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Necropolis Session 3



Zhaji's notes

Vandis cured his wounds; nobody else was hurt.

The figurine of Aapep was destroyed per procedure - first broken (by Mambo) and then burned (by Kress).

Next on the agenda was to visit the priest of Hapy at the big oasis. The path led to a waterfall and into a cave. The priest, Aptut, welcomed the party inside. When asked, he blessed the two reliquaries. He then led the party to a back room with a statue of Hapy. Brianna told him of the demon crocodile and about some of the people in town. Aptut doubted that the party was simply visiting, so Brianna said that the party was asked to stop the evil in the Gorge of Osiris. To aid the party, Aptut led the party to a small passage that led to a stash of weapons and armor. Zhaji crawled in and retrieved the items.

The party headed back to the inn to plan. They made a quick detour to the fishermen's house and discovered that they had fled. Once back at the inn, Brianna suggested that Zhaji and Vandis take the items to Thebes to be identified, while the others stay behind to gather information. As it was late, the trip to Thebes would happen the next day.

Mambo went to sleep in the loft over the stables, while the others stayed in the inn to watch the dancers. Brianna played along, adding a suggestion to one to take her home at the end of their show - which she did. Brianna tried to "work" some information out of her, but learned nothing of value.

The next day, Zhaji cast Greater Teleport, bringing Vandis to Thebes. The temple helped the party discretely meet a wizard who could identify the items, but couldn't until the next day. The two returned to the inn in Aartuat by lunch. After lunch, the party continued their search of the town.

A seemingly friendly merchant offered the party drinks after Mambo paid a gold piece for some jerky. A young boy came into the room and pointed at the party. The merchant boxed his ears, sent him out of the room, and sloughed off the incident. The merchant passed out drinks. The boy sneakily whispered to Vandis that his father was into something bad. Vandis, suspicious, detected poison in the drinks, drew his sword, and announced that the drinks were poisoned. Kress drew his weapon. Zhaji downed her drink.

