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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 14 - Aboleths

Uktar 11, 1372 DR (9:00 PM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

MA 544.

Hazen & Kress are on watch.

Listen check DC 20: Hazen fails, Kress succeeds.

Kress hears something he can't identify coming from behind himself.

Kress 12

A huge creature comes through the wall. It is wet and slimy. Mass of tentacles attached to a primeval fish 20 feet long with a huge bulbous head and three slit eyes.

Kress screams: "Aboleth".

Yol wakes up.

Yol 24

Kress makes his Will save and advances towards it and is hit with a tentacle as he advances. He swings and misses.

Another Aboleth emerges.

Yol makes her Will save.

Hazen 10

Hazen runs over and kicks Igor, yelling "Aboleth! Aboleth!"

Tebryn and Igor wake up.

Igor 17 Tebryn 17

A third Aboleth emerges.

Kress makes his save again.

Veracity and Brianna continue to sleep.

Veracity 21 Brianna 13

The awake people hear a noise from behind the wall.

Into Kress's mind comes the most frightening thing he can imagine. He recognizes that it is unreal.

Yol stands up and casts 4 Mirror Images.

Igor stands and activates his cloak.

Tebryn stands and casts 7 Mirror Images.

Aboleth 1 strikes at Kress four times, hitting three times for 41 points.

Kress strikes at Aboleth 1: critical for 24 points. Hits for 13 points, and criticals for 24 points.

Yol makes her save again.

Hazen intrudes yet again into the girls's room and yells: "Wake up! Aboleths! Wake up! Aboleths!"

Yol runs behind Kress. As she passes within range, a tentacle lashes out and pops an image. She casts a Fireball centered on the center Aboleth. 20 points, save for 10.

Veracity wakes up and leaps to her feet. She pushes roughly past Hazen and runs out, drawing her swords. She crashes into the Wall of Force and reels back. "Whoah!" She rubs her bumped nose.

Igor strikes at the Aboleth but hits the Wall of Force with his sword. "Hey!" He takes off and tries to fly over it, but finds that the wall reaches up to the ceiling.

Tebryn Disintegrates the Wall. He rubs his hands and cackles. "So much for that!"

Aboleth 1 lashes at Kress four times but hits only once.

Brianna stands and picks up her Lyre.

Kress strikes at Aboleth 1 for 9 points, misses, and misses.

Aboleth 2 moves forward and lashes at Veracity. It hits her critically for 26 points. She saves.

Hazen moves forward and stabs Aboleth 2 for 37 points.

Aboleth 3 strikes at Igor for 10, 15, 10, 11.

Mama Aboleth 4 tries to Charm Kress, unsuccessfully.

Yol conjures Spectral Hand.

Veracity hastes herself, Hazen, Brianna, Tebryn, Igor and withdraws back into the alcove. The Aboleth lashes at her, missing.

Igor swings at Aboleth 3 and hits for 18, 21, 17, and 19. He steps back 5 feet.

Tebryn concentrates and cast a Fireball to engulf all three aberrations. 40 save for 20. All are seriously singed.

Aboleth 1 strikes at Kress for 11, miss, 14, and 10 points.

Brianna steps out and gulps. She starts to sing of the heroic deeds of the heroes of the past. Such as Kress.

Kress wallops Aboleth 1 for 11, 12. It slumps. He steps back five feet towards Yol.

Aboleth 2 lashes its tentacles at Hazen. It hits him for 16, 17, 13, and 14. Hazen saves successfully four times.

Hazen hits Aboleth 2 for 9, misses, 9, 7.

Aboleth 3 tries to dominate Igor, unsuccessfully.

Mama Aboleth 4 shoots a Lightning Bolt at Veracity, Brianna, and Hazen. It fails to penetrate Veracity's SR. Brianna and Hazen evade the effect.

Yol steps up to Kress to Diagnose Kress. She determines that his skin is transforming his skin, but has no idea how to treat it, other than with a Cure Disease, which is not her style.

Veracity blasts Aboleth 2 for 19 points.

Igor steps forward and hits Aboleth 3 for 15, 38. It falls.

Tebryn Dispels the Illusory Wall, revealing a subterranean lake.

Brianna continues to sing. She especially tries to inspire Hazen to not be a craven.

Aboleth hits Hazen for 17, 14, 16, and 13 points. He falls.

Mama Aboleth 4 shoots a flash of Lightning at Igor and Tebryn. Both of them evade the spell completely.

Yol withdraws, gesturing for the doomed Kress to follow.

Veracity extracts her Godstone and shoots a thin black ray into Aboleth 2, bestowing 7 negative levels. It slumps, dead.

Tebryn summons a Fiendish Dire Shark in the water. It swims around but smells nothing.

Brianna stops singing and Cures Serious on Hazen for 25 points. he awakens.

Kress's skin starts to become translucent. He calls "Yol! What's this?" He retreats into the tunnel with Yol.

Hazen stands and goes invisible.

Five missiles shoot out and strike Hazen for 18.

Yol does Cure Critical for 33 points on Kress.

Veracity casts See Invisible and sees Hazen and Mama. Mama is floating well above the surface of the water. She winks at Veracity.

Igor drops his Two Handed Sword and draws his Bow.

Tebryn casts See Invisible. He scowls at the aberration.

Brianna cures the wretched Hazen for another 27 points.

Yol cures Kress for 19.

Hazen begs for more healing.

Mama Aboleth 4 casts Hypnotic Pattern, fascinating Brianna.

Yol says "I think it will be interesting to see what happens to you, Kress. Let me know if anything changes or if you feel any other effects."

Veracity shoots a thin black ray from her Godstone, afflicting the Blurred Mama Aboleth with 6 negative levels.

Igor shoots arrows in the general direction of the source/.destination of spells. Hits for 13->3 (-10, since it has Stoneskin), 11->1, misses, 12->2.

Tebryn shoots Chain Lightning at Aboleth 4 for 47 points.

Brianna is fascinated.

Kress examines his skin.

Hazen begs Brianna for healing. "Brianna! Snap out of it!"

Mama flies away at top speed - 120 feet.

Veracity stamps her foot in frustration and lets it get away.

Igor puts down his bow and waits.

Tebryn ponders and shakes his head.

Kress pours wine on his skin. It doesn't help him.

Tebryn walks over to Brianna. He snaps his fingers. "Snap out of it!" She snaps out of it. "Grant me the gift of Tongues!" She does so.

Tebryn summons Yellowmane and directs him to Heal Kress. He does so.

Hazen comes out of Invisibility and begs the Leonal for curing. It looks at him quizzically. Tebryn speaks to Yellowmane. "Cure him up, please."

Yellowmane Cure Criticals Hazen for 30, 31, and 32 points.

Igor suggests that Brianna is more effective at recharging staves than at curing. She is offended.

XP awards:

Brianna: +2,760 -> 12,028 Tebryn: +536 -> 14,407 Veracity: +1,141 --> 6,769 Igor: +1,028 -> 3,784 Hazen: +2,114 -> 11,455 Kress: +4,876 -> 5,841 Yol: +2,760 -> 3,327

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