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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 25 - Invader Party

Veracity's notes

Day 25 arrives. We promptly take the 3d route, the one we haven't traveled yet. Rocky, Hazen's onyx dog had given us bad ("tracking") advice before. Tebryn razzes Hazen about it!

We finally take "Route 3." We want to head towards Liches' Mire, per our map. "Where did we find this map, I don't recall..," says Veracity. Tebryn says, "We found it on an undead/dead woman - Dorina - shortly after we entered these caverns." Hazen chuckles, with a grin he says, "Ha-hah, yeah, she died in a tragic home-invasion accident. A two-handed sword or dagger accidentally fell on her and landed in her ribs...ha-ha-hah!"

We go along. Marching order: Hazen in far back, then Tebryn and Yol, then Veracity and Brianna in middle, then Hazen and Igor and Kress in front. (Igor and Kress have their glowing stones out to guide them along in a workable, but murky, way.) Kress brags that he keeps a blind fold poised on his forehead, that he can pull down to do blind fighting, when it would be "fair against blind opponents." ;-) "Hazen has a natural cheat'n ability granted by a god," says Tebryn, "that enables him to be invisible at will and fly at will..." Though we can't see Hazen, we know he is there because we can hear him singing along to himself, singing badly..."who's a good friend of mine.." and sometimes talking to himself too!

About mid-day, everyone except Veracity and Brianna (who only have eyes for each other ;-) notice a dim light in the distance. Those of us who notice see: 12 medium and 9 large creatures - humanoid and up - but can't discern anything more specific about them from this distance.

We prepare ourselves for the encounter. Veracity feels her sword tingle and is not surprised about the approaching creatures. :-) She gets out her godstone, next round she will put on Stoneskin AND put the stone back. She's being "pre-emptive." :-) She thinks about doing Mass Suggestion after that, IF they appear hostile...

We soon see that some of them are goblins, the medium-sized ones...which have flat faces and arms hanging down almost as far as their knees. The Goblins advance towards us, looking excited, and brandishing javelins (or at least holding them ready to throw).

Hazen holds back so as not to get hit in the backsides by any of Tebryn's soon-expected spells. Igor draws his sword and says, "Are they SERIOUS?" Tebryn does Haste (or "Hates," perhaps both ;-) on us all, except Hazen, whom he can't see to target with his spell. Kress runs forward, eager for battle! Yol casts fireball over and away from Kress's backsides, we hope! Yol centers her fireball in the longer distance on the advancing goblins...killing 6 of them... all the ones who had moved forward. In the after glow of the fireball, we see a Fire Giant and a Vrock in the background, plus 6 Ogres between them and the crispy goblins. One of the advancing Goblins throws his javelin for natural hit on Kress (4 pnts). The Fire Giant pulls out a big rock and hurls it at Kress, missing.

One of the Ogres advances, wanting to throw his javelin at Kress as soon as he can. Everyone is ganging up on poor Kress! "I'm not getting much support here!" Kress grumbles. Other Ogres continue to advance on Kress. The Vrock casts Mirror Image on himself, a personal spell, creating 6 images, so we see 7 of him. (The Images will last 12 minutes.) Kress is feeling very coordinated and dodgy today and so is missed by flying javelins coming at him from almost all sides...

Veracity does her Stoneskin and puts away her godstone. Brianna begins to sing to inspire us! Igor is holding his position, letting our opponents come closer. A Goblin tries to strike and misses Kress with a morning star weapon. Even though the Goblin is obviously doing his best, it's just not good enough. Our beefy fighter boy, Kress, far outmatches the pathetic Goblins!

Tebryn moves up for a better view AND casts Chain Lightening at all the Goblins and all the Ogres. Electricity damage to them = 46 pnts to one of the Ogres and 23 pnts to the Goblins... They fail their saves. The Ogre dies outright, boom! falls over on his back. 5 Goblins die, thunk!, thunk!, thunk!, thunk!, thunk!, over on their backs, with electricity sparking around their charred bodies. Kress kills two Ogres with one blow with his great Battle Axe of Cleaving (or some sort of really kewl weapon like that). Yol does Prayer for 11 rounds, adding +1 for attack, damage, saves and skills for all of us. We are very grateful to the not-yet-dead Yol!

