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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Jade Spider

Veracity's notes

We find Igor taking a whack, in anger and frustration, at a "Jade Spider" - large green statue/magical construct.

Tebryn says, "Yeah, we came up against one of those before - it's a potent construct - very tough." But it is already too late to stop Igor.

The Jade Spider easily swipes at Igor with its leg (easily hitting AC 30) except he is saved (this time!) by his cloak of displacement.

Veracity shouts angrily at Igor on: "You better kill that thing, you dumb fool!!"

Spurred on by Veracity's faith and adoration, Igor does indeed succeed in striking for 16 points and damaging the Jade Spider. But Spider swipes back - leg slash - critical for 42 physical plus - second leg hits 15 for plus bite/miss.

Veracity puts on her ring of invisibility and flies up into the room. She hovers over her headstrong, fighting partner - Igor, in case he should fall and need to be picked up and whisked away from danger.

Brianna sings for Veracity - mainly - and also a little for the rest of the party. ;-)

Kress moves into the room - as a diversion - to help Igor. Spider swipes him opportunistically for 22 pnts of damage.

Tebryn steps into the doorway and assesses the situation and Hastes everyone in range = everyone except Yol.

Hazen flies into the room, to do battle, try to flank. Hazen whips out his dagger and it slips out of his hand and skids across the stone floor.

Yol lumbers up like a Zombie (still nose-less) and shoots Magic Missiles and they bounce off the Jade Spider, ineffectively.

Igor strikes again - hits for 30points - much better this time!! Igor, hasted, strikes and hits again...bringing it down to 60% vitality. But he takes wounding, bleeding damage each round. He strikes again, hasted, and hits for another 12 points - grand total 43. He gets hit in return by slashing legs. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It successfully bites him this time. Ouch! Igor teeters on the verge of falling...but gets an opportunistic attack first and so does more damage... then teeter again, about to pass out.

Veracity swoops down and scoops up Igor. Igor protests, but allows himself to be "swept off his feet" by the Heroic Lady Veracity. She carries him in her arms like a baby and takes him to Yol in hopes of healing. The Jade Spider lets them go and concentrates its efforts on Kress.

Igor wraps his arms gratefully around his invisible (but still very corporeal and womanly) rescuer and blows in her ear as she's flying. Veracity, intent on getting Igor to Yol, does not notice.

Yol nearly smiles, gets stars in her eyes and says, "Yesssss, bring him to me, dead or alive... I will take care of him..." Veracity lays Igor down at Yol's smelly, Zombie feet. Igor barely prevents himself from passing out from the fumes!

Kress valiantly continues to battle the Jade Spider, striking it three times successfully.

Tebryn attempts Magic Missiles and they sink in this time for 16 points of damage. The Jade Spider stops moving! (Sing praises of Tebryn!!)

Hazen checks out the room. A 5ft shaft opens into this chamber; there are two doors in the large stone walls. Shaft continues to room above and room below.

For no apparent reason Hazen goes invisible.

Veracity expresses concern about the possibility of a Beholder moving through the shafts... "I hope there's not another one of those bloated head things with all the eye stalks!"

Hazen finally tells us be believes that someone or something invisible has just walked in.

Yol takes care of Igor and now he is only down 110 points. He takes out a wand of cure light wounds and shakes it about and tries to cure himself some more.

Yol says, "You may want to let ME to that. But try it yourself first."

Igor emulates a Spell Caster to get through his own Spell Immunity. But, because of the special vibrations of this town he would have to have Spellcraft to succeed and he doesn't. So he uses up a charge, but no healing occurs.

Yol says, "Okay, so give ME the wand now."

Veracity flies back into the main room (spider room) and sees (invisible) a male undead drow guy, "Revenant." Veracity delays for now.

Revenant has a halberd and is moving around the shaft to reach Kress. Hits Kress with his halberd - "something interesting happens when the weapon strikes" = the male revenant seems to gain strength - a vampiric type effect.

This revenant guy is different from the two that escaped earlier!

Igor is pleading with Yol, "Get me back into battle; I can hear the others fighting; I want to get back into battle!!"

Yol says calmly, "You will just have to be patient and let me use your wand of healing. I have used up my other spells."

