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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 16 - Purple Worm

Day 16. 9 AM.

We eat, learn spells, and set off.

Uktar 13, 1372 DR (Noon) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

A purple worm bursts through the wall.

Veracity 26 Yol 19 Brianna 13 Hazen 11 Igor 10 (Worm) Kress 8 Tebryn 5

Veracity casts Haste on Igor, Veracity, Brianna, Tebryn. Yol casts Prayer. Brianna goes to the front of the party, turns, and starts to sing. Hazen takes off and flies to the side, drawing his sword. Igor draws his bow and fires an arrow at the purple worm. Purple worm advances 5 feet and bites Tebryn for 27 points. It grabs him and pulls him into its month. Kress flies up, drawing his axe, and hits. Tebryn concentrates and D-Doors away.

Veracity steps back 5 feet and casts Hold Monster on the creature. It freezes in place. Yol steps back and does a Flame Strike on the worm for 36 points. Brianna sings. Hazen flies up and Sneak Attacks the worm for 43 points. Igor drops his bow and advances, drawing his great sword. He Sneak Attacks it for 48 point. Worm continues to be held. Kress hits for 17 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit for 44. Kress hits again for 14 points. He hits again for 16 points. Tebryn cheers.

Veracity cheers. Yol cheers. Brianna sings. Hazen hits for 57 points. He hits again for 42. He hits again for 39. Igor hits for 43, killing it.

Tebryn begs Yol for healing. She casts Cure Moderate for 17 points. She casts Cure Light for 8. He is at 2.

Hazen says: "I like these guys. Nice color! Sort of a sickly purple."

Hazen cuts open the purple worm and takes 8 points of damage from stomach acid. Veracity wrinkles her nose. "Yuck!" Hazen comes crawling out, covered in acid and slime, holding 18 gems.

8,000 GP Blue Star Sapphire 700 GP Deep Blue Spinel 700 GP Deep Blue Spinel 600 GP Yellow Topaz 400 Deep Blue Spinel 150 Chrysoberyl 130 Chrysoberyl 120 GP Deep Green Spinel 110 GP Silver Pearl 80 GP Smoky Quartz 70 GP Jet 60 GP Chrysophrase 60 GP Chalcedony 60 GP Zircon 40 GP Chrysophrase 20 GP Blood Stone 12 GP Hematite 9 GP Moss Agate ------ 11,321

Veracity nods, grudgingly. "Well done, Hazen. This time." She casts Hygiene on Hazen, cleaning him up.

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