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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 19 - Yrthak

Veracity's notes

Day 19 in Toril

Veracity AC 30 - 80 Hit points

It is my birthday, morning of Day 19th. 2993. (debate over date, not sure how resolved...)

Brianna and I sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast. Brianna has composed a song in praise of my adventures, conquests and daring-do. Brianna does a stellar performance; everyone is impressed.

Veracity today! is how old? 135th Birthday!!

Kress pulls out a fine mithral and blue sapphires necklace #31052 1100gp, from Mind Flayer. Veracity is delighted. She kisses Kress on the forehead and releases him from domination. Igor advances and gives Veracity a pouch and big hug and grabs her ass and admits it's the firmest! Veracity exclaims and pushes Igor away. Two "Red Tears" are in the pouch. 800gp and 900gp. Hazen advances impatiently and presents Veracity with a painting of Brianna. Portrait of Brianna, looking pensive. A rolled up canvas, which Hazen promises to frame later. Yol derides us for our "pretty baubles" which "will do nothing to delay the march of death." Hazen tries to sing for Veracity and we are pleased when he stops. Tebryn is uncharacteristically stingy with his "favorite sister" today. :-9 Tebryn, after much coaxing, finally gives Veracity "a nice scroll."

Veracity vocalized. We move forward with Hazen flying in the lead. We mount a plateau and head in direction the creatures came from yesterday. After moving for 12 minutes, we see the battered wreckage of a lonely tower, large shaggy beasts graze on fungi. Rothe, 13 of them. Like cattle, but shaggy. They are "underdark cattle." Curling horns like musk oxen.

We pass them by. Hazen, flying, gets to a dead end. Hazen keeps flying, keeps finding dead ends. After 15 mins more, for total of 27, we come to end of a cliff. After another 9 mins, we get to the south side of the original plateau. Hazen retraces and goes in a thorough loop around. Another 6 minutes has passed. We would have to be flown down the cliff, but before we proceed, we pause and hear flapping/thumping/drumming sounds.

Veracity has an hour left before her vocalize expires. Veracity +9 to Initiative. Hit points 80. AC 30. Those characters who are flying see Yrthak, the flying blind lizard creatures. Tebryn casts haste on all of us. Veracity casts faerie fire (an innate Drow ability), lighting up the creature. Yol has already cast silence on me, before Tebryns haste. Hazen flies down and gets attacked - probably sonically. We all get transferred to the bottom of the cliff and the Thing is coming directly at us.

Kress and Igor bravely advance to take it on! "Daddy Yrthak" then flies up next to "Mummy" (who was first on the scene). Tebryn does faerie fire on Daddy. Veracity attempts hold monster on Momma monster. Momma falls to the ground. hold monster lasts 11 rounds, with saves against every round.

Yol casts prayer on us, +1 to hit, to damage, to save, and to skills. Momma monster has -1 on the same. Fighters attack the held Momma monster for 39pnts, etc, plus she took 4pnts for falling. Daddy flies over Kress and bites for 45, plus more. Kress is grappled by Daddy.

Momma is no longer held about this time, but can't otherwise act right away. Tebryn steps aside and summons a Roc. Veracity attempts Hold Monster on Daddy with Kress in its mouth, but it seems not to impact the creature. Kress is being Held by Daddy. For Igor and Hazen only, another +2 from Brianna singing. The others do their best to battle Daddy, while Veracity continues to stand back and use up her hold monster spells. Igor attacks and kills Mommy Monster. Daddy is lying on the ground softly chewing on a silent Kress. The Roc appears, that Tebryn had summoned, and goes after Daddy. Veracity does another try at hold monster on Daddy; it stops actively chewing on Kress. Kress manages to wriggle and grapple his way out of Daddy's jaws. Then Kress kills the held Daddy monster. Fitting revenge.

We go explore their lair, up on another plateau. They've been catching Underdark Oxen and dropping them and eating them. We find 115 gp and 890 sp, a very nice mithral breastplate, and a nice dwarven war ax (a 1-handed exotic melee weapon) - with a very sharp blade - much sharper than we'd expect. Veracity picks out a nice underdark cattle skull with horns intact... perhaps for Tebryn's upcoming birthday.

