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Necropolis Session 9



Zhaji's notes

The priest apologized for being offensive and stopped the ritual. Mambo set him back down and brushed the wrinkles out of his shirt. The priest led the party to the high priest. The high priest said he had heard how the party defeated the demon croc in town and asked the party if they could kill another that was bothering them. The party agreed.

The high priest led the party to another room with lots of statues and a large reed boat. The party, followed by the high priest, climbed into the boat. Zhaji cast a couple silent, still spells (Darkvision and Resist Fire) while the party filed in.

Under the control of the high priest, the boat sunk into the floor and entered an underground river. The boat floated along the river. When the river widened, the high priest said, "Here's where I leave you", and disappeared. Shortly after, four large Hippodilemon surfaced, flanking the boat.

Kress flew up and over one. Mambo flew up and over another. Angel cast Haste on Mambo. Zhaji said she would cast Fly on Brianna. A HDM charged and bit Brianna, holding her fast. Zhaji cast Fly on Brianna, then stepped toward her and cast Dimension Door, bringing Brianna and Nevermore with her. The three appeared 50' above the boat. Brianna started singing. Another HDM bit Vandis, but could not hold on. The other HDMs did not appear to do anything.

Kress moved toward the HDM near him. The HDM snapped at him, but missed. Kress struck the HDM. Another HDM charged Kress from behind, biting him. Kress swung his axe around with a well-placed hit, preventing the HDM from holding on. Mambo flew down toward a HDM. The HDM snapped at her, but missed. Mambo struck the HDM with her war-hammer. Vandis attacked the HDM near him (xo*), striking twice. The last HDM flanked Vandis (*x). Zhaji cast a chained Flesh to Stone on the four HDMs (using a holy bonus to penetrate their Spell Resistance); two sank as large stones. Brianna pulled out her bow and shot the HDM that bit Kress from behind. The HDM in front of Kress bit and tail-slapped him. Kress axed the most wounded one (x), killing it, and continued on the last one (xxoo). Vandis cast a maximized CSW on himself. Brianna used her Boots of Speed to speedily shoot the last demon (xxox), killing it.

The party followed the drifting boat downstream to a large pool. There was an island in the center with stairs leading up. Mosaics around the pool showed Isis saving Osiris' body parts from the water and bringing him back to life.

The party climbed the stairs, feeling exhilarated. Magic healed some of the party's wounds and awarded a holy bonus to saves. In the center of the island was a cubic shrine; animals on the four gates requested the party leaves goods behind and enter their gates for better things. The party knew not to leave their stuff, but wasn't sure whether to disintegrate the door or just try to go in. Vandis cast Augury to see if it would be a good idea to "open" a door; the response was neutral. Zhaji backed up and cast Disintegrate on the camel gate, but it had no effect. Mambo tried to open the gate, and the camel became a real sphinx.

The sphinx became displaced.

