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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 20-24 - Backtracking

Veracity's notes

Day 20, in the morning - which looks like night since we are underground - we lazily sleep in and take our time packing up for the hike. Everyone is at full on hit points for having gotten plenty of R&R. Our underdark characters/party members have good "internal clocks," that's how we know what time it is. Also, those that have to pray, like Yol, possibly get tipped off by their gods as to the time of day.

I tell Brianna about my plan to paint the skulls and give one to Tebryn for his birthday. I tell Brianna that she and I can use the other two to wear and chase each other around. ;-) ;-) Hazen hears me talking to Brianna and offers to paint the skulls for me. I take him up on this, since he is our resident artist. I ask for Tebryn's to be a secret and to be painted black and red in a very fierce style! I ask for mine to be regal and royal in purple and black or perhaps, on second thought, purple with gold leaf. Hazen asks Brianna what she wants. She says she has to think about it and wants to see the others when they are done to help her decide about hers.

Hazen says he'll start painting my skull mask purple and we can buy gold leaf when we get to a town and he'll add the gold flourishes later. Veracity expresses delight about all the different kinds of skulls she could collect, even a dragon skull! Hazen says what if a dragon gets Veracity's skull, could he paint that? Veracity says, "You would, of course, preserve my skull and regenerate me, cause I'm your friend!" Hazen says, "Yes, yes, of course... But I could still paint you purple before we bring you back." Veracity thinks that might be kewl!

We travel 8 miles back without incident. We go to sleep. Standard Nightly Watches: 1st Hazen and Kress, 2nd Veracity and Brianna, 3rd Yol and Igor and Tebryn. Day 21 comes and goes. We travel another 8 miles.

Day 22 "dawns." During Day 22. Igor detects scrying on us...thinks someone is trying to spy on us...shrugs it off. Irae T'sarran, we think, is the culprit. She has done this before. "We think she is the big boss, whose son and daughter we killed, so she has reason to be after us," says Tebryn. We travel again, for the rest of Day 22. And we travel again Days 23 and 24. By the end of day 24, we are back at the junction.

Tebryn's notes

Brianna and Veracity sleep in yet again. When they get up, Veracity learns new level 6 spells!

Veracity proudly shows off her skulls. "I'm going to have these painted into masks! One for Nick, for his birthday, and the other two for you and me, Brianna!"

"I can paint those," says Hazen.

"I'll take you up on that!" says Veracity. "Red and black for Nick, Purple and black, with metallic gold, for me! What color do you want, Brianna?"

Brianna looks pensive. "Let me see how the others work out, and I'll tell you later."

"OK," agrees Hazen.

"Someday I'll get a whole collection of these!" says Veracity. "Maybe I'll get a dragon skull."

"Or maybe the dragon will get your skull," says Hazen, insensitively.

We backtrack 8 miles and camp for the night.

Day 21.

We travel 8 more miles, uneventfully.

Day 22.

Irae T'sarran attempts to Scry Igor again. He brushes off the attempt at contact.

We travel 8 more miles, uneventfully.

Day 23.

We travel 8 more miles, uneventfully.

Day 24.

We travel 8 more miles, uneventfully and arrive back at the fork in the path.

Raw Notes

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