We go back to the Tower where the underdark cattle are grazing. Kress is slaughtering one of the underdark cattle for me for my birthday and I'll get the tenderloin. No stairs in the Tower. We're at a dead end and will have to back-track some days (back 40 miles) to a fork in the road - where we once went the wrong way - perhaps on bad advice.

29 gp each from this adventure. Veracity has 63,885gp total less the monetary worth of my birthday gifts. Less 2800 from the gifts, which I'm holding onto as items ##. 61,085.

EXP awards: Veracity: 1286 this adventure = 16,153 total = popped. Brianna will send me details of what she wants me/Veracity to progress as. I roll a 6 with my pick dice! (6 out of 6) My INT goes up one. I get 6th level spells.

We play again next Monday night. Igor might be a little late.

Kress takes charge of the breastplate and the dwarven battle axe. Value of weapon ?? Will deal with later...

Everyone is at full, except Kress, who is down 31 and Igor, who is down 19. It is mid-day. We are still in the cavern, near the grazing underdark cattle, where we left off. I collect 3 - very fine - very whole - skulls of underdark cattle from the monsters' lair, intending to make fun and scary masks for some of us :- and surprise my brother on his birthday.

Yol unenthusiastically offers cures for those that want them, even though it will bring them farther from the ultimate goal of death! Brianna cures Igor, with much more grace but also a certain physical and emotional "restraint" of her own, and Igor is now only down 3. Kress accepts a cure from Yol and now is only down 5.

Someone asks Yol why she isn't trying harder to die. Yol says she is not ready yet, still preparing herself for the ultimate experience that is DEATH! Veracity says, "Awh, Yol wants to be Lich, that's what it is. She wants to get the right degree of rotting flesh down pat, gently cascading off the bones...and keep herself preserved that way in death." Other agree this must be the reason! Yol gives us all a deathly grimace and does not reply.

Tebryn suggests that Hazen NOT explore every inch of the enormous cavern, inch by inch for secret doors and that we move on - go back the 40 miles to the other fork. Veracity agrees, backs up Tebryn. We have a celebratory underdark cow roast! Kress slays and butchers one of the beasts. We light a fire and prepare our BBQ right where we are now. Kress promises me the tenderloin steaks, since it's my birthday :-) and I, of course, share them with the lovely Brianna! I suggest the Dwarves eat the ribs. Hazen says the eyeballs are the best part! We agree to backtrack the 40 miles starting the next morning.

Tebryn's notes

We plan. We sleep.

Veracity: Vocalize Brianna: Message

Hazen flies and scouts.

When he sees them coming:

Yol: Silence on Veracity Tebryn: Haste on warriors Veracity: Faerie Fire on creature


Veracity: Hold Monster on Creature Tebryn: Faerie Fire Yol: Faerie Fire


Veracity: Hold Monster on Creature Tebryn: Summon Rocs Yol: Silence

Day 19: 09:00 Uktar 16

Everybody is up. Veracity and Brianna "sleep" late.

Brianna composes a wonderful song of praise (Craft 33) and sings it (Perform 35).

Kress gives Veracity a fine mithril necklace of sapphires (1100 GP I31052). She kisses him on the forehead and releases his domination.

Igor gave her a small pouch and a hug and tests her bottom for firmness. She squirms. He pinches her again.

"Hey hey hey!" goes Hazen. "Enough of this!"

Veracity backs away and opens the pouch. It contains two Red Tear Gems (800, 900).

Hazen says "Can we move on? I have something too!" He painted a picture of Brianna (Craft 20) and gives it to Veracity.

Veracity tries to beg stuff from Yol and Tebryn, to no avail.

We set out. At mouth of cavern, Brianna casts Message (110 minutes) and Veracity casts Vocalize (100 minutes).

We travel for 3 minutes and come up to the ridge. We all get carted up onto the ridge. It is a large plateau. We march along/around the edge of it, Hazen continuing to scout.

12 minutes after we climb up, Hazen sees, at the limit of his vision, the battered wreckage of a lonely tower in the middle of the plateau. Around its base, large shaggy beasts graze on lichens and fungi. 13 Dark Rothé (Underdark cattle). They resemble small musk oxen with shaggy coats and curving horns.

We continue circumnavigating. 12 more minutes. At 15 minutes, we come to another cliff down. After another 9 minutes, we reach the ridge down. We retrace our steps back to the plateau down.