Mambo's notes

Welcome to Gametable v1.2-pre5.
Mambo: Me know him have clanking heavy armor under him cloak.
Mambo: Me hope me didn't disturb your heavy armor. Me help smooth you cloak and hair.
Mambo: Brianna - we are not naive oafs, Mambo.
Mambo: Mambo, well, if him mean us no harm, then me mean him no harm.
Mambo: Okay, little man?
Kress: hello
Mambo: Man, Oh, please, come this way.
Mambo: He leads us north.
Mambo: We follow him.
Mambo: Tcheripep takes us to Setem-neer. Nephthys is there also.
Mambo: Dimly illuminated, relatively uninteresting room with some murals and columns and doors to private chambers.
Mambo: Stairs on the right.
DM: Set's works are beautiful
Mambo: Setem-nefer looks like a cleric. Means Sets Works are Beautiful.
Mambo: He looks at us benignly. He wares robles of some color indistinguishable in the dim light.
Mambo: wears
Mambo: He is looking seriously at the same time.
Mambo: He says, I have devined that you are the heroes who slew the demon crocs
Mambo: the mightly ones
DM: I have divined that you are those might ones whoe slow the vile demoncros which treatended my brother, Merha-aptut, and all the good folk of the village.
Mambo: is your mic on the keyboard
Mambo: I can hear loud typing.
Mambo: That is better!
DM: Such a monstrous thing has somehow managed to find its way to the blessed Osirium beneath this sacred place!
DM: It desecrates the venerable place.
Mambo: mambo looks at Brianna
Mambo: You speak for us?
Mambo: His face is cut by lines of concern. He wrings his hands. He does not want to risk his life and that of his priests trying again and again to defeat the creature. He offers us gold and godly blessings to defeat the demon croc beneath this place.
Mambo: Brianna says, "Demoncrocs are us."
Mambo: Zhaji still has message up.
Mambo: If brianna want to relay what Man's name means.
Mambo: Zhaji hears and relays to Vandis and Kress only.
Mambo: Kress - so what exactly is your job here, Mister Nefer?
Mambo: I am the high priest. I am the one who organizes the priesthood and tends the flock and makes sure all is well managed.
Mambo: Brianna - This is every reason to be curious, Kress. Sir, Nefer, how well is the worship of Osiris doing in this region.
Mambo: We have kept his memory close.
Mambo: Kress, any friend of Osiris is a friend of ours and any enemies, likeways.
Mambo: Brianna - are you having trouble with the followers of Set?
Loaded macros from /Users/pld/Documents/Game Session/Dargas Dice.
Mambo: No, the followers of Set don't give us the least bit of trouble.
Mambo rolls Sense Motive (d20): [17] = 17
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 11): [5 + 11] = 16
Mambo: Mambo and Brianna sense motive.
DM rolls d20 + 5: [(15) + 5] = 20
Mambo: He is not on the level here.
Mambo: Me sense that people who follow Set really do trouble you and you are afraid to tell us.
Mambo: Nefer - Clearly you have misunderstood. I would certainly tell you if the followers of Set were troubling us.
Mambo: Brianna, I take it that there is water below here then?
Mambo: Nefer - yes, of course.
Mambo: Brie - well, how do we get there?
Mambo: Nefer - Follow me. Let's go.
Mambo: Brie swaps her armor crystal for greater crystal of aquatic action.
Mambo: Vandis sneered at her before, but doesn't now.
Mambo: Nefer leads us - walk this way.
Mambo: Mambo - me fly. no walk.
Mambo: Rose light eminates from snakes and such hewn into columns in room we were in before.
Mambo: There is a boat in the middle of the room, always was, have not been in this room before.
Mambo: Boat of reeds. Dim light. large block that might be an altar.
Mambo: Various pieces of religious furniture and shrines along the walls.
Mambo: The oooops, we don't actually see in yet, cause there are curtains here.
Mambo: We do see the boat, though, because it is NOT behind the curtain. The rest we do not see.
Mambo rolls Angel - Intelligence (d20): [10] = 10
Kress rolls d20: [15] = 15
Brianna rolls Brianna Intelligence (d20 + 3): [18 + 3] = 21
DM rolls Ability:Intelligence (d20 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8
DM tells you: The reddish glow of the statues' eyes is notably differenty from the greenish ones observed elsewhere in the Temple
Mambo rolls Intelligence (d20): [10] = 10
Mambo rolls BB - Intelligence (d20): [14] = 14
Mambo: Brianna whispers to Zhaji that the eyes of the statue are red not green and that seems sinister to her.
Mambo: Zhaiji says - So? cheerfully
Mambo: She does not think it is important to anyone.
Brianna: Unseelie Sidhe
Mambo: Nefer goes in and stands by a pretend boat that we suppose is a boat. That's real.
Mambo: He says, please enter the boat, while I go and get the key to the boat.