The Fire Giant picks up a rock and throws it at Tebryn, but misses, happily! Tebryn's reflexes are good! One of the remaining Ogres tries to konck Kress over the head, but to no avail. The Vrock seems to be conjuring, but we don't know what yet. Veracity moves up, next to Tebryn, and being eager to try out one of her brand new 6th level spells... conjures "Mass Suggestion," ordering, "Come on Baby, CHARGE!" to the Fire Giant and the Vrock. (Her dearest brother, Tebryn, having whispered to her that she ought to draw them out, into melee with us, so they can't keep lurking and throwing missiles from afar.)

Our opponents bear down on Kress. Igor wants to charge, but can't, doesn't have a line of sight for any opponent. So Igor decides to fly swiftly through the air to help Kress. Igor swipes at one of the Ogres and misses. Brianna moves up next to me, for support, singing lustily in my ear. Good thing I've boosted my Concentration lately, so I can keep focused on the battle! ;-) Tebryn casts Ice Storm on the Fire Giant and the Vrock. Hail rains down on the creatures. The Fire Giant, vulnerable to cold, takes 15 pnts damage and the Vrock takes 13 pnts, bludgeoning damage, but the Vrock instantly regenerates all the cold and physical damage, so appears unscathed. Drat!

Kress, hot for blood, takes a 5ft step and attacks two of the Ogres with his mighty battle axe, killing them instantly. Hurrah! Yol steps up and casts Ice Storm on the Fire Giant and Vrock, in worshipful imitation of Tebryn's tactics. :-) The Fire Giant takes some damage, but the Vrock effectively takes no damage from the hail. The Fire Giant's movement is slowed to half, as he slips towards Kress on the icy beads of hail around his feet... The Fire Giant is advancing forward perhaps in response to Veracity's Suggestion, as is the Vrock, who comes up to stand next to the Fire Giant.

Veracity runs up, drawing her Sword of Kas and Life Stealer and attacks the last remaining Ogre, who misses her (attack of opportunity). She hits and kills the Ogre with the Sword of Kas. Hazen flies up to the Fire Giant, taking 24 points of damage from its greatsword, but pokes it with his dagger, in response for a full 9 points! Tebryn casts Magic Missile and takes out some of the Mirror Images of the Vrock. But his Magic Missiles miss the Vrock itself, so no damage there. :-(

The Vrock, Fire Giant and Kress are all striking at each other all at once in a flurry of blows. While this is happening, Hazen takes an "opportunist attack" on the Fire Giant for some serious damage. Then, Yol casts Greater Command - "Fall!" on the Fire Giant and the Vrock to no effect; they all saved okay. The Fire Giant takes a 5-ft step and attacks Kress with his great sword - for 26 pnts damage. The Fire Giant's second strike on Kress hit for 51 pnts of massive damage. The Fire Giant's third attack/swipe misses Kress, fortunately! Phew! The Vrock takes a 5-ft step and a mass of spores spews forth from the Vrock's body, doing some minor damage to Kress. Then the Vrock claw, claw, bites at Kress - 5 times - badly beating up on poor Kress :-(

Veracity moves up to help Kress or Hazen flank the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant Swipes at Veracity and misses her, cause she's too swift for him! Veracity lashes out at the Fire Giant for 19 pnts damage. Hazen moves up to flank the Fire Giant with Veracity. Hazen finishes off the swaying Fire Giant, thanks to Veracity's fine tactics!

Igor moves up and flanks the Vrock. The Vrock claws Igor. Igor does a Power Attack and hits/pops two of the Vrock's mirror images. Then Igor does a "Great Cleave" and hits the flanked Vrock for 29 and 25 pnts damage. Tebryn moves in and pops the Vrock's remaining mirror images, then hits the body of the Vrock for damage.

Meanwhile the "Vrock Spores" continue to do damage to Kress - ouch! ouch! ouch!! There are no mirror images of Vrock left. Just the poor, little, defenseless Vrock itself, being picked on by all us adventuring bullies >;-}

Kress hits the Vrock with his mighty battle axe. Yol does a Cure Critical on the hurting Kress for 20 much needed points of healing! Kress is concerned about the spores being a kind of disease.

