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Necropolis Session 2



Zhaji's notes

Brianna asked the statue merchant if he knew where the Gorge of Osiris was. He said it was now an evil place. When asked where it was so that we could avoid it, he said it was to the north.

The party continued to wander around town, checking out the buildings. In an out-of-the-way building, the party ran across their contact, Khonsu. Khonsu suggested that the party continue exploring the town and ask pointed questions in order to draw out those that aid the evil in the Gorge. Before the party left, Zhaji included Khonsu in the party's Message spell.

At another building, the party ran into some "friendly" locals; the street urchin whom was pointed out as a thief, earlier in the courtyard, was in the back. The locals tried to talk the party into going fishing with them, but were obviously up to something. The party went to the pond with the two adults to "fall into their trap".

At the edge of the pond, a huge crocodile (a daimontherion crocodile) popped out of the water.
Brianna saw the crocodile, warned the others, and started singing.
The crocodile bit Vandis, but his Ring of Free Action prevented the crocodile from holding on.
Angel cast Haste on Mambo.

Kress flew toward the crocodile, but the crocodile snapped at him. Kress struck the crocodile with his axe, but the crocodile held on.
Vandis cast Freedom of Movement, flew over to Kress, and enchanted him.
The crocodile healed some damage, failed to chew on Kress (due to the Freedom of Movement), and critically tail-slapped Vandis.
Zhaji cast Disintegrate at the crocodile, merely doing a bit of damage, and failed to affect it with a quickened Slow spell.
Mambo moved to flank the crocodile, was missed by the crocodile's bite, and struck the crocodile with her great hammer.
The two adults that led the party to the water fled the area.

Kress struck the crocodile with four powerful swings of his axe.
Vandis also struck with powerful blows, dropping it.

Kress cut open the crocodile, finding some figurines. The party took them to the statue merchant. He said that one figurine was of Aapep and should be destroyed or it will lead other nasty creatures to it. The other two statues could be modified to be useful.

Mambo's notes

Vandis needs to add a 5th level spell. Subvert Planar Essence is the spell Vandis will take. He reminds of his dog-like-willow-the-whips-like companion creature, Fidelis.

At this point in time, we just finished buying statues at Pantheon Palace and chatting about the shopkeeper's son - who works for the Temple of Thoth in Memphis.

For picture of inside of Pantheon Palace, see: House of All Neteru

Brianna reminds us that our mission is to bring proof of the evil the lurks within the city in the Gorge, as well as root out the evil.

Brianna asks shopkeeper where Gorge of Osiris is located?

Shopkeeper says: That is now an evil place; it is north of here.

Zhaji asks what makes it an evil place?

Shopkeeper says (something like): It was once a guardian city, but now has fallen into evil hands.

Meanwhile, Mambo is still thinking about the thief in the courtyard and how Zhaji was not able to detect thoughts on him.

Mambo rolls K - Nature -M (d20 + 11): [10 + 11] = 21
Mambo rolls K -Dungeons -M (d20 + 11): [16 + 11] = 27

Mambo trying to think of creatures impervious to mind probing. Mambo thinks of lots of creatures, but doesn't necessarily think they tally with the thief.

Brianna asks shopkeeper: Do evil folk venture out of the Gorge into this area or is the evil mostly just in the Gorge?

Shopkeeper: Mostly people just avoid the Gorge area.

Shopkeeper: Please come back to see me if you find something unsual in your travels. I will be happy to explain and explore interesting items for you.

Brianna: That will make us happy too, thank you.

We continue south to building 6. It is a typical house with low fence. In the yard are stacks of mud bricks. There are a bunch of people who live here. They are brick makers. They ask if we are here to stay and build houses? Would we like to buy their bricks?

Mambo: We just here to visit.

Mambo looks around to the others for confirmation. She notices that Kress has the tallest idol/statuette. Him carry him idol like a baby - in his backpack with it's head out.

Kress considers buying bricks, but the rest of us discourage him.

We go to building 7. The woman is displaying pots. We saw her before in the courtyard. We, nicely, decline to buy pots.

Buildings 10. 11, 12 are a handful of typical cottages. In pens, they have rabbits, goats, ducks and geese. One of the houses has animal horns, skulls and hides - trophies. Another is in need of whitewash.

We continue through the village. Little old ladies tend house, smile at us toothlessly, then go about their business.

Home 16 is different in that it is the most trophy decorated of any house we have seen. The resident is obvioiusly a skilled hunter and has deafeated every kind of (natural) predator in this region.