Kress steps up and hits the Revenant 4 times, successfully, and it dies (again).

Tebryn checks out the room it came from. This room is an armory. There is a skull on the floor - lit with emerald green fire (Fairy Fire) and lights dancing around it.

Tebryn is emboldened by Igor's pigheadedness and copies it with pigheadedness of his own...he forges recklessly (no checking for traps) into the room - singing - "Igor is my King!"

Hazen, another pighead, follows Tebryn, oink, oink, into the closet Hazen looks at the skull - in fascination.

Igor is finally healed by Yol with his own wand.

Igor deactivates his cloak.

Veracity hovers near the room Tebryn and Hazen stepped into. Brianna (very smartly!) checks the door adjacent to the corridor room - for traps, etc. Finds nothing of interest.

One of the monk assassins we had defeated (who ran away) appears suddenly and drops down the shaft and Veracity hits it for 18pnts before it rises up again.

Veracity doesn't feel a draft or anything with her hand over the shaft. Veracity, having hit, is no longer invisible.

Kress is bleeding (from Jade Spider still) and Yol gives him a Cure Light spell. Whic seems strange, since she told Igor she used up all her curing spells and so had to use his wand. Or, does she use his wand on Kress? (it was confusing)

Veracity suddenly notices Igor standing in the room. She gives Igor a good tongue lashing for his reckless behavior! "I can't believe you did that. That was totally irresponsible - running around a dangerous castle all by yourself. Who knows what might have eaten you. You're lucky to be alive, mister!"

Igor says, "I would have stopped if no one had followed me..."

"Good!" says Veracity. "Everybody - listen up - if Igor chases the enemy on his own again - DO NOT follow him!!"

Brianna opens a door to the stairs, "Here are stairs, guys. Stairs UP if you want to chase that Revenant guy up there...??"

Igor initially wants to run up there, but still has to be cured some more and then it gets to be too late. Besides, greed wins over with Veracity and she wants to go back to the Drow Master's room and check out his "antechamber" room with Brianna's key.

In this room - armory closet - we find:

Haste expires. Tebryn's "fly goes down." Others are grossed out.

Yol heals Kress and Igor - but not healed fully - cause Igor wants to save some charges of his wand for emergencies. (Uses 8 charges.)

Veracity to Tebryn: "What's with the green, glowing skull, just a prank?"

Tebryn: "Yup. Near as we can tell."

Tebryn does a detect magic to check out the items - not magical, but "good stuff" he tells us about most. Halberd, though, emits "Evocation" - very strongly! Tebryn says, perhaps it had a spell on it, but it isn't actually a vampiric weapon. "Hazen, may I hit you?"

Hazen: "Perhaps another day."

Breastplate and ring also magic and longbow, etc.

Veracity wants to move on and find more loot!

Hazen, "Veracity, you are a woman after my own heart, so keep your paws out of my chest (must mean his treasure chest)."

Veracity, "Certainly, you can keep your family jewels to yourself, Hazen!"

Tebryn recaps and speaks of strategy...

Veracity speaks of loot on THIS level! "Brianna and I can go back and check out the treasure. You boys can go up the stairs."

Hazen, "Let's not break up. I'll come with you."

Tebryn, "Okay, okay, then we'll go back for the loot and THEN we'll come back here and go UP."

Veracity, "Sounds like a plan."

Tebryn, "It may or may not be a good plan. But a plan it is."

Brianna, "I do want to point out, dear..."

Veracity, "Yes? I'm so glad you are unharmed! And how lovely you look!"

Brianna, "I want to remind you of two things - your avatar said to go to the undying temple AND Khumarr said that the Temple we seek was UP.... So your destiny is likely UP - regardless of..."

Veracity, "Yes, yes, my darling, BUT I might find something to aid me in my quest in the treasure trove on this level."

So we go back and try Khumarr's rooms with the key, in Brianna's keeping.

First we find a room that's not locked and is just a store room.

