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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 36 - Ethereal Scouts

Tebryn's notes

Brianna casts lesser restoration on Hazen and restores 4 points of Con damage.

Brianna casts cure serious wounds on Kress for 31 points.
Brianna casts cure serious wounds on Kress for 18 points.
Brianna casts cure serious wounds on Igor for 36 points.
Yol casts cure serious wounds on Kress for 19 points.

We go down the corridor and open the far door.

We are at the bottom of a large well-like cavern almost completely filled with a gracefully curving tower of ribbed black stone. 30 feet up, in the hollow of the tower's curve, a large sphere of utter blackness devours almost every shred of light, obscuring the top of the tower almost wholly from view.

This is the Undying Temple. Interior doors are made of smooth black stone that blend in closely with the walls. Walls are smooth black marble, as are the level flagstone floors. Ceilings typically are 9 ft. high.

Veracity casts see invisible and sees a mirror image of the tower on the Ethereal plane centered on the black sphere, but going up.

We discuss talking to the tower. We agree that Brianna will do the talking.

She walks up and says "Hello, Undying Temple. We'd like to come in."

The Evil members of the party hear in their heads: "Hail. Why are you here?"

Brianna: "We are here to see Irae."

Temple: "To what end? I must read your thoughts. Lower your defenses."

Brianna: "OK."

Hazen: "We are here to overthrow her and take her place!"

The voice in our heads goes silent.

Kress fails a Will save. He notices a passage we'd not seen before. "Hey, look! there's a passage!" He starts walking towards it.

Brianna to temple: "Are you letting us in?"

Temple: "Yes."

We all walk over to the passage and follow Kress to our dooms.

We enter into a strange shaped room with ivory columns and a door at one end, and a staircase leading up at the other.

Veracity's sword warns her to put up her defenses front and rear. It puts up a shield spell for her.

Veracity: 27 Brianna: 26 Hazen: 24 Tebryn: 22 Kress: 17 Cabrath:15 Yol: 12 Igor: 10 Khumarr: 8

We see four drow (one undead) and a Nightmare amongst the columns.

Veracity, Igor, and Brianna all make their Fortitude save to resist the Ghost's hideous appearance.

Veracity casts haste on everybody.
Brianna sings.
Hazen delays.
Tebryn delays.
Nightmare delays.
Cleric 1 fires an arrow at Brianna, missing.
Kress draws his weapon.
Cleric 2 fires an arrow at Brianna, missing.
Cabrath delays.
Yol casts deathward.
Igor steps in.
Tebryn steps up and casts horrid wilting on the three clerics, slaying them all.
Hazen draws his weapons.
Khumarr delays.
The Ghost steps forward 5 feet and tries to touch Igor. Fortunately, Igor had blinked and it misses.

Veracity casts five magic missiles at the ghost for 16 points of damage.
Brianna continues to sing.
Kress delays.
Cabrath delays
Yol steps five feet away from Kress and casts mirror image, producing 5 images.
Igor attacks the ghost, hitting for 30 points, hitting for 34 points. It falls.
Tebryn attempts a greater dispel on Kress. He fails.
Hazen dismisses his blink spell but remains invisible.

Veracity dominates Kress. She fails to override the Temple's control over him.
Brianna continues to sing.
The Temple casts horrid wilting on the whole party, doing 40 points of damage on everybody.
Kress moves up into the room up the Nightmare and attacks it. He activates his shield and power attacks it, missing.
The Nightmare goes ethereal and runs away.

Tebryn glares at Hazen. "I think you peed in our bed, Hazen. I believe that the Temple did that horrid wilting on us."

Hazen: "Hey, I was just trying to impress it!"

Tebryn: "Bad job."

We all move in. We search the three clerics. They have:

3 +2 full plate
3 +1 large steel shield
3 +1 morningstar
3 scroll of flame strike @ CL 9
3 scroll of blade barrier @ CL 11
3 wand of summon monster III [35 charges]
3 masterwork light crossbow
58 masterwork bolts

Yol casts mass cure light wounds on the whole party, giving us all 18 points.
Yol does it again and gives everybody another 13 points.

We explore and find the concealed door. Through it is a narrow room with stairs down. We discuss which stairs we should take: up or down. Tebryn and Hazen convince Veracity to go down first.

We do so and find a circular torture chamber, There is a body stretched on the table with the skin removed: in the process of becoming a quth-marin. We search the room and find Hamadh's belongings.

"Poor Hamadh," says Veracity.

We collect his stuff:

+3 shadow studded leather
+2 keen greatsword
boots of elvenkind
gloves of dexterity +2
ring of protection +1 (small gold band set with a line of tiny black pearls)
amulet of natural armor +1
potion of nondetection
shadow essence poison: Fort save DC 17: 1 pt. Str. drain/2d6 pt. Str damage.

There is a trap door in the floor. We search it and find no traps.

Igor opens it.

The odor of a charnel house fills the air. A rusty iron ladder leads down to a 25 foot diameter room.

A furry hide is shoved to one side. A drow hand with a silver ring on each finger is nailed to the wall.

Hazen suggests we go down.

Brianna wrinkles her nose. "I'm not going down. It stinks!"
Veracity decides to stay up with Brianna.

Tebryn decides to stay up and look down through the hole

Hazen, Igor, Kress decide to fly down. Hazen and Igor are blinking.

Yol sends Khumarr down first to scout. He finds nothing.

Flenser, the draegloth, attacks.

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