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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 11 - Revenants

Uktar 8, 1372 DR (10:00 PM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

4 Drowish undeadish creatures approach from the direction we had come. They are the revenants of Velasta and Velina and the two two Szith Morcane officers.

Hazen was at that entrance.

Officer 1 Hazen 18 Kress 16 Officer 1 Velina Velasta

Officer moves past Hazen who takes an attack of opportunity, hitting for 8 points, becoming visible. She gets to Igor and swings at Igor, hitting him for 20 points.

Hazen steps five feet behind the officer. He hits for 6, misses, and hits for 6 points.

Kress makes a double move and moves next to officer 1.

Officer 2 moves up next to Kress and strikes him for 15 with one blade of a two-bladed sword.

Velina moves into flank Kress. Kress hits her for 13. She hits Kress with her dagger for 12 points.

Velasta tries to cast Hold Person on Veracity. It fails.

Igor 24 Yol 21 Officer 1 Veracity 19 Hazen 18 Tebryn 17 Kress 16 Brianna 15 Officer 1 Velina Velasta

Igor stands and grabs his sword. Officer 1 strikes him for 20 points. Igor uses Expertise and strikes at Officer 1, hitting for 22 points.

Yol stands and attempts to rebuke the undead. They completely ignore her.

Officer 1 heals 3 points and hits Igor for 19 points. It misses and misses.

Veracity stands, drawing her weapons. She activates her ring of Invisibility.

Hazen attacks Officer 1 for 7 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 18. It falls into dust. Hazen wheels around and attacks Velasta, hitting her for 7 and missing her.

Tebryn stands and casts Melf's Acid arrow at Velasta. He hits and damages her clothing, but does not appear to damage her. Tebryn scowls.

Kress attacks Velina. Hits for 15, hits for 15, and hits for 16.

Brianna stands and starts to sing.

Officer 2 moves past Kress. He misses. It moves behind Igor and glares at him. It swings at him but misses.

Velina heals 3 points and steps towards Igor and glares at him. She conjures Hold Person on Igor, but he shrugs it offer.

Velasta heals 3 points and walks past Kress. He hits her for 10. She casts Silence in the vicinity of Veracity.

Igor steps 5 feet and attacks Velina. He hits her for 21 points. She falls and turns to dust. He cleaves through to miss Officer 2. He hits for 21 points. He hits for 18.

Yol casts Disrupt Undead. A ray shoots from her hand to hit Velasta, penetrating SR 23 for 6 points of damage.

Veracity steps forward, striking Velasta twice with each weapon: 11, 15, 9, 8. Velasta glares at her, but Veracity resists the effect.

Hazen moves past Kress and hits Officer 2 for 7 points. Igor hits it for 24 points. It crumbles to dust.

Tebryn steps up to flank Velasta and draws his sword. He strikes her for 7 points. She turns to dust.

Igor: "How many times do we have to kill these guys?" Tebryn: "Two is the usual number of times, if someone is able to animate your foes: once when they were alive and once as an undead."

Brianna: "Hazen, you owed me one. I count this. Thanks."

Hazen raises his thumb. "All right! You needed your beauty sleep." He snickers. "Or something." Brianna puts her arm around Veracity's waist and makes a moue at Hazen.

Brianna casts Cure Serious on Kress for 20 points. Brianna casts Cure Serious on Kress for 27 points. Yol casts Cure Minor wounds on Hazen for 1 point. Yol casts Cure Minor wounds on Hazen for 1 point.

We sleep.

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