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Necropolis Session 10



Zhaji's notes

Brianna started singing an inspiring battle song and drew her bow.
Kress activated True Seeing from his helm and closed on the sphinx. The sphinx struck out at Kress, but missed.
Zhaji cast Greater Invisibility on herself, and then successfully cast Slow on the sphinx.
Mambo magically drew her great-axe and struck at the sphinx (oox), missing due to the sphinx's Displacement.
Angel cast Haste on Mambo.
Vandis stepped up to the spinx, drawing his holy longsword, and swung through the false image.
The Sphinx spit acid at Mambo, doing minor damage.

Brianna continued to sing while shooting arrows at the sphinx (xxx).
Kress struck the sphinx with his great-axe (xx), killing it.
Mambo moved to the Okapi-headed door, and struck it. The sphinx did not appear.
Vandis moved near Mambo and attempted to open the door, causing the sphinx to appear.

Brianna shot arrows at the new sphinx (xxxx).
Kress attempted to open another door, but it didn't budge.
Zhaji moved to a better position and watched.
Mambo attacked the okapi-spinx (xx), killing it.
Vandis moved to the warthog-sphinx door and opened it, summoning another sphinx.
The sphinx cast Displacement.

Brianna moved to get a line of sight and shot it with an arrow (x).
Kress closed on the sphinx and struck it (x).
Mambo moved to wait by the last door.
Vandis struck the sphinx (oxx), disabling it.
The sphinx struck a final blow on Vandis (x) and dropped.

People delayed by the last door waiting for the door to be opened.
Zhaji pulled out a wineskin and had a drink.

Brianna readied a sneak attack.
Kress grudgingly opened the door.
Vandis readied an attack.
The donkey-sphinx appeared.
Brianna and Vandis each struck the sphinx (x)(x).

Kress swung at the sphinx with extra powerful blows (xx), killing it.

The party lined up to go into the shrine. Mambo opened the door. A 12' tall 4-headed (camel, okapi, warthog, and donkey) statue stood within the shrine. The statue spoke in four booming voices, "Stop! Lay down your arms, bend your knee, and pay homage to the new ruler of the Khemitian pantheon. Such servants as you are welcomed and greatly honored in my kingdom here, in the Nether, and on distant stars and planes too!" The suggestion affected none.

Brianna asked to borrow Mambo's great-hammer. Mambo handed the hammer over. Brianna swung the hammer at the statue and it shattered. A book and a ruby statue of Set sat in the rubble. Brianna smashed the statue of Set as well. The book was the Book of Eternity.

The scenes on the columns changed to scenes of good and niceness. Everyone in the party had a scene showing them performing a heroic act. All were pleased.

The party followed a green light toward the east, crossing over the water which hardened to support non-flying peoples' weight. Zhaji, feeling the warmth of her Statue of Isis, knew the party needed to go through the center gate. The gate, however, was covered with pictures of the animal-headed gods doing horrible deeds. Brianna suggested that nobody touch the gate because she thought bad things might happen if it weren't opened the right way. Brianna cast Legend Lore and "donkey" and "widdershins" came to her. Brianna knew to touch the donkey first, and then the other animals in counter-clockwise order. The gate opened to reveal stairs leading down.

The party entered the underground passage. Zhaji cast Darkvision; the others could already see in the dark by various means. The passage was long and led to an underground lake. Set into the wall was a miniature scene of the Temple of Osirus. There was also a green glow in the lake.

Brianna said she could investigate the glow because she had an armor crystal that let her breath water. Zhaji said she could join her by turning into a black dragon. The two prepared and headed into the water. The glow was an illusion of a statue of Osirus, as Brianna discovered by trying to touch it. The two returned to the party.

Mambo suggested looking in the model for the real statue. The model showed a miniature of the broken statue of Set (broken by the party) in the shrine in the Osirium. Brianna cast Legend Lore to determine how to return the statue of Osirus to the shrine. The Legend Lore revealed that the statue could be returned by creating a miniature statue and adding it to the model. The party planned to send Zhaji to town to buy small figurines of Osirus.

