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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 17 - Cloakers

Day 17 (1:00 PM)

3 Long Black Cloaks hang from the cavern wall. They take off. Red eyes, gaping maw, long whip-like tail.

Hazen 27 Igor 27 Yol 26 Brianna 24 Veracity 22 Kress 16 Tebryn 6

Hazen draws his weapon as he floats up. Igor activates his cloak Veracity casts Haste on the entire party Cloaker 1 moves up Kress advances up to within its reach. It slaps him with its tail for 17 points. Cloaker 2 advances Cloaker 3 advances

Tebryn casts Horrid Wilting, dealing 61, 61, and 30 points of damage on the creatures.

Hazen flies behind Cloaker 2 and Sneak Attacks it for 42 points. Igor flies up to Cloaker 1, drawing his sword and hits for 30 points. Yol does a Prayer. Brianna starts to sing. Veracity casts Hold Monster on Cloaker 2. It saves. She stamps her foot in frustration. Cloaker 1 moans. Igor and Brianna panic. Kress misses it, hits for 18, misses, and misses. Cloaker 2 spins around and moans at Hazen. He resists the effect. Cloaker 3 moans at Igor. He resists the effect. Tebryn casts Finger of Death at Cloaker 3. It resists, but takes 23 points of damage.

Hazen attacks Claoker 2. He hits for 10, misses, hits for 10, and hits for 10 points. Igor drops his sword and flies away. It AOOs him and misses. Yol does Flame Strike on Cloaker 3 for 45 points. Veracity conjures 6 Mirror Images and draws her weapons. Brianna flees. Cloaker 1 tries to engulf Kress. It fails. Kress hits for 13, hits for 17, hits for 18, and hits for 14. Cloaker 2 moans at Hazen again. Hazen is stupored (held). Cloaker 3 moans at Veracity and fails to stupor her. Tebryn casts Disintegrate at Cloaker 2, afflicting it for only 17 points.

Hazen is still held. Igor flies another 60 feet. Yol Fireballs Cloaker 3 for 30 points. Brianna moves another 60 feet. Veracity hits Cloaker 3 with Magic Missiles for 17 points. It is disabled. Cloaker 1 tries to engulf Kress again. It succeeds. It bites Kress for 10 points. Kress tries to escape. He fails, fails, fails, and fails. Cloaker 2 tail slaps Hazen for 22 points and bites for 12 points. Cloaker 3 moans at Veracity. She is stupored. Tebryn sends 4 Magic Missiles (15 points) at Cloaker 2, and 1 Magic Missile at Cloaker 3, rendering it dying.

Hazen gets unheld Igor starts to fly back. Yol Magic Missiles Cloaker 2 for 8 Points. Brianna starts to return Veracity gets unheld. Cloaker 1 bites Kress for 9 points. It tail slaps Yol for 23 points. Kress tries to escape. He fails, fails, fails, and fails. Cloaker 2 tail slaps for 23 and bites for 12. Tebryn shoots Melf's at Cloaker 1 for 4 points.

Hazen goes invisible. Igor flies up to Cloaker 1. It slaps its tail at him, but misses. Yol shoots a Ray of Enfeeblement against Cloaker 1, putting a 6 point Strength penalty on it. Veracity shoots 5 magic missiles at Cloaker 2, for 16 points, dropping it. Cloaker 1 takes 6 points of acid damage. It bites Kress for 9 points. It tail slaps Yol for 20 points. Kress tries to escape. He fails, fails, fails, and fails. Tebryn Magic Missiles Cloaker 1 for 16 points.

Hazen flies up invisibly to Cloaker 1 and hits it for 22 and 22 to Kress. Kress yells: "ouch"! Igor freezes, rather than slashing into Kress. He recovers himself and does a critical for 26 to the Cloaker and 36 to Kress. It falls to the ground, on top of Kress, who takes another 4 points of damage.

Yol bursts forth with Mass Cure Light Wounds, for 15 points to everybody.

Yol cures herself for 24. Brianna cures Kress for 19 and 31 and 18 and 18.

Brianna argues with Hazen, trying to get him to give the Star Sapphire to Veracity on her birthday, two days hence.

She composes an impromptu song about Hazen and his "valor". Brianna and Hazen agree to each compose a song about the Cloaker encounter and sing them in the evening.

Brianna cures Hazen for 18.

We search the cavern and find the Cloakers' loot.

We find 1,000 GP and 5 Gems and a Wand

11 GP Banded Agate 40 GP Smoky Quartz 4,000 GP Blue-white Diamond 140 GP Amethyst 60 GP Jasper

That evening, Hazen and Brianna have their song contest. Hazen sings loudly and crudely.

Brianna crafts a masterful song and Fascinates Hazen, Kress, and Igor. She successfully Suggests that Hazen should give Veracity a generous birthday present.

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