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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - More Planning

Veracity's notes

We D-Door back to the basement.

Brianna POPS - Hurray!!! Kress POPS - Hurray!!! Veracity gains and moves from 4th to 6th decile.

Igor sulks about having been scolded for running off by himself. He still thinks he "did nothing wrong."

Veracity to Igor: "You know I wouldn't scold you if I didn't care about you."

Igor brightens: "You do?"

Veracity: "Yes. I care whether you live or die - otherwise I wouldn't bother."

Igor: "And I care about YOU - otherwise I wouldn't have followed you down to into this desolate darkness."

Tebryn: "Oh, how sweet! "

Veracity says, "Hey, tomorrow, how about going through some of the lower levels in pursuit of loot?"

Igor says, "Doesn't that take you away from your quest?"

Tebryn says, "We have MANY quests."

Veracity asks Tebryn, "Would a Hold Monster work on Kress?"

Hazen says, "That sounds cool! I'd like to "hold" a monster."

Veracity, "You hug the monster and I'll do a Hold on you and lock you in place - thus holding the monster in place as well."

Meanwhile, Hazen is seeking a "cuddly deity" in his search for "spiritual guidance." He asks Yol for advice. She just scowls.

Veracity, "Really, come on, let's go pilfer the lower levels for loot!"

Igor, "If you want to flaunt your avatar's wishes, that's up to you!"

Veracity, "I might find some loot that will help me FULFILL my avatar's wishes."

Igor, "Yeah, and if you delay too long on the main quest, your avatar might squash you like a bug under the heel of her boot."

Tebryn, "My sister has actually MET her avatar and she has obviously NOT been squashed."

Igor, "But if she delays the quest..."

Tebryn, "We have MANY quests."

Brianna, "Let's go up MY steps that I found - in the Jade Spider room!"

Tebryn, "Let's play it by ear. We could go through the Blood Demon room and the double doors that Veracity found first or we could go up Brianna's stairs and see what we find there first...."

Veracity, "If we went up the stairs YOU found, would that make you happy, darling, Brianna Dearest?"

Brianna, "Yes, it would! I'm very curious about what's up there over the strange shaft!"

Veracity, "Anything for you, baby.... Then that's what we'll do!"

Veracity, "By the way, Yol, do you still have that body of Khumarr in the sack? And are you capable enough to turn him into a Spectre now?"

Yol, "Yes, I am, and I'd very much like to--"

Brianna cuts off Yol, takes Veracity by the hand, "We need to "plan" privately now, dear."

Veracity, "Do we? Oh,... oh, yes! Sorry, Yol, Brianna and I need to go 'plan,' 'privately' Yes! Coming, Darling..."

Brianna and Veracity go off alone together.

Yol takes this in stride and performs some healing.

Tebryn entertains the boys with tales of Tigerblade's madness in previous campaigns. "And that's why you can't rule out fatal solutions in order to release controlled party members," Tebryn concludes.

Tebryn's notes

Brianna casts tongues on Tebryn.

Tebryn has Yellowmane try to heal Igor. Since he does not have any knowledge of Spellcraft, in the presence of the Weave Disruption, he fails miserably.

"Damn," says Tebryn. He looks at his leonals and says "Thanks! You may go now." They bow, and disappear.

We search the bodies of the two revenants we slew, before Igor ran off, rashly. We find:

2 magical siangham
2 rings
2 bracers
2 doses of unusual poison
7 doses of drow poison

We collect the 3 silver goblets from Khumarr's anteroom and 10 lbs. of gold slag (formerly candelabra) from Khumarr's fireballed bedroom.

Igor foolishly still wants to stay here, but everybody else wants to D-door back to their nest, so, Igor defers to everybody else's better judgment.

We go down to the Observation room, observe our destination, and D-door close enough to it. We make our way back to the basement safely.

Veracity suggests we look at lower parts of the castle.

Igor says we need to keep going up in the castle since that is where our quest is.

"You keep saying that, Igor," says Tebryn. "We have many quests."

"I understand," says Igor, "but that one was given to her by an Avatar. You'd expect it to be her #1 priority."

"Yeah!" agrees Hazen. "Those Avatars can squash you like a bug!"

(Snide comments from Tebryn about Vecna not squashing Veracity).

"Let's go up my stairs first!" says Brianna. Eventually, people agree to that.

Brianna and Veracity go off to plan, together, for the rest of the afternoon.

Yol uses up her healing spells to cure Kress for 6, 8, and 7 points.

Close to midnight, Yol says "it's time." Tebryn extracts Khumarr's body from his portable hole and Yol starts the ritual to turn him into a spectre. An hour later, a spectre rises from the corpse. "By the power of Hel, I command you to do my bidding!" she says to it.

"What do you wish me to do, mistress?" hisses the spectre.

Yol smiles at Khumarr. "Stand over here, please, dear, and guard me while I sleep."

"Yes, mistress," hisses the spectre.

Everybody goes to sleep, some nervously.

Raw Notes

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