Zhaji cast Greater Teleport to return to the statue store. She purchased three fancy 1" statuettes of Osirus from the merchant's large selection. After lying about what the others were doing, she left the store and teleported back to the group.

Vandis, with a song from Brianna, placed the jade statue into the model. The party could hear the large statue being pulled out of the lake a good distance away.

The party climbed the steps and suddenly appeared next to a fountain in a garden in the temple of Osirus above.

Mambo's notes

Welcome to Gametable v1.2-pre5.
Mambo: Are we all at full?
Mambo: Is message up?
Mambo: We have +4 to what? Saves
Mambo: Fly spells are still up.
Mambo: Zhaji might be down 6
Mambo: Mambo is at full
Mambo: We are being blessed for our efforts for good and so we are all suddenly at full.
Mambo: We did get healing for going up the stairs.
Mambo: Except Zhaji who demands to be down 6.
Mambo: Zhaji is doing a spell, Greater Invis on herself and Nevermore.
Mambo: Then does a Quckened "Slow" on the Sphinx
Mambo: Pentetrate SR?
Zhaji rolls d20: [5] = 5
Mambo: Vandis considers displacement.
Mambo: Displacement spell.
Mambo: Brianna "sings a bracing song" that some may choose to ignore, but Mambo pays attention to and not just out of politeness.
Mambo: It is slowed.
Mambo: Mambo.
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 1st to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 31): [18 + 31] = 49
Mambo rolls d100: [16] = 16
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 2nd to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 26): [6 + 26] = 32
Mambo rolls d100: [50] = 50
Mambo rolls d100: [75] = 75
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 3rd to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 21): [4 + 21] = 25
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(2 + 3 + 6) + 20] = 31
Mambo: Mambo manages to hit the Spinx on 3rd try
Mambo: Angel Hastes Mambo for 15 rounds. (1 round per level)
Mambo: BB flaps around and squeaks.
Mambo: Vandis steps up next to mambo to flank the Sphinx
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:1 (d20 + 24): [14 + 24] = 38
DM rolls d100: [35] = 35
Mambo: Vandis hits the displaced Sphinx, but really misses.
Mambo: It has a spit attack and goes for Mambo.
Mambo rolls Save Reflex (d20 + 15): [12 + 15] = 27
Mambo: mambo saves, reflex. How about Brianna?
Mambo: Mambo takes 1 point of damage.
Brianna rolls d2: [2] = 2
Mambo: Brianna's singing takes effect and she starts shooting arrows.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [8 + 24] = 32
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
Mambo: +1 to all d20 rolls, a blessing.
Brianna: we can hear you
Mambo: Brianna is continuing to sing while she is shooting
Mambo: +2 because Brie is singing.
Brianna rolls d2: [2] = 2
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 19): [4 + 19] = 23
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5
Brianna rolls d2: [2] = 2
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #3 (d20 + 14): [11 + 14] = 25
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8
Mambo: Kress has delayed to ready himself for a full attack.
Kress rolls Axe 1 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 33 + 1 + 1): [11 + 33 + 1 + 1] = 46
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [12 + 20] = 32
Mambo: flanking + 2
Kress rolls Axe Dmg Cold (d6): [6] = 6
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [20 + 28 + 2] = 50
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [9 + 28 + 2] = 39
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [3 + 20] = 23
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [10 + 20] = 30
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [7 + 20] = 27
Kress rolls Axe Dmg Cold (d6): [5] = 5
Mambo: After that mind-flayer episode, per Brianna, Kress became immune to mind-effects
Mambo: Kress makes short work of the Sphinx.
