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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 33 - Planning and Sending

Tebryn's notes

We are in our cellar.

We discuss the bad shape that Hazen and Igor present.

He discuss our initial plan:

- Come night, Yol turns Cabrath into another spectre - At midnight, Yol prays for restoration*2 and planar familiar. - Yol fixes Igor and Hazen. - Yol transforms Nightlife into a Fiendish black cat. - In the morning, Tebryn casts analyze dweomer on all the new loot. - Treasure division! - Yol casts commune to learn more about the Undying Temple.

Everybody likes its.

Yol: "This is good. we need questions for the commune."
Tebryn: "We'll do that in the morning."

Veracity and Brianna retire to commune with each other, while the others putter around, sharpening axes, or whatever.

Brianna gets a sending from Tyrea Neylis.

"You left unfinished business, when you left five years ago. Now that you are back, return to the college and report to me. Bring Veracity."

Brianna replies: "We will come as soon as possible."

She tells Veracity.

Brianna: "Let's go out and talk to the others."
Veracity: "Let's go see if Tebryn will mind doing his greater teleport to come with us."

We do so. Tebryn is intrigued.

As expected, Igor asks "So, is this more important than going after Irae?"

"To me, it is," says Brianna. She explains her history.

"Nothing you've said sounds like this is important," says Igor. "Why don't you wait until we are done with the important part of the quest?"

We argue and discuss.

"All right, let's ask a couple of questions in the commune tomorrow," says Tebryn. "Should Brianna respond to this sending? And, will Irae finish her research on the Great Revenance within the next ten-day? If the answer to the first is Yes and the answer to the second is No, then why not let them go on this little trip now?"

"How will they get there?" asks Igor.

"I can teleport us," says Tebryn.

"You mean we could have been teleporting?" asks Igor. "Why not go back to Sigil and buy some goggles of night vision?"

We discuss.

"OK," says Tebryn. "Tomorrow, I will learn two greater teleport spells. I will take us all to the college. Brianna will check in and tell us how long she will need to stay, and the rest of us, except Veracity, will teleport to the portal to Sigil. We will step through, go to the mansion, drop off all the stuff we're keeping, sell all the stuff we're not keeping, and buying supplies that we know we will need."

Yol turns Cabrath into a spectre and successfully commands her.

At midnight, Yol prays for her new spells, including two restoration, one planar familiar, and one commune.

Yol transforms Nightlife into a Fiendish black cat.

Yol "fixes" Igor and Hazen.

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