Mambo: Vandis looks at Brianna and raises his eyebrows.
Mambo: Mambo sits in the boat with her bat on her shoulder.
Mambo: Brianna - let's go, Vandis.
Mambo: Kress - wait one minute, maybe this boat is dangerous?
Mambo: Is there a life boat. When was the last time someone used it.
Mambo: We can see some altars now.
DM rolls Sk:Knowledge (Religion) (d20 + 13): [18 + 13] = 31
Mambo: The largest one is the Stupid Altar
Mambo: Vandis checks his memory for religious knowledge.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bardic Knowledge (d20 + 15): [19 + 15] = 34
DM: Ptah
Brianna: Shrine of Pshaw!
Mambo: someone else take notes a while, I have to fix dice macros
Brianna: ewer
Brianna: horus
DM: Seker
DM: Wadjet
Brianna: ankh
DM: Merit-Segrit
Brianna: 3.1415926535
Zhaji: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288
Brianna: How I need a drink, alcoholic, of course, after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics
DM: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 8214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196 4428810975665933446128475648233786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273 724587006606315588174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146951941511609...
Brianna: Four obelisks, each of a different Hugh.
DM: Khnemu
Mambo rolls Climb (d20): [3] = 3
Zhaji: Cast silent, stilled Resist Energy of Fire
Mambo: Mambo - in boat - to priest - gets out greathammer and says - me prepared for DemonCroc
Mambo: He sneaks behind the curtain then comes right back out of secret very special altar.
Mambo: He says, excuse me Miss Zhaji, I must sit by the tiller.
Mambo: He moves a lever and the boat sinks into the ground.
Mambo: Pushes down the steering oar
amcy loads a new map.
amcy Recenters everyone's view!
Mambo: Where's my Bat??????
Mambo: the boat is hereby represented by our presents, so to speak
Brianna: Iconostas
Mambo: Mister Nefer disappears, after saying, "Now I leave you" and pulling the key from the boat.
Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [20 + 9] = 29
Brianna rolls Brianna Initiative (d20 + 8): [11 + 8] = 19
Mambo rolls Angel - Initiative (d20 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5
Mambo rolls BB - Initiative (d20 + 2): [20 + 2] = 22
Zhaji rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 3): [5 + 4 + 3] = 12
Mambo rolls Initiative (d20 + 3): [18 + 3] = 21
Zhaji rolls d20: [12] = 12
Brianna rolls Brianna Sense Motive (d20 + 11): [14 + 11] = 25
Kress rolls Sense Motive (d20 + 7): [17 + 7] = 24
DM rolls Ability:Wisdom (d20 + 6): [13 + 6] = 19
Zhaji rolls d20: [19] = 19
Mambo rolls Sense Motive (d20 + 14): [6 + 14] = 20
Mambo: we are not flatfooted
Mambo: Heroes feast = d8 + ?
Mambo: Horn of Plenty
Mambo: Me fly to Hippocroc 3
Mambo: Kress to Hippocroc 1
Brianna: Hippodiles
Mambo: Me be 2ft
Mambo: 20 ft
Brianna: no vulnerabilities
DM rolls Spell Penetration (d20 + 19): [13 + 19] = 32
Brianna: DR 10/good
Brianna rolls Brianna Grapple (d20 + 16): [19 + 16] = 35
Mambo: Chinese Fire Drill. Zhaji has superior pentration. Brianna is intrigued.
Mambo: Angel Hastes Mambo, 1st time today
Mambo: (3 per day)
Mambo: We all have extra 9 hit heroes feast
Mambo: We have +1 on initiative, Will Save and to hit
Mambo: swift action - mental - to activate bracers of lightening, one per turn but like free action
Mambo: can only apply lightening damage once per turn
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 33): [16 + 33] = 49
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [2 + 20] = 22
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 33): [19 + 33] = 52
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [3 + 20] = 23
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [12 + 20] = 32
Kress rolls Axe 1 (d20 + 33): [9 + 33] = 42
Kress rolls Axe Dmg (d12 + 20): [3 + 20] = 23
Kress rolls Grapple (d20 + 26 + 1 + 1): [20 + 26 + 1 + 1] = 48
Mambo: Mambo - me what?
Mambo: Kress should have engaged immediately and provoked an attack of op
Mambo: Now i only get a single attack
Mambo rolls Greathammer 1st to hit (d20 + 27): [2 + 27] = 29
Mambo: Okay I move 10 ft down and then hit 29
Mambo: + 2 is 31
Mambo: + 1 is 32
Mambo: haste is +1/+1
Mambo: haste is +1 to AC and +1 to hit
Mambo rolls Greathammer DMG, vs Evil, w/Lightening (3d6 + 16 + 2d6 + d6): [(6 + 3 + 6) + 16 + (6 + 6) + 1] = 44
Mambo: Mambo hits it for 44.
Mambo: only 43, they are immune to lightning
Zhaji: They all appear to be within the affect of the chain spell feat?!?
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:1 (d20 + 24): [7 + 24] = 31
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [5 + 10 + (2 + 5)] = 22