Mambo: Brianna weaves into her song - and her heroic party defeats all of its threats, rather than leaving some for innocent travels to run across later.
Mambo: mambo - yup, it is the good thing to do!
Mambo: Kress moves towards the Evil Ass Sphinx
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 1st to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 31): [5 + 31] = 36
Mambo rolls d2: [2] = 2
Mambo rolls Greathammer DMG (d20): [19] = 19
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(5 + 4 + 1) + 20] = 30
Brianna rolls Brianna Listen (d20 + 10): [11 + 10] = 21
Kress rolls Listen (d20 + 6): [19 + 6] = 25
Mambo rolls Angel - Intelligence (d20 + 4): [11 + 4] = 15
DM rolls Ability:Intelligence (d20 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8
DM rolls Sk:Listen (d20 + 9): [16 + 9] = 25
Mambo rolls BB - Listen (d20 + : [18 + 8] = 26
Zhaji rolls d20: [1] = 1
Mambo rolls Intelligence (d20 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6
Mambo rolls Listen (d20 + 12): [9 + 12] = 21
Mambo: When we resisted the evil temptations we, who have diety of good with us in pocket, etc, feel we have done good and get +2 more to all attacks, it does stack
Mambo: Mambo wacked at the door and chipped off some rock.
DM: If you are stupid, then allow me the right to rend you to bits first, for you cannot even defeat me!
Mambo: DM - mysterious voice of all Sphinxes before we attack any of them but after we rejected their temptations.
Mambo: mambo can't tell if she's done any damange
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [4 + 24] = 28
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7
Mambo: Angel delays but also reminds Mambo she needs to open the door. Meanwhile, Vandis steps up and opens that door and the Okapi-headed guys comes to life to fight Mambo and Vandis.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 19): [2 + 19] = 21
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [2 + 4] = 6
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #3 (d20 + 14): [17 + 14] = 31
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [5 + 4] = 9
Mambo: Brianna hits Okapi with her arrows.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [5 + 24] = 29
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [8 + 4] = 12
Mambo: Kress tries to open the Ass-Headed door and nothing happens.
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 1st to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 31): [12 + 31] = 43
Mambo: Apparently only one Evil
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 1st to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 31): [15 + 31] = 46
Mambo rolls d2: [2] = 2
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(4 + 1 + 1) + 20] = 26
Mambo rolls d2: [1] = 1
Mambo rolls Great-Axe 2nd to hit (+1/haste) (d20 + 26): [7 + 26] = 33
Mambo rolls Great-Axe DMG (3d6 + 20): [(3 + 5 + 3) + 20] = 31
Mambo: Mambo defeats the Okapi-Headed guy in two blows with her mighty greataxe
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:1 (d20 + 24): [3 + 24] = 27
Mambo: Vandis opens the Warthog door and annimates it.
Brianna: Ahem. "Mambo finishes off the Okapi-Headed guy, previously grieviously wounded by Brianna, in two additional blows."
Mambo: Warthog is not displaced.
Mambo: I'm sorry is NOW displaced.
Brianna rolls d2: [2] = 2
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [2 + 24] = 26
Mambo: Brianna moves and attempts a d2.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [6 + 4] = 10
Mambo: Brie has telemicrochiposis
Kress rolls Axe 1 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 33 + 1 + 1): [9 + 33 + 1 + 1] = 44
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [7 + 20] = 27
Kress rolls Axe Dmg Cold (d6): [3] = 3
Mambo: Kress runs over to help Vandis defeat the Warthog-headed parody.
Mambo: Zjaji flies around.
Mambo: She flaps her arrms for fun
