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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Ghosts

Veracity's notes

Day 32 at the Castle: Veracity, Brianna, Yol, Igor, Tebryn, Hazen, Kress.

We are in the Observation Hall - the only room with Big Windows.

Veracity: "Igor, you have been impressively Evil of late. I approve!"

Igor: "Who, me?"

Veracity: "Taking prisoners and torturing them for information..."

Hazen: "Who said anything about 'torture'?"

Tebryn (sarcastic, and with a derisive snort): "Yeah! We'll offer them candy!"

Veracity: "Taking them prisoner and 'somehow' getting information out of them and THEN *killing them* and having Yol get more information..."

Igor: "Yeah, alright. That was my suggestion. And I stand by it! Are we here to get rid of Irae at any cost or not?"

Veracity: "Exactly - AT ANY COST."

Veracity goes all gooey and gazes at Munchypoo with dreamy eyes - full of admiration.

Igor appears to have succumbed to a Confusion Spell - though there are no Opponents in sight... "What the... what...?" he stammers and fidgets.

Veracity: "Welcome to the Dark Side, brother! Meetings are at midnight. I'll have to teach you the secret handshake."

Hazen: "The secret handshake..." He makes a rude hand gesture. "Yeah, you teach him that one, Veracity... the two of you... alone...."

Veracity snaps out it! She turns on Hazen. "That's not what I meant!"

Yol: "I suppose handshakes are good because they can pass on disease..."

Veracity, crude this time: "There are OTHER WAYS you could pass on disease, Yol..."

To Igor: Veracity says: Obviously you should go to Yol to learn such things!"

Hazen, worried: "Does Yol have any diseases?"

Yol: "Not right now. But I could take care of that. Anytime..."

Hazen: "No, that's okay... Don't bother on my account..."

Yol: "No trouble."

Hazen: "No, no..." Hazen moves to the back of the party and tries to make himself inconspicuous.

Yol is still watching Hazen.

Hazen: "Perhaps I could be polymorphed into something smaller?"

Igor: "Why?"

Hazen: "Then I could get through the slits in the small windows."

Tebryn: "I'm surprised your inflated head got through the BIG windows..."

"Should we change our Veil before we proceed?" Veracity asks.

Tebryn: "Great idea, Sis! I suggest - a Drow Priestess, a Drow Ranger, and the rest Zombies..

Igor: "Does that mean we Zombies have to move slow."

Tebryn: "If you want to be convincing...?"

Igor: "I'll have to be a torch-bearing Zombie. I can't see in the dark."

Tebryn: "Hmnnn... yes... you'll need light, won't you..."

Igor: "Bet any Cleric we meet will be surprised when they can't Turn us!"

Hazen: "Maybe we could pretend to be Turned, then discreetly *flank* our new master..?"

Igor: "Kewl. I'm in. Make me a Zombie!"

Kress: "Yol's already a Drow Cleric. So she doesn't need to be veiled."

Veracity: "I can do that, but then Yol will have to lead."

Yol: "I'll be a Zombie."

Tebryn: "I want to be the Drow Ranger. Make me really tough and outdoorsy!"

Veracity: "Give you a kilt and a claymore?"

Hazen: "A kilt for Tebryn - yeah. In Black Plaid."

Tebryn: "Black on Black."

Brianna: "I want to be a Drow Ranger too!"

The boys strut around speaking in brogue-ish accents for a while.

Finally, Veracity casts Veil. She is the Drow Cleric/Leader.
Tebryn is a tough-looking Drow Ranger - with tousled hair and worn black leather.
Brianna is a very comely Drow Ranger - with long, wild hair and a gleam in her eyes.
Yol is a Zombie - whose nose has rotted away and fallen off.
Igor is a very, very tall Zombie - though not ceiling height.

Invisibility has worn off most of the party by now, so Veracity chooses to be visible too.

In the dark (before we light torches for the veiled humans among us) something pinches Igor's ass.

Igor: "Hey, cut that out!"

Veracity, innocently: "Is something attacking you, Igor? Here, let me swat it with my sword..."

Igor moves out of the way, then pinches Veracity's ass when she has her back turned.

Veracity: "Hey--?"

Igor doesn't act innocent at all! "Some day, Veracity, you're going to have to follow through..."

Veracity: "I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you."

Igor: "Well, that's it, then! I'm tired of sleeping on the cold, stone floor. As soon as we get outta this City, I'm going to get me a female underling. Like Hazen has with Kress!"

Veracity looks at Hazen and Kress with new eyes! She thinks: "Really? I wouldn't have guessed... But Kress does seem silent and passive to Hazen's loud and aggressive.... No! Can't be. Igor's putting us on! What Igor really needs is a nice pile of furs or a fold-up bed. We'll have to be on the look out for that..."

But Veracity is now distracted, in communion with her Sword of Kas... a warning... just as we hear: "Who goes there...?" in a deep quavering voice.

Veracity, "A Cleric of Kiaransalee and my servants."

"We do not recognize you."

