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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Blood Fiends

Veracity's notes

Next, we try another door, and it opens without key as well. Igor is opening it.

Inside: This room stands out - unlike any other room in the tower - this chamber looks as if a crazed demon had made it's will on the place. A path of bones curves away from the north wall to a large staircase heading up NE where room seems to continue.

We are standing under a balcony. The floor is warped and shaped to look as though half-rotted corpses or melting souls were trying to free themselves from a trap. Same with walls. Two columns shaped like skeletons with gargoyles flank the stair case. There are nightmarish statues. All the "trapped" figures face the door - we have just opened.

Veracity, "Perhaps we should fly through here, not walk. This floor looks dodgy."

Suddenly, Veracity, in front, knows (Sword of Kas) to defend herself. In fact, she actually had an intuition before door was opened that there is "something nasty" inside. Therefore we are actually somewhat prepared. ;-)

Igor opens the door, very bravely. Veracity is standing next to Igor - his faithful fighting partner! (But Veracity is not in the open door way, yet). She is on Igor's right. Veracity's insight tells her to "steel her mind" - she communicates this to the others. She ups her swordly Defense.

We see: Ogre-sized demonic creatures - each with four strong arms that end in human hands. Glowing red eyes. Teeth that seem too large to fit in their mouths. There are 2 of them. We all spot them. They are LARGE. They are in the doorway. What do they make of our Veil? They appear to not be able to see through it, but we aren't sure.

One of the Blood Demon's says, "Halt, who goes there? This entrance is forbidden to all but Khumarr."

Veracity, "We will bring our friend Khumarr and come back tomorrow..."

But they are very suspicious and prepare to attack.

Veracity delays. Igor activates his (moderately weakened) Cloak of Displacement. Only works for 15 rounds per day now. Yol casts invisibility on herself. Veracity takes her delayed action and activates her own invisibility. Copying Yol's brilliant move!

One of the big-blood-demon-guys looks into Igor's eyes and says - in Igor's mind, "Strike your neighbor."

Igor says, "No!"

The other big-blood-demon-guy says to Igor, "Strike your neighbor, damn it!" The neighbor Igor sees is Brianna. !! :-(

Since they speak in "Abyssal," though, Igor's instructions are vague - more like "attack the nearest creature or person." Igor has not struck anyone yet, but is preparing to.

Tebryn says, "These are demons - you fighter guys go and destroy them. Use the halberd!"

Brianna is displays a lawful good holy symbol, as recommended by Yol, and starts to sing in praise of her friends.

Kress moves up. Big Demon1 does a claw attack on Kress, plus Fortitude saves for Kress, which he makes. Kress was not healed to full before this attack and he is sorry now. Kress tries to strike and misses.

Igor rebukes the Domination-suggestion that he strike a party member, but it takes him a full round. He shouts, "No!" again. And Brianna is spared! :-)

Veracity, invisible and flying - swoops into the room and stays out of reach of the Blood Demons. As she does so, she sees another Blood Demon up on the balcony to her left. She flies to the right.

Blood Demon3 teleports down and joins the fray. Blood Demon1 attempts and fails to dominate Igor again. Kress is not so fortunate and attacks Igor. Kress is blocking the door and swinging his axe wildly.

Igor attempts to disarm Kress. They both make "opposed attack rolls." Igor successfully disarms Kress.

Yol thinks about grabbing Kress and D-Dooring back to our hiding place (in the old basement). She decides to try a Cause Fear on Kress instead, but decides against that too. Decides instead to Delay.

Veracity flies up to the balcony and looks around. Balcony is more of the same. There is a double door at the top of the stairs.

One of the Blood Demons attacks Igor, moving past Kress (I think, not sure, getting confused) Another Blood Demon delays.

Kress is heading for Brianna now. Veracity prepares to try to Dominate Kress.

Tebryn is up. He thinks and thinks. Tebryn casts Greater Invisibility on Igor. "Okay, Igor, save our butts."

Brianna's singing kicks in +2attack/+2damage. Kress's opponent disappears and Kress tries to walk into Igor's square. Igor makes it past Kress into the room. Igor does 3 attacks and hits, hits, hits on a Blood Demon.

Tebryn starts evoking the power of his special pet - which will appear in the next round.

Igor attacks and hits (power attack - fewer times, but really HARD).

Yol entangles Kress using Igor's Rope of Entanglement and he finally stops beating up on the lovely, but vulnerable, Brianna!!

Veracity flies into the previous room - where most of the party is and casts Haste on as many of our party as possible - including herself - but excluding Kress. Igor, hasted, falls one of the demons.

Veracity turns to Dominate Person on Kress, but his will is already freed. So she moves back into the regular room and stays near Brianna to protect her!

One of the Demon's disappears and reappears between Veracity and Tebryn. Tebryn turns the tide of battle with his critter friends and finally they are all dead. Hooray, Tebryn!!! Veracity asks Brianna to create a special song for him!

We take a peak around the room. Decide NOT to go through the double doors. Decide NOT to sleep over night here.

Tebryn's notes

We line up at the other door. Veracity has the intuition that something nasty lurks beyond it. Igor opens the door.

This room stands out from every other room we've seen. The chamber looks as if a crazed demon had worked its will on the place. A path made of bones curves from the door to a large staircase curving up to the east, where the room seems to continue almost forty feet above. The floor around the path is warped and shaped to look as though rotting corpses or melting souls are trying to free themselves from its grasp. The walls bear images similar to the floors, with all the figures facing the door. Two columns shaped like skeletons topped with gargoyle like figures and other nightmarish statues.

Everybody spots two horrible creatures. Size Large, Four arms, hands with claws, mouthful of large teeth, glowing red eyes.