Mambo's notes

Mambo: Jeers
Mambo: Blood, guts, Lore, we want More
Mambo: Song, songs, we want throngs
Mambo: Songs, songs, songs, we want throngs
Mambo: Brianna suggests we have meat for a month from Demon Croc.
Mambo: mambo interested
Mambo: We are in Pantheon Palace talking to man about statuettes and bonuses
Mambo: Me and Kress, we do that. Zhaji loans me 1500 gp.
Mambo: Sure. Even though she's only known her a month. But loves her dearly
Mambo: Zhaji is heap good friend
Mambo: Kress and Vandis are injured.
Mambo: Brianna tells Mambo she is allowed to talk. mambo suggests we go back to bar and have a drink and plan
Mambo: Vandis wasnt to speak to friend the priest and get the items consecrated
Mambo: Merha-aptut
Mambo: mambo - then we need to heal injured guys
Mambo: Vandis offers to help heal Krass
Mambo: Zhaji is anxious to destroy the croc statuette
Mambo: Brianna wants mambo to bash it
Mambo: Zhaji offers to disentegrate for total destruction
Mambo: We vote for disentegrate
Mambo: But we are told first that it must be broken and destroyed in fire. So that
Mambo: so we do that. Mambo bashes and Krass sets it on fire.
Mambo: Hapy - priest of, in caves behind the pool of Hapy
Mambo: We are heading to Hapy Priest
DM: Pool of Hapy and Environs
Mambo: All manner of vegetables grow in neat plots
Mambo: It is an oasis, garden, farm, with palm tress of dates and figs. Berry vines and bushes.
Mambo: Krass has Farming Skill and knows the names of all the veggies.
Mambo: We pass the pool of Hapy
Mambo: It isn't fed from an underground source, so is really a pool, not an oasis
Mambo: Good spot for fishing
Mambo: Brianna leads onward and upward
DM: Pool of Hapy
Mambo: See pretty picture
DM: Demoncroc
Mambo: Brianna sings for us
Mambo: as walk though veggie tales
Mambo: cab
Mambo: I'm a lonely little Petunia in an onion in patch, would someone come and play with me?
Mambo: Where is my hairbrush, veggie tale sang by Vandis
Mambo: tomato and zucchine joke about two Druids
Mambo: The path leads away from the pool, we head to steep hillside
Mambo: There is a near precipice, 60ft above pool with silvery waterfall and zigzaggy path
Mambo: Water rushes down steep slope into basin into pool. Mist of spray and lots of noise.
Mambo: Popular spot on hot afternoon. So why aren't other people around? Oh, they are.
Mambo: Brianna leads us into the cave mouth
Mambo: We could go into cave or continue up hill. We go into cave to visit priest of Hapy.
Mambo: Nice view from here and cool mist.
Mambo: chairs of palmwood inside the entrance
Mambo: We follow Brianna into the cave and she calls out - Yoooo-hoooo!
Mambo: No one responds immediately
Mambo: We sit down and wait
Mambo: After a couple minutes, he appears, invites us to his inner chamber
DM: Merha-aptut
Mambo: We go.
Mambo: Brianna speaks for us.
Mambo: Brianna asks about Hapy
Mambo: And what he is trying to do here at the cave and pool
Mambo: He likes to spread appreciation for Hapy. He has come here to escape crowded cities and attract crowds to his cave. He has rigid ways and fixed views.
Mambo: Brianna asks about demoncroc and figures and getting them blessed or whatever
Mambo: He becomes noticeably friendlier when we tell him we killed the demoncroc, not brought it with us.
Mambo: He says that ....
Mambo: He looks at us and says, um, let's see, it is good to see outsiders so concerned with our gods, our ways, our people. Do you wish you to pay your homage to Hapy? Then come this way. Takes us to an obscure passage, a bit over a foot wide and twisty
Mambo: We follow
Mambo: At a word, two crystal fish figures glow and seem to come to life and cavort in river that leads to pool
Mambo: One fish grows soft emerald green, the other turqoise, carved crystal suspended in mid air. lotus flower also floats in mid air
Mambo: Room has glowing blue cast
Mambo: personal hygiene items on a shelf
DM: Hapy
Mambo: The two crystal fish seem to come to life, he tells them to swim after him. They fly through the air as if they were swimming in the river
Mambo: We go to hidden shrine
Mambo: See another small cave with much higher ceiling
Mambo: murals make walls look like water
Mambo: Elaborate shrine
Mambo: 3 ft tall statue of Hapy
Mambo: gems for eyes. gold lotus crown, sceptre
Mambo: water jar
Mambo: 3 gold vessels before the statue
Mambo: all this in the secret room
Mambo: tray, bowl, yewar
Mambo: offerings from the Nile
Mambo: Brianna goes an kneels before the statue
Mambo: Man smiles at her and thanks her and offers her to make an offering
Mambo: Brianna donates 20gp
