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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 42 - Night Walker

Tebryn's notes

We walk up the steps to the plateau. We see the Courtyard of Lolth.

Igor scouts ahead. For some reason, we follow on his tail.

A pair of Dread Wraiths appear flanking Kress.

Igor moves up to the Dread Wraith and Power Attacks it. He hits the incorporeal creature and does 49 points damage to it.

Kress Power Attacks the same dread wraith and misses. He tries again and hits it for 42 points. Igor takes the opportunity to strike it. He hits it for 48 points, destroying it.

Kress switches to the other Dread Wraith and would hit, if it weren't incorporeal. He tries again. He hits it for 40 points. He attacks yet again and hits it for 44 points.

Veracity watches.
Brianna starts to sing again.
Yol attempts to rebuke the remaining Dread Wraith. She succeeds and it is under her command.

A Night Walker appears as it casts greater dispel magic on the party.

Kress's greater heroism is dispelled.
Yol's summoned shadow is dispelled.
Yol's recitation is dispelled.
Tebryn's recitation is dispelled.
Igor greater heroism is dispelled.
Veracity greater heroism is dispelled.
Brianna's recitation is dispelled.

Tebryn casts true seeing on Igor.

Igor flies over to attack the Night Walker. As he approaches, he becomes paralyzed with fear.
Kress delays
Veracity glares at the creature. She cast fairy fire on it and outlines it.
Brianna's song takes effect. She continues to sing.
Yol casts true seeing on Kress
Kress pulls himself together and decides to act. He moves over the crater and freezes in fear, just like Iggypoo.
Tebryn delays waiting for Veracity

Igor breaks out of his fear. He steps forward and hits for 11, hits for 18, misses, and hits for 17.
Veracity starts casts lower spell resistance on the Nightwalker.
Brianna casts flame strike on the Night Walker. It resists the spell.
Yol is casting summon undead.
Kress cowers
The Night Walker casts finger of death at Veracity. She resists it. She takes 33 points of damage. It disrupts her spell.
Tebryn casts banishment at it. He penetrates the resistance but it saves and remains on this plane.

Igor Power Attacks the Night Walker and hits it for 22, hits for 25, misses, and hits for 27.
Veracity casts magic missiles at it for 16 points.
Brianna tries to cast cure serious wounds on Veracity but she resists it.
Yol summons two Zombie Wyverns next to the Night Walker. One is affected by fear, but the other is not. It attacks. Yol casts death ward on herself.
Kress cowers.
The Night Walker attacks Iggypoo and hits for 27, misses, hits for 45.
Tebryn summons a Mordenkainen's sword and hits it for 14.

Igor Power Attacks the Night Walker and misses, hits for 34, misses, and hits for 27.
Veracity casts magic missiles at it. It shrugs off the spell.
Brianna pulls out the sword of Lamnion and hits it for 18, destroying it.

We loot the temple and find the Night Walker's loot.

44 pp (= 440 gp) 220 gp
a pair of 120 gp chrysobeyl
550 gp drow stole made of cloth of gold
+2 shadow elven chainmail
+1 large steel shield
+2 flaming heavy mace

All the buildings on the plateau are burning or destroyed except one intact one in the distance.

Brianna casts cure serious on Veracity for 17.
Brianna casts cure moderate on Veracity for 20.
Brianna casts cure moderate on Veracity for 18.

Yol casts empowered cure critical on Igor for 30.
Yol casts empowered cure serious on Igor for 37.

Yol casts cure serious on herself for 33.
Yol casts cure serious on Kress for 32.

We head towards the undamaged building.

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