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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 16 - Tomb Tapper

The rest of the day is uneventful.

We camp.

During the first watch (Hazen & Kress) 10 PM:

Uktar 13, 1372 DR (10 PM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

The wall melts away next to Hazen. A large creature is standing there. He hears a voice in his head: "Drop your magic items and runs away." He declines to do so.

Hazen 20

Hazen flies into the camp, screaming. The creature strikes at him as he leaves, missing. Everyone wakes up except Veracity.

The creature moves into the room and hits Tebryn with his warhammer for 17 points. Tall faceless creature of stone and iron. Tebryn hears a voice in his head: "Drop your magic items and runs away." He declines to do so.

Veracity 28 Igor 25 Yol 18 Brianna 10 Kress 8 Tebryn 6

Veracity wakes up and stands. Igor stands and activates his cloak. Hazen draws his bow and plinks an arrow at the creature. It instantly regenerates. Yol stands and casts Mirror Images. (6 images) Brianna stands up and peeks out. She lets the curtain fall and whispers to Veracity what she sees. Kress flies up. Tebryn stands and gets hit for 14 points. He concentrates and Hastes Tebryn, Igor, Hazen, and Kress.

Tomb Tapper attacks Tebryn for 23. Hits again for 22. Hits again for 20 points, 21 points. Tebryn falls (124 points of damage). He cleaves through to hit Kress.

Veracity casts Fly and exits the alcove. Igor flies up and is hit. He strikes for 22 (5 regenerate). Hazen flies down and binds Tebryn. Yol steps out and casts Spectral Hand. Brianna starts to sing a song to inspire courage. Kress flies up and strikes the construct for 15 (5 regenerate). Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 25 points (5 regenerate).

Tomb Tapper hits Kress for 22 points. It misses. It hits for 22 points. It misses.

Veracity puts up 7 Mirror Images and hits Veracity for 23 points. Igor hits for 20 points (-5), hits for 22 points (-5), hits for 17 (-5), hits for 24 (-5). Hazen flies behind it and strikes for 7 points (-5). Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 21 (-5). Yol casts Chill Touch onto her Spectral Hand Brianna continues to sing. Kress hits for 14 (-5), hits for 17 (-5), misses, hits for 19 (-5).

It turns to hit Veracity for 13 point, 24 points, misses, and misses.

Veracity scowls. She hits for 14 (-5) and 14 (-5). It falls.

Yol casts Mass Cure Light Wounds, healing everybody for 13 points.

Yol cures Tebryn for 26 points, 24 points, 32 points, 28 points. Brianna cures Veracity for 31 points, 29 points. Brianna cures Kress for 24 points, 27 points.

+ 1,617 gp each.

Brianna: +4,200 XP = 16,288 8,439 gp Hazen: +3,055 XP = 14,510 52,230 gp Igor: +1,092 XP = 4,876 103,844 gp Kress: +5,294 XP = 11,135 39,792 gp Tebryn: +1,092 = 15,499 56,452 gp Veracity: +3,055 = 9,824 60,306 gp Yol: +5,294 = 8,621

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