DM rolls d100: [35] = 35
DM rolls d100: [55] = 55
DM rolls d100: [83] = 83
Mambo: Mambo positions herself near Ass and waits for someone to open that door.
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:2 (d20 + 19): [15 + 19] = 34
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:3 (d20 + 14): [9 + 14] = 23
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [6 + 10 + (3 + 5)] = 24
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [5 + 10 + (4 + 1)] = 20
Mambo: Vandis is doing good work on Warthog, hits 2 out of 3.
Mambo: kress is either still tone deaf or still brainless
Mambo: The Warthog considers.
Mambo: Goes for Vandis as he appears more tastey.
Mambo: Claw, claw, bite.
Mambo: Claws Vandis or not? As it is disabled?
Mambo: That was it's useless dying blow. Ah-well.
Mambo: Warthop hits Vandis for 11 and dies.
Mambo: Brianna waits, like Brie for someone else to open door. So does Kress.
Mambo: Vandis has an audience.
Mambo: Zhaji pulls out a flask of wine and starts drinking it. She pours some down and tries to aim for Brianna's open mouth.
Brianna rolls Brianna Dex Check (d20 + 6): [1 + 6] = 7
Mambo: The wine goes right down between Brie's cleavage and to her belly button and then into her knickers, if any, or to her knees and toes if not.
Mambo: mambo delays wating for Vandis, as does BB and Angel.
Mambo: Vandis comes around the corner and looks at everyone and says "What are you doing here? What's going on? What am I missing?"
Mambo: Mambo - you open last door so me wait for you.
Mambo: Kress - This door didn't open for me last time.
Mambo: Brie readies a sneak attack to spring when Vandis opens the door.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [18 + 24] = 42
Mambo: Vandis -"Kress! Open the damn door!"
Mambo: Creature animates, but not until it's turn.
Mambo: We all delay until it animates after Kress opens the door.
Mambo: Kress opens the door.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [18 + 24] = 42
Mambo: mambo takes a 5ft step closer.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (d8 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5
Brianna rolls d6: [2] = 2
Mambo: Brianna sneak attacks the animated Ass
Mambo: for 9 points
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:1 (d20 + 24): [7 + 24] = 31
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:2 (d20 + 19): [10 + 19] = 29
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:3 (d20 + 14): [9 + 14] = 23
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [2 + 10 + (2 + 3)] = 17
Mambo: Vandis spanks the Ass once.
Mambo: for 19 points
Mambo: The ass displaces itself.
Kress rolls Axe 1 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 33 + 1 + 1): [17 + 33 + 1 + 1] = 52
Mambo: Fidalis delays in a doggy way. Perhaps he goes and pees on something in a noncorporeal way.
Kress rolls Axe Dmg PA10 (d12 + 40): [4 + 40] = 44
Kress rolls Axe Dmg Cold (d6): [1] = 1
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [8 + 28 + 2] = 38
Kress rolls Axe Dmg PA10 (d12 + 40): [8 + 40] = 48
Kress rolls Axe Dmg Cold (d6): [4] = 4
Mambo: Kress whacks, whacks, whacks that Bad Ass!!
Mambo: It goes straight to dying or destroyed.
Mambo: Brianna, I want to point to Zhaji and you all that I have hit and damaged each of these creatures at least once!
Mambo: Brianna - I just want to point that out because some people think I just sing.
Mambo: Tebryn think that and him not here.
Mambo: Brie - I want to impress my friends who are here.
Mambo: Mambo - that good idea and me you friend.
Mambo: Mambo steps up and opens the door
Mambo: the Ass-Door. Interposing to shield her friend Brianna.
Mambo: Inside is a statue twice as tall as a man. See picture.
Mambo: see link
Mambo: Zhaji, invisble to us, flies around aimlessly, at a distance, and continues to drink wine.
Mambo: We discuss the picture in creative ways.
Mambo: Inside is statue with 4 horrid heads. Some ghastly portrayal of Set.
