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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 34 - Initiation, Shopping, and Carousing

Tebryn's notes

We discuss the mushroom wine. Veracity wants to hog it all. Hazen wants to have his way with the contents.

We discuss the questions for the commune. Yol casts it.

"Mighty Hel, I commune with thee and ask these important questions."

"Proceed, daughter."

1) Should Brianna and Veracity trust the sending?

2) Could Irae be within a ten-day of completing her great revenance spell research?

3) Are we missing any objects, keys or passwords that would help us bypass any of the Temple's defenses?

4) Do we need to destroy or disable the Undying Temple itself to complete our quest?

5) Is there something special we need to do to defeat the Undying Temple?

6) Can it be disabled mechanically?
In part.

7) Can it be disabled magically?

8) Does Irae's eye patch or what it covers possess any special powers?

9) Is there something specific we need to do to defeat Irae?

10) Is one or more of the special powers associated with Irae's eye patch or what it covers Necromantic in nature?
No death effects.

Yol relates the answers.

"It sounds like we can do Brianna's little side trip," says Tebryn.

"Yes, and go shopping in Sigil," says Igor.

Tebryn learns his spells, including two greater teleport and one analyze dweomer.

Tebryn casts analyze dweomer. We divide up all the loot.

"Brianna, describe this college. Tell me where it is and what it looks like."

Brianna describes it in great detail.

We put the spectres into the portable hole. Everybody touches Tebryn and he successfully uses greater teleport to take us to the college.

The college is located on the shores of Loch Firnan. Thick woods surround the college. It is a two story stone structure with a slate roof. A thick layer of climbing ivy covers its ancient walls. The exterior walls are stone and have begun to crumble.

A circular path leads up to steps which lead up to the stone door.

"Let's go, honey" says Brianna. She takes Veracity's hand and walks up to the door. She opens the door and enters without knocking.

Elibroviel, a female pixie flies up with recognition. "Brianna! Tyrea has been expecting you."

"Good to see you, Elibroviel. We must catch up later. But if Tyrea has been expecting us, perhaps you could announce us, please?"

"Yes, yes! Wait here!" She flies away.

Five minutes later, Tyrea Neylis comes forth and greets us. She is a female half elf. She greets Brianna and Veracity. "Please, come to my rooms. We must talk." She looks at Veracity. "You are welcome to join us."

"Thank you," says Veracity.

She takes us into a reception room in her suite upstairs.

"So, you left us," she says to Brianna.

Brianna fills her in on everything she's done for the last 5 years. She fills her in on Loviatar's quest, and Irae's great revenance spell.

Tyrea asks if Brianna had renounced her attachment to the college. Brianna says "of course not". Tyrea asks if she is ready to complete her long-delayed initiation. "Of course".

It will take a full day from dawn to dusk. It could start tomorrow. "I am ready," says Brianna. "I'll tell my other companions to come back the day after tomorrow. They were planning on going for a quick trip to Sigil for supplies."

Veracity will stay and the others will go shopping and carousing in Sigil. We send off the Yol and the boys. Tebryn does greater teleport to the portal, activates it, and everybody steps through into Sigil.

Hazen breathes in deeply. "Ah, this is much better than that forest stuff we were in, not to mention that burning death-filled city." Hazen leads everybody back to the mansion. Vandis is not there. The servants inform us that Master Vandis had been called away some weeks ago. He looked a little grim. Yol and Tebryn are given guest rooms. Yol parks her spectres in her room and instructs the servants not to enter this room until she leaves Sigil. They look at her with pale faces and wide eyes, gulp, and nod.

We unload everything from the portable hole in the large parlor on the second floor. We set up the demon armor and Veracity's disturbing abstract statue into the gallery. Hazen sets up his door chimes. We display all the other trophies. Kress puts up the spell-storing halberd Igor puts up Kugoth's huge flaming greatsword. You go shopping and carousing. 12,000 gp limit.

Meanwhile, back at the college, we pass a pleasant evening. Brianna gets up before dawn the next morning and goes off and undergoes her initiation. After the sun sets, she returns and everybody present at the college celebrates with Brianna as the center of the celebration.

Next day (day 36), Tebryn gathers up Yol, her spectres, Hazen, Kress, and Igor and leads them to the portal in Sigil. He activates it and everybody steps through. He casts greater teleport back to the college. They go in and are greeted and Brianna and Veracity join them, and Tebryn does greater teleport back to our basement in Maerimydra. Yol breathes in deeply and a small smile appears on her face.

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