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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Khumarr

Veracity's notes

Then we begin to mount the spiral staircase up towards a room.

Veracity has a "sense" that the room is going to be occupied. She suggests someone invisible go on ahead and scout for us.

Hazen valiantly (or foolishly) volunteers.

"I will go!" ("Hazen rushes in where demons fear to tread!") We await his death or his return.

It is about 11:40 AM at this time of day in the castle.

Hazen enters the room invisible - partial round - and encounters a bunch o'ghoul-like critters (warped human-like figures, whose skin is scaly and tough. They have fearsome teeth, claw-like nails on their hands and feet, and foot long tongues that dangle from their mouths. Their tongues fade into smoky incorporeality at the tips).

Hazen says loudly, from upstairs, "There's a Drow Cleric or Figher guy and 3 nasty looking ghoul-like things."

Veracity, very bravely, but not very cautiously, Flies up the stairs to Hazen's aid, and is hit for only 7pnts (cause of Stoneskin) by the Great Sword of the Cleric - whose bedroom window we broke into.

Tebryn delays until the fighters go past him.

Igor runs up the stairs to MY aid. :-) My handsome partner in battle!

Veracity: "Way to go SugarCrunchyBear!"

Kress lines up with Ghoul One.

Ghoul One's whole body "Spring Attacks" - going after Igor, but misses with his claws, then Springs back. Another one goes after Kress, moves to flank, Springs up and back.

Khumarr is our main opponent's name. Kress and Igor [are flanking - Khumarr?] They are both close enough to strike. Kress and Igor both still look like Zombies - but Igor appears to be the Taller/more-threatening Zombie. And Igor is having "Sword Lust" with Khumarr's Great Sword. So Igor is the main target.

This is an ostentatious hall - we are in. There are comfy chairs. Rich silver implements gleam from an underdark mahogany table.

Our main opponent is wearing "Demon Armor" - fashioned to make the wearer appear to be a demon.

Brianna's singing kicks in.

Veracity's Haste expires.

Veracity does 43 points of damage to Khumarr with Dark Bolts - enhanced by the Evil Atmosphere. He makes his fortitude save, however, and is not stunned.

Igor strikes and finishes him off! (After Veracity "softened him up." ;-)

Veracity: "Good work, Igor!"

Igor: "Thanks, looking forward to the handshake..."

Veracity, "You'll have to consult Yol about that - she seems really eager to spread disease..."

We have the 3 ghoul-like guys left. Yol has not yet rebuked them. Veracity asks if Yol can "spread disease" to them.

"They look like they already HAVE disease, " Yol says, admiringly.

By and by a ghoul tries to grapple Kress and fails. Kress is now surrounded by 3 ghouls. One of them does a Critical Hit on Kress. Front and rear claws are hitting... But he's still not "grabbed/grappled."

Yol succeeds in turning one of the ghouls. These ghouls are special and can not be flanked.

Tebryn casts an ineffective Chain Lightening. He stomps his foot in annoyance.

Tebryn moves up closer. Brianna is projecting her singing voice from the stairwell... it echoes beautifully... really boosts our morale!

Veracity asks Igor if he needs help, but he says, "I can handle it."

Igor prepares for "a really BIG Power Attack!" And doesn't even care if he allows an attack of opportunity on himself as he moves into position, but misses... :-(

Yol does a Mass Cure Light Wounds against friends and foes. Harms Undead and Heals the Living. Everyone one within 30 feet of Yol is impacted. The Ghoul-like critters get Will Saves.

Veracity gets - Healing of 18 points from Yol's Cure Light - Radius as Yol blasts through Veracity's spell resistance to heal her.

Tebryn prepares for some Disintegrating Fun! >;-}

Hazen calls to Veracity for help. She responds ASAP, going in two-weaponed.

Veracity flies down and whacks the remaining (hurting) Ghoul-Thingy in a single swipe - deals the FINAL blow. Brianna runs up and sees Veracity standing over the dead body.

Yol thinks Hazen and Kress are diseased.

Igor, to Yol: "Then you better suck out their wounds."

Veracity, to Yol: "Or you could 'shake their hands...?"

All agree Yol should be catching the disease - not curing it. But Yol decides to be contrary!

We find: [Tebryn and Igor fill in the loot] Igor searches bodies. Veracity is attracted to the Silver Implements. Tebryn reports that the armor and the sword are Evil. Veracity says, "Go for it, Igor, you are getting more evil all the time! .;-)"

We are in the mopping up phase. We pause here, before opening any more doors.

Igor eggs Yol on: "Interrogate the body of the Cleric/Fighter guy! Do a Commune!"