Mambo: for poor of village
Mambo: He asks for more details of our encounter
Mambo: Brianna talks of how we explored the village. Talks of fine fellow, friend, we met. Two actually - that pantheon proprietor and Khonsu-khaibet
Mambo: Upright young man
Mambo: Brianna then speaks of the fishy fishermen
Mambo: And of our battle with demoncroc while the fishy guys slithered away
Mambo: She shows him the figurines we still have and talks of the one we destroyed
Mambo: She asks about SH inscriptions
Mambo: He speaks of common origins of SH, associated with summoner's name
Mambo: SH, actually, would represent not summoner, but incidental
Mambo: She asks for help to "bind" figurines and bless them and neutralize them
Mambo: He knows how. Charges 30gp to do so, per figurine
Mambo: He performs the ceremony. The statuettes are now safely kept on the special boxes
Mambo: He speaks of fishy men. Says always a bit suspicious. No one has had proof before. He came there shortly before priest. He was a sorcerer.
Mambo: But he became unpopular for charging too much. Priest Hapy was able to help out more promptly and for reasonable fees. The other guy lingered, without customers, no one knows why. He may be caught up in grander scheme.
Mambo: He suggests we check out the bad guy's house.
Mambo: He also suggests we capture the badguy. We may discover he has skipped town.
Mambo: That is Priest Hapy's suspicion.
Mambo: he looks at us shrewdly - you are not really here just for a visit are you?
Mambo: Brianna confesses all. Told we are investigating to rid evil.
Mambo: Priest said he thought as much and has something we might find of interest
Mambo: We go to room 11, boulder rolled aside to reveal another secret area. There is a stach of weapons and armor.
Mambo: He offers for one of us to crawl inside.
Mambo: Get out stuff.
Mambo: Mambo suggests Vandis.
Mambo: Vandis suggests Zhaji.
Mambo: Zhaji returns with: trident with chord of silvery material
DM: A trident with a cord of silvery material fastened to its end
DM: An axe of a two-handed sort, obviously made for warfare. It has a golden blade!
DM: A mace of shining copper, also fo a two-handed sort.
DM: A pair of golden boots, a cirass, and and old-style Khemitian helmet witha flowing neck protector of silvery mesh and a crest of sun and silver moon crescent atop it
Brianna: cuirass
Mambo: breastplate = cuirass, covers front and back
Mambo: Brianna asks if there is anyone else who is suspicious
Mambo: Mambo asks about young boy thief
Mambo: Hapy Priest tries to think the best of everyone
Brianna: We go back to inn. Decide to identify magic items in Thebes tomorrow. Tonight, Brianna will Gather Information from dancing girls.
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform Strings (Females) (d20 + 31): [2 + 31] = 33
Mambo: Brianna is singing and dancing
Mambo: Khepifar is the younger female dancer who takes fancy to Brianna
Mambo: Khepifar is taking Brianna to her room. Brianna Suggested this.
Mambo: Brianna plays and dances and sings with Khepifar
Mambo: Musicians are not informative, but perhaps this young dancer will be.
Mambo: Musicians and Dancers have own rooms (males room, females room) at the Inn. Khep gives Mastuti a look that means she should not return to room.
Mambo: Brianna and Khep are alone now.
Brianna rolls Brianna Gather Information (Females) (d20 + 21): [4 + 21] = 25
Mambo: Brianna pays special attention to the young dancer and everything goes as one might expect.
Mambo: Sexual feats come into play?
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform (Sexual Techniques) (Females) (d20 + 23): [1 + 23] = 24
Brianna rolls Brianna Gather Information (Females) (d20 + 21): [9 + 21] = 30
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform (Sexual Techniques) (Females) (d20 + 23): [3 + 23] = 26
Brianna rolls Brianna Gather Information (Females) (d20 + 21): [1 + 21] = 22
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform (Sexual Techniques) (Females) (d20 + 23): [9 + 23] = 32
Brianna: Sheesh. Look at those rolls. I should just Take 10...
Mambo: Brianna's heart just isn't in it. She is unable to reach the passion she has for Veracity. And the level of technique.
Mambo: Kha studders between orgasms. She says the fishing guys don't tip well.
Mambo: She won't finger anyone else. Doesn't want to dis her tippers.
Mambo: Brianna asks about bad people traveling through
Mambo: Kha is very tip-oriented
Mambo: Brianna kisses her and gives up talking for the night.
Mambo: Brianna eventually lets Kha sleep.
Mambo: Kha thanks Brie for "coming"
