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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 27 - Beholder

We march through the narrow passage.

Flying Hazen. Veracity Brianna Yol Kress Flying Igor Tebryn

Those who are walking all make their DC10 Balance checks to avoid falling in the water.

Past the narrow tunnel, the course widens again. As we walk up, the two female drow look up. We note that they carry weapons (nice looking rapiers) and wear armor (very nice looking chainmail) and a large shiny steel shield.

One of them looks up towards the ceiling and calls in drowish "You asked us to tell you when they returned. Looks like none of their pets are with them anymore."

Hazen 23 (Drow 1) Brianna 21 (Beholder)

It floats before us, a bulbous body with a gaping maw, filled with dagger-like teeth. Our veil drops in the anti-magic ray. "These are not they, but they appear tasty, nonetheless," it says, in Common.

Yol 15 Kress 15 Veracity 12 Tebryn 12 Igor 9

Yol delays until she can cast. Kress draws his bow. Veracity shoots the beholder with an arrow for 6 points. Tebryn delays until antimagic is down Drow 2 does nothing. Igor draws bow.

Hazen advances 40 feet, drawing his dagger. Craft check of 30! Drow 1 moves forward 5 feet. Brianna starts to sing an inspiring song. The Beholder drops into the mushrooms. It closes its center eye, dropping the anti-magic. Yol casts prayer, giving us +1 on attack, damage, saves and them -1 on the same. Tebryn drops a fireball into the midst of the drow and beholder. Drow 1 takes 40 points. Beholder takes 20 points. Drow 2 takes 20 points. Beholder shoots a ray at Tebryn, missing him. Beholder shoots a ray at Yol, missing her. Beholder shoots a ray at Veracity, missing her. Kress shoots three arrows at the Beholder. Hits for 6, misses, and misses. Kress shoots 4 arrows, hitting for 6, hitting for 8, missing, missing. Beholder speaks in Drow: "They are threatening us. Go get her!" Drow moves 60 feet around the lake. Igor shoots 4 arrows, hits for 12, misses, hits for 10, misses.

Hazen moves up to drow 2 and strikes him for 8+29=37 points. Drow 1 hits Hazen for 7 points. Brianna's song kicks in. Yol shoots a lightning bolt at the Beholder for 11 points. Tebryn disintegrates the Beholder. Kress shoots 3 arrows at Drow 2, hitting for 15, 15, and missing. Igor shoots at Drow 2, hitting for 11, 10, slaying it. He hits Drow 1, felling it.

Hazen collects mushrooms while other search the two drow. Each has nice chainmail, reasonably nice large steel shield, reasonably nice rapier, a ring.

Hazen goes invisible and flies up the hole. He follows the tunnel and it opens into a hole going down. It opens into a large cavern. Grotesque statues, with holes in bodies or faces and gems stuck in them, distorted, tigerskin rug with dried blood, bags of gold coins, 2 suits of full plate.

Hazen comes back. Hazen ferries up Tebryn and Yol, Kress carries Brianna, and Igor carries Tebryn to the lair. Yol detects magic.

"All the statues detect Alteration magic," says Yol.

"Hmm," says Tebryn. "Probably just petrified people. If we turned them back to flesh, it would be easier to remove the gems, at least."

Hazen examines the pelt. "It's unusual, but looks valuable." Kress says "OK. Who wants to help me roll it up?" Igor helps him roll it up. As they pull it and start to roll it up. They do not fall into the pit that is beneath the rug. (This was a weretiger rug).

Sekrr the Beholder has the following treasure:

13 gems:

8 gp chunk of ivory
10 gp lapis lazuli
11 gp blue quartz
12 gp turqoise
13 gp azurite
50 gp citrine
50 gp phenalope
60 gp sard (deep orange red chalcedony)
70 gp tchazar
90 gp amethyst
110 gp jade
110 gp white pearl
600 gp violet garnet

2900 gp, 3675 sp.

Total: 4,461 go worth of monetary loot.

Nice throwing axe
flask (Transmutation)
flask (Abjuration)
Full Plate (mild)
Full Plate (medium)

(And from the Invader Party):

From the 6 ogres:
2300 sp, 600 gp golden yellow topaz
100 gp
200 gp, flask of oil (Transmutation)
2300 sp, scroll of two arcane spells: undetectable alignment, protection from evil
200 gp, 90 gp black velvet mask with numerous citrines
400 gp, 150 gp cloth-of-gold vestments

From the Fire Giant:
a 9 gp blue quartz, flask (Abjuration)

From the Vrock:
1,000 gp, 30 gp sardonyx, 12 gp azurite, 300 gp black pearl, 4000 gp clearest bright green emerald, 70 gp white pearl, ring (faint Conjuration), scroll of two arcane spells: Leomund's trap, sound burst.


Brianna: +1,004 XP 6,286
Hazen: +715 XP 2,907
Igor: +258 XP 6,355
Kress: +1,250 XP 4,250
Tebryn: +258 XP 16,978
Veracity: +715 XP 18,868
Yol: +1,250 XP 2,165

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