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Talon, Bard 10/Dragon Disciple 1.

Talon Tallera is tall and unusually pale. Her skin has an icy sheen to it, with a hint of blue. Her eyes are ice-blue and very large. They emit a soft glow, which is more prominent in the dark. Her hair is white-blond with prominent silver streaks that sparkle in the sun. Talon has grown to be very elegant, very smart, and quick to learn. But she will never be physically strong. She makes up for this with strong will and charm.

Talon is the daughter of Grace and Brayne Tallera. Through her mother, Talon is the great-great-granddaughter of Lady Clawfoot, a Silver Dragon who sometimes takes human form. Talon has one older brother ("Thorne") and one younger brother ("Berry"): known locally as "Baby Berry" and "Big Thorne." Her older cousin on her father's side is "Siobhan," a well-established Bard.

Talon and her immediate family hail from the "Northern Provinces." Talon grew up in the farming and trade town of Skkye - set among the northern mountains. Skkye is famed for exceptional berries of all kinds. But Talon's personal favorite are blueberries.

Siobhan lived far away from Skkye, but her family liked to travel. They would come to visit and Siobhan would play music and sing songs of great adventures and brave warriors. Talon admired her cousin very much and was inspired to become a Bard.

When Talon turned 15, she set out on her first adventure, accompanied by her older brother, Thorne. Together, they climbed Cloud Mountain, largest mountain in the northern range, in search of their great, great grandmother - the famed Silver Dragon, Lady Clawfoot.

Lady Clawfoot took a liking to Talon and they formed a special bond. After a week, Thorne climbed back down the mountain, but Talon stayed and spent a year in the company of her Silver Dragon kin along with the neighboring Cloud and Storm Giants. Talon learned many Dragon and Giant songs during that year and became literate in Draconic and Giant.

On her 16th birthday, Talon announced her intent to seek her fortunes in the wider world. Lady Clawfoot gave Talon a Masterwork Lyre and a set of fine silver jewelry. All the Giants gathered together from miles around to see Talon perform one last time and play her new Lyre.

Talon played especially well that day - a sweet and haunting tale of a maiden who leaves Cloud Mountain and goes away for many years, until she has grown wings and learned to fly - then returns to her rightful home in the clouds.

The Cloud Giants and the Storm Giants were greatly moved by Talon's song, tale, and music. They wept and wept. They wept so much it began to rain in the villages below. The rain fell heavier and heavier until it was a torrential downpour - which did 1d20 damage to the villages and 1d10 damage to the fields of berry bushes.

Amid their tears, the Giants gave Talon two parting gifts: a Cloak of Resistance +1 and a feather pillow in the shape of a cloud. (Both gifts were damp when Talon packed them, but dried out just fine.) And the season after Talon left was very bad for berries - tripling the price in towns as far away as Rowanesmeade!

By now, the berry bushes in Skkye are almost fully recovered. Talon is 17 years old. She has been adventuring in the "wider world" for over a year. She has experienced castle ruins, caves, dungeons and many trading towns. Talon is an especially popular entertainer among Giants, who often reward her with gifts worth a 1,000 gp or greater for a single performance! She picks up new languages, new skills, and new friends where ever she goes.

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