Veracity, "Ditto."

The ghost mistakes Veracity's bland honesty for impertinence!

Sword of Kas - Foresight tells Veracity to close her eyes! But first she quickly casts a Haste on her companions.

But those who are invisible are not Hasted - since Veracity can't see them.

Kas/Foresight tells Veracity we're are up against a Pair of Ghosts. Veracity hisses a warning: "ghosts." But apparently no one hears her.

Female Drow Ghost 1 manifests.

Veracity's eyes are closed. Tebryn and Brianna are susceptible to "Corrupting Gaze" but manage to avoid it.

Brianna busts into song. Yol prays.

Female Drow Ghost 2 manifests.

Veracity warns the party (much more loudly this time!) that several more ghosts are approaching. But Igor is determined to fight on.

Yol gets the two immediate ghosts to cower in awe before her. They are "rebuked."

Veracity delays to admire Yol's handiwork!

Then Igor attacks.

Then Veracity prepares to attack two-handed with sword of Kas and Life Stealer, but pulls back when the ghosts are already dealt with by Igor [and Hazen?]

Brianna continues singing.

Two more ghosts arrive.

Veracity closes her eyes. Her companions save against corrupting spell. Tebryn lets off a spell.

A third ghost manifests with a Corrupting Gaze. Then a fourth.

Veracity opens her eyes and makes 4 saves thanks to her special Fortitude Bonuses. She fights with two weapons. She takes 2 swipes at one ghost, hits both times and downs it, then 4 swipes at the next (but misses twice) but damages it nicely.

There are 3 ghosts left - two of which are rebuked by Yol the Great Rebuker! (Normally she rebukes US about not being worthy of death - this time her gripe is with the ghosts. ;-)

The others beat up on the last fighting ghost and it falls. Then Igor beats up the 2 poor, little rebuked ghosts (because Igor is evil and doesn't care about a Fair Fight ;-)

Veracity: "Nice work, Igor!"

Tebryn's notes


Observation Room: a spiral staircase leads up. Barred windows offer great views of the smoke filled cavern.

Veracity re-veils the party to appear to be a group of followers of Kiaransallee. Veracity is the priestess, Igor, Hazen, Kress, and Yol (minus nose) are zombies, Brianna and Tebryn are rangers.

As we talk, we hear "who goes there?"

"I am a priestess of Kiaransallee, with my servants," says Veracity.

"We to not recognize you."

"Ditto," says Veracity impertinently.

Veracity 28 Yol 24 Igor 23 Hazen 19 Kress 15 Brianna 14 Tebryn 10

Veracity hastes those she can see: herself, Brianna, Kress, Yol. She closes her eyes.

Yol casts prayer. Igor delays. Hazen delays with his eyes closed. Ghost 1 manifests. She is a female drow. Brianna and Igor successfully save vs. its corrupting gaze. Igor steps up to Ghost 1 and power attacks. He misses the incorporeal creature. Kress calls "What's going on?" Brianna bursts into song. Ghost 2 manifests. She is a female drow. Brianna and Igor successfully save vs. its corrupting gaze. Tebryn steps up, saves against Ghost 2's corrupting gaze, and sends magic missiles shooting at it for 18 points.

Veracity delays. She says "several more ghosts are coming!"
Yol moves 30 feet and saves twice vs. the corrupting gaze of the two ghosts. She attempts to rebuke them. Both of the ghosts cower as if in awe of the mighty death priestess.
Hazen opens his eyes and saves twice vs. the corrupting gaze of the two ghosts. He moves up and strikes at Ghost 1, missing.
Igor strikes at Ghost 1 for 31 points.
Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 11 points.
Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 30 points. It falls.
Igor Cleaves through to hit Ghost 2 for 29 points.
He misses. He hits for 27 points. It falls.
Kress runs around. "Where? Where?" There are no opponents to be seen.
Brianna's singing kicks in.
Ghost 3 manifests where Ghost 1 had been. Everybody saves vs. its corrupting gaze.
Ghost 4 manifests in the midst, of everybody. Everybody saves vs. its corrupting gaze.
Tebryn sends 5 magic missiles for 22 points into Ghost 4.
Ghost 5 manifests in behind Igor Everybody saves vs. its corrupting gaze.
Ghost 6 manifests in behind Hazen Everybody saves vs. its corrupting gaze.

Veracity strikes at Ghost 4. She hits for 17 points, hits for 17 points. It falls.
Veracity strikes at Ghost 5. She hits for 16 points, misses. With her life stealer she hits for 18 points, and misses.
Yol rebukes the 3 remaining ghosts. Ghost 3 and Ghost 5 cower in awe.
Hazen strikes at Ghost 5. He hit for 13, points, misses, 12 points.
Igor attacks Ghost 6. He misses, hits for 32 points. It falls.
He cleaves through to hit Ghost 5 for 32 points.
He cleaves through to hit Ghost 3 for 30 points.
Hazen takes the opportunity to hit Ghost 3 for 12 points. It falls.

Raw Notes

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