Tebryn 21 Veracity 17 Yol 17 Brianna 17 Hazen 13 Kress 13 Igor 13

Kress Delays Tebryn cast fly on himself (150 minutes) Yol Delays Veracity lowers SR Yol casts silence on Veracity (10 minutes) Igor Delays Brianna waits to be grabbed. Hazen grabs Brianna Kress grabs Yol Igor grabs Veracity

Everybody flies down except Tebryn and sees an Yrthak ("Momma").

As Tebryn flies down, he sees it too. He casts haste on everybody. (15 rounds) Veracity casts faerie fire on the approaching Yrthak. (15 minutes) Yol moves over next to Tebryn and casts silence on the Yrthak. It saves. Brianna pulls out her icy burst dagger. Hazen moves up 10 feet. Kress flies up 60 feet Igor flies up 60 feet right next to Kress. "Daddy" flies up next to "Momma". Momma fires her sonic lance at Igor for 19 points. She flies forward 30 feet.

Tebryn moves up 60 feet and casts faerie fire on Daddy. Veracity casts hold monster on Momma. Momma falls to the ground taking 4 points of damage. Yol moves up and casts prayer on everybody. Hazen flies up 60 feet and hits Momma for 39 points. Kress flies behind it, flanking it, and strikes it for 16 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit for 48 points. Igor flies down and strikes it for 55 points. Poppa flies over to bite Kress for 16 points, attempting to grab him. Kress uses Close-Quarter Fighting to hit it for 15 points. He is now in Poppa's mouth. Momma shakes loose from being held.

Tebryn summons a Roc. Veracity casts hold monster on Poppa. He saves Yol casts silence on Kress (10 minutes) in Poppa's mouth! Brianna sings. +2 on attack/damage/fear save for Igor and Hazen and Yol and Brianna. Hazen hits Momma for 12 points. Igor hits Momma for 33 points. Hazen hits Momma for 10 points, 20 points, 11 points, 12 points. Kress strikes Poppa with his Short Sword for 9 points, 11 points, miss, and 8 points. Igor moves 5 feet away from Hazen and hits for 26 points, 23 points. It falls.

Poppa bites Kress for 15 points and crashes atop Tebryn, who dives to the side, avoiding being crushed. Windwing appears and attacks Poppa for 18, 24, and 21 points. Tebryn casts hold monster on Poppa. It saves. Veracity casts hold monster on Poppa. It fails. Yol casts magic missiles at Poppa for 7 points. Brianna sings lustily and with good cheer. Hazen moves to the front of Poppa, flanking with the Roc and hits for 48 points. Kress pulls himself out of the creatures mouth. He hits Poppa for 17 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 41 points. Kress hits Poppa for 14 points and 16 points. It falls.

We explore the lair. There is another plateau. Atop it are various corpses of Deep Rothes.

Treasure: 115 gp. 890 sp. A very nice mithril breastplate. A nice dwarven war axe with a really sharp blade.

We go back to the tower we search and find nothing. Veracity collects three horned Rothe skulls.

We determine that we've been following a dead end for the last 40 miles. Everybody gets 29 GP.

Brianna: +1,286 XP. (5,282) Hazen: +914 XP (2,192) Igor: +514 XP (6,097) Kress: +1,800 XP (3,000) Tebryn: +514 XP (16,720) Veracity: +1,286 XP (1,153) (pops to EK 7) HP +6 Yol: +2,229 XP (915) (pops to MT 4) HP +1

Brianna: 9,218 GP Hazen: 53,009 GP Igor: 102,923 GP Kress: 39,471 GP Tebryn: 57,231 GP Veracity: 61,085 GP (subtracted the following): I31052 1,100 mithril/sapphire necklace Ixxxxx 800 Red Tear gem Ixxxxx 900 Red Tear gem Yol: 30,929 GP

+2 mithril breastplate +1 keen dwarven war-axe

Brianna casts cure moderate on Igor for 16 points. Yol casts cure serious on Kress for 26 points.

Kress slays a Deep Rothe and butchers the Prime Steaks from it, for a delicious BBQ. We prepare a delicious celebratory meal. We make merry for several hours.

We withdraw to the previous night's camping place.

Raw Notes

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