Standing outside residence 17, we see a big muscular young man, not a native, who nods in a friendly way and says: "To what do I owe the honor of this visit from outlander lords?"

Here is a picture of the muscular young hand: Khonsu-khaibet (He wears a lion-head cloak)

Brianna says we are explores from Memphis. She introduces herself and asks his name

Mambo: Khonsu-Khaibet is the man's name
Mambo: B - Do you know people in Memphis yourself?
Mambo: K - yes, especially at temple of Thoth
Mambo: B - we were at that temple not long ago
Mambo: Z is using her Medallion of Thoughts to detect minds
Mambo: by third round, she can get surface thoughts
Mambo: Caster 5th
Mambo: 2nd level spell
Mambo: DC is 13
Mambo: Z does not detect any thoughts
Mambo: He thinks Z is flirting with him
Mambo: Kress asked if he knows Tecky. Kress: Tehi-neken
Mambo: K says I do indeed and he asked me to look for you.
Mambo: There is stuff going on in town that makes it unwise for me to seek you out. I am glad you came, We are inside now, where non one can spy on us
Mambo: Khon is thinking he has to make sure we are reliable
Mambo rolls Sense Motive -M (d20 + 13): [13 + 13] = 26
Mambo: He appears quite genuine.
Brianna rolls Brianna (A) Sense Motive (d20 + 10): [5 + 10] = 15
Mambo: Me hear TigerKitty is married. Me sad. But me respect that.
Mambo: Khon has our horses and necessary gear.
Mambo: Brainna asks what is going on in town
Mambo: Khon says there are unsavory characters in town. He feels he needs to stay home and keep an eye on things in this area
Mambo: He suggests we explore more of town - see the hermit, rest of townsfolk
Mambo: Our presence here may provoke something, not that I planned for you to be used as bait, but your presence may expose something.
Mambo: Brianna speaks of people exposing themselves
Mambo: Mambo - me wonder what awaits us at Gorge
Mambo: Khon - what have you heard?
Mambo: Brianna - a growing evil
Mambo: Khon that is all I know too.
Mambo: Brianna - we need to root them out.
Mambo: Z- and do what with them?
Mambo: Mambo - pull out them roots
Mambo: Brianna - let's investigate more.
Mambo: Mambo - you have suggestion for us to be decoys?
Mambo: Khon - I think your presence here will naturally inspire fear, though not everyone is worthy of suspicion, so don't make everyone distrust you.
Mambo: Khon - I don't know who is good and who is bad
Mambo: Mambo - what about man in house with many trophies?
Mambo: Khon - he's a good guy as is the Maharuptoot
Mambo: and the house of all Neterooo
Mambo: Khon doesn't know anything about the thief in the courtyard, but refers to him as "a child"
Mambo: While here, we note that he wears a holy symbol of Thoth.
Mambo: Mambo - me big fighter, Khon, you have enemy, you call me, me help you.
Mambo: Khon - right now, my job is to lay low and keep informed
Mambo: Khon may come visit Brianna at the Inn, though. But does not want her to reveal she has already made a strong aquaintance with her.
Mambo: Zhaji wants to include Khon in a message spell so he can communicate with us. Lasts 3 hours
Mambo: We go to mill building and mill pond
Mambo: eastbank is grassy, towards the west it is muddy, water has algae, magic is probably used to make sure dangerous sicknesses don't spring from pond
Mambo: There are vegetable plotters and fruit trees
Mambo: We backtrack to 13 - a shabby house of widower and another man. They lounge. There is boy with them who looks familiar
Mambo: Man calls - buy our fish if we catch any?
Mambo: Brianna - are you fishing or planning on fishing?
Mambo: Man - we are going to go down to fish shortly.
Mambo: Bri- We are eating at tavern, don't need fish
Mambo: Zhaji - we have no way to cook it.
Mambo: Kress - good luck fishing anyway
Mambo: Man - why don't you come with us and try your luck at the millpond
Mambo: Mambo - me no need to fish
Mambo: Boy is thief from courtyard.
Mambo: Kress - no thank you, but good luck
Mambo rolls Sense Motive -M (d20 + 13): [19 + 13] = 32
Mambo: Man says he will offended if we don't fish with him.
