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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 37 - Orb Wraith

Tebryn's notes

At 9 AM the next morning, Veracity's negative levels go away.
Kress regains 1 Con point.
Igor regains 1 Con point.
Yol casts lesser restoration on Kress, recovering 1 Con point.
Yol casts lesser restoration on Kress, recovering 2 Con point.

We gather outside the portal.

Veracity: "What do you say, Yol? Send a spectre on ahead?"
Yol: "OK."
Veracity: "Should I veil us again? As what?"
Tebryn: "Same party as before?"
Veracity: "Ah! But instead of zombies, I'll make the fighters into quth-marens."

Veracity veils us.
Veracity looks like a High Priestess of Kiaransallee.
Yol looks like a skinny quth-maren.
Igor looks like the vampire monk that we slew.
Brianna looks like a shapely drow ranger.
Tebryn looks like an undead beholder
Hazen and Kress look like twin quth-marens.

Yol: "Sister Cabrath, go through and come right back to report. If you can't come back, wait for us."

Cabrath goes and returns. "Nothing interesting. just a room."

We enter. Strange room on the Ethereal plane. The archway we came through is a solid wall here. Hole in ceiling.

Veracity casts see invisible.

Igor disables the circuitry in the walls.

Igor floats up through the hole in ceiling. He sees a larger room with a seeming portal in it. Igor disables the circuitry. We all join him.

"No energy drain?" asks Veracity.

"I assume that we've not yet reached the region of the Black Sphere on the Ethereal Plane," says Tebryn.

In the far side of the room is another hole. Igor floats silently up to it. He sees a long narrow room. He sees another hole in the ceiling - and the bottom of the great black orb.

We discuss how to protect against the chilling effects.

"Have anything to protect against cold?" asks Igor.

"I can give you resist energy" says Brianna.

"Was it cold, or negative energy?" asks Tebryn.

"If it's negative energy, we need death ward," says Brianna. "I can do that, too. How about you, Yol?"

"I have one for myself," says Yol.

Brianna casts resist energy on Igor to protect him from cold. He scouts and finds that it's still preternaturally cold.

We discuss what to do. We decide to save the death ward spells for the weakest characters, since its duration is so short.

We decide to send Cabrath to scout.

Yol bolsters Cabrath.

Yol: "Sister Cabrath, fly up from room to room scouting and return as soon as you see another creature. Don't go through any portals. Don't touch the black sphere. Don't be mislead by strange priestesses. Remember: Hel is good to you."

Cabrath flies away. She does not return.

We discuss.

"OK," says Tebryn. "How about this. Yol casts death ward on Igor. Igor goes up, and disables the circuitry, room by room. As soon as he looks through the next hole and sees a creature, he comes right back. We will then decide what to do."

"That worked really well with Cabrath," remarks Yol.

"I suspect that Cabrath ran into Irae," says Tebryn. "Igor won't get controlled by an evil high priestess."

"OK," says Igor. "Can you watch me with your crystal ball?"

"Good idea," says Tebryn.

"Why don't you look at Cabrath," suggests Yol.

"OK," says Tebryn. He pulls out his crystal ball. He tries to scry on Cabrath. He gets no reading. "No, luck," he reports.

"Does it matter that I will be invisible?" asks Igor.

"Yes," says Tebryn. He casts see invisible.

Yol casts death ward on Igor. Brianna casts message to include everybody.

"I am ready," says Igor. He turns invisible and floats up into the next room. Tebryn looks into his crystal ball and scries him.

Igor disables the circuitry in the room.

Igor pokes his head through the next hole. One whole side of the room is filled by the Orb. As he enters the room, he sees some glowing red eyes within the orb.

Hazen 24 Khumarr 24 Veracity 21 Kress 20 Yol 17 Igor 15 Brianna 7 Tebryn 6

A black ray shoots out from the vicinity of the eyes and hits Igor, to no effect. Igor hears a hiss of frustration.

Igor opts to not use his thieves tools as weapons. He drops them and draws his weapon. He whispers to Brianna: "I am being attacked by undead!"

Brianna gasps. "Igor is being attacked by undead!" she reports. She delays.

Yol casts death ward on herself.

Tebryn frowns. "It looked like an enervation ray to me. Yol, Brianna, cast death wards and let's go up and help him."

Brianna casts death ward on Kress.

Kress moves up into the next room.

