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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 14 - Sshumath Daerindra the Half-Dragon

Uktar 11, 1372 DR (14:00 AM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

MA 544

I34382 Cloak of Charisma +4 I32454 Jet Black Leather Armor (illusion) I37156 Black dagger with serrated edge I36898 Ring of Protection +2

Yol does Cure Serious on the sleeping Kress for 17 points, Cure Moderate for 15 points. She casts Augury to decide if it's OK to spar with the dagger. "Neutral". She spars and determines it's +1. She tries on the armor. It seems to be +3. She tries to Hide and blurs a little.

Hazen -6 Kress -51

(9 AM)

We sleep late. Everybody has gotten up except Kress, who doesn't want to get up. Finally, The spellcasters have studied, prayed, or meditated. Finally, Veracity allows Kress to act normally and he sits up and says "I'm hungry! I need to eat." He, and everybody else, eats. We move out.

Yol casts Speak With Dead.

What is your Name? Ruallith What is your training? Wizard/Archnomancer Where is your current home? Several hours east and through a tunnel.

Hazen pulls out Rocky. "Sniff this stiff and take us to her digs."

We track for about three hours and eventually find a little camp. We search around. We search and find a cache with a spell book. It has:

0: all standard cantrips 1: alarm. color spray, endure elements, magic missile, magic weapon, Nystul's, obscuring mist, ray of enfeeblement, shield, spider climb, summon monster I, true strike 2: Aganazzar's scorcher, daylight, levitate, mirror image, obscure object, protection from arrows, resist elements, summon monster II, summon swarm, web 3: blink, clairvoyance/clairaudience, dispel magic, LB, summon monster III, vampiric touch IV: dimension door, enervation, Otiluke's resilient sphere, summon monster IV

"Nice," says Tebryn. "Well, one unusual spell, at least. I don't recognize Aganazzar's scorcher."

When we emerge back onto the main path, we meet:

At noon:

Double file:

Veracity, Igor Brianna Tebryn Yol Hazen Kress

Igor spots a customized male drow at 40 feet. He stops and says "we have company." The figure pauses, and then takes a step forward and says "greetings! What news?", in Drow to Veracity.

"What is news to you? We're on our way to Maerimydra. What's up there?"

"Where are you coming from?"

"Szith Morcane."

"Ah. What's new there?"

"The political climate has changed there."

"How so?"

"First invaders from Maerimydra invaded it and took it over, but they, in turn, have themselves been overthrown."

He nods.

"Kurgoth Hellspawn (half-fiend fire giant) marched his army to the gates of Marymidra. The temple of Lolth is destroyed. The Shattered Tower (the arcane tower) matches its name. The mushroom farms surrounding now burn with the campfires of the conquerers. Most drow were killed, but some still lurk. Irae turned the treacherous arch-mage into an undead monster. Virtually all the 11,000 drow died. A few hundred live in wretched misery, and others have fled into the underdark. Kurgoth holds the city & Irae the castle."

"What's your name? I am Veracity."

"Pleased to meet you. I am Sshumath Daerindra."

Hazen babbles at him. He turns to Veracity. "Who is this? Is this your slave?" "He is useful." He turns to Hazen and speaks in Common. "You may serve me, slave." "We ain't got no slaves, but we have mushroom snacks. I'd be happy to serve them to you."

Yol & the drow chat about death and destruction.

Yol asks: "anything interesting between here and Maerimydra?" He shrugs his shoulders as he leaves.

"Nice guy," says Hazen. "Strange dietary habits - slaves and all - but I am not one to criticize."

We move along, having made total net progress of 5 miles.

We camp.

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