Brianna: "Hiss", I hiss
Mambo: The heads are those of the Parody Sphinxes.
Mambo: Forehead speaks in booming voice.
Mambo: Commands us thus:
DM: Stop! Lay down your arms, bend your knee, and pay homage to the new ruler of the Khemitian pantheon. Such servants as you are welcomed and greatly honored in my kingdom here, in the Nether, and on distant stars and planes too!
Mambo: Only Mambo in room, rest on theshold.
Brianna: "Hiss!" I hiss.
Brianna rolls Brianna Will Save (d20 + 1: [11 + 18] = 29
DM rolls Sv:Will (d20 + 21): [18 + 21] = 39
Mambo rolls Save Will (d20 + 17): [9 + 17] = 26
Mambo: mambo is using her will save bonus here.
Zhaji rolls Save (Will) (d20 + 17): [16 + 17] = 33
Mambo: Vandis has a neutral diety.
Mambo: Brie has NG diety?
Mambo: Mambo is CG.
Mambo: Vandis is CN
Mambo: Kress diety is ??
Mambo: Zhaji diety is NG
Mambo: Kress's is CN
Mambo: Those with CG and NG are +4 to will check?
Mambo: None of us came close to failing. So none of us bow.
Mambo: Brianna - Mambo, let me borrow BamBam.
Mambo: mambo hands it to her.
Brianna rolls d20: [11] = 11
Mambo: Brianna swings and hits and shatters the statue.
Brianna rolls d20: [11] = 11
Mambo: Within the statue is a book and an obviously valuable ruby carved in the shaped of statue of Set. Brianna swings Bambam and crushes it into rubble. Mambo: Everyone gets 1k XP for having broken the stauette.
Mambo: Brianna speaks of her illtreatment in a household of Set, when she was a slave long ago.
Mambo: We all feel better.
Mambo: The statue (pieces) exudes a disgusting aura of evil.
Mambo: The Book of Eternity has a similar aura, feel, sense as the statue.
Brianna: The "Book of Eternity" is like unto the Serpent Ankh
Brianna: ...and the Bloodied Moon
Mambo: Has an odd feel it, even if not quite like that of the statue, more like Serpent Ankh feel. So Vandis thinks it is a kind of item we were advised to keep with us and keep safe.
Brianna: Vandis will carry the Book of Eternity
Mambo: Vandis offers to carry it. the book
Mambo: As we exit the shrine, the paintings have changed. Osiris again. Also, there is one painting of each us engaged in an heoric act against Set.
Mambo rolls Search (d20): [13] = 13
DM rolls Sk:Search (d20 + 7): [11 + 7] = 18
Mambo: We search.
Brianna rolls Brianna Search (d20 + : [6 + 8] = 14
Mambo: In Zhaji's pictorial, she is drinking wine and casting at the same time. Drops of wine are depicted on her ample bussom.
Mambo: We have +1 all d20 rolls.
Mambo: still
Mambo: Those of us who find out own likenesses and study for 5 minutes are immune to fear for 24 hours. We feel we are compelled to continue on to root out evil.
Mambo: The pictures of us fade after 10 minutes so we can't find ourselves if we haven't already.
Mambo: Vandis and Brianna actually help search for the pictures of the rest of us.
Mambo: We all see ourselves thanks to help from sharp-eyed friends and all get another 1K XP.
Mambo: How do we procede from here, asks Brie.
amcy Recenters everyone's view!
Mambo: Something happens to help us!
Mambo: A green glow...
Mambo: A geen hued light leads the party to an area where the water is smooth and clear and like stone - so we can clearly cross.
Mambo: Emerald Radiance guides us too.
Mambo: Vandis and Brie feel this is the Right way to go.
Mambo: Length of stone carved into huge gate flanked by pair of doors.
Mambo: Zhaji's statuette grows warn and Zhaji "feels right."
Mambo: Zhajji is still flying and tells us to choose the right gate.
Mambo: Fiends depicted on one gate/portal.
Mambo: Ass, Warthog, etc.
Mambo: Brianna searches for a doorknob.
Mambo: Figures of goddesses on another doorway.
Mambo: If either figure is touched lightly, the stone would fade away and turn to colored fog.
Mambo: One portal leads to plane of positive energy and the other to negative energy.
Mambo: Brianna brags that she would survive either plane next to her magic crystal.