Hazen 24 Khumarr 24 Veracity 21 Igor 15 Yol 7 Tebryn 6 Brianna 6 Kress 6

The Orb Wraith moves forward and touches Igor once for 2 points of damage and 1 Fortitude save. He makes it.

Igor activates his boots of speed. He steps 5 feet forward and attacks the Orb Wraith. He misses the incorporeal creature, misses again, hits it for 31 points, and misses.

A Hezrou appears next to Igor. It bites him for 15 points. It misses with a claw. and misses with the other claw. Igor succeeds at a Will save.

Yol moves to the next room.

Tebryn looks into the crystal ball. "Holy moly! Now a demon is attacking Igor! Death ward or not, he needs help." He puts away his crystal ball and moves into the next room.

"Here's a death ward for you, honey" says Brianna. She casts the spell on Veracity.

Kress moves into the room with the battle. The Orb Wraith touches him for 7 points of physical damage and he fails his save. He takes 3 points of Con drain. Kress swings his axe and misses the Orb Wraith.

Hazen moves into the next room.

Khumarr hangs.

Veracity moves into the next room.

The Orb Wraith attacks Igor. It touches him for 8 physical damage and drains 5 points of Con. It touches him again for 1 physical damage. It drains another 5 points of Constitution.

Igor snarls. He strikes at the Wraith, missing, missing, missing, missing.

The Hezrou bites Igor for 11 points. It misses with both claws.

Kress withstands an attack on his Will.

Yol moves up under the hole and casts recitation.

Tebryn takes 2 points of negative energy damage. He casts greater invisibility on Igor.

Brianna starts to sing really loudly.

Kress strikes at the Orb Wraith. He hits for 22 points of damage. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 35 points. Kress hits again for 19 points. He hits again for 20 points of damage.

Hazen takes 2 points of negative energy damage. He comes through the hole and tumbles behind the Orb Wraith.

Veracity moves into the room and steps behind Igor. The Hezrou bites her for 13 points. She strikes the Hezrou and misses.

The Orb Wraith strikes at the invisible Igor, missing. It touches again for 6 points of physical damage. He barely shrugs off the Con drain.

Igor strikes the Orb Wraith for 34 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 12 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 36 points.

The Hezrou misses three times against Igor.

The temple casts horrid wilting against Hazen, Kress, Igor, and Veracity.

Hazen saves and takes 35 points. of damage.
Veracity saves and takes 35 points. of damage.
Igor heroically dives through the hole just in time.
Kress saves and takes 35 points. of damage.

Yol walks to where Igor plunged to the floor and casts an ampowered cure serious on Igor for 30 points.

Tebryn Casts on the Run: he pops his head into the hole, casts haste on Hazen, Kress, Veracity, Igor, Yol, and himself, and pops back out of the hole.

Brianna's singing takes effect.

Kress misses the Orb Wraith and then hits the Orb Wraith, slaying it. He takes a 5 foot step and Cleaves into the Hezrou for 30-10 points. He hits again for 21-10 points. He hits again for 30-10 points.

Hazen takes negative energy damage for 1 point and goes invisible.

Veracity misses and hits for 20-10, hits for 20-10, hits for 23-10 with the sword of Kas, hits for 20-10 and hits again for 21-10 for with her Life Stealer. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 46-10, dropping it.

The temple dominates Kress and orders him to "destroy the woman." He looks menacingly at Veracity.

Yol cures Igor to "full."

Igor pulls out his picks.

Tebryn delays.

Brianna sings.

Kress moves and attacks Veracity. He misses, misses, misses, and hits her for 22 points.

Hazen gapes. "What are you doing, Kress!" He attempts to grapple Kress. He succeeds.

Veracity spits on Kress's face and dives down the hole into the next room. "Kress hit me!" she says.

Tebryn frowns. "Kress is dominated again? I'll dispel it." He tries and fails (27 vs. 31).

The Tower attempts to dominate Hazen but fails.

Yol cures Veracity for 30 points.

Igor goes upstairs and disables the circuitry in the next room.

Tebryn succeeds in dispelling Kress's domination and everybody moves downstairs, out of the range of the Orb's negative energy.

Igor full (10 points of Con drain) Hazen -45 Veracity -44 Tebryn -17 Kress -42 (3 points of Con drain)


Brianna +4,870 = 9,364
Hazen +4,870 = pop 692
Igor +3,645 = 14,195
Kress +8,594 = pop 1,194
Tebryn +1,505 = 3,344
Veracity +3,645 = 15,428
Yol +4,870 = 8,870

Raw Notes

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