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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Revenant Assassins

Veracity's notes

Day 32 - in the Castle - Mopping up after our last battle (with Khumarr and his Ghouls).

Veracity, Brianna, Yol, Tebryn, Igor, Hazen, Kress

A discussion of Stalactites vs Stalagmites occurs - led and fed by Tebryn.

Igor and Veracity compliment each other on their prowess in the last couple battles. And Veracity compliments Igor on how great he looks as a Zombie - "Very imposing!"

Igor, "I've got more flesh than most."

Veracity, "Yeah, Yol hardly has any..."

We suddenly find a key on the guy we plan to Speak With Dead with.

Yol does some healing on Kress.

Tebryn (who was on the Stalactite tangent) then gets annoyed with Veracity and Tebryn for being on a Zombie tangent - cause NOW/finally he's ready to make a list of questions for the dead Drow guy.

Yol always asks, "What is your name?" first. Tebryn says that's "useless." But Yol is not deterred. Yol and Tebryn have an INTIMATE tête-à-tête about what kind of questions to ask. Yol prepares herself and casts Speak With Dead.

1. "What is your name?" = "Khumarr." CHM is one of his classes. It's a Prestige class.

2. "Where do we go from here to find the undying temple?" = "Upstairs."

3. "What creatures patrol this section of the castle?" = He rattles off a number of nasty things including vampires.

4. "Is there a password expected by the guards within the castle?" = "No."

5. "What does this key that was in your pocket open?" = "My Antechamber."

Tebryn, with an eager glint in his eyes, "Okay, Yol! Make him a Spectre!"

Brianna, whispers to Veracity, "Is Yol going to be able to CONTROL this Spectre?"

Veracity, "We can HOPE so, but I'll have my swords ready, just in case."

Yol, "First I change the body and THEN I try to control it. Course I've never done this before..." Yol consults her crib notes... "Ooops, seems I'm not quite strong enough to turn him into a Spectre just yet. Oh... and I have to do this at NIGHT...and it's only afternoon now... Oh... and it will take at least an HOUR - just for the transformation..."

Tebryn gets impatient! "That's it! Stuff the corpse into the portable hole - we'll have to do it later!"

Veracity has foresight that a "hostile group" is about to enter the room! She spreads the word... We prepare ourselves for an encounter.

Brianna gives Veracity a quick kiss, then starts singing for our Victory.

Igor cloaks, draws his sword and moves near Hazen.

Tebryn calls out to Veracity that he is going to cast See Invisible on himself and she should do the same. She does.

The door directly in front of Kress opens. Standing in the doorway is a humanoid and his 3 buddies - wearing black knee-length trousers. They have chests and shaved heads. Their only "armor" seems to be bracers wrapped in strips of black cloth. They all bear previous wounds: serious and fatal.

Yol "rebukes" them as soon as she sees them - which is strange - considering they are exactly the kind of (undead, gory and grim) men a gal like her could really go for... and she's definitely into B&D. Loves to play the Dominatrix... ;-) ;-) But these boys don't seem interested in love games today. :-( They snigger at Yol's commands....

One of the Black-Band-Guys does a Spring-Attack on Hazen. Igor moves to help Hazen. Brianna's singing bonuses kick in now. (+2/+2) Veracity moves up to cover Brianna and to guard the other door against any new opponents that might decide to wander in.

Tebryn contemplates a fireball. Igor eggs on Tebryn, "Cast it! Cast it!"

Tebryn, "But it will be centered around you..."

Igor, studdly, "Naw! I can easily dodge it!" And indeed he does!!

Veracity, "Way to go, Igor!"

Course the fireball also succeeds in destroying a perfectly nice bed and a chest of loot in the other room, as we discover later, much to our dismay. :-(

But back to the action:

One of the Baddy guys shows off his undead tumbling skills - somersaults through our line of fighters at the door and goes for Yol. Maybe he wants to "play" love games with her after all... (maybe she made a sexy impression, after all?) The Tumbler lands and stands between Kress and Yol. Beats on Kress with poisonous weapon.

Another Baddy springs into the room. Kress strikes back and downs his opponent! The other guy runs away/springs away...through a secret door. Two escape somehow through the secret door.

Igor cries out, "Dead men tell no tales!" and follows our escaping opponents - though they are faster than he. Igor runs off in hot pursuit.