Mambo: There is still the door between the two portals.
Mambo: Brie - Legends Lore?
Mambo: Vandis - let's do an Augury, ooops, I'm out!
Mambo: The sphinx heads on in a diamond on that door between the two portals.
Mambo: We don't know how to open the door and we can't live through the portals, except for Brianna.
Mambo: It is a puzzle.
Mambo: mambo will push the door
Mambo: Brianna - Mambo, stand back please. Let me look for traps. Mambo stands back at her friends good advice.
Mambo: Brie does not find any traps, does a Legend Lore spell.
Mambo: Brianna sets up tiles and burns incense to see what Legend Lore can tell her about this door.
Mambo: If in the presence of the thing itself, the spell works fast.
DM: widdershins
Brianna: deosil is clockwise and widdershins is counterclockwise
Mambo: Brianna's attention is drawn to the ASS and thinks = counterclockwise.
Mambo: widdershins = anti-sun-wise.
Mambo: Brianna touches her ass and the sun - What???
Mambo: Brianna touches the Ass first and then the others in the right order.
Mambo: The stone door swings open.
Mambo: Reveals stairs down.
Mambo: Down the Underworld? asks Mambo of Brianna?
Mambo: Brianna might have been flattened by the door, except her natural feminine protrusions prevent this.
Mambo: Brianna - I don't know, but whatever we guided to do, we must go in this direction.
Mambo: Long passage down the stairs. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, landing at 70, repeat.
Mambo: Lightless flight of steps.
Mambo: Angel illuminates like a torch.
Mambo: Even though Mambo has darkvision as do most of us.
Mambo: Steep steps for 60 feet, then incline.
Mambo: Or whatever, anyway, it turns into a corridor/incline eventually and turn West eventually.
Mambo: We are looping back and around as we go.
Mambo: We notice a faint glowing green hue ahead of us. As though dust motes are glowing. Gets more intense as we continue down.. Jade, all pervasive light at end of corridor dazzles us.
Mambo: Opens out onto a huge underground lake.
Mambo: On the ledge by the lake we each hear a whispering voice in our minds:
DM: You have earned the right to escape from the doom Evil thought to lay upon you. Yet there is more to gain, greter good to accomplish. Will you redress the wrongs done before taking leave? The choice is yours...
Mambo: Light seems to come from below the water.
Mambo: Narrow ledge all around the cavern.
Mambo: To the right are small figures and models of Osirian.
Kress rolls Spot (d20 + 15): [13 + 15] = 28
DM rolls Sk:Spot (d20 + 9): [9 + 9] = 18
Mambo rolls Spot (d20 + 10): [13 + 10] = 23
Brianna rolls Brianna Spot (d20 + 12): [8 + 12] = 20
Mambo: Kress notices the miniature Osirian scene.
Mambo: He points it out to us.
Brianna: Osirian creche
Mambo: We what looks like normal steps going upwards in the rock, but it is an optical illusion on closer inspection.
Mambo: Miniature figures are scene of temple above. Gardens, wells, etc.
Mambo: Figures and models of temple both.
Mambo: Knowlege of local religion by Brianna
Mambo: She says Green is the color of Osiris.
Mambo: Brie - This place has been corrupted.
Mambo: She seeks place where we found the statue of Set in the replica set in the stone.
Mambo: where Brie and Kress are standing on the ledge.
Mambo: Brie sees that something is smashed in that room.
Mambo: Kress examines the miniature then for irregularities.
Mambo: If we recall temple (above) layout....
Mambo: At K-section, we should find shrine of Osiris, inner shrine of temple, instead, we see Set.
Mambo: Brie - I don't think we need to hold back anymore.
Mambo: Vandis - I agree. NOW.
Mambo: mambo - we hit them bad guys now?
Mambo: Vandis - Now, but not before, Mambo.
Mambo: Brianna "We have work to do here."
Mambo: Vandis - It was important for us to play along witih these guys to get to this point?
Mambo: Mambo - why?
Mambo: Kress - Because we needed them to get us into the boat to get here.