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:2 (d20 + 19): [2 + 19] = 21
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:2 (d20 + 19): [2 + 19] = 21
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:3 (d20 + 14): [19 + 14] = 33
DM rolls Sword +3 Atk:3 (d20 + 14): [18 + 14] = 32
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [4 + 10 + (2 + 6)] = 22
DM rolls Sword +3 Dmg:Holy (d8 + 10 + 2d6): [1 + 10 + (1 + 3)] = 15
Mambo: Mambo DR3/evil and DR 1/
Mambo: The Hiippos are in the water, wimming and flanking Vandis
Mambo: Brianna enjoys a Hippo-Bogey
Mambo: Zhaji casts a chained Flesh to Stone
Zhaji rolls d20: [1] = 1
Mambo: Does she choose to reroll or not?
Mambo: whole time in just this temple area, this building, only get one reroll
Mambo: She will reroll
Zhaji rolls d20: [13] = 13
Mambo: This times she penetrates.
Mambo: Please note that you have used your bonus
Mambo: Hippo 4 turns to stone and sinks like a rock
Mambo: Hippo 3 turns to stone and sinks like rock, leaving Mambo without an immediate opponent.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [1 + 24] = 25
Mambo: Brianna's singing takes effect. She draws her bow and takes a shot at #2
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (Fiends) (d8 + 4 + d6): [6 + 4 + 6] = 16
Mambo: Anubus gives us +1 to all d20s
Mambo: Hippo one krunches Krushy Kress
Mambo: slaps his tail for AC 42, for 24 dmg
Kress rolls Axe 1 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 33 + 1 + 1): [1 + 33 + 1 + 1] = 36
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [14 + 28 + 2] = 44
Mambo: the bugs is getting an enima tonight as she is constipated. mama is happy to be downstairs gaming ;-)
Kress rolls Axe Dmg PA10 (d12 + 40): [5 + 40] = 45
Mambo: Kress is immue to brianna's bonuses, sadly
Mambo: Hippo two is banished by Kress.
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [1 + 28 + 2] = 31
Mambo: somehow
Mambo: sorry, Hippo One is banished.
Mambo: Hippo two is still up and being hit by Krush
Kress rolls Axe 1 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 33 + 1 + 1): [9 + 33 + 1 + 1] = 44
Mambo: Sorry, again,..... Hippo Two is banished. Hippo ONe is still up and fighting with Krush
Mambo: Sigh!
Mambo: I give up.
Kress rolls Axe Dmg PA10 (d12 + 40): [11 + 40] = 51
Mambo: Anyway, we are doing better than the hippos
Kress rolls Axe 2 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 28 + 2): [10 + 28 + 2] = 40
Kress rolls Axe Dmg PA10 (d12 + 40): [6 + 40] = 46
Kress rolls Axe 3 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 23 + 2): [10 + 23 + 2] = 35
Kress rolls Axe 4 (HF+Anubis) (d20 + 18 + 2): [10 + 18 + 2] = 30
Mambo: Kress has almost single-handed killed one hippo and damaged this one
Mambo: Me fly over to me friends, the loftiest of my friends
Mambo: Vandis cures himself, tells Krush he will get to him later.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [11 + 24] = 35
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (Fiends) (d8 + 4 + d6): [2 + 4 + 2] = 8
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #2 (d20 + 19): [11 + 19] = 30
Mambo: Brianna steps up for the glory of finishing off the last Hippo and saving Kress.
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (Fiends) (d8 + 4 + d6): [7 + 4 + 4] = 15
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #3 (d20 + 14): [9 + 14] = 23
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Attack #1 (d20 + 24): [12 + 24] = 36
Brianna rolls Brianna Bow Damage (Fiends) (d8 + 4 + d6): [6 + 4 + 4] = 14
Mambo: She pulverizes it. Hippo chunks are flying in all directions and then vanish as banished.
Mambo: Vandis invites Krush to cover over for max Cure.
Mambo: mambo - where the DemonCroc?
Mambo: Boat is still here, though has lots of water inside.
Mambo: It contiued to drift south
Mambo: We go further south after the boat and see a platform in an octagonal "room"
DM: Sekhet Hetepet
Mambo: Boat stops at dock. platform in middle of "room"
Mambo: Murals on walls on either side
DM: Aaru
Mambo: Columns and walls, monsters and men
Mambo: abound in murals on walls and columns
Mambo: Two principals of underworld dieties
Mambo: are depicted
Mambo: Pathways around the edge are 15 ft wide and adorned by pillars
Mambo: Me go to center of platform
Mambo: Stone block 10 ft square form landing dock
Mambo: The island is an Osirian
Brianna: Osirium
Mambo: Hieroglyphs shows how Orisis's remains were rescued from the water and reassembled
Brianna: Oh, Cyrus!
Mambo: Mambo lands on the Osirium with BB on her shoulder directly
Mambo: The others take the stairs and are healed.
Mambo: There is a purple glow
Mambo: They feel refreshed.
