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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 12 - Troglodytes

Uktar 9, 1372 DR (10:00 PM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

Hazen and Kress are on watch.

Veracity & Brianna, Tebryn, Yol, and Igor are all sleeping.

8 Reptilian creatures approach from behind (Kress's direction). Reptilian head with a crown. Black beady eyes.

Kress does not hear them approach.

Troglodyte 1 throws a Javelin of Lightning at Kress. CRACK! All the sleepers wake up. Kress is injured.

Troglodyte 2 throws a Javelin of Lightning at Kress and Igor. CRACK! Kress and Igor are injured.

Troglodyte 3 throws a Javelin of Lightning at Kress and Igor. CRACK! Kress is injured but Igor rolls to the side and evades.

Troglodyte 4 starts to Rage.

Troglodyte 5 casts silence, surrounding Veracity & Brianna.

Troglodyte 1 Yol 17 Hazen 16 Troglodyte 2 Brianna 14 Troglodyte 3 Veracity 11 Igor 10 Tebryn 9 Kress 8 Troglodyte 4

Troglodyte 1 moves up next to Kress moves up and swipes a claw at Kress, missing.

Yol stands up and casts Mirror Image, creating 6 images.

Hazen flies through the zone of silence, sixty feet, drawing his weapon and stops 10 feet behind Kress.

Troglodyte 2 walks past Kress, provoking a strike for 11 points from Kress and a mighty blow from Hazen, dying.

Brianna notices that she is in silence. She shrugs and pulls Veracity to her.

Troglodyte 3 walks in and attacks Hazen.

Veracity notices that she is in silence and is being nuzzled by Brianna. She shrugs and returns the attention.

Igor stands and draws his weapon. He flies into the midst of a bunch of Trogs.

Tebryn stands up, walks into, through, and out, of the zone of silence. He stops right behind Hazen.

Kress hits Trog for 18. Igor slays it. He cleaves through to the next, slaying it, and then to the third, slaying it. Kress moves up next to the Trog down the hall. Tebryn shakes his head. "Fool. Fighters rushing to engage distant does who had been perfectly placed for my Fireball."

The Raging Skrzed steps 5 feet up to Kress and smashes his large morningstar into him for 14 points, misses, hits for 8, and hits for 17 points.

Troglodyte 5 moves up to approach Kress, provoking an attack for 19 points, and falls.

The Raging Squat moves up to approach Kress, provoking an attack for 17 points, and strikes Kress with his large morningstar for 12 points. He is Stenching.

Latar, the cleric, steps 5 feet back, and casts Chaos Hammer to affect Hazen, Kress, and Igor. Hazen and Kress are unaffected. Igor takes 13 points of damage but is not slowed.


Yol casts Magic Missiles for 14 points against the Cleric.

Hazen goes invisible and moves a bit down the hall.

Brianna and Veracity continue to nuzzle.

Igor flies into the midst of the three trogs. Skrzed critical hits him for 24 points. Theod ("Squat") hits him for 11 points. Igor Power Attacks the Cleric for 25 points.

Tebryn Magic Missiles the Cleric for 16 points.

Kress swings three times at Theod, missing all three times.

Skrzed hits Kress for 12, misses, misses, and hits for 13 points.

Theod hits Kress for 13. Kress falls. He swings against Igor, missing, missing, and hitting for 15.

Latar attempted to Hold Person on Igor but fails to hold him.


Yol moves up and casts Cure Serious Wounds on Kress for 23 points.

Hazen moves up and stands over Kress's prone body. He strikes Theod from invisibility, missing.

Igor steps 5 feet, next to Latar and strikes him for 19 points. He hits again for 21 points. He misses.

Tebryn casts Chain Lightning at Skrzed for 48 points, Theod for 24 points, and Latar for 24 points, who falls.

Kress crawls back and stands up behind Yol. He scowls.

Skrzed swings at Igor missing, missing, missing, hitting for 13 points.

