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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 41 - The Undying Temple

Tebryn's notes

We wake up in the morning and the arcane casters prepare their spells.

Yol has had a commune ready to go ever since midnight, when she'd prayed for her priest spells.

Tebryn does analyze dweomer on all the stuff we picked up after we defeated Umaerh the first time.

The two Sanctum Defenders (the heavily armored drow in the room outside Irae's bedroom) each had:

greater death spear (8 charges)
+2 full plate
+2 composite longbow (+3 Str bonus)
30 +2 arrows

The two revenants who burst into our room ahead of Irae each had:

+1 spell storing halberd
+2 breastplate
ring of protection +2
wand of magic missiles (3rd level caster, 12 charges)

Irae had:

eyes of the spider
rod of the twisted weave

The plain mithril ring turned out to be a Lich's phylactery!

"Good bye, Umaerh," says Tebryn. He casts disintegrate on the ring and it turns to dust.

The claw from Irae's hand is unidentifiable, although it radiates very strong magic.

Tebryn frowns. "This must be an artifact of some sort. My magic is not powerful enough to penetrate its mysteries."

Brianna smiles. "Let me try," she says as she stretches out her hand. Tebryn snorts and hands her the claw.

Brianna pulls out a box of incense and four small ivory strips. she arranges them in a square, heaps the incense inside, and sets the claw down in front of her. She lights the incense and sings quietly to herself for about ten minutes while staring at the claw.

She looks up and speaks. "Here is what the legends say about this artifact: The Revenancer favors those who wear her Claw, although only her true devotees can do so without pain. Protected by its armor, the claw-bearer viciously rakes her foes and raises them up after death to servile obedience in undeath, relentless warriors bent on vengeance, spectral spellcasters full of hate, all for the glory of the Vengeful Banshee. But beware if the claw passes to another, for whomever holds the claw commands the loyalty of those it has created."


We put the robe of gentle repose on Irae's body and Yol casts speak with dead.

1) How did you get the Undying Temple?
I brought it forth.

2) From whence did you bring it forth?
From nothingness.

3) What of importance is up on the Plateau?

4) What does the Balor guard?
Balor? What Balor?

5) Is the Temple the source of the Weave Disruption?
It has a part in it.

6) Can the Temple be destroyed by destroying the Orb?
After a fashion.

7) How can one destroy the Orb?
By inverting its effect.

8) How does one invert the effect of the Orb?
Turn, turn, turn.

9) By what manner did you bring forth the Temple?
Intense prayer.

Yol casts divination.
1) What's the most effective method available to this party to get rid of the Temple?
Positive Energy cancels Negative Energy


We pass through the portal to the Material side of the temple. We go up one level to Paelinn's room.

Brianna casts message on everybody.
Yol casts death ward on herself.
Brianna casts death ward on Igor.

Igor and Yol go up one or two levels to see the Black Orb.

Yol casts spectral hand
Yol puts an empowered cure critical wounds on the hand and touches the Orb. The Orb looks slightly diminished.
She does it again. The Orb looks further diminished.
She keeps casting cure spells at it. Every time she does so, the Orb gets smaller.
Finally, she casts heal and destroys the Orb. The Temple is inert!

Brianna: +2,404 (pop +289)
Igor: +1,344 (4,854)
Kress: +3,200 (pop + 1,399)
Tebryn: +742 (+7,103)
Veracity: +1,344 (+6,087)
Yol: +1,800 (+3,400)

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