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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 13 - Dracolisk

Uktar 10, 1372 DR (8:00 AM) Deep Wastes: Glouroth's Chasm to Lich's Mire

Total loot:

Werebat: 2 magical pearls (strong transmutation).

Gindul: Bracers (Moderate Conjuration), Ring (Faint Abjuration), 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Phykuul: Chain Shirt (Faint Enchantment), Ring (Faint Abjuration), Gauntlets (Faint Transmutation), Flask Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy), 1 Fan (Faint Evocation) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy) Kir-lannan: 2 Flasks (Moderate Necromancy)

Gindul's lair: A Belt pouch of Drow manufacture and a wand. Tebryn opens the pouch and finds 30 PP, 55 GP and 80 SP.

Phykuul's lair: 390 GP, 860 SP, a copper bracelet worth 60, and a fine mithril necklace of sapphires worth 1100 GP, and a gold hairnet worth 250 GP.

Lower Chime Upper Chime

Mind flayers:

Crowns of silver worth 5, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, and 11 GP. Hydrophanes worth 20, 40 GP. Water Stars worth 60, 80, 100 GP. Violet Garnet worth 500 GP. Red Tears worth 800, 900, 1500 GP.

Four empty flasks and two full flasks. Leader has a nice dagger, a pair of bracers, and 200 PP.


From normal trogs: 1 Javelin of Lightning From Barbarians: 2 Studded Leather Armors, 2 Rings, 2 Cloaks, 2 pairs of Gauntlets, 2 Large Morningstars, an empty flask, 191 GP, 191 GP. From Cleric: Breastplate, Ring, 1 Large Morningstar, 1 Cloak, 1 Amulet.


Phykuul's Gauntlets (Igor) Trog Barbarian Gauntlets (Hazen) Trog Barbarian Gauntlets

All appear to be Ogrish Power

Gindul's Bracers - +3 Gindul's Ring - +1 Phykuul's Ring - +1

Tebryn does Analyze Dweomer:

Werebat Pearl #1 Pearl of Power L3 (Yol) Werebat Pearl #2 Pearl of Power L4 (Veracity) Phykuul's Wand Invisibility (11 charges) (Brianna) Kir-lannan Fan Wind Fan (Igor) Mind Flayer Dagger +1 Mind Flayer Bracers Bracers of Health +2 (Kress)

Trog Barbarian Ring Protection +1 Trog Barbarian Ring Protection +1 Trog Cleric Ring Protection +1

Trog Barbarian Cloak Resistance +1 Trog Barbarian Cloak Resistance +1 Trog Cleric Cloak Resistance +1

Trog Cleric Amulet Periapt of Wisdom +2 (Yol)

MA541 0 GP each MA542 321 GP each MA543 922 GP each

We move out. After 3 miles, we arrive at a fork in the path.

"Which way?" asks Veracity. "What did we do last time?" "I pulled out Rocky and asked him which way the drow party came from," says Hazen. "Rocky?" asks Veracity. "My Onyx Dog," says Hazen. "That's his name." He pulls it out and summons the dog. "Which path has been most traveled by Drow?" He stubs his nose on the ground. "Ouch! I can't smell anything!" Hazen scowls. "Thank you Rocky. You were a great help."

Veracity rolls dice. "We go right!" We travel another mile and a half and stop for lunch.

Veracity & Brianna watch forward, Kress back. Igor prepares food. Yol offers to "spice it up" but is kept away from the food. Tebryn & Hazen sit & advise.

Veracity gets the intuition to duck. A stream of acid comes spewing forth from a hidden alcove in the wall. Igor and Brianna dodge it.

Veracity 23 Hazen 22 Yol 22 Brianna 22 Igor 19 Kress 17 Tebryn 13

Veracity starts to turn but gets the intuition not to look. She casts Haste on her whole party.

Hazen looks and sees a creature up in a niche. Black dragonish head that looks like a skull. Horns, acidic smell, scales are dull grey, dark ebony. Eight legs, eyes glow banefully. He flies up and hovers near it.

Yol conjures Resist Energy: Acid on her self.

Brianna wrinkles her nose at the smell of the acid. She starts to sing.

Igor flies up, drawing his sword. He strikes at it, hitting for 25 points.

Kress flies up and hits it for 17 points. Igor take the opportunity to hit it for 27.

Tebryn casts Disintegrate that the creature, dealing only 14 points of damage to it.

The Dracolisk (Fiendish half-black dragon/half advanced basilisk) bites at Hazen, missing and claws at Igor.

Hazen closes his eyes and turns away.

Yol turns away and casts Bane, afflicting nobody.

Brianna closes her eyes and continues to sing vigorously.

Igor attacks vigorously missing, hitting for 25 points, hitting for 27 points, hitting for 27 points, slaying it.


Tebryn studies the creature's body. "This is a kind of Dracolisk," says the mage. "This one is half basilisk, and, judging by its breath weapon, half black dragon."

"If it's a kind of dragon," says Hazen, "it must have loot!" He flies up and searches the alcove the creature had filled. "Aww, nothing!" he complains. "Let's move on!"

The adventurers travel another six miles and set up camp, after searching for another site with a suitable alcove for the two damsels to sleep in. This time, Veracity hangs a blanket across the entrance. She stares first at Kress, and then at Hazen. "Keep out!" she instructs them.

"Yes, ma'am," says Kress.

Hazen stares long at his cohort and then back to Veracity. "I wouldn't want to come in unless its an emergency."

"Right," says Veracity.

At the end of his watch, Hazen pushes his way past the blanket and shakes the sleeping women. "It's an emergency. It's your watch," he says, yawning. "Time for my rest."

Veracity wrinkles her nose and shoos him out. She and Brianna emerge and relieve Hazen and Kress. "Next time, you wake us up, Kress."

"Very well, Veracity," agrees Kress. "But you did tell me to keep out."

"Right," agrees Veracity. "But, better you than Hazen."

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