Suddenly, the Vrock sends its "Stunning Screech," a kind of Sonic Blast, at us. Veracity is stunned (for one round) as well as Brianna, Kress, and Yol. The rest are still up and fighting. Igor attacks, "Threat" and flanks the Vrock for MUCH damage. Kress keeps taking minor damage from the spores. Yol does a diagnostic check and can't if the spores are a type of disease or not. Yol kindly casts Cure Disease on Kress, though, and the spores fade away just in the nick of time - on the verge of growing into vines all over him! Igor finally deals a death blow to the Vrock.

We stop to catch out breath. Veracity runs over and gives Brianna a big hug and kiss of thanks! Brianna praises Veracity and embraces her in return.

-End for night-

Tebryn's notes

Day 25.

Tebryn gives Hazen trouble about leading us 10 days journey out of our way.

"Why the debate?" asks Veracity. "There is only one way to go that we haven't been on. Surely that's where we go!"

We travel 4 more miles.

We're in a large cavern.

Igor and Kress in front, glowstones out. Veracity and Brianna, chatting happily in second rank. Tebryn and Yol, glowering dourly in the third row. Hazen, invisible, but talking loudly to himself, in the rear.

We Spot: Veracity 6, Brianna 8, Tebryn 36, Hazen 17, Kress 23, Yol 23, Igor 22

Everybody but Veracity and Brianna notice a dim light in the distance.

12 Medium and 9 Large creatures are in the distance.

Veracity 26 Hazen 20 Kress 20 Igor 17 Brianna 15 Tebryn 13 Yol 12

Veracity pulls out her godstone. Goblin 12 moves forward 30 feet. Hazen draws his weapon, using a pencil. Kress delays for Tebryn's spell. Goblin 8 runs forward 30 feet. Goblin 10 runs forward 30 feet. Igor draws his sword and asks "are they serious?" Goblin 5 runs forward 30 feet. Brianna is surprised. Goblin 1 runs forward 30 feet. Tebryn casts haste on the whole party except for the invisible Hazen. Kress moves hastily forward drawing his battleaxe. Yol casts a fireball centered in the midst of the goblins. 6 of them fall over.

In the afterglow, we see a fire giant and a vrock in the back and a line of ogres in front of them.

Goblin 9 throws a javelin at Kress and hits him for 4 points. Fire Giant throws a rock at Kress. Ogre 6 lumbers forward 30 feet. Ogre 5 moves forward 30 feet Vrock casts mirror image, creating 6 images. Goblin 4 throws a javelin at Kress, missing. Goblin 11 throws his javelin at Kress, missing Goblin 6 throws his javelin at Kress, missing Ogre 2 moves forward 30 feet Ogre 3 moves forward 30 feet Goblin 7 throws his javelin at Kress, missing Ogre 1 moves forward 30 feet Ogre 4 moves forward 30 feet

Veracity casts stoneskin on herself and stows her godstone Hazen flies forward 60 feet. Igor delays until the enemies move up. Brianna starts to sing. Goblin 1 moves up to Kress and misses with his morning star. Tebryn moves up 60 feet and casts chain lightning at Ogre 3, arcing to all the other ogres and goblins. for 46/23 points of electrical damage. Ogre 3 dies. Ogre 2 survives, Ogre 1 survives, Ogre 4 survives, Ogre 5 survives, Ogre 6 survives, Goblin 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 all fall over, dead. Kress runs past Goblin 1, who swings at him, missing. He swings his battleaxe at Ogre 4, hitting, and cleaving through to Ogre 5, hitting and slaying him. Yol moves up 20 feet and casts prayer on everybody except Kress. Fire Giant throws a rock at Tebryn, missing him. Ogre 6 moves 5 feet towards Kress and misses him with his greatclub. Vrock conjures, to no visible effect. Ogre 2 flanks Kress, strikes, and misses. Ogre 1 moves next to Kress, strikes, and misses. Veracity moves up next to Tebryn and casts mass suggestion on the Vrock and Fire Giant, suggesting that they engage in melee, rather than using spells or missiles. Hazen flies up to sneak attack Goblin 1. He slices it into many pieces and becomes visible. Igor flies up to attack Ogre 2. He misses. Brianna moves up next to Veracity, singing lustily and with good cheer. Tebryn casts ice storm on the Fire Giant for 15 points and Vrock for no effective magic. Kress steps 5 feet and hits Ogre 2, slaying it, cleaving through to hit Ogre 1, slaying it. Yol casts ice storm on the Fire Giant for 13 points and Vrock for no damage at all. Fire Giant slips and slides through the ice storm and advances 30 feet. Vrock moves up next to Fire Giant.