Mambo: Brianna - we have this little model (set in nook in wall by Brie and Kress). We have this green glow from beneath surface of lake.
Mambo: I wonder why they have this model here. Perhaps it is magically linked somehow?
Mambo: Mambo - We go swimming?
Mambo: Brie - I have great armor crystal of aquatic action.
Mambo: Zhaji offers to turn into something that can also breath water.
Mambo: Brie says Black dragons can breath water.
Mambo: Zhaji and Brie can go check out the glow.
Mambo: When we look carefully at the glow, we can actually see what is going on down there as water is clear and unclouded, except that the light actually does obcure out view after all.
Mambo: mambo want look under green light first.
Mambo: Brie does not strip off armor and keeps rapier.
Mambo: Zhaji turns into juivenille black dragon and they go swimming together.
Mambo: Under water, within 10 ft - there appears to be a seated figure of Osiris resting on the bottom of the lake.
Mambo: (Figure we would expect to be in the shrine)
Mambo: When Brianna approaches it and touches it and her hand passes through it.
Mambo: Brianna decides it is an illusion.
Mambo: Zhaji speaks in "whale" or can talk underwater.
Mambo: ???
Mambo: Brianna assumes they can talk underwater, so they do, because they believe they can.
Mambo: Zhaji - the illusion of a statue that is not here that we must return to the temple?
Mambo: Brie - let's go up and talk to our friends.
Mambo: Zhaji - it seems strange to just have an illusion of a statue here.
Mambo: They emerge from the lake.
Mambo: Brie - it is an illusion of statue of Osiris that should be in shrine.
Mambo: mambo - maybe if we check model, we find statue.
Mambo: Brie does another Legend Lore.
Mambo: mambo sees that room 7K has statue of Set in it right now.
Mambo: (Marauders Map)
Mambo: mambo - maybe statue in 7k of Set is built around Osiris?
Mambo: Brie - but we felt there was more to do and I think there is more to do down here.
Mambo: Kress - the lazy bad guys probably threw the statue of Osiris into the water!
Mambo: Zhaji - do you think an Earth Elemental could carry it out of the water.
Mambo: Mambo - then Earth Elemental become Mud Elemental.
Mambo: mambo - maybe they sink statue where boat sink?
Mambo: mambo - we are under other water where boat sink.
Mambo: Vandis - then why is the green light here?
Mambo: mambo - maybe it project from ceiling?
Mambo: Zhaji - like a mirror?
Mambo: Vandis - lets let Brianna do another Legend Lore!
Mambo: Zhaji - But Brie uses up resources.
Mambo: Brie - only 250gp worth each time.
Mambo: Only a Legend Lore spell could explain it.
Brianna: waxor clay
Mambo: Need to make a model of Osiris from wax or clay and add it to the model temple.
Mambo: Need to fashion pool from water of cistern.
Mambo: 4 inches of water over and lift it out and place it in its place in the shrine in the model.
Mambo: We need to restore Osiris to the Orsirium.
Mambo: The model of each (below) sets right up above.
Mambo: Then we kick ass on the bad people above.
Mambo: If a Priest does process, that's best.
Mambo: Vandis must be the artist.
Mambo: Brie - do any of us have any good spell to make magical replica.
Mambo: Vandis - yes, and I think I could do it tomorrow if we stay here tonight and I see no reason why we not stay here tonight.
Mambo: An hour to hour and 1/2 has pass so far since we fought the sphinxes.
Mambo: Vandis is looking for Fabricate Object.
Mambo: or something that does stone into any shape.
Mambo: mambo suggest wax from ears of Kress ;-0
Mambo: Vandis rejects "Stone Shape."
Mambo: Vandis suggests Limitted Wish.
Mambo: Kress suggests we teleport into town, buy best figure of Osiris we can and use it here.
Mambo: mambo - but it have to be clay or wax
Mambo: Brie - yes, yes, let's teleport to pantheon palace!! Or send Zhaji and Kress.