Tebryn's notes

Igor closes on the Jade Spider. It strikes at him with a leg slash, hitting easily, were it not for his cloak of displacement. Igor strikes it a might blow with his greatsword for 43-15=28 points of damage.
The Jade Spider criticals Igor with a leg slash for 42 points of damage. It slashes him again for 15 points. It bites him and misses him.
Veracity goes invisible and flies into the room.
Brianna moves up and stands outside the door, continueing to sing.
Kress moves up and offers himself to the creature. It slashes him with a leg, doing a mere 22 points of damage.
Tebryn steps up next to Brianna and casts haste on everybody except Yol.
Hazen flies over to flank it. He stabs it for 11-15 = 0 damage. His dagger skitters ineffectively over it's stony body.
Igor takes the opportunity to hit is for 42-17=15 points.
Yol lumbers up just like a zombie and casts magic missiles at the creature, just like a zombie does not. The missiles fizzle ineffectively.

Igor bleeds for 2 points of "wounding" damage. Igor strikes for 30-15=15, for 31-15=16 and misses and 27-15=12 points.
The Jade Spider leg slashes him for 21 points. It slashes him again for 19 points. It bites him for 9 points. He makes his Fortitude save. Igor has regenerated, but is still in the single digits.
Veracity swoops down to pick up Igor. She carries him out of the room. Igor goes willingly. She takes him and drops him on his head next to Yol.
Brianna sings bracingly for Kress.
Kress bleeds for 1 point of "wounding" damage.
Kress drops his shield and power attacks the Jade Spider. He hits for 28-15=13, misses, hits for 29=15=14, hits for 24-15=9.
Tebryn casts magic missiles at the construct, dealing 16 points of damage to it. It stops moving.
Hazen cravenly goes invisible yet again.
Hazen senses an invisible person. Tebryn sees an invisible revenant walk through one of the door.
Yol casts cure moderate for 17 points on Igor.

Igor pulls out his wand of cure light wounds. He successfully uses a charge from it, but, has absolutely no idea whatsoever, no siree bob, of figuring out how to make it work in the presence of the Weave Disruption.
Veracity flies back into the room. When she gets in, she sees the male drow revenant.
Brianna continues singing for her friends.
Revenant wields a halberd. He steps 5 feet and strikes Kress, dealing 19 points of damage and 16 more vampiric damage. He misses, twice.
Kress bleeds for 1 point. He steps five feet up to the revenant. He hits it for 31 points, 24 point, 27 points, and 31 points. It falls.
Tebryn walks across the room and enters the door. Small room which looks like an armory. There is a skull lit with emerald green fire on the floor with lights dancing around it.
Hazen follows Tebryn's lead and enters the room. He is fascinated by the skull. He approaches it but doesn't touch it. Yet. But, how long can he resist the lure?
Yol casts cure light on Igor for 9 points.

Igor deactivates his cloak.
Veracity hovers near the door where Hazen and Tebryn are in.
Brianna stops singing and moves into the room. She steps up to the door and searches it. She finds nothing.
One of the earlier revenants drops down the shaft. Veracity takes the opportunity to hit it for 18 points. It rises up again.
Kress bleeds. "Medic!" he calls.
Yol does cure light on Kress for 10 points.

Igor and Veracity bicker about Igor's rashness.

Brianna opens the door and sees stairs. "Igor, you wanted to chase the fleeing revenants? Here's a staircase up!"

Igor and Veracity bicker more.

Tebryn suggests that Yol heal up Igor and Kress, while he and Hazen pack up the "stuff".

From the revenant:

magical halberd (vampiric) [strong evocation]
mighty composite longbow
ring (abjuration)

In the room:

4 suits of drowish elven chain mail
masterwork light crosswork
masterwork short sword with jeweled hilt set with emeralds

Yol uses many charges from Igor's wand to cure him up.

"Lets go back to the other room and see what other loot we can find," says Veracity.

"You are a woman after my own heart," says Hazen.

"Darling," says Brianna. "I just want to remind you that Loviatar said that the Undying Temple was above the Castle, and so did Khumarr. These stairs here go up, so going up them might be the right way to go to fulfill your quest!"

Veracity nods. "I do want to go up. But lets find Khumarr's loot. There might be something there to aid me."

We decide to go back to Khumarr's suite and loot it, before coming back to chase the revenants up the stairs. We go back to Khumarr's suite.

We open the door next to his bedroom. It is a nondescript room.

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