Veracity moves up to Ogre 6, drawing her Sword of Kas and lifestealer. She strikes the Ogre, slaying it instantly. Hazen flies past the Fire Giant, which hits him with his greatsword for 24 point. Hazen strikes Fire Giant for 9 points. Tebryn shoots 5 magic missiles at the Vrock, destroying 3 of its mirror images. Kress moves up 10 feet. Fire Giant hits for Kress 25 points. Vrock hits him for 10 points. Kress hits the Fire Giant for 14 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to strike the Fire Giant for 47 points. Yol moves up and casts greater command "fall" against the Fire Giant and the Vrock. They both ignore the command. Fire Giant steps 5 feet and hits Kress for 26 points, 51 points, and a miss. Vrock steps 5 feet, flanking Kress. A mass of spores comes forth from its body, dealing one point of damage to Kress. They penetrate his skin. He claws Kress missing, hitting for 10 points. He bites him, missing. He swipes him with wing talons, missing and missing.

Veracity moves next to the Fire Giant. It swings and misses her. She strikes it with the sword of Kas for 19 points. Hazen steps five feet next to the Fire Giant. He hits for 53 points, slaying it. Igor moves next to the Vrock. It strikes him for 10 points. Igor strikes a mirror image, cleaves through to another, and strikes the Vrock for a total of 54-10 points. Tebryn shoots 5 magic missiles at the Vrock, popping its last mirror image and damaging the creature itself for 8 points. Kress takes spore damage hits the Vrock for 12-10 points, 12-10 points, miss, 19-10 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 62-10 points. Yol moves up next to Kress and casts cure critical on Kress for 20 points. Vrock does a Stunning Screech. Veracity, Brianna, Kress, and Yol are all stunned. Hazen moves up next the Vrock. It claws him for 10 points. He strikes at the Vrock and strikes out. Igor hits the Vrock for 86 points, slaying it instantly.

Kress takes another 3 points of spore damage. Yol cannot diagnose the disease, but casts a cure disease anyway. The spores all die.

Veracity runs up to Brianna and gives her a big hug and kiss. Brianna returns the favors and compliments her battle prowess.

Yol casts cure critical on Hazen for 27.

Brianna casts cure serious on Kress for 24, 32. Brianna casts cure moderate on Kress for 17, 19, 19.

Veracity wants to take the heads of the fire giant and the vrock as trophies - skulls - but is dissuaded.

Yol casts speak with with dead on the Vrock and asks questions in Abyssal.

What is the name of the Vrock?
Unpronouncable answer
What is the name of the Fire Giant?
Who were you supposed to report to upon returning to Maerimydra?
Kurgoth Hellspawn
What is the password you will need when you report?
Most recent password was "amaze" What creatures are in the Lich's Mire?

We collect their loot.

We travel another 4 miles and camp.

Veracity wants to throw a party for Tebryn and test out her veil spell.

She gives Tebryn the painted rothe skull.

She casts veil to make Brianna look like a fire giant, Tebryn like a Vrock, Veracity, Hazen, Kress, and Igor are ogres, and Yol is the Dolly Parton of the drow world, with a red-hot lacey teddy and black fishnet stockings, red velvet lace-up boots.

Yol scowls.

Hazen, Kress, and Igor all put on the painted rothe skull masks. Veracity illuminates them with faerie fire. The three partiers fly around and chase each other, to the vast amusement of most. One person scowls.

Brianna dances. Perform (Dance) 26. Nearly everybody appreciates it.

Veracity sidles up to Tebryn. "Brother, between you and me, what do you think of Yol?" Tebryn looks at her suspiciously. "What do you mean?" "You know - I think she admires you!"

Tebryn feels her forehead. Veracity doesn't seem unusually feverish. He does a Spellcraft check (40) and doesn't think she's enchanted.

"What's gotten into you?" he asks. "Well, she told me that you were the one in the party least in need of edification," says Veracity. "She means that I understand death better than anyone else in the party. Other than her, presumably."

Veracity asks Igor what he thinks of Yol. "Pretty hot right now!"

The party winds down, we camp, nothing special happens.

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