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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 12 - Illithid Inquisition

Uktar 9, 1372 DR (8:00 AM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

We travel for half the day.

Brianna does not summon Phantom Steeds, since she needs to save her spells for cures. She shakes her finger at Kress. "Wasted!"

Kress demurs. "Not at all! I am most appreciative!"


Veracity 26 initiative

Mind Flayer 1 steps out invisibly behind Kress and Mind Blasts at Kress, Hazen, and Yol.

Kress is stunned. Hazen saves. Yol saves.

Mind Flayer 2 steps out invisibly in front of Mind Flayer 1 and Mind Blasts at Kress, Hazen, and Yol.

Kress is not additionally stunned. Hazen saves. Yol resists.

Mind Flayer 3 steps out invisibly in front of Igor and Mind Blasts at Igor, Veracity, and Brianna.

Igor saves. Veracity resists. Brianna is stunned.

Mind Flayer 4 steps out invisibly in front of Mind Flayer 4 and Mind Blasts at Igor, Veracity, and Brianna.

Igor saves. Veracity resists. Brianna is not additionally stunned.

Veracity 26 Mind Flayer 1 (Kress 24) Hazen 22 Igor 17 Tebryn 17 (Brianna 16) Yol 9

Veracity casts Haste on Igor, Veracity, Brianna, and Tebryn. She steps up five feet behind Igor, drawing her swords.

Mind Flayer 1 steps up next to Mind Flayer 2 and Suggests to Yol: "you feel tired and feel like sitting down." Yol rejects the suggestion.

Hazen draws his dagger and moves up next to Kress. He attacks Mind Flayer 2, hitting him for 39 points.

Igor steps up such that he is adjacent to both Mind Flayer 3 and 4. He attacks Mind Flayer 4. He hits powerfully for 29 points, criticals for 56, slaying it. He cleaves through and hits Mind Flayer 3 for 26. He hits for 26 points. It falls.

Tebryn turns and Disintegrates Mind Flayer 4.

Yol turns and sends Magic Missiles at Mind Flayer 3. They fizzle.

Veracity stares at the two fallen Mind Flayers in front of her. She stamps her foot. "Igor! You....uh....good job." She turns and looks at the battle in the rear. "Oh".

Tebryn turns and sends magic missiles at Mind Flayer 3, slaying it.

We loot the bodies. We find:

Crowns of silver worth 5, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, and 11 GP. Hydrophanes worth 20, 40 GP. Water Stars worth 60, 80, 100 GP. Violet Garnet worth 500 GP. Red Tears worth 800, 900, 1500 GP.

Four empty flasks and two full flasks. Leader has a nice dagger, a pair of bracers, and 200 PP.

Total 6072 GP value.

Veracity suggests to Kress that he should show his appreciation for Brianna's cures. "Indeed! That nicest Tear would make a suitable gift."

"What about me?" says Hazen. "Yes!" says Veracity. "She cured you a lot too, and you too should show your appreciation!"

Hazen snorts. "She's just doing her job."

Veracity raises her eyebrows. "Hazen talking about 'doing ones job'? Ha ha ha."

At 4 PM, Kress's necrotic elixer wears off. His CON is at -2 and he feels crappy for the next 8 hours.

In the evening, we camp. Yol does Detect Magic on the stuff. Bracers: Moderate Transmutation Dagger: +1 Flasks: Climbing

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