Veracity says, "Well, I used up all my Veils for today, but tomorrow we can Veil as Khumarr and his Ghouls."

Tebryn's notes


Veracity is of the opinion that the room upstairs is occupied. She whispers this to her companions.

Hazen turns invisible and goes up to scout. He spots 3 ghoul-type creatures. They are each 10 feet from the stairs. They look right at Hazen.

The ghouls look similar to a common ghoul: warped humanoid creature with bestial features. Clawed fingers. A foot long tongue dangles from its mouth, fading into smoky incorporeality at its tip.

Ostentatiously decorated room. Comfortable looking chairs and mahogany tables with silver implements.

A male drow is standing there, bearing the holy symbol of Kiaransalee. He is wearing demon armor. He is raising his greatsword. He squints in Hazen's direction.

Hazen 24 Brianna 22 Veracity 19 Tebryn 19 Igor 17 Kress 16 Yol 13

Hazen flies up to the ceiling and calls out "There is a male drow cleric and three nasty looking ghouls here!"
Brianna starts some preemptive singing.
Veracity flies up the stairs. As she floats up next to Hazen, the male drow strikes at her for 7 points.
Tebryn delays
Igor runs up the stairs and stands in front of the male drow.
Abyssal Ghoul 1 approaches Igor and claws at Igor, missing, and moves back.
Kress hastily runs up the stairs. The drow strikes at him, hitting him for 24 points. Abyssal Ghoul 2 approaches Kress and claws at Kress, missing, and moves back.
Yol moves up the stairs and stands on them 10 feet back from Igor. Abyssal Ghoul 3 approaches Kress and claws at Kress, missing, and moves back.
Tebryn moves up right behind Igor. Khumarr (male drow) strikes at Igor, hitting for 33 points.

Hazen flies down invisibly and strikes at Khumarr. He hits for 45 - 5 points.
Brianna's singing kicks in.
Veracity fires a darkbolt at Khumarr total of 43 points.
Igor steps 5 feet to flank Khumarr. He hits for 58 points. He falls.
Abyssal Ghoul 1 moves next to Kress and claws him for 12 points. Kress makes his save. The Ghoul moves back.
Kress moves up and swings his axe at Abyssal Ghoul 1, hitting for 14 points.
Abyssal Ghoul 2 steps up next to Kress. It hits twice with its front claws for a total of 23 points, and misses twice with rear claws.
It attempts to grapple him. Kress responds with an attack for 19 points, preventing the grapple!
Yol moves into the room and attempts to rebuke the foul undead. Abyssal Ghoul 2 cowers in awe of the awesome awful death priestess. Abyssal Ghoul 3 stands next to Kress. It hits once with its front claws for a total of 9 points, and hits twice with rear claws for 11 and 19 points. Kress fails one save and makes two. He feels a twinge but has no immediate effect.
Tebryn casts chain lightning that arcs to all three ghouls. There is no effect whatever.

Hazen moves up behind Abyssal Ghoul 1. It claws at him for 9 points. He fails his save and has a twinge. He stabs it for 9 points. Brianna moves up near the top of the stairs and continues singing. Igor moves 30 feet to stand behind Abyssal Ghouls 1 and 3. Abyssal Ghoul 3 hits him for 9. He strikes powerfully at it, missing. Abyssal Ghoul 1 steps five feet next to Kress and hits & misses with front claws and hits and misses with rear claws.
Kress swings his axe at Abyssal Ghoul 1, hitting for 20 points, missing, and missing.
Abyssal Ghoul 2 cowers.
Yol casts mass cure light wounds to cure 18 points for Hazen, Kress, Igor, and Veracity. She deals 9 points of damage against each of the Abyssal Ghouls.
Abyssal Ghoul 3 strikes at Kress and hits & misses with front claws and hits and misses with rear claws.
Tebryn casts disintegrate against Abyssal Ghoul 1. It turns to dust.

Hazen hits Abyssal Ghoul 3 for 11 points.
Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 43 points.
Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 11 points.
Hazen hits it again for 10 points. Hazen misses. Veracity flies down and lands next to Abyssal Ghoul 3. She hits it for 15 points. It falls. Brianna cheers, "Way to go, Veracity! You killed it!"

We finish off the cowering Abyssal Ghoul 2.

Yol casts remove disease on both Hazen and Kress.

We search Khumarr. We take his demon armor, his greatsword, and his gauntlets. The armor and the sword are evil.

Veracity searches the room. She removes the silver implements from the table.

Silver Tray 30 gp Silver Bowl 70 gp Silver Goblet 80 gp Silver Brazier 140 gp

We determine to interrogate the body.

Raw Notes

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