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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 36 - Divine Seeker

Tebryn's notes

Brianna tries on the ring. She clearly sees the invisible and blinking Hazen and Igor.

"Honey, this is some sort of ring of see invisible," she says to Veracity.

Veracity covets the ring and we agree to let her "hold" it.

We decide to search the level before going up the stairs.

We search the north door and find no traps. We line up.

Igor opens the door.

Three chairs surround a small table at one end of the long room.
At the other end is a small kitchen with cabinets but no cook fire.

The cupboards hold typical drow food. Dried rothé meat, dried cave fish, and pungent rothé cheese. Mushrooms, molds, and pickled slime molds.

We load up the portable hole with all the food, except the cheese, which Hazen greedily stuffs into his own backpack.

We deactivate the circuitry in the walls and also find another door.

We open it.

A thick fur on the floor serves as a bed. An assortment of small stone statues of life-sized underdark animals are in the room, apparently the medusa Yashar's idea of "art."

Hazen appraises the fur. He says it's not worth the effort of moving it into the portable hole.
Igor disables the walls.

We line up to go up the stairs.

Igor climbs up first. He finds a concealed door on a landing. He searches the door and finds a trap that shoots a volley of poison darts at everybody in the room. He disables the trap.

The door is locked. Igor picks the lock. It takes him 2 minutes.

He opens the door and we see a warm room full of pleasant smells, comfortable furnishings and attractive decorations. There is a small bed in the far corner with a finely crafted wooden dresser beside it. A full length silver mirror in an ornate wooden frame stands on the other side of the bed.

In the center of the room is a bronze brazier with smoldering coals and incense. A small divan stands near the brazier.

Opposite the divan is a box folded out with three panels.

Center panel of tryptich has a drow with her face painted like a skull, a silver ring on each finger.
Left panel has another drow woman. Skulls.
Right panel has a ghostly drow warrior woman.

At bottom of the three part scene, box looks like a small altar, with a tiny unlit brazier and other implements.

Hazen 31 Igor 29 Yol 24 Kress 24 Veracity 23 Tebryn 18 Cabrath 18 Khumarr 10 Brianna 10

Tebryn Spots 29, Kress and Yol Spot 23.
Yol and Yol Listens 16, Tebryn 37, Brianna 16.

Hazen steps invisibly into the room and draws his weapon.
Igor enters the room.
Yol delays.
Kress delays.
Veracity continues up the stairs and enters the room.
Kress is attacked from behind for 36 points and one point of Con damage.

There is a female drow wearing studded leather armor on the stairs. "Stay out of my room, she says!" She has just backed off 10 feet.

Kress draws his weapon and moves up to engage her.
Yol says: "Cabrath, attack that drow."
Cabrath moves behind the creature.
Tebryn disintegrates her for 24 points.
Khumarr delays.
Brianna starts to sing an inspiring song.

Hazen delays.
Igor moves down to attack her, drawing his sword. He misses.
Veracity pulls out her godstone and moves down the stairs until she could see the battle.

The drow (Paelinn, the Divine Seeker) does a Whirlwind attack and hits Igor for 12 points and 1 point of Con damage, Kress for 6 points and 1 point of Con damage, and Cabrath for 8 points.

Kress activates his shield and Power Attacks her. He misses, hits for 26 points, Igor takes the opportunity to hit for 44 points, Paelinn sighs and becomes more robust, Kress hits for 29 points, and she falls.

Kress: "She's not dead. Shall we bind her and question her?"

Tebryn: "Yes. Take her stuff and tie her up. Let Veracity question her. Then we can kill her and question her some more."

We take her stuff.

studded leather armor
rapier of wounding
ring of protection +2
amulet (Abjuration)
greater piwafwi
2 flasks (Conjuration)
8 doses of poison.

Yol: "Ah. 6 drow poison and 2 deathblade poison." She pockets them as greedily as Hazen would pocket gems.

We look at the shrine.
Yol (22): the center figure is Kiaransalee.
Veracity (31): the left figure is the "Reaper of Souls," Larynda Telenna, the figure on the right is Gurdren Myrinn, a keening spirit and divine champion of Kiaransalee.

Brazier worth 250 gp.
Portable Shrine is worth 900 gp.

