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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 26-27 - Arrival at Lich's Mire

Day 26

phantom steed for Hazen. We travel 12 miles.

Day 27

phantom steed for Hazen. We travel 7 miles.

The tunnel widens out as a stream flows through a crack in one wall and begins to flow down the middle of the path in a gully of 3 - 5 feet wide.

Up ahead, the passage narrows again and just before it leaves the passage, it flows around what appears to be the lower half of a statue, a pair of legs captured in mid-stride, a bit of torso, and jagged broken stone.

Brianna casts message on Hazen, who goes invisible and flies up to scout.

Past the narrow tunnel (2-4 feet), the course widens again. To the left is a narrow foul-smelling lake and a field of mushrooms, covering the floor. The course narrows again, but not quite as straitly.

Hazen Spots 33. Over the lake, he notices a hole going up into the ceiling. From this angle, it looks smooth, as if it could have been "worked". Hazen Spots 19. He sees a couple of drow tending the mushroom field. Hazen Hides 21 and moves up towards the hole, to try and look up. He can see that it turns into a passage that goes up and turns north.

Hazen proceeds down the stream. The cavern widens and opens to the right, where there is another lake, this one u-shaped, and surrounded by mushrooms. It smells earthy, like freshly-tilled soil. There is a grimlock: a massively muscular humanoid with thick gray skin and no eyes.

Hazen comes back to report.

Tebryn is suspicious. "Where do the drow live? And a grimlock? One happy little mushroom farming village?"

"Perhaps they live in the hole," says Hazen. He describes it.

We discuss going through in disguise. "Or just beat them up and have fun," says Igor. "It would be a shame to not get some mushrooms," says Hazen.

We decide to veil up and leave Hazen as an invisible ogre so he can harvest a bag of mushrooms.

Veracity casts veil. Tebryn as fire giant, Igor as a glowing Vrock, others as ogres. Yol is an especially grotesque and smelly ogre, scarred face, dripping blood.

Veracity casts stoneskin on herself from her godstone.

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