Veracity is alarmed and runs after Igor - to keep an eye on him and help him if he does engage the escaping Baddies in battle. Tebryn runs after both of us.

Tebryn gets ahead and is now right behind Igor, with Veracity right behind Tebryn - because she had to open a door... which took extra time. Brianna, still singing, runs after Veracity. Hazen and Kress follow Brianna. Only Yol is left in the main room. She finally follows the rest of us... trailing behind.

Tebryn's notes

MA553 Noon

The dead drow was carrying a key. Brianna takes it.

Yol cures while we discuss the questions to ask of the male drow corpse.

1) What is your name?
2) Where do we go from here to find the Undying Temple?
3) What creatures patrol this section of the castle?
4) Is there a password expected by the guards within the castle?
5a) What is this password?
5b) What does this key open?

Yol casts speak with dead.

"What is your name?" Khumarr

"Where do we go from here to find the Undying Temple?" Upstairs

"What creatures patrol this section of the castle?" Abyssal Ghouls, Revenants, Guards, Clerics, Silveraiths, Ghosts, Nightmare, Vampire, Necromancer. And me.

"Is there a password expected by the guards within the castle?" No.

"What does this key open?" My antechamber.

"OK, Yol," says Tebryn. "Make him a wraith!"

Brianna whispers to Veracity: "Is she going to be in control of it after she creates it?"

"We certainly hope so," says Veracity.

"I can only do this at night," says Yol. "Let's stash the corpse in the hole and I'll do this later."

We stash it.

Veracity has foresight: "A hostile group is approaching." She calls it out.

Yol 22 Hazen 21 Igor 19 Veracity 17 Brianna 17 Kress 10 Tebryn 4

Yol casts mirror image creating 6 images
Hazen delays
Igor activates his cloak and moves to the door near Tebryn, drawing his greatword
Veracity casts see invisible and draws her two swords
Brianna starts some preemptive singing.
Kress draws his battleaxe and moves up next to a pair of doors.
Tebryn casts see invisible
Hazen goes invisible

The door in front of Kress opens. Standing in the door is a humanoid wearing black knee-length trousers with bracers wrapped in black cloth. There are four. Their chests are bare and show wounds. Their heads are shaven, and also wounded. They have siangham blades drawn.

Yol attempts to rebuke them. "By the power of Hel, I command you to do my bidding!" She affects 23 HD of creatures, maximum 13 HD creature. None reacts in any way.
Revenant 1 steps forward 5 feet, next to Kress and slashes at him, misses.
Igor moves next to the doorway.
Veracity delays.
Brianna's singing kicks in
Kress readies an attack if an opponent stands next to him.
Revenant 2 moves forward to strike at Kress. Kress strikes at him, hitting him for 19 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit him for 23 points. It attacks and misses Kress, before withdrawing
Revenant 3 moves up next to Kress and slashes at him, misses.
Revenant 4 moves up next to Kress and slashes at him, misses.
Tebryn sends a fireball through the door to toast all the revenants and Igor. Igor evades it. One takes full damage and all the rest evade it.
Veracity moves forward next to a door to protect Brianna. Hazen moves up next to Igor.

Yol sends an ineffectual fireball into the room behind the foes.
Revenant 1 heals up a bit and tumbles through its opponents, ending up between Kress and Yol. It strikes at Yol, popping an image.
Igor tumbles through the door to stand next to the other foes. He strikes Revenant 4 for 33 points.
Brianna continues to sing
Revenant 2 moves up to flank Kress and hits him for 20 points.
Kress hits Revenant 2 for 23 points. Hazen take the opportunity to strike it for 9 points. Kress strikes again for 20 points, felling it. He Cleaves through to strike Revenant 1 for 19 points. He strikes again at Revenant 1 for another 26 points. It falls.
The other two Revenants escape through a secret door.
Tebryn moves through the room and up to the secret door. He looks through and sees a large open door, as well as another door with some silver chalices in front of it.
Hazen moves through the room and stands in front of Tebryn.

Yol cures Kress
Igor runs past Tebryn and Hazen through a hallway and up to a doorway. Through the door he sees a circular room with a shaft in the floor and ceiling and a Jade Spider
Veracity opens the door and moves into the corridor.
Brianna follows her honey and continues to sing
Kress moves up next to Hazen.
Tebryn moves right behind Igor
Hazen moves 20 feet and goes invisible.

Yol moves up behind Kress.

Raw Notes

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