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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 36 - Draegoloth

Tebryn's notes

Yol 26
Veracity 25
Kress 22
Khumarr 15
Tebryn 15
Hazen 16
Cabrath 13
Igor 11
Brianna 10

Flenser is 8 feet tall with inky black skin and knotted yellow hair. Body is powerfully muscled. Four arms. Two normal, two small.

Yol: "Cabrath, go attack the creature"
Veracity casts hold monster to no apparent effect.
Kress steps, activates his animated shield, and draws his battleaxe.
Hazen steps up to the creature and attacks it, missing.
Tebryn walks over and looks into the trap door.
Cabrath flies down and stands in front of the creature.
Igor draws his weapon.
Brianna starts to sing.
Flenser calls down a flame strike upon Hazen, Kress, Cabrath, and Igor. Kress saves and takes 23. Hazen evades it. Igor evades it. Cabrath saves and takes 23 points.

Yol delays.
Veracity draws her bow and shoots a single arrow at the fiend. She hits for 9 physical + 2 fire (no effect) + 1 cold (no effect) + 2 electricity (no effect).
Kress moves up next to it, provoking an Attack of Opportunity, and takes 12 points of damage. He strikes it for 19 points.
Hazen attacks out of invisibility. He hits for 37 points, 7 points, misses, and 21 points.
Tebryn delays.
Cabrath misses.
Igor steps 5 feet and swings at it. He hits for 63 points. It falls.

They search and find:

bracers of armor +4
ring of protection +1
wand of unholy blight (8th level, 18 charges)

Igor: Search 44 Hazen : Search 28 Yol: Search 28 Tebryn: Search 24 Brianna: Search 19 Veracity: Search 15 Kress: Search 10

Igor discovers "invisible magical circuitry, similar to a glyph of warding." He announces this, and Hazen and Tebryn are able to discern it.

Tebryn says: "So perhaps we can disable it?"

Igor: "Perhaps this is how the Temple casts spells at us."

Yol casts detect magic and concludes that this is divination magic.

Tebryn: "So, perhaps the Temple uses this to spy on us."

Yol does an augury and discovers that Igor doing Disable Device on the wall gives us "weal."

Brianna sings to Inspire Competence in Igor.

Igor spends about 3 rounds and is confidant that he has interrupted the circuitry of the room. Whatever that means.

Tebryn: "Yes! If I am right, it can no longer spy on us here!"

Yol does cure serious on Kress for 23 points.
Yol does inflict serious on Cabrath for 26 points.

We discuss it and decide to Disable the whole Temple from bottom to top.

Igor goes down into Flenser's pit and Disables the circuitry there.

We go upstairs and Disable the circuitry in the two rooms there.

We decide to go up the stairs to the next level.

Raw Notes

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