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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 15 - Bodaks

Uktar 12, 1372 DR (8:00 AM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

We get up, eat, study, and eventually set out. We travel 4 miles.

(1 PM)

A gray-fleshed hairless humanoid with an elongated skull-like head, noseless face, and white empty eyes. Four of them, to be precise.

Yol 22 Veracity 21 Kress 20 Igor 19 Tebryn 16 Hazen 11 Brianna 10

Yol has no idea what to do. She waits until somebody else acts. Veracity gasps. She says "Holy shit! Bodaks! Cover your eyes!" She turns around and casts Haste on her whole party. Yol conjures Darkness onto the floor to her front left and envelops the whole party in shadowy darkness. Igor closes his eyes and draws his weapon. Tebryn casts a fireball into their midst for 26 points and closes his eyes. Bodak 1 is barely singed. Bodak 2 is somewhat damaged. Bodak 3 is somewhat damaged. Bodak is somewhat damaged. Bodak 1 gazes at Brianna, but cannot quite see her. Bodak 2 moves forward and does nothing. Hazen turns his back. Brianna closes her eyes and starts to sing. Bodak 3 moves. Bodak 4 moves.

Veracity draws her weapons and wheels around with her eyes closes. Yol listens carefully. Kress draws his Great Axe. Igor activates his cloak. Tebryn backs up 30 feet and avoids Hazen. He throws 4 silver pins to the ground. and afflicts them all with lightning, which has no apparent effect. Tebryn scowls. Bodak 1 moves directly in front of Igor. He flails wildly at Igor and misses him completely. Bodak 2 moves between Igor and Veracity and flails at Igor, hitting for 6. Brianna continues to sing. Bodak 3 moves up and strikes at Veracity, missing. Bodak 4 steps up and strikes at Veracity, twice, missing.

Veracity hits Bodak 2 3 times with the Sword of Kas and once with her Life Stealer (missing the other time) for net damage of 21 points. Yol moves 15 feet back, turns around, and opens her eyes. She casts Magic Missiles for 11 points against Bodak 2. Kress moves forward 25 feet with his eyes shut. He stops in front of Bodak 2 and slashes it vigorously with his Great Axe for net 7 points. Igor hits Bodak 1 four times for 13, 10, 16, 12. Tebryn shoots a thin green ray into Bodak 4, dealing 106 points to it. It crumbles into dust. Tebryn pumps his arm. "Yes!" Bodak 2 swings twice at Igor, hitting him once for 6 points. Bodak 1 swings twice at Igor, missing both times. Hazen babbles and continues to cower. Brianna continues her inspiring song. Bodak 3 swings twice at Veracity, missing.

Veracity swings 3 times with the Sword of Kas, hitting twice, and twice with her life stealer, hitting for no damage, and missing. Yol sends forth a white ray at Bodak 3, Disrupting Undead for 4 points. Kress swings 4 times at Bodak 2, hitting twice, felling it. Igor swings 4 times at Bodak 1, hitting once. Tebryn sends 5 Magic Missiles into Bodak 2 for 16 points. Hazen cowers. Brianna continues to sing. Bodak 3 hits Veracity for 4 points and misses.

Veracity swings 3 times with Sword of Kas, hitting twice, and twice with Life stealer, for net 13 points damage. Yol sends 3 Magic Missiles into Bodak 3 for 7 points. Kress steps forward five feet and strikes Bodak 3 4 times, for net 28 points. Igor swings and hits twice Bodak 2 for net 28. It falls. He swings unerringly at Bodak 3, missing and hitting for net 10. Tebryn sends 5 Magic Missiles into Bodak 3 for 15 points. Bodak 3 misses twice at Veracity.

Veracity slays it with the first swing of the Sword of Kas.

Igor deactivates his Cloak.

The party continues on for another 4 miles and camps for the night.

At midnight, during second watch, something happens.

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