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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 42 - The rescue of "DD"

Tebryn's notes

Igor runs into the room up to the captive. She is chained to the bed.

Igor unhooks her. She cowers. "Don't hurt me!"

Igor: "I'm not going to hurt you."

Woman: "He might come back! Both of them!"

Igor: "One is dead outside. Come outside with us."

She comes out. She sees drow and Giants (Kress and Igor).

Yol goes up to cure her but she recoils. "Drow"
Yol bravely cures herself.

Brianna: (cures her for 22 points). "What is your name?"

Woman: "I am DD - Damsel of Doom."

Igor: "Who is the other one?"

DD: "The Balor!"

Yol cures up Igor and Kress.
Brianna cures Veracity.

Kress suggests that we break more windows. He does so. He sees a library.

Tebryn: "Books!" he moves in.

He casts detect magic and sees a couple of magical books. Yol casts augury and gets "weal".

He looks at them and finds that they are Wizard spellbooks. They have a bunch of unfamiliar spells in them - (8th and 9th level spells from Magic of Faerun).

We look at other books and discovery "The Nathlum" - Yol's quest goal. She goes to the corner and starts to look at it.

Elsewhere in this room, we find lots of poorly organized junk. Amongst it all there is a pair of earrings, a necklace (a normal pearl on a light chain - moderate Transmutation), and a kit of torture equipment - all magical.

Poof! We all appear at the portal and appear before the Avatar of Loviatar herself.

She is pleased.

She gives us each a boon - add 1 point to the stat of our choice.

She grants Veracity an additional boon - 2 pts. of Wisdom - and expects her next level to be Cleric...

Brianna: "I recognize this portal."

Veracity: "Do you?"

Brianna: "This is our way home to Sigil!"

Igor: "Ah, warmth and sunlight!"

Tebryn: "That's what you have now. Not in Sigil!"

We step through.

Brianna: +9,559 (9,848)
Hazen: +4,629 (6,116)
Igor: +7,136 (11,990
Kress: +12,767 (14,166)
Tebryn: +3,943 (11,046)
Veracity: +7,136 (13,223)
Yol: +9,559 (13,000)

DD looks kindly upon Igor and says "Thank you. perhaps I will find you."

Rhapsody Of Pain
periapt of wisdom +2
Z'henara's Tools

The Nathlum
The Faerunian spellbook of 8th and 9th level spells.

DD says "thanks" and goes home. She shows up a few days later and says her name is "Zhaji".

A couple days later, Hazen shows up. Rats.

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