Theod swings at Igor, hitting for 13, missing, missing, missing.


Yol moves up next to the two barbarians and hits Theod for 6 points. Igor strikes him for 19 points.

Hazen steps up to flank Theod. He strikes him for 48, hits for 25, misses.

Igor strikes at Theod, missing, hitting for 61, slaying him. He cleaves through to critically strike Skrzed for 40. He misses Skrzed

Tebryn moves up 30 feet and Blinds Skrzed.

Kress moves up and hits Skrzed for 26 points.

Skrzed swings at Igor, missing, missing, missing.


Yols swings at Skrzed, critically hitting for 16 points. Igor takes advantage of the situation to hit for 40 points, dropping it.

From normal trogs: 1 Javelin of Lightning

From Barbarians: 2 Studded Leather Armors, 2 Rings, 2 Cloaks, 2 pairs of Gauntlets, 2 Large Morningstars, an empty flask, 191 GP, 191 GP.

From Cleric: Breastplate, Ring, 1 Large Morningstar, 1 Cloak, 1 Amulet.

XP awards:

Brianna: +1,660 --> 9,268 Hazen: +1,029 --> 9,241 Igor: +579 --> 2,756 Kress: +3,771 --> pop to F13 + 974 Tebryn: +142 --> 13,871 Veracity: +655 --> 5,628 Yol: +2,100 --> pop to M6 +567

Igor: -112 Kress: -105

The party loots the bodies.

(Igor declares to the DM that when it is time to go back on watch he will turn invisible and go to sleep, rather than begging for healing.)

Kress comes into Veracity & Brianna's alcove. He sees a pile of clothing and armor lying at the side and two awake people lying under a blanket together. As his light enters the alcove, Veracity shoots a venomous glare at him and he feels compelled to leave the alcove and move well away and wait. He moves away and sits patiently.

Hazen says "get yourself fixed up!" "They're busy! Wait and they'll come out!" Hazen goes in to intrude. He stands and gesticulates in the dark. Nobody notices him. Yet. He leaves. "They are incorrigible!"

Eventually, Veracity and Brianna come out.

Veracity, Kress, Brianna & Hazen discuss Kress as "cure sponge". Veracity suggests that Kress should be very grateful for being cured. Igor says that Fighting is what Kress likes to do, so it's nothing special. "Ah, but Brianna doesn't LIKE curing me," says Kress. "You should show your appreciation, Kress." "Indeed. Does anybody mind if I select these items as part of my monetary loot?" He pulls out the Large (1500 GP Red Tear) from the Illithids and the Mithril Necklace (1100 GP) from Phykuul.. Nobody complains. "Here, Brianna, I want you to have this." He hands the Red Tear to her and stows the necklace. Brianna beams at him. "Why, thank you, Kress! Do you need more cures now?" Kress nods. Hazen stares at Kress. "You are behaving VERY strangely, Kress." Kress waves his hand at him dismissively. Hazen stands and stares, muttering to himself.

Brianna does Cure Serious on Kress for 25 points, 26 points, 25 points, 31 points.

Yol casts Detect Magic on all the items. The amulet is Moderate Transmutation. Veracity smirks. "Probably turns you into a troglodyte." Hazen tries it out. "Listen to me speak in troglodyte speech!" He babbles at Veracity. "Blah blah blah!" Veracity peers at him and speaks in Draconic. "I don't think you're speaking their language, Hazen." Hazen stares at her. "You were babbling incomprehensibly!" Veracity rolls her eyes. Hazen tries to climb the walls and such. "I give up."

Tebryn says "I'll identify all this stuff in the morning."

"Good enough," says Igor. He goes over to his bedroll and lies down. "I'm going invisible. Don't step on me. Wake me up when it is my watch." "I'll make sure to wake you up if I think you need it," says Hazen. "I'm a man of many judgments!"

Hazen & Kress resume their watch. "Take your time," says Kress. "You've earned your rest. I'll take a longer watch." Veracity smiles and nods.

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