up the bodies.
MAMBO: Brie is happy boy will keep shop.
MAMBO: There is a cash box of 2K. But we do not care to take it from honest boy.
MAMBO: We will be able to sell the statue and vessels from altar.
MAMBO: Statue worth 9K gp (7K plus 2K each for ruby eyes.
MAMBO: Kress talks about man throwing a football through a tire. Man takes pill and his aim improves
MAMBO: We have not looted the house. We put the business under new management. We have captive to take to temple of Thoth. We have idol to sell. Temple of Thoth will buy it.
MAMBO: Kress want to join Brie with dancing girls - watch and learn
MAMBO: Where we go next?
MAMBO: We realize we have seen all the buildings and go back to the Inn
MAMBO: Vandis suggests he and Zhaji teleport out now to temple of Thoth to rid ourselves or evil statue and evil woman.
MAMBO: Vandis suggests we head out to evil place, up north tomorrow.
MAMBO: Brie - there are some bandits hanging about according to mind reading of Nek
MAMBO: Should we seek out bandits or let them seek us out - as they are likely hanging about outside town somewhere.
MAMBO: We decide not to seek out bandits.
MAMBO: Let them run across us. We are strong.
MAMBO: We go back to the Inn.
MAMBO: Zhaji and Vandis teleport away with statue and lady
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform Strings (Females) (d20 + 31): [12 + 31] = 43
MAMBO: We have good dinner. Yoyo Knickers performs with and charms multiple pretty female dancers
MAMBO: Brie hangs out with musicians and dancers again and goes home with them - the two girl dancers - at the end of the evening
MAMBO: Brie suggests to both ladies that they go together to room - both are delighted.
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform Sexual Techniques (Females) Take 10 (10 + 23): [10 + 23] = 33
MAMBO: The 3 ladies play and "make friends."
MAMBO: Kress has another early night. Sigh!
MAMBO: Meanwhile back at Thoth
MAMBO: Zhaji and Vandis and Nek teleport with statue. Turn girl over to our contact and show the shrine and tell she was part of plot to interfere with mission, they interrogate and confirm out story
MAMBO: Show them the statue and sell it.
MAMBO: They offer to buy it and cover the expenses V and Z report. We 9300 gp
MAMBO: they stay to have items identified the next morning
MAMBO: Vandis is amenable to whatever Zhaji wants to do. Zhaji wants to go back to the Inn. They witness Yoyo seductions
MAMBO: Brianna has been learning new songs, picking up cultural, local tunes.
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform Strings (Females) (d20 + 31): [18 + 31] = 49
MAMBO: and other local abilities
MAMBO: next morning
MAMBO: Kress drags himself down and picks, gloomy, at his breakfast.
MAMBO: Brianna has a bounce to her step.
MAMBO: Mambo is as usual
MAMBO: Zhaji and Vandis eat quickly and teleport away together
MAMBO: They go to have items from cave identified.
DM: +1 dancing bane [evil outsiders] trident (with unbreakable cord)
DM: +2 ghost touch battle axe
DM: +3 mace of shattering
DM: Boots of Hapy, cuirass of Hapy, helm of Hapy
MAMBO: +2 AC boots, water walk or wild walk 3x a day
Brianna: wind walk
MAMBO: cuirass spell resistance 18
MAMBO: helm - +6 bonus to will save.
MAMBO: If all 3 - at same time - all bonuses +8 AC
MAMBO: Zhaji cast teleport today - twice
MAMBO: Me might like the set if not Zhaji or Brie
MAMBO: Me like set. Me have no hat
MAMBO: item is +12
MAMBO: spell resist 18
MAMBO: light armor
MAMBO: can sell mine armor and do this set
MAMBO: Mambo wears new set, hat, armor, boots
MAMBO: protective coat of leather armor
MAMBO: looks just like leather armor
MAMBO: maybe me get it glammered later
MAMBO: This armor looks native
MAMBO: I don't have to conceal it
MAMBO: Kress eyes the ghost touch battleaxe
MAMBO: Mambo say Kress take since she have set
MAMBO: Trident or Mace?
MAMBO: Vandis inclined to sell the rest
MAMBO: Mambo AC, not 30, but 32
MAMBO: subtract 5 + 5 and add 12 (4 +
MAMBO: can water walk AND wind walk, each 3 x day
MAMBO: Shattering - hammer deals half again to constructs and earth creatures
MAMBO: mambo moves at 40 now
MAMBO: AC 32, touch same as before, flatfooted is 32, Spell resistance 18.
MAMBO: after rage AC 31/15/31, while raging 30/14/30
MAMBO: Will save goes up 1
MAMBO: Will save is = +17 or with feast +18, with both +19
MAMBO: We gain 16 pnts temp hit points for heroes feast today and it tastes good
MAMBO: XP points are tallied
MAMBO: Mambo gained 1704 so far
MAMBO: Kress gained more
MAMBO: We talk to our friend Khonsu
MAMBO: He congratulates us on prevailing against evil so far
MAMBO: We pick up our horses and carry them out of town
MAMBO: This is really good stopping point
MAMBO: Vandis will prepare an ambush
MAMBO: The DM, who also runs Vandis, will prepare an ambush
MAMBO: Yoyo Knickers prepares for a couple days of celibacy.
MAMBO: Perhaps Kress would like a girdle of sex change?

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