Mambo: Brie - our quote "friend" used some sort of word of recall abiltiy. They have used some of their resources.
Mambo: Zhaji - we have too. Why not go and stay overnight.
Mambo: Brie - He might pop away.
Mambo: Brie and Zhaji measure appropriate scale.
Mambo: Very small ones.
Mambo: mambo - it have to be clay or wax!!
Mambo: No, says Vandis, it can be, but does not have to be.
Mambo: mambo - Oh, then get something in very fine jewel or gold!!
Mambo: Vandis - get two, just in case, no, get three!
Mambo: Brie - go get the three best statues he has.
Mambo: Vandis - maybe someone carrying one would be good.
Mambo: mambo - why not get dozen and put them in every room of temple upstairs.
Mambo: Brie - leads Zhaji away from the model - "We are counting on you, sister."
Mambo: Zhaji snaps her fingers and disappears.
Mambo: Brie - "Brother, no pressure, but it's all on YOU at this point."
Mambo: Vandis - I think singing would be very inspiring, don't you?
Mambo: Brie - I don't it will matter.
Mambo: Mambo - Him give you compliment, Brie. If him like you sing - you sing. Be nice.
Mambo: Back at Pantheon Palace =
Mambo: Proprietor greets Zhaji who teleports outside and then enters.
Mambo: Zhaji - I was wondering if you happened to have a few inch tall statuettes of Orisis.
Mambo: Prop - Of course I do! Our selection is over here.
Mambo: Zhaji picks the 3 most well made fancy ones.
Mambo: See url prices for 1 inch to 3 size statuettes. Pick your price.
Mambo: Prices are in silver.
Mambo: jade ones there and emerald, for instances
Mambo: go with higher price
Mambo: 3 at 1200 silver (120 gold each)
Mambo: One is gold with emerald eyes. One is Jade with gold eyes. One is Emerald witih gold eyes.
Mambo: Or, actually Emerald with tiny diamond eyes.
Mambo: Brianna has been chuckling in her mind.
Mambo: Zhaji pops back into our midst!! Pop!
Mambo: Brianna has been singing songs of manual dexterity and religioius excellence.
Brianna rolls Brianna Perform Singing (Females) (d20 + 32): [14 + 32] = 46
Mambo: "I've been working on the statue, alll the live long daaaay..."
Mambo: Zhaji shows us the beautiful statuettes.
Mambo: Which one should we try fist, asks Mambo?
Mambo: Gold or Jade or Emerald?
Mambo: Zhaji - I don't it matters.
Mambo: Mambo - him like green - we do Emerald.
DM: Base chance 25%
Mambo: You try Emerald first, Vandis.
DM: Statuete of Osiris used +25%
DM: Priest manipulating process +25%
DM: (Other positive factors - DM's choice) +15%
DM rolls d100: [57] = 57
Mambo: Inspiring Songs of Dexterity and Religiosity +15
Mambo: It succeeds. Him statue of giant emerald upstairs in Osirium you think?
Mambo: Water flows from Statue in miniature model and we feel like we have really done Something.
Mambo: mambo - me have claws of justice.
Mambo: We hear noise from south of something coming out of water.
Brianna: sympathetic magic
Mambo: Statue goes into place of smashed statue of Set ?
Mambo: yes.
Mambo: We fixed the one down here, now have to go upstairs, as we feel urged to do.
Mambo: As we march up the steps in the wall, the steps shrink and we shrink with the steps.
Mambo: However, we don't feel anything telling us to stop and indeed feel ecouraged to procede.
amcy loads a new map.
Mambo: At top, we find ourselves suddenly of normal size standing in garden courtyard of upper temple.
Mambo: Next to a fountain.
Mambo: Kress wants to stop here and eat some grub.
Mambo: Have a picnic.
Mambo: Fragrant and fruit trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers. Near center of courtyard water going into basins.
Mambo: We are all together.
Mambo: Brie _ Well, we have done our duty down below. Now it's time to do our duty up above.
Mambo: 1400 hours is the time of day.
Mambo: Why are we using military time?
Mambo: DM makes record of story awards.
Mambo: mambo is down 1.
Mambo: Zhaji is down 6?
Mambo: Vandis is wounded too.
Mambo: Vandis cures Zhaji.

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