Mambo: Mambo say she not a fishing person
Mambo: Zhaji try to read his mind
Mambo: Brianna says it would be friendly, but she is clearly no fisherman
Mambo: Brianna suggests Kress.
Mambo: Kress says he is more he veggie garden type of guy.
Mambo: Mambo -= why not you come by Inn later and have drink with us - that would be friendly.
Mambo: Man insists he show us lovely pond.
Mambo: Brianna finally agrees for us all.
Mambo: Mambo senses that man is very nerafious
Mambo: Mambo says to Bri - Me think me want to see rest of town and come back here later.
Mambo: Vandis whispers to Zhaji, who whispers to Mambo - "We are trying to be bait."
Mambo: Mambo say outloud - well, me like to swim
Mambo: We go with them
Mambo: We be bait.
Mambo: Brie whisper she suggest me fish - cause me biggest bait for fish
Mambo: Adults want us to go fishing
Mambo: Both adults walk with us to pond
Mambo: Gerhit and Shenau
Mambo: they lead us to edge of pond and tell us to look at ducks and geese
Mambo: This resource is shared by whole village. In the middle the pond is over 10 ft deep.
Mambo: They get out fishing gear and chat
Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [16 + 9] = 25
Brianna rolls Brianna (A) Initiative (d20 + 10): [18 + 10] = 28
Zhaji rolls Initiative (d20 + 5): [3 + 5] = 8
Mambo rolls Initiative Mambo (d20 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7
Mambo rolls Initiative Angel (d20 + 4): [11 + 4] = 15
Mambo: werefish?
Mambo: Assume Heroes feast
Mambo: 10 temp hit points, +1 WIS, +1 to hit
Mambo: tentacles from pond?
Mambo: Actually we all gain 14 temp hit points
Mambo: including BB and Nevermore and Fidelis
Mambo rolls d20: [9] = 9
Mambo: BB is 12 initiative
Zhaji rolls d20: [7] = 7
Mambo: actuall BB is + for 11
Mambo: 2pm and we had luch with Khon
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 12): [18 + 12] = 30
Kress rolls Spot (d20 + 15): [13 + 15] = 28
Mambo rolls Spot Mambo (d20 + 9): [7 + 9] = 16
Mambo rolls Spot Angel (d20 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
Zhaji rolls Skill (Spot) (d20 + 1 + 2): [14 + 1 + 2] = 17
Mambo: We spot....
Mambo: Mambo and Angel don't notice whatever it is
Mambo: Fidelis and Kress spots "it"
DM: daimontherion crocodile
Mambo: Brianna has spotted it
DM: aka "Demoncroc"
Brianna rolls Brianna Knowledge (The Planes) (d20 + 8): [19 + 8] = 27
Mambo: Brianna knows it is outsider and evil and has DR and SR and thinks it looks tougher than normal
Mambo: Kress will ready his greataxe and animate his shield
Mambo: Kress shouts that there is a big croc!
Mambo: Brianna shouts: Huge Croc coming in !!
Mambo: Brianna takes a 5ft step back and start singing
Mambo: "Blood makes the grass grow, kill, kill, kill"
Mambo: Demoncroc 5ft step and bites at Vandis
Mambo: AC 46 hits even Vandis
Mambo: Demon croc has reach - yikes!
DM: Demoncroc
Mambo: "Duck, Duck, Croc! Duck, duck, croc!"
Mambo: Demon has improved grab and likes Vandis
Mambo: Vandis bit successfully by croc
Mambo: Him have 'grab'
Mambo: grapple
Mambo: BAB + STR + 8 + 4 +d20
Mambo: = +46 for this guy
Mambo: Vandis has a ring of free action, so not grappled, snappled or scrappled
Mambo: Vandis took 29 points of damage
Mambo: Angle Hastes Mambo
Mambo: Gerhit and Shenau don "surprised" looks and back up
Mambo: Kress flies over 25 ft and attacks Demoncroc
Mambo: Croc gets attack of opportunity
Mambo: 38 hits for 30 points on Kress
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 31): [13 + 31] = 44
Mambo: Kress does close quarter fighting
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 19): [9 + 19] = 28
Kress rolls d20: [2] = 2
Mambo: Kress does 28 damage of which 10 heals
Mambo: Kress is grappled
Mambo: Evil Outsiders have DR Good
Mambo: Mambo will use BamBam: +1 large holy metaline goliath greathammer
Mambo: Vandis flies over to help Kress
Mambo: Brianna will give us +2 to hit/+2 dmg
Mambo: Demoncroc does fast healing 5. Then does power attack on Kress
Mambo: Kress was freed - Freedom of Movement by Vandis
