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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 18 - Yrthak

(Brianna & Hazen have their singing contest).

Hazen = unused mental power

Everybody talks and comes up with strategies.

Veracity and Igor protect Brianna and Yol. Hazen and Kress protect Tebryn. Tebryn is the "battle leader". Stick together. Don't just run away: call out "I'm in trouble". Don't just rush in: let Tebryn assess situation and advise.

MA 546

Hazen & Kress = watch 1 Veracity & Brianna = watch 2 Tebryn & Igor & Yol = watch 3

Nothing happens at night.

We depart in the morning.

After we travel 5 miles (118 miles since Szith Morcane) 3 PM.

The tunnel abruptly comes to an end in a huge tunnel: we feel like we are outside. The ceiling rises out of sight. There is a thrumming sound filling the air.

We agree to move along wall of cavern moving left, with Hazen flying 80 ft. ahead invisible, scouting. Brianna casts Message to link up party.

We travel 700 ft. Hazen spies an opening on left. He whispers to us, goes and explores it and comes out: it is a smallish space.

The loud thrumming stops.

Kress 26 Veracity 21 Tebryn 20 Igor 15 Hazen 13 Brianna 13 Yol 12

Tebryn says: "The noise stopped. Stop. Listen." Brianna moves out the range of Igor's light. Yol moves to where Brianna had been standing.

Veracity moves up out of Igor's light. Tebryn hastes everybody except Hazen. Igor covers his light and holds his greatsword. Yol casts death ward on herself.

Hazen whispers: "gargantuan flying reptile coming this way: no eyes and a horn!" Brianna: "dragon?" Hazen: "I don't think so."

Kress takes off and hovers. Veracity draws her Godstone and casts stoneskin. Tebryn walks out halfway towards Hazen. Igor walks diagonally into the room and drops his light at his feet. He stands ready with his sword. Hazen flies back to near Tebryn and hovers in front. Yol moves up and casts prayer on everybody except Hazen and Tebryn.

The creature flies up and is only 30 feet away from Hazen and Tebryn. Kress moves closer Veracity stows Godstone and casts fly Tebryn casts horrid wilting at the creature, afflicting it with only 30 points of damage. Igor holds Hazen waits to be attacked. He spies another creature coming from left over ridge. "Incoming from left towards Veracity!" Brianna relays messages. Yol sends a cool fireball at Creature 1, burning it for a cool 7 points.

Creature 1 shoots a nearly ultrasonic sonic lance at Hazen for 20 points.

Kress extracts glowgem and activates it. Veracity flies up and casts hold monster on Creature 2. It is not held. Tebryn casts hold monster on Creature 1. It is not held. Igor continues to sit out the battle. Hazen flies up and hits it for 9 points. Brianna starts to sing. Yol shoots magic missiles at Creature 1 for 14 points. Creature 1 bites Hazen for 21 points and snatches him.

Kress flies up to Creature 1 and hits it for 12 points. Veracity outlines Creature 2 with fairy fire and descends to the ground. Tebryn outlines Creature 1 with fairy fire. Creature 2 bites Veracity for 4 points and snatches her. Igor steps five feet and hits for 23, 18, 40, 22, bringing it to 70% vitality. Hazen hits for 10, 7. Brianna Inspires Courage on her party. Yol shoots a lightning bolt at Creature 2 for 10.

Creature 1 crunches on Hazen for 22 points. It claws Kress for 12 points. Kress punches Creature three times for a total of 28 points Tebryn summons Celestial Roc #1 to attack Creature 1. It claws, claws, and bites for 21, 20, and 17. Creature 2 bites Igor for 15 points and snatches him. Igor punches Creature 2 for 11, 23, 12, 10. Hazen stabs Creature 1 for 11, 11, miss. Brianna moves out from beneath the Roc to near Veracity. Yol Flame Strikes creature 2. Creature 1 bites Hazen for 17 and squeezes Kress for 13. He swipes at Roc 1 for 7 points. and flies close to Brianna. Roc swipes at it for 17 points.

Kress punches Creature four times for total of 38 points. Veracity drops her bow and draws her swords. She flies up and hits it for 18 points. Tebryn summons Celestial Roc #2. It claws, claws, bites Creature #2 for 21, 14, and 14 points. Roc #1 flies by and attacks Creature #2 for 18 points. Creature #2 drops Igor out of its mouth. He takes 5 points of damage. He is prone on the ground. It circles around and flies 120 feet. Roc swipes it as it goes for 15 points. Igor flies up and slays Creature #1. Kress manages to avoid being crushed.

The two Rocs follow after Creature 2 and slay it after 4 rounds. Yol does mass cure light wounds and cures 11 points for Igor, Hazen, Kress, and Veracity. Brianna sings cure moderate wounds for Veracity for 22 points. Yol does cure critical wounds on Hazen for 27 points. Brianna sings cure serious wounds on Hazen for 32 points.

The Rocs return.

We all retreat, since we think the fleeing creature was calling for its "mama".

Name of creature = Yrthak

750 GP each

Brianna: +1,768 XP Hazen: +1,768 XP -> Rogue 16 (2 HP) 1,278 Igor: +707 XP Kress: +3,065 XP -> Fighter 14 (2 HP) 1,200 Tebryn: +707 HP Veracity: +1,768 XP 14,867 Yol: +3,065 XP

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