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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 40 - Cleaning up the Temple

Tebryn's notes

Tebryn suggests that we cast protection from evil and death ward on Igor and Kress and send them up to disable the circuitry in the next room of the tower.

Yol and Brianna cast those spells on the doughty fighters. Brianna casts a message on everybody.

Igor and Kress go upstairs. Igor searches and finds the circuitry. The temple casts destruction on Igor and fails to affect him.

Igor starts disabling the circuitry.

The temple summons a Barbed Devil. It is unable to affect either Igor or Kress because of their protection spell.

The temple casts horrid wilting on Igor and Kress.

The Barbed Devil casts scorching ray on Igor for 50 points.
Kress gets mad and hits it with his axe for 50 points. He takes some damage from the barbs.
He misses.
He hits again for 65 points. He takes more damage from the barbs.

Kress calls for help.

Brianna casts death ward on Veracity.
Tebryn casts protection from evil on Veracity.
Veracity heads up through the hole.

Yol casts death ward on herself. She starts moving to the hole up.

Igor disables the circuitry.
The Barbed Devil hits Kress. It tries to grapple Kress but Kress keeps it at bay by killing it.

We move up and cure up the boys.

Igor steps through a Material Plane wall and sees a Spiderstone Golem.
Veracity starts to move up but is warned by the sword of Kas and moves back.
Tebryn casts haste on everybody except Igor, who he cannot see.
Yol casts recitation on everybody.
Brianna starts to sing
Kress steps through the wall. The Golem whacks him for 10 points. It spits a web at him which does not affect him because of his cloak of arachnidia.

Spiderstone Golem: Obsidian construct appears as a smooth glassy 9-foot tall male drow with four arms.

Igor moves up, drawing his weapon and whacks it for 45.
Tebryn moves in and casts disintegrate. It turns out to be immune, but Tebryn thinks it just resisted his spell. "Damn!" he says, "I'll do better next time!"

Kress hits for 18. Igor takes the opportunity to hit for 46. Kress hits again and drops it.

The room has three doors. Two are normal. One is a misty archway - a portal to the Material Plane. "Hah!" says Tebryn. "Just as I expected!"

We cure up. Tebryn advises us to finish clearing out the level.

Igor searches one door, goes through and disables the circuitry in the room.
Igor searches the next door, goes through and disables the circuitry in the room.

"Cool!" says Tebryn. "Let's go up!"

Igor and Kress move up the hole to the top level.

--- We explore Irae's temple and return to her bedroom. ---

We pull Irae out of the portable hole and examine her.

a fine metal gauntlet on her right arm.
a silvery plate covering her left eye and much of that side of her face.
a rod of twisted strands surrounding a glowing green glow of raw magic.
a masterwork dagger
a plain mithril ring

Mundane loot:

Irae's religious books (Yol or Veracity)
Irae's bedding (Igor)

"I'll identify all this stuff tomorrow," says Tebryn.

We camp in Irae's bedroom.


Brianna: +7,469 (14,885)
Igor: +5,592 (pop + 3,510)
Kress: +9,941 (14,199)
Tebryn: +2,306 (6,361)
Veracity: +5,592 (pop + 4,743)
Yol: +7,469 (pop +1,641)

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