We discuss what to ask her:

What is your name?
What's in the rest of the material part of the tower?
What about the black orb?
Where is Irae?
What other creatures are in the temple?
Will you lower your resistance and accept a domination or must we kill you?

Igor, Hazen, and Kress move out of the room onto the landing.

Yol cures the restrained priestess for 9 points.

Veracity attempts to Intimidate her, flenser in hand, for a result of 29.

Veracity: "What else is in the tower?"
Paelinn: "My only friend is the temple itself."
Veracity: "Who else protects the temple?"
Paelinn: "Just some cultists."
Veracity: "Is there another portal to the Ethereal plane?"
Paelinn: "Nope."
Veracity: "Have you used that portal?"
Paelinn: "Nope."
Veracity: "How many levels are above this one?"
Paelinn: "Five."
Veracity: "What about that black orb?"
Paelinn: "Nasty."
Veracity: "What does it do?"
Paelinn: "Hurts. Don't touch it. No - maybe you should touch it."
Veracity: "What can the tower cast?"
Paelinn: "Domination, horrid wilting, enervation. Other high level things. I don't know. we don't have many intruders."
Veracity: "What is your name?"
Paelinn: "Paelinn."
Paelinn: "I don't know what you think you're doing. You can't defeat Irae. You certainly can't defeat the tower."
Veracity: "What can she do?"
Paelinn: "High level clerical spells."
Veracity: "Is she missing an eye?"
Paelinn: "I suppose. She gave it to her cause."
Veracity: "Tell us about the other cultists in the tower."
Paelinn: "There is the medusa. There is Taharak,the ghost. There is Flenser. That's it."
Veracity: "And all those levels above us. Seems strange. Nothing there?"
Veracity: "Would you lower defenses and be dominated or would you prefer to die a horrid painful death?"
Paelinn: "Ha ha ha ha."
Veracity: "Suit yourself." She kills Paelinn.

Tebryn: "Let's pack her body away in the portable hole. We've seen other foes come back as revenants." We pack her up.

Brianna: "Dearest, this room looks like a comfortable place for us to camp out, once we finish exploring the Material part of the tower."
Veracity: "Yes!"

We go up the stairs.

The Temple speaks in our heads. "You shouldn't have done that." It sends an enervation at Veracity and she gains 4 negative levels.

Brianna: "Darling, if I'd known the Temple was going to shoot enervation rays at you, I'd have given you a death ward. I'll do that before we go into new parts of the tower."

Igor disables the circuitry in the stairs. We retreat into Paelinn's room.

Yol cures up Kress for 28 and 13.
Yol cures up Igor.
Yol inflicts up Cabrath to fullness.

We decide to go up and see what else is there. Veracity offers to guard the rear, in her level drained state.

Tebryn: "Igor: first thing you do, is disable rooms when we get there."
Igor: "OK."

We go up a level. Small landing. Igor disables it. Door opposite. It's significantly colder. Igor and Hazen take some negative energy damage.

Igor searches the door, starts blinking, and opens the door.

He sees the black orb suspended. On the floor is a mosaic depicting a skull. There is a five foot wide black tile in the center of it depicting the mouth.

Igor goes out and back down the stairs and reports.

We decide to have Yol send one of her spectres up.

Yol: "Cabrath, go up and come back to report once you either reach the top or see a creature."

Cabrath goes up and comes back quickly.

Cabrath: "No creaturessss..."

Veracity: "Good! let's go down to Paelinn's room and plan some more. Then, the boys can go camp in front of the portal while Brianna dear and I camp out here until tomorrow."

Hazen: "Hey, I'm a creature of comfort. I can stay in that room too! I'll just look away."

Brianna: "There's only one bed, Hazen. You camp downstairs." Hazen -5 hp
Igor -3 hp (Con -1)
Veracity -9 hp (levels -4)
Kress -2 hp (Con -4)
Yol -9 hp
Tebryn -9 hp
Brianna -9 hp

Veracity: "So, is it a plan? You boys camp out downstairs and guard the portal. The rest of us guard this comfy bedroom."

Brianna: "Yes!"

Yol: "I'm not a 'boy'. Do I stay here? Cabrath and Khumarr stay with me too, of course."

Veracity: "Why not?"

The boys retire downstairs. We make it through the night unmolested.

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