Mambo: In the morning we all meet Biranna in the common room. She only needs 2 hours of sleep per night.
Mambo: She has disappointing news. Unable to find helpful information.
Mambo: Brie says at least she made a friend.
Mambo: Vandis says perhaps some of the villagers will talk to us more
Mambo: Kha has dark hair and small, young tits
Mambo: Vandis and Zhaji teleport away, away, away.... and they never came back no more, no more, no they never came back no more
Mambo: they end up inside a rock, a rock, and they never came back to talk, to talk
Mambo: Vandiz and Zhaji teleport to Thebes and find a Mage
Mambo: They find they have to stay over night together, according to Vandis
Mambo: It takes them all morning and into afternoon to find a mage
Mambo: Okay, has to restate
Mambo: Actually, the temple helps them find someone and make contact before lunch time and that person then says they will need until tomorrow to ready the service. So they CAN and DO come back to us for rest of day to interview villagers
Mambo: Artu-ought
Mambo: is how this town's name sounds like
Mambo: We go to area 3 and see what we can see.
Mambo: All of us go together.
Mambo: Brianna is our spokesperson.
Mambo: this is a smithy and harness repair.
Mambo: We have horses stabled now and don't need any harness repair or smithing
DM: Uptupi
Mambo: Oooop toooop ee
Mambo: He has wife and 3 children and is a friendly villager
Mambo: He says - how can I be of service
Mambo: Brianna - we don't need your services at the moment, but will keep you in mind
Mambo: Mambo asks Brianna to ask if suspicious goings on?
Mambo: Brianna does ask.
Mambo: Out of ordinary?
Mambo: mambo tells Brie to ask if anything strange happen recently
Mambo: He shrugs
Mambo: He says there was a time his hammer slipped on the anvil and made dent in the floor
Mambo: We continue on
Mambo: We go next to area 2
Mambo: A building of stone half way up, then mud brick. Sign - House of Hep-Ep-Kra for 1,000 years
DM: House of Hept-f-hra
Mambo: Honest merchants for 1k Years
Mambo: He is a trader
Mambo: 10 people live here
Mambo: Extended family, I assume
DM: Fa-t-tep
DM: Sba-bennu
DM: Nektinefar
DM: Pansbek
DM: Afu-abtem
Mambo: (wife, son, daughter, middle son, youngest son)
DM: Nehsi
DM: Maq-t
DM: Tefu-tep
DM: Hunitper
Mambo: guard, nomad warrior, slave man, his wife
Mambo: trinkets, provisions, etc, etc
Mambo: He is silver tongued
Mambo: He says there are wonderful bargains
Mambo: He asks we do not take too much advantage of him
Mambo: His eyes are crafty, measuing us. His guards also measure us, eye us.
Mambo: Brianna talks to him. he offers us provisions, at a cost
Mambo rolls d20: [19] = 19
Mambo: plus 16 int
Mambo: Sees the goods are pretty shabby
Brianna: unidentified jerky
Mambo: Mambo offers 1 gp for some camel jerky
Brianna: mummy jerky
Mambo: He thanks Mambo
Mambo: He invites us to join him for lunch and a drink
Mambo: a boy of 12 enters the area, large dark eyes stares at us as if trying to read our souls. The man boxes his ears and sends him away, says the boy is "touched"
Mambo: he looks to judge our reactions.
Mambo: Mambo is concerned
Mambo: His thoughts are blocked from detection by Zhaji
Mambo: Him being the proprietor
Mambo: Kress was surprised when boxed boys ears, then nothing.
Mambo: then he invites us to sit down
Mambo: Presumption we do
Mambo: One of us happens to sit near the doorway.
Mambo: That is Vandis
Mambo: The boy comes around the doorway and whispers to Vandis, says 'beware, my father and others are part of wicked plot'
Mambo: Is Message up?
Mambo: Message is up, then, if standard?
Mambo: Man pours us all a drink
Mambo: He bids us all drink up.
Mambo: Vandis says nothing.
Mambo: mambo takes a sip
Mambo: It tastes remarkably like bitter almond.
Mambo: We are all immune to poison from Heroes Feast
Mambo: Man is watching us carefully
Mambo: We do some Sense Motive
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 10): [10 + 10] = 20
Mambo rolls Sense Motive -M (d20 + 13): [6 + 13] = 19
Kress rolls Sense Motive (d20 + 7): [2 + 7] = 9
Mambo: Vandis says, this is poison, stands up and draws his weapon
Mambo: Tuesday works for everyone for game next week!
Mambo: Tarrastra? yes
Mambo: We win the battle. We save the boy
Mambo: Do we have someone to question?
Mambo: Next game
Mambo: they attack when Vandis draws his weapon. All the baby guys, not the slaves, join in, try to run away when fight goes against them. We try to stop them
Mambo: Will do the fight next week.

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