Mambo: They see hieroglphs warning that only the faithful should go forward
Mambo: mambo flies back and mounts stairs normally.
Mambo: We all feel cured and refreshed and we get +4 bonus to all saves for 4 hours
Brianna: 1 hour
Mambo: If warning glyphs cause us to hesitate, evil murals bother us.
Mambo: We climb without hesitation.
Mambo: We reach the platform, for Mambo, again.
Mambo: We admire the splendor
Mambo: Newly painted columns in blood red and disgusting pictorials, all manner of evil creatures doing all manner of evil things, very vivid and fresh
Mambo: Inward pillars are even worse paintings - yuck!
Mambo: reptile body with head of camel, for instance
Mambo: Each side of cubical shrine, in center, has its own gate.
Mambo: type in the 4 things on the gate
Brianna: okapi
Mambo: warthog
Mambo: camel
DM: West: reptile-bodied thing with the head of a camel
DM: South: Okapi
DM: North: Ass
DM: East: Warthog
Mambo: Come all you warriors the camel says, leave your weapons and come in, there is power for your taking.
Mambo: paintings on gate look new. Parodies of goodness.
Mambo: Mambo asks - is there some way we can clean this?
Mambo: Okapi says lay at your feet all things of past and come within for greater riches and power
Mambo: North wall, Ass says, let the mages step forth and divest themselves of all that is magical and gain insight of the higher sort within.
Mambo: All things say - you leave your stuff and we give you more within.
Mambo: Mambo - me want to clean up all newer paintings everywhere.
Mambo: Dispel magic?
Mambo: Zhaji - disentegrate
Mambo: no pretty pictures anymore
Mambo: Would need artists to make all over again
Brianna: west camel = warriors, north ass = mages, south okapi = clerics, east warthog = others
Mambo: Augury by Vandis
Mambo: Kress - should we force our way in?
Mambo: Zhaji - should we comply?
Mambo: Brianna - what is inside?
Mambo: Animals that spoke are bas-relief statues on the doors, N, S, E, West
Mambo: No, they are statues, at the doors
Mambo: mambo - should we disentegrate?
Mambo: Brianna - of course we are not going to obey.
Mambo: mambo - do anyone have holy water?
Mambo: Mending?
Mambo: mambo - why not we just bash it to pieces?
Mambo: Kress - should we open gate and walk in still holding our items?
Mambo: Mambo - why walk in? Why not just bash down?
Mambo: Vandis says - Mambo, the reason not to do that is that maybe there is something inside that needs to be rescued after a fashion.
Mambo: Mambo - then we ask if there anything good inside?
Mambo: Kress - it has to be a weal or woe question?
Mambo: Kress - should we remove door and go in or no?
Mambo: Well, me not savvy enough to ask Weal or Woe.
Mambo: mambo - why bother, why not just beat down door
Mambo: mambo - if no one come up with question, me beat down door
Mambo: Vandis - Wait, wait, we want to make sure we are all in concert here.
Mambo: Kress - we should ask - should we disentegrate door with camel and go in
Mambo: mambo - me think Brianna should decide. She spokes person.
Mambo: Brianna? says Vandis. you have been conspicuously quiet
Mambo: Don't feel obligated to do an augury
Mambo: Brianna - we need to go inside, but will certainly not lay down our stuff
Mambo: Kress I am scared of being cursed if we go inside
Mambo: mambo - what if open door and go in with stuff?
Mambo: Response is neutral
Mambo: We open what door?
Mambo: Camel/lizard door
Mambo: Zhaji disentegrates door - to no effect - after much argument by mambo that Zhaji is not doing the aurgury question thigns
Mambo: Mambo - me go over and open Camel door. Camel lizard animates and attacks mambo.
Mambo: We spent 10 minutes arguing about the augury.
Mambo: Next section, if put your weapons down, was "Joining Set."
Mambo: Krush wants to pause for a sandwich
Mambo: Camel-lizard has mysterious spell-like abilities that will soon be revealed.
Kress rolls Initiative (d20 + 9): [14 + 9] = 23
Brianna rolls Brianna Initiative (d20 + 8): [19 + 8] = 27
Mambo rolls Angel - Initiative (d20 + 4): [10 + 4] = 14
Mambo rolls BB - Initiative (d20 + 2): [12 + 2] = 14
Mambo rolls Initiative (d20 + 3): [11 + 3] = 14
Zhaji rolls Initiative (d20 + 4 + 3): [7 + 4 + 3] = 14
Zhaji rolls d20: [4] = 4
Mambo: Carmen, the camel-lizard, comes to life and suddenly becomes sort of displaced (displacement)
Mambo: Sphinxes
Mambo: no need to reorganize games in future when miss a game. Next game is scheduled for the 20th
Mambo: What's 17/18? Ahhhh, Worms....
Mambo: They decide on 17th. Z will be late
Mambo: Zhaji feels a pulse from her Isis Statue in her haversack
Mambo: when thinks about how to get out of here later
DM: Paradinx

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