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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 33 - Cabrath Nelinderra & Maas

We reach the shaft, descend one level, march back through Khumarr's suite, into the strange temple and up the stairs to the double doors.

Hazen quickly searches the door. Igor takes a minute to search.

"My foresight says there is something dangerously interesting on the other side!" says Veracity. "We should be invisible and have our weapons out!"

Various people go invisible. Igor opens the door.

Images of death are all around, usually tortured painful death. Scenes of death. Decaying corpses are used as furniture. Two rotting drow support smoking braziers. Two hold up a slab of stone. A fifth holds up a tome, in position to be read by somebody standing behind the "altar".


A small wooden door leads out, seemingly to a sacristry or vestment room.

A large double door emblazoned with an ebon hand bedecked with silver rings.

Large mural: seated drow with hands bedecked with rings. At her side is a beautiful elf woman, white skin, one glowing red eye, the other covered with a silver plate, hairless head.

Veracity, with her knowledge of religion, knows that the mural depicts Kiaransalee. The other figure is unknown to her.

There are two people in the room:

There is a cleric, drow woman with dusky gray skin, gray-white hair, and amber eyes. Heavy black robes, royal purple inside the sleeves, and holds a bone-handled dagger whose blade is an insubstantial protrusion of glowing blue energy.

The other is a handsome male drow with black trousers, black leather gloves, and elaborate bracers. Heavily muscled.

The two seemed to have been deep in conversation. They look at the door with eyebrows raised. "Is there someone there?" asks the woman.

Yol 26 Khumarr 25 Veracity 24 Kress 17 Hazen 14 Igor 14 Tebryn 8 Brianna 5

Yol bolsters Khumarr: "The power of Hel remains with you!"
Khumarr delays
The cleric whispers quietly in Undercommon: "trouble". Tebryn smiles and nods to himself.
Veracity says "A message for Irae, mistress," in Abyssal. She bows and casts haste upon her party.
Kress delays.
The male drow moves up to the door.
Hazen moves into the room behind the male drow.
Igor moves into the room, directly between the priestess and the male.
Tebryn casts invisibility upon myself
Brianna starts to sing.
The priestess starts to cast a spell. Igor takes the opportunity to strike her with his greatsword for 51 points. "Ooh!" she goes, her spell completely interrupted. "Aid me!"

"Khumarr, go in and attack that male," says Yol.
Khumarr flies in and touches the male drow (Maas). He fails to bestow negative levels. He deals a little amount of damage which instantly heals. Hazen takes the opportunity to strike the male for 6 points, which instantly heal.
Veracity starts to cast summon monster V
The zombies start to move on in and ineffectually flail at the party.
Kress moves to behind the priestess, flanking her. She touches him with her strange dagger and gives him 3 points of damage. He hits her for 15 points.
Maas punches Hazen, bestowing 2 negative levels. Hazen is not stunned but takes 10 points of damage. He punches at Igor, missing, and missing.
Hazen steps five feet and stabs at the priestess. He hits for 6, 6, miss, and 9. She falls.
Igor attacks one of the zombies. He hits it for 33 and cleaves to the next for 30 and cleaves to the next for 26 and cleaves to Maas for 31-10. Igor misses and misses and misses.
Tebryn moves in and tries to disintegrate Maas. He fails to penetrate his SR.
Brianna's singing kicks in.

Yol moves in and tries to rebuke Maas. She is completely ineffective against him, but the zombies stand at attention.
Khumarr fails to touches Maas
Veracity's large fiendish monstrous scorpion appears and strikes at Maas. It claws twice and stings, all missing.
Veracity delays
Kress moves up next to Maas and strikes at him for 21-10. Igor takes the opportunity to strike him for 30-10.
Maas dominates Kress. "Destroy the person next to you," he says, pointing at Igor. He then tumbles under the scorpion.
Hazen moves up next to Maas and stabs him for no lasting damage
Igor moves up next to Maas. Kress swings at him as he goes, missing. Igor strikes at Maas, missing.
Tebryn moves up behind Igor and touches him, bestowing greater invisibility upon him.
Veracity moves into the room and shoots a sonic blast at Maas and Hazen. They both evade it and take no damage. Brianna continues to sing.

Yol fails to dispel the dominate on Kress.
Khumarr flies over next to Maas and flails at him.
The scorpion flails ineffectually at Maas
Kress stands confused.
Maas points at Tebryn. "Attack him," he commands Kress. He moves over the altar to stand in front of Veracity. Hazen swings at him, hitting for 11-1. Igor misses him. He punches at Veracity, missing, and moves on out the door. Veracity hits him for 18-10. Yol misses him.
Hazen moves out the door and stands next to Brianna. He misses Maas.
Igor moves out to stand next to Maas. Maas hits him for 14 points, bestowing 4 negative levels upon Igor.
Tebryn casts greater dispelling on Kress, to no effect.
Veracity dominates Kress and successfully overrides Maas's domination "Go attack the vampire!"
Brianna withdraws to avoid Maas.

Yol casts cure critical on Maas but fails to penetrate his spell resistance.
Khumarr flies over and misses Maas
Kress moves over to attack Maas. Maas hits him for 6 points. Kress's bone ring absorbs the negative levels. Kress hits Maas for 24-10 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit Maas for 31-10 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to miss.
Maas punches Hazen bestowing another 2 negative levels. He tumbles back into the other room.
Hazen goes invisible
and moves in next to Maas.
Igor moves up next to Maas and swings at him, hitting for 30-10 points.
Tebryn send magic missiles at Maas for 22 points and forces him into gaseous form.
Yol casts gaseous form on Khumarr and orders him to follow Maas to his coffin and report back to us.

Khumarr chases Maas but loses him and comes back.

Meanwhile, we strip the items from the priestess.

Spectral Dagger (magic: moderate necromancy): no attack bonus and deals no damage. Melee touch to impart chill touch at DC 11. (20,000 gp)
+4 light fortification half-plate armor (magic: strong abjuration)
Ring of protection +2 (magic: faint abjuration)
Greater Fire Elemental Gem (magic: strong conjuration (summoning)): summons a greater fire elemental when you smash it. (6,000 gp)

450 gp 11-lb worship book of Kiaransalee.

Yol casts speak with dead for the

What is your name? Cabrath Nelinderra
What is your vampire friend's name? Maas
Where is Maas's coffin? Level 5 of the small tower, easternmost room.
Who is the person next to Kiaransalee in the mural? Irae T'sarran
How do we get to the Undying Temple? Through the double doors leading from the Lesser Temple
Where is the Lesser Temple? Level 7 of the South Column, West Half.

We put Cabrath's body into the portable hole for later spectre-ation.

We go into the small tower, descend to level 5. We enter a room with two doors. Yol sends Khumarr to scout.

"Through that door is a room with six Quth-Marins. Through the other one is a suite with a coffin in it," says the spectre.

Hazen searches the door, finding no traps. We enter. The room is stripped of all furnishings.

Hazen searches the coffin. We stake him. We loot his body and remove his stuff.

Bracers of Armor +4 (magic: moderate conjuration)
Ring of Protection +2 (magic: faint abjuration)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (magic: faint transmutation)
Gloves of Dexterity +2 (magic: moderate transmutation)

We dimension door home.

Brianna: +3,335 (19,494)
Hazen: +2,371 (12,822)
Igor: +900 (10,550)
Kress: +4,150 (21,600)
Tebryn: +542 (1,839)
Veracity: +2,371 (11,783)
Yol: +3,335 (4,600)

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