Veracity 29 Kress 26 Igor 22 Yol 18 Hazen 14 Tebryn 11 Brianna 10

"Halt! Who goes there? This entrance is forbidden to all except Khumarr!" says one of the creatures in Abyssal.

"We'll come back with our friend Khumarr tomorrow," says Veracity.

They don't buy it.

Veracity delays.
Kress delays.
Igor activates his cloak
Yol casts invisibility
Veracity activates her ring of invisibility
Monster 1 looks into Igor's eyes and says in his mind "strike your neighbor". Igor saves. "No!" says Igor.
Hazen delays. Monster 2 looks into Igor's eyes and says in his mind "strike your neighbor". Igor fails his save. "OK!" says Igor.
Tebryn looks at the creatures and realizes that they are Blood Fiends. As they are extraplanar, he attempts to banish Blood Fiend 2. It sneers at him.
Brianna starts to sing for her friends.

Kress walks into the door. Blood Fiend 1 claws him for 20 points. Blood Fiend 2 misses. Kress swings and misses. Igor's slippery mind slippers its way free. "No!" he yells.
Yol delays.
Veracity flies into the room. She flies up high. She can see a third Blood Fiend up on the balcony.
Blood Fiend 1 looks at Kress. In his mind he hears "fight somebody else!" Kress stiffens and nods.
Blood Fiend 3 teleports down to 10 feet from the door.
Blood Fiend 2 looks into Igor's eyes and says in his mind "strike your neighbor". Igor saves. "No!" says Igor.
Tebryn attempts to banish Blood Fiend 1. It sneers at him.
Brianna continues singing.

Kress steps up to Igor. He misses, misses, and misses. Igor draws his sword and attempts to disarm him. He succeeds. Yol delays
Veracity flies up and sees a door. Blood Fiend 1 steps up behind Kress and claws Igor for 14 points, misses, misses, and misses. He bites him, missing. Blood Fiend 3 delays. Hazen runs over and grabs Kress's axe from the floor. Blood Fiend 2 looks into Igor's eyes and says in his mind "strike your neighbor". Igor saves. "No!" says Igor.
Tebryn casts greater invisibility on Igor.
Brianna's voice wavers, but she continues to sing.

Kress tries to walk into Igor's square. He blunders into Igor, who lets him by, and swings his fist at Brianna, missing. Brianna glares at him venomously.
Igor steps into the room and hits Blood Fiend 1 for 19-15, 21-15, and 23-15 points of damage.
Blood Fiend 3 is confused.
Yol pulls out a scroll and reads it, attempting to hold person on Kress. It fails.
Hazen delays.
Blood Fiend 1 tries to dominate Tebryn. It fails.
Tebryn starts to summon a creature using his staff of wizardry
Brianna goes into total defense mode while continuing to sing.

Kress swings three ineffective punches at Brianna, missing every time.
Igor steps right and attacks Blood Fiend 1. He hits powerfully for 43-15. points. He misses and misses.
Veracity flies down and lands just inside the door. She casts haste on everybody but Kress.
Blood Fiend 2 claws at Igor, missing, hitting for 10 points, missing, missing, and misses with his bite.
Blood Fiend 3 delays.
Yol tosses Igor's rope of entanglement at Kress.
Hazen moves Kress away.
Tebryn's leonal, Yellowmane, appears and attacks Blood Fiend 2, clawing for 13 and 14 points.

Kress struggles.
Igor hits Blood Fiend 1 for 30-15 points. It falls. He steps over his fallen foe and misses Blood Fiend 2 three times.
Veracity delays
Blood Fiend 3 steps up and attacks the leonal. 3 claws miss, but the 4th hits and gives it a negative level. It misses with the bite.
Yol releases Kress.
Hazen gives Kress his axe
Blood Fiend 1 tries to dominate Tebryn, barely failing at the attempt.
Yellowmane attacks Blood Fiend 2, missing every time.
Loudroar appears with a loud roar and claws Blood Fiend 2 twice for 9 and 10 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 31-15 points.
Tebryn invokes his staff again.
Brianna sings
Kress stands up and moves out the door. He stares up, slack jawed at Blood Fiend 3.

Igor attacks Blood Fiend 1 and misses three times, before hitting for 36-15 points.
Veracity moves back.
Blood Fiend 3 teleports next to Tebryn.
Yol moves up next to Kress and cures him for 6 points with Brianna's wand.
Hazen delays. Blood Fiend 1 strikes at Yellowmane, missing, missing, missing, and hitting.
Yellowmane claws Blood Fiend 2 twice and bites him. Blood Fiend 2 falls.
Loudroar roars, bounds into the room, and bites Blood Fiend 3.
Longclaw appears behind Blood Fiend 3 and attacks him, hitting him for 14 points.
Tebryn withdraws to the far end of the room.
Brianna withdraws to the other end of the room.
Kress steps in and misses, hits for 21-15, and misses.

Igor moves in to flank the demon and hits it for 35-15 points.
Veracity moves over next to Brianna to protect her.
Blood Fiend 3 tries to dominate Kress again, failing.
Yol cures Kress for 4 points with Brianna's wand.
Hazen steps in to protect Veracity and Brianna. Yellowmane runs past his allies. Blood Fiend 3 misses him. Yellowmane misses with his claw.
Loudroar claws once and bites.
Tebryn shoots magic missiles at Blood Fiend 3 for 19 points. It falls.

We take a peek around the room. We see no obvious treasure.


Brianna +5,519 = 16,159 = pop + 1,159
Hazen +4,259 = 10,451
Igor +2,138 = 9,650
Kress +7,450 = 17,450 = pop + 3,450 = Fighter 15: 4 HP
Tebryn +1,290 = 1,297
Veracity +4,259 = 9,412
Yol +7,450 = 15,365 = pop + 1,365 = True Necromancer 9: 2 HP

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