Mambo: Or not, if needs escape artist check
Mambo: So Demoncroc gets to munch on Kress one more time
Mambo: So Demoncroc attempts to grapple again and while opening jaws to munch, Kress gets out, but Demoncroc gets tail slap on Vandis
Mambo: threat with tail on Vandis
Mambo: Vandis hit with critical
Mambo: Vandis hit for 72 points
Mambo: less 5 points
Mambo: not at 50% yet
Mambo: Vandis has armor crystal
Mambo: Angel delays
Mambo: BB moves out of range
Mambo: Zhaji is up
Mambo: Zhaji casts Disintegrate
Zhaji rolls d20: [16] = 16
Zhaji rolls d6: [1] = 1
Zhaji rolls d6: [4] = 4
Zhaji rolls d6: [3] = 3
Zhaji rolls d6: [4] = 4
Zhaji rolls d6: [4] = 4 DM rolls 5d6: [6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3] = 12
Zhaji: roll 5d6
DM rolls 5d5: [5 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 1] = 17
Zhaji rolls 5d6: [5 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 1] = 17
Mambo rolls 5d6: [3 + 3 + 6 + 3 + 6] = 21 Kress: roll /d20
Brianna rolls 20: [20] = 20
Kress rolls d20: [14] = 14
Mambo: slash help
Brianna rolls 20: [20] = 20
Mambo: Demoncroc took damage from Disintegrate
Mambo: Demonc is not slowed
Mambo: Haste adds +1 to my AC, so I'm 31
Mambo: It gets attack of opp and barely misses
Mambo: +5 to hit
Mambo rolls BamBam 1st (d20 + 2: [3 + 28] = 31
Mambo rolls BamBam 1st (d20 + 26): [3 + 26] = 29
Mambo: AC 34
Mambo: hits
Mambo rolls BamBam Dmg Reg Evil (3d6 + 16 + 2d6): [(5 + 5 + 3) + 16 + (4 + 3)] = 36
Mambo: +2 = 38
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 31): [7 + 31] = 38
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 19): [12 + 19] = 31
Kress rolls Axe 2 (d20 + 26): [3 + 26] = 29
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 19): [11 + 19] = 30
Kress rolls Axe 3 (d20 + 21): [15 + 21] = 36
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 19): [11 + 19] = 30
Kress rolls Axe 4 (d20 + 16): [5 + 16] = 21
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 19): [8 + 19] = 27
Mambo: Kress takes over and gets revenge, big time, on Demoncroc
Mambo: Mambo suggest they make more armor out of hide
Mambo: Vandis wants to drag it out of the water.
Mambo: Kress says we should cut it open
Mambo: No he doesn't. Guess that was meta or Kress
Brianna rolls Brianna Knowledge (The Planes) (d20 + : [17 + 8] = 25
Mambo: Brianna makes a planar check and knows they sometimes have things inside that are an aspect of their summoning
Mambo: Vandis says, we need to catch those guys before we deal with the croc
Mambo: Vandis chases the guys
Mambo: These guys can get away cause they were running and they have hidden successfully.
Mambo: inside is figurines
Mambo: We recognize two of three. One has croc hieroglyph
Mambo: Angel can read it - it is croc hyroglyph with wrathful form, second is Set in boar head form,
Mambo: Mambo can tell what read (Angel tell her)
DM: Set in boar-headed form with red hieroglyph for a body of ornamental water (or a pond and the like) "sh"
DM: Sebk upon which is also the "sh" hieroglyph
Mambo: Brianna wants to go back to pantheon palace
Mambo: shall we stop here?
DM: Aapep
Mambo: Shopkeeper says - Aapep is greater diety and master of all serpents
Mambo: I believe these were used to conjure a spirit crocodile
Mambo: indicates shape fiend was to take
Mambo: must be broken and burned
Mambo: other two might have use in future, as long as separately encased in gold containers and blessed, etc. I believe I have some, for 1,500gp each.
Mambo: In case you decide to do so, I am certain the priest guy will gladly assist you with spells. I find them interesting. I will pay you 500 gp each if you wish to sell.
Mambo: one with croc should be destroyed, otherwise will attract evil creatures
Mambo: what use - once neutralized?
Mambo: we don't know yet
Mambo: If the wielder CG or CN, then any weapon +1 or if already then +1 holy bonus in addition to normal, LG ring of WiZ 2, Darkvision 60 for NG or N.
Mambo: Let's talk later or next game.
Mambo: nighty-night

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