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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 27 - Mind Flayer

We fly down out of the beholder's lair. We march along the stream.

The cavern opens up on the right and there is another pool. The cavern smells earthy, like freshly tilled soil. Just as Hazen had reported, a grimy grimlock grimly grins at us from amidst the mushrooms.

Kress speaks to it in Common: "What are you guarding?" It growls at him.

Hazen flies over the stream invisibly, foolishly thinking that that will matter to the eyeless creature standing before him. As soon as he reaches the other side, the grimlock grips its sword and starts to get very excited.

Hazen 28 Veracity 24 Kress 24 Brianna 10 Yol 9 Tebryn 6 Igor 12

Hazen flies towards the Grimlock Veracity whispers to him, via Brianna, "what are you doing?" Hazen answers: "just exploring". Veracity shrugs and continues moving along. "Come on," says Kress, in Undercommon. "What's back there?" The Grimlock twitches but does not answer. Kress flies over the gully. The Grimlock hefts his axe and growls. Brianna rolls her eyes and sighs. "Another axe, eh, Kress? Catch up with us." She continues walking. Yol smirks and moves up behind Brianna. Tebryn catches up and closes ranks. Igor follows.

Hazen says "don't you want to explore that cave?" "No," says Tebryn. "OK," says Hazen. He flies back to the front of the line.

Igor hears mumbling and Tebryn hears conjuring. He hears a haste spell. Tebryn sighs. "Here comes the lich, guys."

Veracity casts fly on herself and lifts off. She flies over the gully. Kress moves up a bit and takes out his axe. Grimlock moves forward and strikes at the hapless Kress for only 12 points. Brianna starts singing a song about foolish greed and the problems it causes. Everybody finds this apropos and inspiring. Yol casts death ward on herself. Tebryn casts haste on Kress, Veracity, and Brianna. Igor flies over 30 feet.

Hazen flies up and lands next to the Grimlock. He stabs him for 9 points. Quthnorak conjures a mage armor spell. He walks up into site. He is a Mind Flayer! "I'm going to kill you, Hazen," says Veracity. She attempts a hold monster on the Mind Flayer. No effect due to Spell Resistance. Kress attacks the Grimlock. Critical for 32, hits for 14, misses, hits for 12. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit the Grimlock for 9. The Grimlock backs up 5 feet and focuses on Hazen. It hits him for 17, 38, 11, 13. Brianna's song kicks into effect: +2 on attacks and damage. Yol conjures a spectral hand. Tebryn conjures hold monster on the Grimlock. He shrugs it off. Igor flies past the Grimlock. It critical hits him for 50 points. "Ouch!" says Igor, as he shrugs it off. He lands next to the mind flayer and strikes it. He hits it for only 19 points.

Hazen flees. He flies back 10 feet. The Mind Flayer mind blasts Igor, stunning him. Veracity conjures hold monster on the Grimlock. He shrugs it off. Kress attacks the Grimlock. Hits for 18, 19, 17, 33. Gok'llak the Grimlock hits Kress for 17, misses, hits for 17, 11. Brianna continues to sing. Yol does mass cure moderate healing 22 points on Hazen, Kress, and Igor. Tebryn casts power word blind on the Mind Flayer. Igor is stunned.

Hazen flies down and lands behind the Grimlock, opposite Kress. He hits it for 52 points. The Mind Flayer attacks Igor with its tentacles. It hits him 4 times, doing a total of 13 points of damage. Veracity tries another unsuccessful hold monster on the Mind Flayer. Tebryn calls out to Kress. "Wait for me!" Grimlock hits Kress for 13, miss, miss, 49 points. Brianna sings. Yol does some spell which does not get past the Mind Flayer's Spell Resistance. Tebryn does horrid wilting on the Mind Flayer and the Grimlock. The Mind Flayer takes 55 points. The Grimlock takes 27 and falls. Kress runs up to the Mind Flayer and hits it for 18 points. Igor is stunned.

Hazen flies down and strikes the Mind Flayer for 42 points. It falls.

Five rounds later, Igor recovers.

Brianna sidles up and cure moderates Igor for 23 points. Yol cure criticals Kress for 31. Brianna cure moderates Kress for 23. Yol cure criticals Hazen for 37. Brianna cure moderates Kress for 23. Yol does cure moderate on Hazen.

Veracity: "Hazen, I really appreciate you saving Igor and all that, but he almost got his brains sucked out!"

We loot the bodies and explore.

Grimlock has a nice battle axe with a really sharp blade (+2 keen battleaxe), surprisingly nice hide armor, a pair of bracers (moderate Transmutation), non-magical rings and gemstones worth 500 gp.

Mind Flayer has ring (Abjuration) and cloak (moderate Transmutation).

We search the area.

Strange contraption of bones (transmutation) that somehow channels magical energy. Yol tries to move it and it collapses.

Spongy platform, with an abstract statue behind it. It mixes graceful curves and disturbing textures.

Salty pool.

"Honey, don't you think that statue would look good in your gallery?" asks Brianna.

Veracity agrees.

Tebryn unpacks the portable hole. With effort, Kress, Igor, and Veracity store the statue in the portable hole. Tebryn repacks it. It looks like it's getting a bit full.

Tebryn shrugs. "We can always dump the less important stuff, if we find something more valuable."

We move on. As we move, Veracity lectures Hazen.

"We have to have a little talk, Hazen. Here we were, following our plan, moving along, and you just had to run over and annoy the Grimlock."

"I'm just Hazen the brave," boasts Hazen.

Brianna raises her eyebrow at this. "You certainly couldn't tell it from your behavior, Hazen. What was with the 'scared rabbit' thing you did again?"

Tebryn scowls. "Right. Remember our discussion? If you are in trouble, say 'I'm in trouble! help!' and let us aid you appropriately, rather than just running!"

Hazen blathers. "It was a 'scared pigeon', not a 'scared rabbit'! But, you are right - I forgot that. I'm a slow learner."

We camp.

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